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The Watch - Out of Character Thread
It's great to have you back. The games just aren't the same without you. We were worried about both of you after the tragic bombings of London's subways. I hope you were far from harms way.

The Watch will be moving along again in the next couple days, so I hope everyone is ready.

The Mighty One has plans, he'll be updating the game this week.
Hey all...

In my last post, I simply skipped over the long drawn out explaination of what Hulk Busters were in Victoria's reality. They are the same thing they are in normal Marvel continuinity.

Figured this might speed things up a bit too.
Yep, she's right. The place is old and somewhat in shambles on the surface, but it is anything but abandoned. Although it does look that way from the team's current vanatge point.

Oh and...hey everybody, how's it going? Sorry for the annoyingly long delay in between posts. I have told Chanty not to let me do that to you all again. I owe you a better run game than that.

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