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The Watch - Out of Character Thread
So I finally picked my second character... and Thor has her bio posted in with Toria's if you want to read it.
Okay, didn't know to where to really put this so I figured here would be the best place. I have to leave tomorrow (Thursday the 17th) and will not be back untill Sunday (the 20th). Sorry for the inconvience, but its for my required service hours this coming school year. See you Sunday.
Have a good time SB!

ok, I had an idea I passed by TMT and I wanted to see what you guys thought about it, he thought it was pretty cool.
In regards to the whole two character deal...what happens while Kara is in a chapter and Victoria isn't?
Simple... I get to write "The Watch, Chapter 1.5 Victoria" over in the Bestseller club. Think of the possibilities! You can write what goes on in the time your character isn't in the game.

Now, just envision... "Mom... Dad.... this is Hank..."

That is an awesome idea! I can just envision 'Toria introducing Hank to her parents...and Tess could come back with horror stories about teaching Big Grin

Just felt the need to bring this up...

The only people who would remotely "Know" what Victoria is thinking is Hank and Tessa. Simply because she's been talking to them via telepathy. Otherwise, her mood is mercural and so is 99% of her comments.

The only statement's she's made that thus far have been about Rogue hiding her problem and the weeping willow comment. She's not outright made any sort of comment to the group that could even be considered a "judgement" of sorts.

So please refrain from using any of the comments made by the telepaths of the group in yours posts.

Just thought it needed to be brought up. The only two telepaths in the game so far as Tessa and Toria...Hank through Victoria by default. Try not to use another person's thoughts in your post unless you've got the powers to back it up.
If, again, if that post was for me, then here's my defense, if not, ignore this post.
Victoria said
Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 6:08 pm    Post subject:
Victoria watched the scene between Spider-Man and Rogue play out with mild amusement. Irritation was more to the kin of the feeling, but she pushed it off.
"Look sweetheart, I hate to sound all negative nancy about this, but if you had planned on keeping your "problem" a secret...then perhaps taking Dr. Strange up on his offer and joining a team wasn't the wisest move."
Crossing her arms over her chest, Victoria gauged the reaction from each of her team members to the statement she had just made.
"I've lost entirely too many teammates in the line of duty to have to deal with a weeping willow day one."
I wasn't having Peter reading her thoughts or intercepting them, I was going by what Victoria had said. She said she didn't want to deal with Rogue's weeping and she was acting irritated as you said. Peter was reacting off of that, taking it that Victoria didn't feel like helping the self piting Rogue and going by her irritated reaction on the scence he made the "i know what your thinking" comment.
Sorry if it was confusing and an annoyance, but that's what I was doing.
And as for the telepathic communication, in the past Spidey would think thoughts and Victoria would pick up on them and think things back to him. In my post he was confident that she would do the same, since they had done it before. That's what he was attempting to do. Again sorry if it wasn't clear.
My post wasn't directed at anyone in general SB.
We are getting alot of new folks get interested in the game, and with new players sometimes you gotta reinterate things.
As far as Victoria picking up on Spidey's thoughts, you already know that answer. If she's not involved in conversation mentally with someone else, not got the Phoenix clawing it's way out of her and trying to deal with that, she will hear thoughts directed at her. But she will NOT go digging into anyone's mind unless she's given permission to do so, or unless it's for the good of the team.

You know she's never gone into Spider-Man's mind. If she had, she'd know he was Peter and we've been saving that little gem for some time now haven't we? Because basically, it's going to be as mindblowing to as it would be if he pulled off the mask and it was Franklin.


Keep up the good work guys!
Thought I'd post this now so I wouldn't forget later. I'll be leaving with my family to go to my grandma's for the 4th on July 2nd and will be there until the 5th. My dad's side of the family is all coming over. I'm not saying this will keep me completely off the web, but it will hinder my time on it. Just a heads up. Doesn't really matter though. Spidey ain't a big talker.
Annette, my goal with my last post was to establish a few of my powers. (Cosmic awareness that is still on a subliminal scale, and Healing.) You can do what you want to as far as a reaction, but ultimately, I'm trying to become useful to the team without gaining any memories back yet.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
It's all good!
Great post by the way!

As soon as our dear pal Local pops out a reply (cause I just gotta see what's he's got planned for the "bedroom" comment) I'll reply. I've already got something floating around in my brain.

Asides, I gotta keep her from laughing at him landing on his butt.
I'm glad you liked it. It's a whole new kind of storytelling for me, and I'm still trying to get the knack of it. What do you think so far?
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I think you're doing ok. However, I will tell you that taking an action of your own and determining the outcome is a no no. That's GM territory. Like Norrin sensing the Phoenix, J would make that call, and what happened as a result, again...another almighty GM moment.
But since it really doesn't bother me in the least... and you are still learning, I'm sure J won't beat you down too bad for it.
As long as both players involved don't care, I would stay out of this type of thing. It's a sort of in between chapter, non critical sort of occurance that, as you said, nicely establishes your character's powers.

Now once we get going into actual story conflict and the like, I would prefer things like this to be worded something like, "Feeling as though something was amiss, Surfer's cosmic awareness tried to locate the source of the trouble." Or something to that effect. And then I'd take it from there. But for now you are doing fine. In fact you are all doing just great. I hope you all are enjoying the game so far.

I also wanted to let you guys know that due to a jumbo July 4th crunch at work, I am working 12 hour days and I won't be on as much as normal this week. But I will try to keep my eyes open long enough to get things rolling.

Thanks again,
Hey All,

just thought I'd give y'all a heads up that I won't have access to the net from July 2nd to the 10th. I'll be in Salt Lake City, Utah attending a youth summit kind of thing. So while I'm gone I give TMT full permission to move Paige about with the group. Since I don't want to go making three billion posts I'll just say right now that The Watcher has permission to do whatever he wants with Chandi, as long as it doesn't involve death ^_^ And Theore can handle Mila for me while I'm gone.

- Liz
Hey all! all you guys going on vacations..HAVE FUN!!!

We'll miss you while you're gone but have a safe and happy trip!

I don't know who made my banner, but I love it, it's perfect, and Thank you very very much.
my pleasure, didnae want ye feelin left out Wink
Anytime you have artwork mysteriously pop up in your signature, it's a safe bet it's Local's handiwork.
He's a god...and I worship at his altar!
Ok, just wanted to give you all a heads up into the twisted psyche of Victoria. Please remember, that this is all out of game information. If Thor catches anyone using any of this (besides me), heads will roll... :-)
If you think she's coming off like a bitch, well, she's supposed to right now. Her anger and frustration are really starting to eat at her and she's taking it out on everyone. Don't take it personally as a player,'s only in the game. I love you all, except Local! :-p

Victoria's mad about being lied to, she's a little jealous of the fact that the new people didn't have to deal with the grief and horror of thinking their whole lives were destroyed, she's more than a little confused with Hank right now, cause ever since they found out about Sinister and his perverted interest in his own daughter, Hank hasn't much more than held her hand or given her a good night kiss, and really, Scott's death is affecting her badly. Moreso than Sam's did. Scott was a part of her and knowing he died so heniously and she did nothing to try to find him, then finding out he wouldn't have had to die, it's eating at her bad.
That's why she's snappy, and bitchy, and just down right intolerable right now. The only reason the Phoenix hasn't taken advantage of her at this point is because of Dr. Strange's little spell session with it.
This is something I plan on taking my time letting her work out and try to fix herself. Because she's only going to get worse before it gets better.
Be prepared to weather the storm!

I just wnated to know where it said that Rogue came into contact with Paige when she decided to "flame on". The way I saw it was that Rogue was in the room on the complete opposite side and nowhere in any post does it say that the two came into any kind of contact. When did Rogue become the bad guy?
Ok, I guess this needs some GM clarification. You are right that it did not specifically say that the two came into direct contact. Although the room, doorway and hall are fairly small, so the team was never that far from each other anyway. That was my fault for not describing the surroundings very well.

When things are left vague, they are open to interpretation. You may have thought the room was fairly large, and other players may have thought it was close quarters. That's my fault for not being specific. Same thing with the Paige/Rogue proximity. As you never really stated where Rogue was standing, it was left open to interpretation. In the future, we should all try to be as specific in our posts as possible. I could have said that "the room was small and cramped,” and you could have said that "Rogue made sure none of her teammates were in the line of fire as she flamed on" before she burst into flames. Like all things written, especially on the internet, it is left open to interpretation. Sometimes wires get crossed, and for that I am sorry.

As for Rogue being the bad guy, I don't think that's the case at all. In fact, I think Paige comes out looking much more like the bad guy for letting her anger and emotional unease get the better of her and lashing out at a teammate.

In the end, everybody needs to remember that this is just a game. None of it is personal. If it was, I would be pissed at my own wife for having her character be so bitchy to all the other characters, and I would be pissed at Liz for having Paige hit Rogue. It's a character driven game, and as anybody who reads comics knows, comic book characters can be more than a little melodramatic. It's the nature of the beast, and we all just need to remember to stay in character and have fun with it. Because that's what it's all about!

The Mighty Thor
Can't we ALL JUST...GET ALONG? whoah, sorry about that, stupid new age touchy feely junk. Everybody listen, please. I want to establish the fact that Surfer has a healing ability. It may come in handy in future's near and far, and I just want to know if anyone would mind an "accidental" healing if the situation arises. I feel like a dork with a surfboard who can't do much at the moment, and I feel that this would provide me with a "spot" on the team. I would feel useful. Anyone who doesn't mind, please let me know. Jeremiah, if at all possible, you might be able to set up these events. If not, I'll just have to become creative.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Firstly, like TMT has said RPG’s leave a lot of room for interpretation and as it ended up I guess both myself and Chanty both assumed that the room was tiny and since Nova had never mentioned that Rogue moved further into the room I assumed that a great deal of the team was still very near the door. Now my post was not a personal attack at all, nor was it Paige making Rogue out to be the bad guy…she was upset and had thought that Rogue ‘flame on’ was very dangerous and could have very well killed her, and for anyone who knows my Paige well knows that she’s a bouncy ball of emotions most days she can go from happy to sad in a split second (Local, Chanty, Spiderbob, and Tessa should all remember the numerous times she broke down in tears during our last game over on MB.) So really Paige just needed to vent her anger somehow, and that way was using someone as a punching bag of sorts and seeing how she was a little upset at in her opinion Rogue’s blatant disregard for Paige’s safety she took it out on her. Paige has always been and will always be a bit of a hotheaded woman…. she does thinks before thinking.

Now I would like to stress that Paige’s actions in no way reflect my feelings, I’ve been Rping long enough not to let my personal feelings control my character. So please Nova do not think it was a personal attack on you or a dislike of your character, because to be honest it’s neither. I did not mean to offend you at all by my post, and if I did I’m sorry…but please lets all just remember that at the end of the day this is all just a game and they are just characters (although sometimes they seem to write themselves.). Plus every superhero team needs to have at least two people who don’t get along with each other ^_^

Oh and I do have to say aside from my post causing this little confusion, I do believe it's the best Paige post I've made in this game thus far ^_^

- Liz
Ok....while I realize I'm not on Active Roster at the moment (no worries Solace....I'm not that offended at being left out of your post), I have been reading the story as it's been progressing and as such would like to point out one.....very small...and yet immensly important thing.(To me at any rate)

Quote:Posted By Enchantress in "Chapter One"

"Come on, I know I sound like Kyle, but admit it, even as much as I hate to, he was right to a point."

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

It's enough to bring a smile to a person's face.

And indeed, no one can really be faulted in this situation. As Thor said, if anything it may perhaps be he who is responsible for not clarifying the characters surroundings, but even then you can't expect this many characters to all get along and work well together as a team right off the bat. You've got over a half dozen different mentalities in the game, all trying to do their best in the situation they're in with what they have. Of course toes are going to get stepped on and [in-game] feelings hurt, but until characters have a chance to really get to know one another and work out some sort of rhythm, these things are going to happen.

Of I get to be the one sending PMs to the GM complaining about all the "hostility" between characters. Wink
I completely understand what you're saying, Solace, but why attack Rouge for flaming on instead of attacking Victoria for chucking you at a nasty undead Vampire as if you were no more than a means to an end? I know you posted your grievances with Victoria, but what Rouge did MIGHT have harmed you, and what Victoria did was intentionally and directly threw you INTO harm. If you decided to attack Rouge instead of Victoria because Paige is afraid of Victoria, then I would completely understand. She is one powerful and Psychotic B@#!#.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH

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