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On The Road To Nowhere: The Beginning
Liath looked at Mila sideways, momentarily, before his naked brow formed an arch over his eye as he looked towards the troublesome imp. "Ah wouldnae speak sae fer Stràcair if ah were ye." he said softly, although his melodic voice seemed to carry oddly in the night air. "He has less patience for japes than ah dae."

Liath leaned back against one of the wagons, his arms folded over his chest. "Although ah can probably interest him in some last o' the boar, that at least might distract him if ye were willin' tae accede tae the lady's request...." Liath let his voice trail off as he watched Stràcair slowly padd around the frightened creature.
“To provoke creatures such as yourself is what brings me enjoyment, my lady.” The trickster responded, allowing Tatyana to glimpse him briefly in the trees before disappearing once again, “I wish no harm upon you, but I do wish to keep myself entertained, and what is more entertaining to a trickster than to play pranks upon the lesser intelligent upon the land.” The laughter rung through the trees again as a dark haired figure appeared perched ten feet above the forest floor.
“Perhaps my lady, I merely wish to strike an agreement with you, you having my companion held captive at your camp.” He said.

Romidia waved her hand and the tent began to rebuild itself, “I do assure you, I meant the young one no harm, and she has threatened my life enough this evening. I wish only to be left alone, and perhaps if your kindness is great enough I wish to be set free.” She blinked blue eyes first at the male, then at both the females, still eyeing the wolf warily every so often.
“My companion and I are not nearly the most dangerous beings living in those woods, did the townsfolk not tell you what they regularly keep at bay?” She asked them, though it was clear by they’re behavior they had not been informed.

"Lesser Intelligents?" Tatyana's eyebrow arched in a challenging way at the trickster.
"So, that little creature Liath found hiding in the bushes spying on us would be your companion. Fair enough. However, I am in no mood to strike accords. You might have better luck with those back at our camp."
Finally deciding she had been toyed with enough, Tatyana put her bow away and looked towards Matthias.
"I shall take this trickster back to the camp, perhaps it would be for the best if you waited a few moments and composed yourself a bit." she didn't look him in the face, her attention was on the forest floor. Honestly, the sight of him had brought back memories she really hadn't wanted to deal with just yet.
"Come trickster, although I am sure by now you know the way."
Liath raised a hand, hoping Stràcair would heed it as he had in the past. This creature had indeed peaked the wolf's interest, and Liath knew how difficult it was to deter his companion once his attention was caught. "Tell us of that which the villager's werenae able." he said to Romida. "And ah shall dae what a can tae reunite ye wi' yer friend."
Matthias sighed heavily before speaking: "I should kill you where you stand, you pathetic little faery." After which he looked over to Tatyana "But it seems maybe some of my companions might be willing to let you walk away with your life intact. Leave me now before I change my mind." When he finished, he felt his face return to normal and approached Tatyana more "I will eagerly await your return." as he moved in to give her a kiss on her forehead.
Tatyana smiled up at Mattias as he kissed her forehead and moved away from him to lead the shadowy figure towards the encampment. Looking back for a moment, she shook her head and turned and kept on walking.
"You are more trouble than I need, methinks." she walked silently along, her mind more on the past than on the present. Rather confused at why she was always attracted to the dark, dangerous and protruding fanged teeth men, she did her best to shake off the thought as she entered the safety of the fireside again.
"It seems, that yon imp there has more friends out within the wood. Matthias and myself were happened upon by one trickster, whom I can only assumed followed me back."
Tatyana leaned against the nearest tree and watched as Stràcair eyed Romida and Romida eyed Stràcair and Liath.
The little imp’s blue gaze did not faze Mila, nor was she going to let the creature off easy. Though she was pleased when she rebuilt Yalene’s tent, and waited for the little creature to heed Liath’s words and tell them about what it was the townsfolk kept at bay. “Do not test our patient little one.” Mila warned her hands on her hips as she waited for Romidia to inform them of what the townsfolk had ‘forgotten’ to tell the traveling group.

Noticing that Tatyana had made her way back to the camp Mila was relieved, for the ancient Greek did not trust Matthias and was always cautious about her companions being alone with him. “Yes it seems there are many of them, though this little one was just about to inform us that their or creatures we should fear more then her kind.” Mila spoke to the gypsy, giving her a small smile before fixing her gaze on Romidia again.
“Spirits, violent, evil spirits roused awake in the depths of the woods by the violence of the wars.” Romidia said softly, “The villagers will not speak of it to others, though they should have given you warning; they have not accepted the existence fully of the spirits, they merely protect themselves from the wraiths, and pray to their catholic God to keep them from harm.” She looked up as Tatyana returned and noticed the shadowed figure walking behind her, her eyes lighting up.
“Fhadeel, tell them of the spirits!” Romidia prompted her companion; her blue eyes begging, “You have more knowledge than I.”

Fhadeel gave the smaller trickster an appraising look, but did not open his mouth to speak; he continued to stay outside the ring of light the fire was creating.
“The wraiths are soldiers of some form, they were brought upon this village by violent acts and they’re numbers grow with the many souls lost to the new war.” He said coolly and slowly, “Your pack animals sense them, though they are far in the heart of the woods; but what does a mere trickster know of such things. I merely trip the old woman and cause your last companion to make threats upon my life.” A note a distaste rung true in the dark haired fairy’s voice as he finished.

Liath reached out with his long arm, his fingers brushing the top of Stràcair's ear. The wolf's arched his head at him questioningly, his eyes reflecting the dimming firelight. Speaking softly, in a voice almost beyond the range of normal hearing, Liath calmed his long time friend. <"Ah'll find ye a feast mare tasty and suitable fer ye lad."> he said in his own tongue. Stràcair's lip curled slightly, but the wolf retreated from the frightened imp, moving to lie at Liath's feet although his eyes remained on Romidia.

"Ye plainly ken mare than we dae. So pray tell impish one, what dae these spirits want?" he said as he looked at the dim figure of Fhadeel prancing at the edge of the circle of firelight.
Tatyana could only stand there and laugh at Fhadeel.
"And a good reason he had to, coming upon someone in the wood the way you did. You're just fortunate I did not loose my arrows on you."
Seating herself, she looked back over her shoulder to see if Matthais were about, wondering what trickery that Fhadeel had set about him before following her back to the camp.
"You know what he is" the question loomed in the back of her mind and she did her best to ignore it for a moment, staring into the fire.
"I do, but if I spend forever running from his kind, will I ever get over the horror reigned down by Vasili?"
"We should move soon. I don't like being in one place for too long, and the townspeople didn't seem very receptive to us today."
Matthias smiled as Tatyana walked away with Fhadeel. "Bloody fairies, interrupting all the time." he said to himself as he looked around, Tatyana's scent still lingered, and he revelled in it. ”She is truly a most magnificent vision.” was the thought that crossed his mind multiple times ”Even though she knows what I really am, after all she went through...”. He smiled to himself, could it be that he was actually developing an affection for this woman? Something beyond lust, or need for blood? She was nice to him, was capable of having fun with him, and she had the greatest bum he ever had the pleasure of seeing. ”Curse that stupid fairy and this stupid soul.” he thought while chuckling.

“Guess I’d better get back to camp.” Standing up, Matthias slowly made his way back to camp, although not allowing himself to be seen. When Fhadeel spoke of him in the matter he did though, Matthias could not help reveal himself and appeared behind Tatyana, placing his hand gently upon her shoulder. “I’d watch the way you speak of us, if you cherish your life.” He said with a smile as he glanced at Tatyana.
Matthais's hand on her shoulder caused her to jump just a bit. With a glance and a quick smile at him, she said nothing. She had voiced her opinion on what she thought of the situation, and Fhadeel was still looming outside the firelight. But when Matthais spoke, Tatyana shook her head and looked at him.
"We are not going to get the answers we seek by that means of persuasion, Milord. I suggest an alternate route if we are to gain success with the trickster." her voice was low and soft, and one could sense a bit of trickery of her own in her eyes.
“Aye, they appreciated the show well enough,” Yalene agreed from where she was seated, “But I think a move is most intelligent, we’re ‘eaded south, may as well ‘ead for Spain.” She eyed the trickster’s warily, “Ye’ll not be followin’ us either.” She warned them, making a small uprising of flame in the pit once again to better light the circle, “The Wraith’s are not such a comfortin’ thought.” Yalene eyeballed the woods as if trying to see if she could see anything.

“These trickster’s don’t know any more’n us, may as well pack up.” She told the others, “’ead for Barcelona, best chance fer a troupe such as ourselves t’get crowds t’entertain. ‘tis also a port, been too long since I’ve seen the waves.” Yalene gave her companions a hopeful smile, hoping they would listen to her suggestion.
Liath nodded. "Aye. Ah think we should leave these French tae their secrets. " he said as he stood upright, pulling his hood back over his head. His azure eyes glowed in the darkness as he looked at the sky, tracking the passage of the moon between the sparse clouds. "Dawn looks tae be a couple o' hours away. We can break camp then. The horses should be well enough rested. Ah suggest some o' ye take the chance and get some sleep. Matthias and mahself can keep watch till sun up." As he spoke of rest. Liath pondered for a moment when was the last time he had actually slept himself. Since leaving his homeland and stone working he had seldom felt tired enough to warrent resting for extended periods, finding himself grabbing an hour or two here or there when he had chanced upon and inn or welcoming community. It had served him well enough. His rocklike muscles seemed to resist fatigue far longer than the frail flesh of his companions.
Mila was thankful that they would be moving soon, something about these woods hadn’t ever sat well with her. She could sense some deep-seated emotions flowing throughout the old trees and it’d set her unease the entire time they had been camped here. “I believe I will be taking Lord Liath up on his suggestion of sleep, my mind is telling me I am not tired but my eyes beg to differ.” A soft smile rested on the immortal woman’s face as she slowly gathered up her sewing basket and made her way silently to her tent, stopping only briefly to check on Roval before stepping inside her tent.

She did not have a lot of belongings with her, a cot like bed was up against one wall of the tent, and a small chest that held her belongings and her sword were all the belongings she had with her. Opening up the small chest she placed the sewing get and garments inside, the chest was old and had Greek engraved into it’s sides. As she took her hair out of it’s wind blow up-do and removed most of her outer clothing Mila quietly hummed a happy tone, making the work of pulling back the covers on her quaint bed and climbing underneath them that much easier. As she closed her eyes sleep quickly overtook her and dreams of her past soon joined her as she slept and Mila was taken back to a time in her youth when she had merely been just a little girl and not the wise woman she was today.
"I think Lady Mila has an excellent point. We should try to get some rest whilst we can. It has indeed been a long night and am I loath to admit it, but I am growing weary. All that dancing earlier today has taken a toll upon me." she slipped away from Matthais and made her way to the area she had designated earlier for her own tent. True, it wasn't much and she really did miss having her own wagon like she had with her caravan and her people, but the small tent was enough for her now.

Events of the past loomed heavy on her mind as did the events of the night. She didn't bother removing any of her clothing save her shoes as she laid down on the pile of pelts she used for her bed. The moon this night had brought out a longing in her she had not wanted to admit to. Letting out a deep sigh, her mind went to her brothers, Pasha and Torvi.
"I miss you terribly." she whispered as she rolled over, clutching one of the pelts to her and buried her face in it to keep from crying. It was all so fresh in her mind, but years had passed since the events that had transpired that took her from her caravan and rob her brothers of their lives.
She felt as if she had betrayed them...her love and longing for Vasili had caused their deaths...Vasili's own hand and taken their lives, and while she should hate him for everything...on nights like this, she found herself longing for his embrace once more. Demon or Angel, she wasn't sure...but all she did know was that with each day that passed it was one day she was not closer to losing her mortality to her dark lover.
As the hours passed the darkness of night gave away to the early colors of dawn, Liath roused his companions from sleep as Matthias prepared himself for the coming sun. Once the three women had been woken up they began the process of breaking down camp and storing their belongings, readying the horses, and deciding the best path to take to Barcelona.

The trickster’s had taken leave quickly after it was decided the company would be on they’re way come morning, and nothing peculiar had broken the quiet of the early hours before the sun; leaving a spot of doubt that what they had said was in fact the truth.

Once packed the group headed south out of the French countryside, and continued onto

- Theore

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