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The Watch: Prologue
The Universe is a vast canvas, far beyond the perceptions of any mere mortal. It stretches out beyond anything that man has yet to dream of. But as impossibly large as the universe seems, it is but one link in a chain. A chain of interlocking histories and fates known as the multiverse. For all of my life, I have been content to focus my attentions on but one of the infinite links. But like all things throughout existence, this too must pass. I now feel it necessary to view all of the links, and to observe the interaction between them. To watch and record the smallest detail in order to better understand it all. Most beings do not realize how the most trivial of choices affect their worlds. Every second I see the repercussions of those choices, and the infinite possibilities that are created because of them. Most often these alternate realities do not amount to anything more than a slightly skewed version of the original. But what happens when a choice is made by a president? A tyrant? A hero? The choices made by these men and women often propagate very important changes to reality. Sometimes the effects these choices produce are so severe, so jarring to the very core of reality that I feel compelled to act in order to aid the beings I see. But I must not. For I, Uatu of the Watchers, have sworn an oath of absolute non interference in the lives of the lesser beings I observe.
There was a time when I would have sought out my old friend Reed Richards for such things. But there are others that are far better suited for the task this day. For they have already sensed the threads being pulled. They have looked through the veil of time and space and seen the myriad of possibilities that lay before them. It is my oath that I may not alter the coarse of history. I must only watch. But the Sorcerers Supreme of Earth are not bound by any such oath. If I am discreet in my persuasion, perhaps the Sorcerers could act in my stead. But, even though they wield power of unparalleled measure, they could not do this alone. They will need champions. To protect these realities, The Watch must be formed.

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