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On The Road To Nowhere: The Beginning
“Lady Tatyana could you give Roval a pat for me, and make sure she knows I will be checking in on her before I turn in.” Mila called after Tatyana as she moved towards the makeshift pasture that held their horses. Looking back at Liath and the creature her ambers eyes trailed over the creature trying to place exactly what it was, she knew of many nymph like beings but could not completely place this one. “Lord Liath, I was not turning in myself. I am fond of the night, I find the stars calming and I do not think I will be able to turn in until I am able to figure out what kind of creature it is you hold in your grasp.” Mila explained as she looked across the fire at the creature.

“Have you seen these creatures before?” the immortal woman questioned Liath, shifting her weight on the makeshift seat, her dark hair falling into her face as she tilted her head to the side, her eyes locked on the creatures own child like ones.
Tatyana turned around and gave Matthias a look that could only be described as flirtatious as well.
"Spend the evening in your company...why, I daresay it would most likely ruin what little reputation I had. Much less any chance of finding a suitable match, but then again...I never much cared for the chains of matrimony anyway." She smirked at him as she brushed past. Stopping just far enough away that she could turn and look over her shoulder at him.
"Coming? Or are you going to stay with the horses?"
As Matthias and Tatyana spoke the horses steadily became uneasy in their paddock, as if something had spooked them. Though not terrified something most peculiar was going on with the mounts, and Stràcair had lifted his head in interest his ears perked as if hearing noises that those near the campfire could not.

“Creature? I am a trickster fairy!” The blue eyes grew large with indignation, “You mortals do not heed folklore well.” She informed them taking a seat and eyeing the wolf warily, “And if you insist upon something to call me I prefer Romidia.” The fairy finished tersely.

- Theore
Liath shook his head slowly. "Ah dinnae think ah've seen anybody quite like.. Romidia.. here." he said in answer to Mila's question. "Although the manner o' her and her friend reminded me o' some imps ah ran intae some months ago." He looked the creature squarely in the eye for a few minutes before being distracted by Stràcair's attentiveness. He glanced back at Romidia. "Ah take it yer friend is still oot there and planning on mischief?"
Matthias's grew wider as he ran after Tatyana, looking back a bit when the horses started to get uneasy Agh, who cares about 'em. "Then let's enjoy the night while it still lasts, milady." He said as he moved to pick her up and carry her.
Somehow, she knew this was going to happen, but just let it go and enjoyed it. It had been a very long time since Tatyana had been able to be playful, much less at night.
"You'll ruin me for sure!" she snickered as Matthias picked her up and began to carry her. Letting her arms wrap around his neck, moreso for her own sake to make sure he didn't drop her, she looked up at the moon for a moment, and it's rather eerie glow and shook her long auburn curls.
"So, what mischief have you been up to this night? You didn't go back into the village did you? How many maidens are we going to have to account for in the morning as to having "strange dreams about a handsome stranger?" Matthias?"
Her earlier guarded mood had lifted and now she felt more like herself. If the others thought her to be a will-o-the-wisps, then fine by her. She was a gypsy after all, and known for her fickle sensibilities.
"Now, now, that'd be telling, milady. We wouldn't what to ruin any surprises would we?" Matthias said with a smile as he carried Tatyana. "But you think me handsome, do you now?" Laughing, he took her closer into the forest, when he suddenly made a surprising move to throw her over his shoulder, as a different means of carrying her, and perhaps hide his face if his face decided to shapeshift again. With the real threat of the Anagog passed, Matthias felt playful, and excited as he was, he wished to share that joy with Tatyana.
"Oh!" Tatyana gasped as he threw her over his shoulder and playfully reached down and smacked him hard across the bottom.
"Sir, I do believe you have offended my sensibilities." she laughed as he carried her off to god only knew where.
Her eyes went skyward, the moon catching them again and she was glad she had remembered to grab her cloak before she left the comfort of the fireside.
"You do know, the others will come looking for us. And I feel Master Liath may be sorely put out that I didn't stay by the fireside and wandered off with you."
For a moment, Matthias's face changed to suit his excitement as Tatyana smacked his bottom, and he quickly focused on returning his face to normal. With his visage back to normal, Matthias's slapped Tatyana's bum in retaliation, and once again how to cope with his changing face. "Maybe, we'll just have to make sure they can't find us..." he replied with a grin, and when he found a suitable dark spot, near a large tree, he kneeled and sat her against it, looking at her, admiring her. "I hope it is not too dark for you, milady. Sometimes, I forget that my eyes are so adjusted to it."
Mila had to suppress a laugh as the trickster fairy informed them that mortals didn’t not heed folklore, it was then that she made up her mind that this fairy was not an observant type. “Mortal? Little fairy you are indeed blind if you are unable to place that I am not mortal, though I cannot speak of Lord Liath’s mortality I was assume that he does not live the life of a mortal either.” She spoke with a fluid and authoritative voice, her ambers eyes fixed on the trickster fairy. “Romidia, I would find it wise that you make it known to your friend that we are not to be the target of it’s next trick.” Mila’s gaze was still leveled at the fairy, unsure as to if she should even take her eyes off of it at all.

“I have seen none of her kind either, though I like you have seen creatures that could be of close relations to these trickster fairies.” Shifting her position her seat, the soft folds of her jacket rustled and the dirt underneath her foots made soft noises, Mila was not tired yet and was not sure she would be able to turn in at all with these creatures lurking around their campsite.
As Tatyana's eyes began to adjust to the darkness that surrounded them, she made sure to get a good bearing of where they were.
"We must have a care. Before I left the fireside, Master Liath had caught some woodland sprite or nymph of sorts spying on us. There are eyes all about these woods."
She glanced around with a cautious gaze again before reaching up to push a wave of auburn curls from her eyes.
"So, you have managed to secret me away, Milord, what are your plans now?"
Matthias tenderly put his hand on Tatyana's leg, his face closing in to hers "Let Liath play with his nymphs, and we'll keep ourselves to our own" he said with a smile "But, please no more talk of that gray goliath, I think the question is, what do you expect me to do milady?"
Tatyana gave a slidelong glance to Matthias's hand on her leg as a delicate eyebrow arched upward in a questioning way.
"I would have you, Matthias, not look at me as if I were your midnight snack." leaning back just a bit, she reached up and unclasp her cloak from about her shoulder and set her bow aside.
Giving him a challenging look, she tilted her head just slightly and gave him a tender smile.
"I do not know what I expect of you. You are a mystery to me." she answered his question and let her gaze trail once again to the moon.
The little blond fairy creature looked at Liath, “I do not know where Fhadeel has went.” She informed the man curtly, “Though it is simple to conclude that he is no doubt causing mischief wherever he has gone.” Romidia had stopped watching the wolf, deciding that there was no mischief to be had at the current time.
“You large folk feel and look the same to my eyes, I play pranks upon you I do not care to know whether you will die quickly or live on as the trees.” The trickster didn’t take well to Mila’s veiled suggestion, jumping from her seat and giving the immortal an unsettling smile, “I am not my kins keeper, he will do as he pleases and so shall I.” The blond trickster made a motion with her hand and one of the small tents they had set up near the wagon crumpled in an unceremonious heap of fabric and wood.

It was soon apparent that the tent had been occupied when the voice of Yalene wafted into the air as she struggled to free herself from the mass of fabric.
“Your small companion is not pleased.” Romidia said through giggles, her blue eyes sparkling happily.

Elsewhere Matthias and Tatyana were alerted of another presence as a voice floated through the trees to them, “Everything is a mystery my dear lady,” and then laughter as the branches around them shook playfully as if caught by the wind, “He longs, and you are befuddled.” The voice continued, before the forest went back into silence, though the branches still shook.

Liath eyed the creature, his crystal blue eyes sparkling in the gloom. "Well it would seem what is said is true, nae good deed goes unpunished. Ah should've followed mah first instinct and let Stràcair play with ye for a moment or two. He seems tae hae a persuasive way about him that people respond to." He stood and made his way over to the fallen tent, easily lifting the collapsed mass of fabric from his struggling comrade. "We have a prankster in our midst." he said simply to Yalene as she appeared.
Yalene eyes glowed a dangerous red as she looked at Romidia, “Filthy creature.” She spat, letting a flame ignite on the ground close to the prankster’s feet and then quickly smothering it, “I think ye should tie ‘er up. Throw ‘er in the nearest pond mayhap…” The young woman let her words hang in the air as she stomped back over to the fireside and got nose to nose with the fairy.

She said a few words in her native Greek and backed away, taking a seat by the fire and moving to re-tie one of her many braids. The young sailor had been sleeping peacefully before the tent came down around her, and if it was one thing that was true about the usually high-spirited Greek it was that she did not appreciate being roused in such an unceremonious way.
Matthias stood up in a lightning fast reflex, and his visage transformed before he could control it. "Come out, you bloody nymphs." He breathed heavily, he didn't like interruptions, especially not when creatures had this kind of timing. "Face me!" He yelled once more, his voice having become lower and more booming thanks to his transformation..
At the sound of the voice in the trees, Tatyana gaze had immediately shifted to them. But with Mattias's outburst, she had quickly grabbed her bow and knocked back an arrow.
"Wicked creatures, come forward and I shall show you how befuddled I truly am!"
She was vaguely aware of Matthias's transformation, but did her best not to look at him. It would only bring back haunting memories of a life she had left behind a long time ago. But most of all, she was not afraid. She had her bow, and if it came down to it, she knew how to use it on man or beast.
As if in a blink of an eye Mila had a firm grip around Romidia’s left arm, a harsh glare graced the Greek’s usually serene features. “How dare you!” She growled her voice held a venomous tone to it; Mila did not enjoy having tricks such as this played on her and her companions. “Do you find yourself to be amusing in our eyes?” Mila questioned the nymph her amber eyes searching the smaller creatures blue ones. “You should not mess with beings you know nothing about little one.” The dark haired woman added her grip tighten around Romidia’s arm.

“Now lord Liath I find that allowing Stràcair to bat this little being around might do her some good.” Mila had a devilish smirk on her face as she drug the small fairy over towards Liath’s large wolf.
“Threats will not work.” The voice streamed through the trees in response to Matthias, “and I am not wicked milady, merely a trickster if you must know. You will not bait me out with words, I wish not to be seen.” Laughter rung through the trees in an echo, causing a few woodland creatures to stir in the dark.

- Theore
If it were not for Liath's sparkling eyes and broad grin he would have by now melted into the darkness surrounding the campsite. Despite himself he could not help but chuckle at Mila's suggestion. "Stràcair. Ye still hungry lad?" he asked as he motioned the animal forward.

Stràcair padded slowly towards Mila and the troublesome imp which she gripped tightly by the arm, his lips drawn back into what might have passed for an expectant smile . The wolf's teeth glistened in the dying firelight.

Liath stood back with his arms crossed over his broad chest. "He looks hungry." he said almost nonchalantly to the rest of the group, raising an eyebrow quizzically.
“No!” Romidia exclaimed shrilly, “Do not allow the beast near me!” she began to struggle against Mila’s grasp, looking at Liath, the wolf and then to Yalene.
“I meant no harm! I knew she would be unharmed, we are pranksters, we do not involve malice in our pursuit.” She tried to apologize in her own way, continuing to struggle and squirm every so often closing her eyes tight. A look of concentration would pass over her face as she closed her eyes as if she were attempting to do something she was physically incapable of doing.
“Please, I beg of you kind sir, do not allow your beast to feed upon me.” She had returned to her struggle her large eyes gazing at Stràcair worriedly.

"Don't be alarmed MiLady, I will explain all to you later if you so wish." Matthias said to Tatyana, referring to his monstrous visage. "If you don't want to come out and play, leave and let us be, because you really don't want to tick me off. Or the lady for that matter."
Tatyana slowly raised herself up from her seated position on the forest floor and began to look around cautiously at the trees. Her bow still pulled taut, it was a careful gaze that tried to find the trickster in the wood.
"You wish not to be seen do you Trickster? Mayhaps I wish not to be trifled with! Had that thought crossed your mind?" Tatyana called out to whatever had decided to spy upon her and Matthias fun.
"Have not a worry Matthias, as you have already figured, I have seen the presence of your kind before and it does not frighten"
Mila could feel the little pranksters fright at her threat to feed her to Stràcair, and for a moment she felt empathy for the little creature for she was truly afraid for her life. Though Mila did not truly mean to feed her to the wolf, she wanted to show her that even the most harmless of pranks could be frightening to those who do not know that it was merely a joke. “Do not worry, I do not mean to feed you to Stràcair but merely make you aware that not all jokes are amusing.” Mila explained as she released her grip on the tiny prankster, her amber eyes gazing down at the fairy.

“Though I will ask you kindly to lend your hand to rebuilding our tent, since you had a hand in collapsing it.” Her stern tone had given way to a much more serene and caring tone, her eyes again holding the peaceful twinkle that they usually had.

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