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On The Road To Nowhere: The Beginning
The sleepy seaside village on the coast of Italy was quiet this eve, few strangers had come through the village during the day and now as the sun set and light gave into dark slowly, there was naught but two establishments still left open to travelers. A dirty pub near the docks, suitably named ‘The Sailing Ship’; it was full with drunkards, sea scamps and husbands looking to stay away from their home for a few hours longer…generally not the place that would welcome folk that did not fit within those three groups of individuals, for those that felt they wanted an establishment more hospitable there was the inn upon the hill, overlooking the bay near the edge of the village. It was called ‘The Four Winds Inn’, run by a young woman it was most welcoming to travelers and those looking for a warm fire and a quiet place to relax after a long day.

On this night, it was full of patrons; most kept to themselves, some that lived within the town chatted jovially. Most travelers were looking to get out of the rain outside which had begun to come down in sheets, and it seemed the staff could not keep up with the numbers.
“Keep ye’re eyes on the door!” A small woman, who did not even look old enough to be running her own inn hollered over the noise, a man behind the bar nodded briskly at her in response.
“There ye go, two pints of ale for ye.” The woman said in a drawl as she set down two tankards on the table she had been headed to, “And ye’re rooms are ready for ye whenever ye ‘ear sleep callin’.” With a clink of beads she was off again, hurrying around the large common room.

As she moved she kept an eye on faces and people, ever watchful of somebody that could cause trouble amongst the crowd. There was a large man near the fire, she knew he had been part of the Festivals earlier in the week; she also knew that he had not caused trouble in the Inn since he first entered before the rain began. He would be no trouble this eve, moving towards the staircase she said a few words to the man behind the bar and continue on.
“Mila, ‘ow are ye this eve?” the hostess asked one of the Inns boarder’s as she past her on the stairway, “Come down to ‘ave a drink?” The boarder shook her head in decline and moved down to an empty table near the fire. Yalene, the inn owner could not keep her eyes from wandering to a particularly shrouded individual near the bar as she continued to ascend the stairway. He had been sitting there all eve and had had nothing to drink thus far, which was peculiar when in an inn. Three people so far that had caught her young eye, the seamstress Mila, the man from the festival, and the hooded man, never had she been intrigued by so many before, usually there was one she would watch as a night gave way to morning but this night people kept catching her eye, unusual it was. Lastly there was the woman that had just entered the Inn’s front door, her cloak wet and her eyes hidden from view. She was perhaps the most intriguing of all the people Yalene had seen this night.
“Evenin’!” Yalene called in her usual manner from the top of the stairway, little did she know that word would be the beginning of an adventure.

For the people who had caught the youth’s eye would soon become her companions in a wandering quest, for what they did not know, but they left that inn together the next evening, Yalene leaving it in the hands of her dearest friend. Strangers, they were, but they were experienced in travel and knew how to keep to themselves as they traveled up through Italy and into the French countryside, they posed as a traveling troupe and went through towns without much trouble.

It has been two weeks since they set out from the Italian seaside, and they have made their way into a small cluster of villages in the southernmost part of France, where they have decided to camp for at least a fortnight before continuing on. The villagers in this town were particularly friendly to the group, urging them to continue their performances and urging them to stay longer. So it is now evening in their camp just outside the borders of the village, that these travelers have the time relax and learn of eachother.

OOC: Welcome to the game.

He sat silently stoking the large fire which crackled and sparked in the centre of the campsite. Over the fire hung a large Boar, spitting and sizzling from the heat below. The carcass had been provided by the local villagers in gratitude of the apparently splenid performance which the troupe had provided earlier in the day. Liath chuckled to himself as he remembered the struggle the town toughs had made trying to put him down. Despite their best efforts he had emerged triumphant, wrestling his way to victory once more. Anyone hearing the sound may have mistaken it however for a burbling brook or stream, reminiscent as it was of water rushing over smooth stone. He sat wrapped as usual in his large leather cloak, although he had long since pushed the hood back off his features. He was with friends after all. He looked around, taking in the sights and sounds of the camp. Even in the shifting firelight his features looked weatherworn, and even more ruddy and claylike than usual, almost like teracotta too long in the kiln. He hadn't yet grown comfortable enough to stop applying his earthy disguise. Below his chin his stout leather cloak wrapped itself around him like a living thing, spreading out behind him on the ground. He reached out with his knife, first holding it within the flames of the fire and then pushing the hot blade into the dripping meat which hung on the spit. Drawing the knife back he looked at it closely, watching the clear fat drip off the blade.

Raising his head a little, he called out softly in his strangely echoing voice. "Anyone who's hungry better get here now, or ah'm likely tae eat this animal all mahself!" He reached over and picked several of the bronze plates from the pile stacked neatly beside him, and began carving off slabs of meat from the succulent beast.

Emerging from the shadows, Matthias threw a rat to the fire. "Blood's all out of it, but maybe a little meat left for some of the hungry ones." He slowly licked the blood from fingers as he spoke, finishing by giving his teeth a little swipe with his tongue.

Matthias took care to stay away from the fire, much more content to stay near the dark, where we one could only see his blood red eyes and his glistening teeth. He was glad to drop the cowl that he wore during his act, it felt restraining, but he had little choice, for it gave him the needed air of mystery, and protect him from any little ray of light that might shine through. His act mostly consisted of items dissapearing, or even himself. It was all very much the same, but its served its purpose. Matt's part of the show was always held in the dark, for the best effect they would tell the townspeople. He didn't consider these people his friends yet though, merely traveling partners that could make sure his body was safe during the day.

"So, mate." he said as he moved a little closer to Liath "What's your story for bein' here, except perhaps the pretty dames?" His face was now to the side of Liath's, as if he was about to bite him, but he cracked a grin and then returned to his position of standing behind the large man.
Mila had silently sat across the fire from Liath, busying herself with her mending as the night drug. “You jest.” She informed Liath at his statement of eating the entire boar on his own. This night Mila was not pleased that Matthias had appear with blood still on his fingers from his recent kill, she could handle the fact that he was a ‘blood-drinker’ though she was not always comfortable with having to bear witness to it. After so many years of traveling Mila could not put a reason behind her joining this band of people, with doubts still playing in her mind she’d kept her sword near her and her abilities a secret from companions. For at the moment all they knew of her was that she was a Greek and had a knack for sewing, “Matthias must you joke so?” Mila’s voice was concerned as she watched the vampire pretend to bit Liath’s neck before pulling back and questioning the giant man on his reasons for joining the troupe.

Rising up from the stool she sat on Mila made her way over to the two men, picking up one of the plates Mila thanked Liath and returned to her seat content on listening to the conversations that went on around her.
For the most part, Tatyana had kept herself cloaked from everyone's eyesight for the past few weeks. She knew her companions were curious, but she didn't want to draw any more attention than she needed at this point.
She had been about to speak up when Matthias had returned. As she muttered a protection prayer in her native Romanian, she reached inside her cloak for one of the many charms that dangled from her waist. Clutching it in her hand, she closed her eyes for a moment and tried her best to retain the calm she had so far.
Life had been a series of strange events for her over the past year. But somewhere deep inside, after all the things she had seen, her heart called out to the one person it shouldn't call to.
"Tis naught but his hold on you, as time passes it will fade."
Even as she fought a battle with the demons of the dark, she pulled her hood back and let everyone see her for the first time.
"Forgive my interruption, but I must admit to you of my unnatural fear of forgive me if I am not very vocal during these hours, I use them to pray for my soul." her voice had such a musical quality to it, a soft sort of melody that flowed over a person.
Her golden eyes scanned trees and the skyline. They were almost hawklike in their appearance and she missed not a single leaf on the trees or blade of grass. One could tell she was on watch for something, or someone.
“Oh, that’s a’right Lovie, don’t fancy the night much meself,” Yalene responded as she grabbed up a plate and unceremoniously sat herself down near the fire, “Moonlight don’t shine off anythin’ on land, it’s too dark ‘ere.” She took a large bite of the cooked meat, one could tell that the youth had little in the way of table manners but she was endearing nonetheless.
“Stick near to the fire, feels much safer.” Yalene had been on land for more that two yeas, but she still felt as if it were too confining at times; during the evening was when she felt it most keenly, you could always see the moonlight shine onto the waves of the water, casting an eerie shine over everything, on land the moon did not have that same effect on things.

The young woman had spent the afternoon teaching sea chanteys to the village children, she hadn’t anything else to do during the day hours. She didn’t have an act, as others in their traveling band did, she would do something different from day-to-day and town-to-town, most often she would tell tales of her time at sea; acting each out as she spoke.
“’ow many did ye best t’day, Liath?” Yalene questioned the large man as she continued to eat, he eyes roaming around there camp absently, “Five? Ten? Thirty Five?” She laughed softly at the last number.
Matthias remained silent for a moment after his query. It was with the blink of an eye that he stood behind Tatyana. "Ah yes, the soul, surely the most precious thing in all the world..." he hissed the words "What would you do if I told you I've lost mine before." The words were whispered quickly to Tatyana before he moved on. He gave the group a wicked grin before he retreated again behind Liath. "Well now Liath, there will be no need to be modest, you're amongst... friends."
“I would say…” Tatyana started to Matthias, her own voice giving off a bit of a hiss as well, her accent heavy… “that you should have a care with what you whisper to a maiden in the dark of the night.” She stood up and pulled off her cloak with a flourish, revealing the elegant birch wood bow slung across her back. Tatyana’s manner of dress was very much that of a gypsy. She wore a white low cut peasant blouse and a black corset. The moon gave the white of the material a bit of a glow, and anyone noticing would have seen to small scars on the swell of her bosom that resembled puncture marks. Her skirts were deep blue and silver, and from the trinkets along her belt, to the bracelets on her wrist, she made a slight twinkling sound as she moved closer to the fire. Not looking at anyone as she sat down, she pulled out her tarot deck and began to flip through the cards. It had been what she had spent the day doing as well. Reading fortunes and telling young maidens of princes on white horses that would whisk them away from the drudgery of country farm life. She told them only what they wanted to hear. Rarely did she find anyone who wanted to know the truth behind the cards.
Occasionally, she would look up and as someone spoke, but for the most part, she kept silent and listened to the others speak.
Matthias was probably the only one to smile at the sight of the scars on Tatyana's bosom and the hiss in her voice. He really didn't seem changed, not even slightly since the day he lost his soul. Little did this merry band know that he even had a soul and the struggle Matthias had with the demons in his mind.

The rat had merely been a diversion for the rest of the group, they would probably never find the woman he drank from and buried in the woods. He had seduced her after his last act, when only she remained behind. For the night, he had been a total gentleman but just as the woman was to give up her chastity to him, she found the teeth that she had admired puncturing her neck. Both hearts pounded long and loudly before her beat slowly stopped. Now, Matt was struggling with what he had done, but she had been so luscious. How could I not?

It had been a struggle that Matthias experienced every time he drank from a human. But he knew, that it would no longer matter tomorrow. After all, Matt was a man (or rather a vampire) that lived from day to day, each day different with only a few constants. This group, his thirst for blood (and all that came with it), and his soul. And he wasn't even sure of the first and the last. He didn't bother rethinking past ventures, and by tomorrow night this time, he would probably have already forgotten the woman's face. Only the beating of the heart was all the memory he had left of his victims, although one face would always be there, his mother. She was perhaps the only reason he had joined this group, because deep down, even though Matt didn't know it, he needed someone there for him, to treat him with the respect he now needed, thanks to his soul, and keep him earthbound, only like friends could.

Damn the priest that gave me a soul. He scowled in his thoughts, all had been so much easier back then. Darius, Celeste, Elizabeth, Victor (or Victoria, as he preferred to be called) and himself, wreaking havoc night by night till only him and Darius were left, the curse of a soul placed upon them. Darius... how can you possibly consider this a gift?

"So, anyone got some kind of tale about beasties and mystic kings to tell around this lovely fire?"
“Only beast I’ve met is ye, Matthias.” Yalene retorted setting her empty plate at her feet, a smile spreading over her tanned face, “And ye’re not at all threatenin’; not even the brains t’watch for danger t’yerself.” She breathed into her hand making a great show of it, and created a tiny snake made out of flame, “Ye are vulnerable t’flame, no?” Yalene was being a scamp, letting the fire-snake wind its way around her arm she wouldn’t actually set the fire-snake on the vampire, but she wasn’t above warning him that she controlled an element of weakness for him.
“Best if ye keep a closer ‘old on ye’re tongue, lest ye wish to become careless and wounded.” Yalene finished the sentence with a small laugh as she let the fire-snake dissolve, perhaps it was careless for her to use her powers in such a display but she felt assured enough that these four individuals would do her no harm to her; or she was assured that at least three of them were.
"Oh, my heart aches, my dear." he spoke in a mock tone "Although you are right, fire is sadly, one of the weakness of a vampire." While he spoke, he stepped backwards into the dark, only his eyes now visible. "Of course there is only one problem..."

For a moment he was a blur and then he appeared behind Yalene "Ye fire has to be quick enough to catch me." His voice was fast and his breath was only felt for a second in Yalene's ear, for it was quickly that he returned to the darkness behind Liath. "Here endeth the lesson." he muttered softly before he regained his tone "But please, do not think I am a monster, although I guess, in some areas..." a wicked grin crossed his features "I guess I could suprise ye with me beastliness." His eyes twinkled for a moment, perhaps the only clue that he actually had a soul.
“Are ye through scarin’ the maidens?” Yalene asked, she was made of sterner stuff than to be frightened by such a trick as that, “I am a sailor, dear Matthias. Ye’ll ‘ave t’use more than ye’re tricks t’rattle me. Perhaps if ye could create a mighty storm I would ‘ave taken more of a fright.” She laughed, turning back to Liath, “Now, ‘ow many men did ye best Liath?” Yalene though she was young knew when to stop a battle of wills, Matthias would think he could best her, and she would think she could best him. It wouldn’t get either of them anywhere, and it certainly wouldn’t help the atmosphere of the camp to start an argument with the vampire.
"Oh trust me Yalene, I know..." Matthias had a slight smile on his face as he spoke and with those words, Matt grabbed a plate and took a seat behind Liath. His pale face was now plainly visible. "Nice and comfy, eh mate?" he let out a laugh, and proceeded to eat his bit of meat. After a few bites, Matthias looked up "I may not need it, but I must say I'm always in for the tasty goodness of a friend's cookin'. Although, you could perhaps add in a few more herbs next time."
Liath raised an eyebrow at Mila. "It was a busy day M'Lady Mila. And it has been long since we have enjoyed as healthy a repast. Ah'm fairly certain ah could manage it." He said as he continued carving. From the corner of his eye he looked at Matthias as he appeared over his shoulder and shrugged. "Ah'm here because ah no longer wished to be where ah was." he said enigmaticly. Satisfied he had finished carving most of the meat from one of the boars legs, he tore the bone and it's remaining flesh from the carcass with a twist of his wrist , tossing it towards Stràcair who had been relaxing quietly beneath on of the wagons. Sharp teeth closed with a crunch around the morsel before it could touch the ground, and there was an almost cheery look in his deep brown eyes as he clenched his powerful jaws, breaking into the marrow within. The corners of Liath's mouth twitched into what might pass for a smile. Turning back towards the fire he handed a plate of meat to Mila, together with a slab of the rye bread the villagers had provided. As the others gather he handed out more plates, portioning up the remaining bread equally to all. To one side he saw Tatyana, moving forward hesitantly as she scanned the darkness enshrouding them. "Come M'Lady. Sit by me while you eat." he said in his strange lilting voice as he held up a plate. "Stràcair will warn us should anyone approach." At the sound of his name Stràcair's ears perked up and despite his mouth's attention on it's quarry his eyes looked upwards at Liath and then out into the darkness beyond the firelight. He growled as Matthias darted in front of him "Be still Matthias." said Liath softly "Raising the ire of those ye expect tae watch ye while ye sleep disnae signify great intelligence or forethought." He reached out and sliced a slab of meat for himself and looked across the fire. "M'Lady Yalene? Ah stopped counting somewhere around the two dozen mark. Ah was more interested in the snatches of yer story ah caught in passing. It is indeed amazing how tales of the ocean intrique the landlocked."
Yalene smiled wider, “Aye, twas a tale.” She agreed, “Ye wouldn’t ‘ave expected t’see the captain go tumblin’ o’er the side o’the ship.” Yalene laughed at the memory, it had been a windy day and the sailors were having trouble keeping the sails correct, when Captain Adras came up to inspect his crew he unfortunately got caught up in the stray ropes and ended up flailing over the side of the ship into the water below.
“The tale is still told t’new crewmen.” Yalene took a bite of the bread, checking to make sure her large mount Seregon was still grazing in the makeshift pasture, “The children seemed t’enjoy the tale as well.” The young woman enjoyed retelling the ship tales; it made her feel as if her family wasn’t so far away. Her brothers would be unhappy to hear that she had gone wandering with a group of strangers, but she would send them letters to ensure that they knew she was well taken care of.
“They’re parents may not be as ‘appy, some are bound t’be ‘earin’ the sea chanteys for days yet.”
Tatyana looked up at Liath as he spoke to her directly. Her eyes seemed even more golden as the firelight danced off them. She smiled polietely at him and nodded her thanks, but kept herself seated where she was, near Mila and Yalene.
"Forgive me for not taking you up on your offer, My Lord. I simply am not hungry." She glanced over his shoulder at Matthias her eyes narrowed a bit as she flipped over a card without looking at it, then glanced down at it and smiled.
"The fitting." she smirked a little and before anyone could say anything, she explained the card.
"The fool is a young person starting out on a wonderous journey of discover. We can only hope it's right."
Raising a hand to her temple Mila tried to hold back the sea of emotions she was feeling all around her, though she would never pry into which emotion belonged to which person she could tell instantly that one of their companions was not to fully be trusted. “Bloodsucker, you would be wise to heed Liath’s words.” Mila had very little patience when it came to dealing with creatures such as Matthias or any other egotistical creature that thought themselves stronger because of their abilities. “Your emotions are conflicted…” She spoke with an air of knowing and wisdom in her voice as she locked gazes with the pale skinned man/vampire. “You would be wise to conceal your emotions Night dweller, for there are those among you far older then yourself who do not find your tricks amusing.” Mila’s voice was laced with distain as the petite Greek rose up from her set to place her plate into the wagon and check on Roval her mount and at the moment the troupes cart horse.

After tossing more hay into the makeshift paddock for Roval and Seregon, Mila return to the fireside to take her seat again. “Kings? Beasts? I have many tales of Kings and Beast I could speak of. But many would think them fiction and so they would be passed through the ages as myths instead of historic accounts.” As she spoke her eyes took on a far off look to them as if she’d been drawn into her thoughts and forgotten that her companions were even there.
Matthias had been startled by Liath's comment, but he just washed it off with a friendly nudge and a grin "Aye, whats a bit o' friendly banter between travelling partners?" It wasn't what Matt wanted to say at all, his ussual reply would have been to start a fight, but there was a truth in Liath's words. These people would come in handy, and thus he stayed seated, eating his food silently.

Even when Tatyana didn't hide the fact that she thought him a young fool, Matt remained silent. A young fool. Ha! If only she knew the amount of lifetimes I have lived. But it was Mila's reprimande that scared him the most. Vampires didn't have emotions, no conscience, all there was left a shadow of a soul, dark and twisted. There was no place for actual emotions, the closest was perhaps lust and a need for vengeance, but that counted for the normal kind of vampire. Does she know?
Tatyana sat quietly looking over her cards and humming to herself near the fire. Occasionally, her eyes would dart across the landscape at something that caught her attention, or the sound of the horses moving around. It was more of a nervous habit than anything.
"There's nothing wrong with friendly banter, My Lord. But you must have a care, some people do not see friends that well. You could be confused for something you are not." she never took her eyes from the cards as she studied them.
After a moment or two, she looked Yalene and Mila, both of whom intrigued her.
"I am sure, My Ladies, that you both have many a tale to tell, and we have a long time together..perhaps we should all take turns nightly telling a tale?" Tatyana suggested as she picked her cards back up and carefully folded them into the blue silk cloth in her lap before placing them back into the pouch that swung from her belt.
Yalene smiled at Tatyana, “Ye sure ye would not grow tired of ‘earin’ sea tales?” She asked the group gathered, “Unfortunately those are the only tales that I know.” Yalene looked into the fire, recalling how many tales she would be able to tell on the evenings she was given; she knew a great many, but some were not as interesting as others. She was intrigued to here some of what Tatyana or Mila could tell, both women seemed so worldly, Mila most especially.
“O’course, there is always embellishment t’be done if the tale is not interestin’ t’those gathered.” Yalene continued, she didn’t embellish often but occasionally it was needed to keep your audience interested in what you were saying. She wasn’t much of a storyteller either, what she had learned was from older sailors as a child and they were not amongst the renowned as far as telling tales went.
Mila’s attention was still fixed on Matthias ever weary of his motives for being with this group and try as the immortal woman might she could not keep her worries from surfacing into her waking mind, it seemed torn anyone with half a mind and knowledge of how people carried themselves would have been able to pick up on that fact that even he did not seem comfortable with himself at times. “Lady Tatyana, that is a lovely idea indeed.” Mila voiced her opinion of the story telling idea, intrigued to know of her companions’ pasts.

“Embellished or not a tale is still a tale and gives some insight into the person with whom is telling the tale.” The dark haired woman shifted her weight and began her sewing again, peeking up ever few moments to catch on her companions’.
"As ye wish, M'Lady" said Liath simply as Tatyana declined the offer of food. "Despite mah earlier claim, it seems ah'm nae as hungry as ah first thought so ah'm sure there will be plenty left should ye feel different later." He turned his attention back to his own plate once more. He closed his eyes for a second, and began to softly recite a few words of thanks learned at his mother's heel. "Suath mi, a ghaoitilhean, le, naidheachd às gach àirde. Sìn orm. Suath mi, a ghrèine, do, shoilise teas mo chridhe. Sìn orm. Suath mi, a ghealaich, mo, leigheas na do ghilead. Sìn orm. Suath mi, a shiantan, ur, frasan ga mo nighe. Sìn orm. Tamh annam, sàmhchar." He wasn't necessarily one for excessive ritual, but he had always felt the need to thank the land which had provided for his sustenance. It was a small thing but it was the least he could do. Satisfied he had satiated whichever spirit may be listening he tucked into his meal, all the while his almost ethereal blue eyes watched his companions from the beneath his broad brow.

They seemed an agreeable band for the most part, personable without being too intrusive. This pleased him as he had not yet decided if he was willing to reveal that his terracota like skintone was not his natural color. Better for them to believe he was just naturally ruddy from his time spent in the open air. At Tatyana's suggestion they each take turns to tell a tale he started a little. It was actually a very smart way to learn about people, by the tales they told. "Ah'm nae sure any o' mah tales would be particularly entertaining but ye may be interested in those words ah spoke there." he said mopping up the stray juices with his slab of bread. Satisfied his plate was clean, he set it aside and looked around at the gathered members of the troupe, his eyes seeming to burn more brightly than the stars shone down upon them. "Mah people live closely with the land. We respect it and treasure what it can provide. We take only what we need from it. Nae more. Nae Less. It is kind tae they who treat it with respect, harsh tae they who do not. It is difficult tae translate the feeling behind the words intae something ye can understand but ah'll dae mah best. The closest thing tae a title it has is 'The Stone'." Liath looked around the troupe once more and recite the words once more, although this time so the others might understand. His deep voice washed over them, retaining it's melodic resonance as it danced over the words.

"stroke me, winds, with, news from each quarter: rest on me, stroke me, sun, your, light heats my heart: rest on me, stroke me, moon, my, health in your whiteness: rest on me, stroke me, elements, your, showers wash me clean: rest on me, peace in me,silence." As his words died Liath looked around at the others and smiled. "Just simple words mayhaps but they mean a lot tae me."
“Ritual can keep ye sane,” Yalene remarked in response to Liath’s words, “invokes the feelin’ of bein’ safe.” The young woman had rituals of her own, not necessarily rituals such as Liath’s but they were special to her. Every evening she would speak to the night sky as if she were speaking to her brother’s before falling into sleep, it made her feel as if they knew she was safe; she sent them letter’s but often they would not receive those until they reached port, talking to the night made her feel as if they were getting her message that much sooner. She knew Tiege and Jase did that each evening as well, it was a ritual they had taught her as a child, to speak to her mother though she was gone from them; it used to comfort the young girl when she felt lonely.
Tatyana had been staring into the fire until Liath began to speak. His voice held her attention and his eyes held her gaze. There was something about the color of his eyes that reminded her of a summer sky. Once he finished his recitation, she stood up and stretched for a moment before moving away from where she had been sitting. Walking just past him, she laid her hand gently on his shoulder.
"Twas beautiful, My Lord. Even the most simpliest of words can have the most profoundest of meanings." she smiled at him before she stepped away from the party, just needed to know they were alone, she began to walk out past the horses before looking at Matthias through the veil of fiery red curls that flowed past her shoulder.
"Care to walk with me? I doubt there is anything scarier than you out there." she pointed towards the wooded area just past the horses. There was a definate hint of merriment in her voice as she spoke to him.
"Well, let it never be known that I would say no to a lovely woman." Matthias said as he rose up "And when we will return, I shall tell thee all a tale of love, rivalry and tragedy..." his eyes lit up at that last word as he made his way to Tatyana "Lead the way milady."

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