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Chapter One: The Watch
“Me? Since when have ah been the troublemaker?” Paige yelled her gaze focused on Victoria’s back, somehow the young southerner knew the telepath had more important things to worry about. But she had to get the final say; it was a personality trait of hers. “Yuh’d be wise to listen to ‘Toria and Tessa, they’ve both been through hell…so if anyone they know what it’s like to try and deal with the horrors in life.” Paige understood that the poor girl didn’t need to be reprimanded for something she couldn’t control, but they veterans of this group knew what it was like to watch as emotions tore a team apart. “Ah’ve in the past week watched fifty year old version of mah brother die in my arms…now ah’m not saying that compares to what yuh’ve just described Rogue. But what ah am trying to point out is that we’ve had it rough, but just because yuh’re reality shuns yuh for what yuh’ve done doesn’t mean this particular group is going to. Hell if these people are anything like ah think they are, they’ll try and get to know yuh before makin’ up their minds about yuh.” The blond metamorph ran a hand lazily through her long blond locks as a way to keep her hands busy and to stop herself from fidgeting.

Paige’s attention was soon focused on Dr. Strange as he spoke of them leaving the moon and heading out on their first mission. “Ah’ve got one question, is there and in flight movie?” Paige grinned somehow she felt that maybe the group needed to lighten up a bit, or she just felt like doing a very Pete Wisdom like thing. For as much as she tried to hide it, the blond teenager was missing the ex-spy very much, after all you can’t have a person looking out for you for a good many months and not miss them once you’ve parted ways.
Peter slowly rose to his, relieved that Rogue's little episode had been settled, at least for now. His teammates had all spoken what needed to be said to the young and troubled Marie. For the most part he agreed with them, and that he didn't he found to trivial to argue. The girl had obviously had went through what she thought as hell, but he couldn't help feel that she added to her own pain.
"Like you do?"
Silence was the reply the voice inside him recieved. Victoria's words were still running through his mind. It wasn't that the idea of having friends and people to confine in was appalling to him. Part of him desired to experience that again. However, he knew what risks were involved when you opened yourself up to people, when you let them in, befriend them. He knew what indescribable and agonizing pain it brought, and it was not one he cared to go through again. So in the end, being a loner won out.
The spider's thoughts were broken with the arrival of their host. He half listened to his explaination on why one of the newcomers, Matua, had left and his briefing of their final member. The good doctor captured Peter's full attention with the mention of their departure. As much as he wanted to be a part of this and help people, if this wasn't another repeat of the Timebroker, he still had a team back home to aid as well, and he was eager to see them once again, after believing that for so long that they were lost.
Turning her gaze to face everyone, Rogue looked as thought she had something to say. "I never meant to sound like a drama queen, and I wasn't begging for pity. If I came off that way, I am truly sorry. I just thought it fair that y'all should know what's going on with me. I can't guarantee that this won't happe again, but I need you guys to trust me."

Turning to look at Dr. Strange, Rogue brightened a little. "Thank you for trusting me and bringing me to this team. I think a change is in the air, for the better."
"I just have one question that might hopefully be answered. Right before I was transported here by Dr. Strange, I was being chased by a mob of people who were throwing objects at me and screaming words that I have never heard before. Does anyone here know what a...Mutie is? I don't know what I did to offend these people, but they seemed quite angry."
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Hank stood torn between reaching out to the newcomer and just hanging back to see how this new team would handle it. If he told the truth he was relieved that for the first time in seemed like forever everyone was not looking to him to solve their problems. Turning away to look up at the blue gem that was their home world, Hank was distracted by Matua leaving the group and heading back the way they had come. He took a few steps after him, then paused. Perhaps he wanted to be by himself, after all this was a lot to take in at first, and it seemed that the world hanging above them was no Matua's home. Hank looked upwards once more, a small sigh escaping his lips. He wondered absently if he could ever find a home there himself someday. Shaking his head almost imperceptibly he turned back towards the group in time to see this strange Rogue drop her cloak revealing a strange conglomerate body which was strangely familiar.

He took a couple of steps closer to 'Toria as he concentrated on her thoughts, becoming somewhat uneasy at the situation. Rogue seemed to be rambling on about something she had done. Something bad. Well what else was new, Hank was sure they had all done things they wish they hadn't even by accident, he knew he had. 'Toria's half joking question filled his thoughts. "I would love to see any version of Piotr and Kitty again hon." he thought back. "And I don't think it would be as bad as you think. I'm sure they would be able to take it pretty much in their stride." He smiled, running the back of his hand gently down her arm. Again however he kept silent, letting the team sort out their own dynamic. Spider seemed a lot more vocal than Hank had ever heard him, however he wasn't sure if he had picked the right time to become so outspoken, but something about this newcomer had obviously reached out to him in some way.

As Hank turned his golden eyes over the group once more, his eyes widened at Rogue's revellation. Almost unbidden his hands closed into fists at the thought of his friends' deaths, fingers curling inwards so tightly the claws at their tips punched into his palms. Hank felt his lip twitch up over his canines. Words tried to form in his throat, but he couldn't vocalize his feelings. Turning away sharply, his breath coming in short almost animalistic pants, Hank struggled to contain his rising rage. It wasn't his friends this girl had murdered. He had never met her Fantastic Four, never fought for his life beside them. They were nothing to him, and yet when he squeezed his eyes shut, his mind was filled with images if his friends lying, unmoving, at the feet of this strange girl. Hank tried to concentrate on 'Toria's thoughts, looking for something to hold onto, something to counter the rage that was still building in him.

But when he reached out it was not the familiar soothing tone of 'Toria that met him, but the hissing song of the Phoenix entity. "'Toria?" All other thoughts fled his mind as he turned to see his love striding away from the group. Hank strode after her, blood dripping slowly from his punctured palms onto the ancient floor as his healing factor kicked in to close the wounds. Stepping as close to 'Toria as the flames allowed, Hank reached out, joining her in reciting the poem which he knew helped anchor her. He was most relieved when the astral form of Stephen appeared beside them, his hands moving as he cast one of his incantations. As the firey halo surrounding 'Toria subsided Hank reached out to take her hand in his, drawing her to him as they returned to the garden and yet another newcomer.

Hank kept his arm around 'Toria's shoulder, kept his thoughts with her. "You feeling more yourself hon?" he asked concerned, all his previous rage replaced. His feelings towards Rogue would wait. He would deal with them at a more suitable time, but he couldn't still his tongue when she spoke of trust. "We have all learned that trust has to be earned, it cannot simply be given. Let your actions from this day on speak your worth." he rasped, instantly chiding himself for allowing his feelings to take over. Turning away from the young girl towards the other newcomer, another flash of recognition bit Hank together with a pang of guilt and regret. "Hello.. Norrin?" he said, maintaining a hopefully even tone. "Mutie? I'm afraid you just experienced one of the nastier sides of humanity. They can be an incredibly caring people, unless they percieve you as different or threatening. Unfortunately in those situations, they seem to lose all faculty of reasoning and tend to group those they do not understand together, wether they are related or not. Mutie is a slang shortening of Mutant, those such as I born different from the norm. As I said however, the general populace has a tendency to label anyone percieved different as a mutant. I'm sorry you had to experience that in your present condition."
Barry had kept silent on purpose, not wanting to intervene in anything These people really got issues. he thought to himself as he looked at every teammate of his, his eyes lingering a bit longer on those of the females. "Born different and being called names? What kinda world are you from? People love us, well the good guys of course." He said, fondly remembering the parades, and the keys of almost every city in the world. Good times...
Victoria felt weak, and she knew she would. Never had the Phoenix had such a stronghold on her. But with Stephen’s help, the entity was now cowering behind memories of Sinister, lab tables, and ripped clothing.
As they had walked back to the group, Victoria felt her healing factor begin to kick in and take care of her fatigue. Even leaning on Hank a little as they walked, she tried to smile at his thoughts.
“I’m fine…really.” she said softly as they rejoined the group after Dr. Strange. The newest member of their little group was being introduced and Victoria was completely intrigued by this one.
“Holy cow.” she whispered in awe of the chrome covered Oscar statue, listening as Dr. Strange filled them in on the sitch, and Paige, Barry and Norrin spoke up.
“No, no in flight movie, just another chance for you to get drunk and take your clothes off.” she smirked playfully at Paige as a hand came up to rub her temple. She was warding off a monster headache. Similar to the ones she used to get every time the Phoenix came out to play.
To Norrin, she simply listened and said nothing. Hank had pretty much summed it up anyway. But to Barry, she arched a delicate eyebrow skeptically.
“Then I definitely have to visit your hometown sometime. To be able to walk down the street without having rocks thrown at you when you don’t hide who you are must be heaven.”
Victoria let out a bit of a soft moan as she closed her eyes. Her head was pounding and she was surprised she didn’t have a nosebleed.
“Hank…” she whispered softly…leaning against him a bit, hoping her advanced genetics would speed up the headache and get it over with soon.
"So, is that what I am then, a mutant?" Norrin mulled over the idea in his head for a while. Maybe THAT is why he looked different than everyone else he had ever encountered. That was also a step in the right direction for figuring out what the flat silver plank that followed him around everywhere he went like a lost puppy. "Do all mutants look different? I only ask because I've never encountered anyone that looked anything like you or I. Is that the only thing that makes someone a mutant, the way they look? Or is there something more?" Norrin didn't mean to be bothersome with his cadre of questions, but it was refreshing to have people who were talking to him instead of running away or attacking him. It was also nice to learn that he had a name. All the people who were ever nice enough to talk to him just called him chrome-dome. He was pretty sure that it was not his proper name. Maybe with this group of complete strangers, I can FINALLY learn more about myself and discover who I really am.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Hank thought over Norrin's question, bearing in mind what Stephen had told them about his amnesia. "You may be a mutant. There are some tests I can do to confirm that one way or another." said Hank, as he squeezed his arm around 'Toria. "Rest Easy Hon." he thought. "As for Mutants. Quite often their mutation is limited to their physical appearance, the vast majority of mutations are almost insignificant enough for the individual to pass as base line human. In a small, but evidently inceasing, number of cases the mutation brings with it an extraordinary gift or ability. My ability was enhanced strength and agility. I didn't always look this way. That came later." Hank looked down at 'Toria. "I think I need to show him what I mean. Brace yourself." he thought and then closed his eyes for a second or two, concentrating on relaxing his hold on his body's metabolism. As he did so his body began to shrink, the muscles folding in on themselves around bones which seemed to run fluid for a brief moment as they shrank and reformed into their non gamma irradiated form. Hank looked around with an almost sheepish smile, knowing his transformation could be disconcerting to those watching.

"As you can see I have picked up a few other tricks along the way." he said "Some by accident. And some by design". Hank gave 'Toria a squeeze. He had wanted to save revealing the image inducer for her, but time had just got away from them again as it was wont to do. He activated the device, which shimmered into life, replacing his verdant green fur with the image of Hank McCoy, biochemist, complete with oversized hands and feet. "This is what I originally looked like. But it's not who I am now. It's just an illusion." he said after a few moments, deactivating the image inducer . "This is who I am. For better or worse. Although sometimes passing as visibly human has it's advantages. Especially in this job. "
Rogue looked at the stranger and began to extend the explanation. "Mutants like me still look normal but have a supernatural ability or power. WIth skin to skin contact I can absorb another persons powers for a period of time."

Not knowing what to think about this new member, she had to watch her words carefully. In her reality he was the Silver Surfer, a Herald of Galactus. The addition of this character intrigued her. She knew what it ws like to feel lost and scared. Maybe she could help him. She would give him time though.
Hank’s words were barely registering to her as she tried to relax and let the headache subside. Which it did, rather quickly and without the usual nosebleeds that had always accompanied it.
“Before Scott…” the thought raced unabidden across her mind.
Opening her eyes, she watched Hank with a bit of pride as he “showed off”. But it was when the image inducer flicked on and his appearance changed, that her eyes widened and she jumped, just slightly. It was a feeling of complete unease that washed over her…she couldn’t place her finger on it. Maybe it was the fact that Kurt had always used his image inducer to play tricks on her at home. Like turning it on and peeking through her bedroom window looking like Gambit, and causing her to scream so loud that Piotr knocked the door off its hinges…again.
But it was still Hank…behind the illusion it was still fuzzy green Chewbacca under there.
“I like the fur…it suits you.” Victoria looked off to one side as they waited for Dr. Strange to take them where ever it was they were going. She was still marveling over the fact that they were on the moon. And maybe she was a newbie at this, but they were on the MOON! Was she the only person on the team who had never set foot off of the big blue ball???
“Mutants, Meta-humans, they have a name for us no matter where we are or what we are doing. Some call us gifted, others call us a plague. Me, I rather like to think of us as God’s little private joke. Kinda like the duckbilled platypus.”
“The first time you use that thing in the bedroom McCoy, I swear to god, I’ll morph into Kyle on you!”
Kicking at the ground as she thought it, her eyes on her bare feet. Unlike some of them, Victoria had been wearing sweatshorts and a purple babydoll T-shirt when Dr. Strange had ported them.
“I wonder if there’s a Macy’s around here?” She smiled at Tessa and Paige as she looked up innocently, shooting the thought to both of them.
"I'm afraid I can't ask too many more questions, for now. Dr. Strange has asked me to not be too inquisitive for the sake of myself and the rest of you. There is apparently something about me that I think frightens him a little. Perhaps it was the same feeling the other people of Earth were feeling right before I got transported here. Thank you for being so friendly and helpful, Hank. If there is anything I can ever do for you in the future, I will gladly repay your kindness." Norrin turned his attention to the pale young woman at Beast's side, and sensed in her a terrible and destructive power. His eyes were turning blacker than the darkest night, and little pools of light were showing in them at random intervals. Unbeknowst to Norrin, his Cosmic Awareness was subconciously kicking in and scanning Victoria. He could sense the Phoenix force inside her, and could feel the internal struggle that she had just taken place in. He placed his hand on her shoulder and a soft glow began to emit from his palm. Startled, he jumped backward a few feet and tripped over his surfboard. Landing square on his backside, he apologized to Victoria, and frantically asked is she was allright. "I'm so sorry! I don't know what just happened. I reached out to you because I could feel you were hurting inside, and I wanted to console you. Are you allright?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Tessa laughed mentally giving Victoria a smile, “Somehow I doubt the moon is equipped with a Macy’s, but shopping sounds enticing right now. A girl can only where the same thing for so long before she gets bored.” The genius woman was watching the newcomer keenly, noticing the barely perceptible differences in him as he attempted some sort of power on Victoria.

He was intriguing to her, she had never met somebody who couldn’t remember anything from their past; it was like an antithesis of her own mutation. Tessa was somebody who could remember everything that had ever happened to her, this man could remember precious little of what happened to him. She couldn’t ask him the questions she so wanted to, per request of Dr. Strange, but she could analyze him. It was unlikely he would realize what she was doing, since it was unobtrusive to her subject, but it would ease her own curiosity.
Paige giggled softly at ‘Toria’s remark, “Ah don’t think ah should go stripping while drunk, don’t like dear ole’ Jono would find that as funny as this team would.” The petite blond flashed a lopsided smirk and shifted her weight from foot to foot as the newcomer asked his questions and Hank ‘showed off’. Reality hadn’t yet hit Paige and once it did and she fully took in the fact that they were standing on the moon the young girl was sure she’d faint.

Hearing Victoria’s mental thought float into her head Paige giggled. Macy’s…what I wouldn’t do for a good ole’ fashion shopping trip. She thought as a little smirk appeared on her lips. “All ah’ve got to say is without and in flight movie this trip better have some good scenery.”
"Does anyone know what the heck that was, because it completely scared the heck out of me. Why was my hand glowing?" Norrin had no idea that he posessed powers that just might possibly rival those of most of the heroes assembled. It scared him to think of what he might be capable of based on what had just happened. "Do you feel ok, Victoria?" Norrin asked the question again and again hoping for the same answer of "I'm fine" every time. What just happened? Do I posess a mutant ability as well? Unless Victoria says something, I may never know what just happened. I hope my powers aren't to make my hands glow pretty colors. That would be pretty lame if you asked me.

When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
”I watch the Sorcerer struggle with his decision. This one has often sought out the aid of the Herald in times of need, but could this one be a mistake? Could the innocence gained through the loss of his memories turn out to be dangerous in time? I will wait for my answer, for time is something the Watchers have in abundance.”

Reaching out, Dr. Strange took the Surfer’s hand and helped him back to his feet. The chrome-covered hero was correct in his assumption, there was something about the alien that frightened the Sorcerer. Stephen did not know to what lengths the world devourer had gone to keep Norrin from learning the truth, and until he could finish his research he was not going to tempt fate. But he couldn’t let the man continue to walk about completely ignorant of the things around him. To do so could cause even more problems. So as carefully as he could, Dr. Strange explained, “That Norrin, was a sort of feedback caused by the contact you made with Ms. Essex. You are well, aren’t you, Victoria?” Giving her a moment to reassure Norrin of her well being, Stephen continued, “You see Norrin, as the rest of your comrades have pointed out, there are mutants and meta-humans all around you. Each of your teammates is gifted in one way or another. Ms. Essex is one of the more unique of the group. For within her lies an entity of cosmic level significance. And I believe you have the ability to subconsciously sense such things. It just so happens that the entity that Ms. Essex holds watch over is feeling rather agitated at the moment, and that is why your reaction was so adverse. But, please do not be alarmed. I do not believe any irreparable damage has been done.

“Although I would rather not tempt fate where the Phoenix is concerned, so I believe the time has come for your departure.” Giving Paige a look that was equal parts amusement and annoyance, Stephen added, “And I do apologize for the lack of a film, however I doubt you will be disappointed in the scenery.” With that, Dr. Strange turned his back to the members of the Watch and began to cast what looked to be an extremely complex spell. His hands were contorted into very specific configurations, drawing the ambient mystical energies around him into a swirling white vortex. Not far away, Rintrah held his hands in the same formation as Strange’s, adding his own willpower to the spell for strength. The apprentice knew that his master did not need the assistance, but one could never be too sure, especially when faced with such variables as he was now.

Moments passed as the spell gained strength, and the eight heroes watched in wonderment. Soon the spell was complete and the mystical vortex that had been summoned opened to reveal a landscape that looked as though it had been plucked from a dream. Beyond the void was a winding path that seemed to be anchored to nothing in particular. It led out into a world that resembled nothing that resonated as familiar to any of them. It was more akin to a Salvador Dali painting than anything else. The Sorcerer turned from his work to face the group once more. “Your task awaits you. I shall leave you in the capable hands of Rintrah from here. He will lead you down the proper path.” Taking his cue, the large green Minotaur rose from the dusty lunar surface and levitated through the portal, pausing only long enough to allow the team to follow. Once each of them had worked up the courage to pass through the doorway, Dr. Strange allowed it to collapse into the nothingness from whence it came. The team now found themselves doing their best to keep their bearings in the quite surreal surroundings of the astral plane. Ahead of them, without a word, Rintrah led the way.
Unsure of the new srroundings, as beautiful as they were, Rogue couldn't help but pull her cloak a little bit tighter. Knowing that she is on unstable ground with team as it is, she focused all of her energy on maintaining her own thoughts and not letting the four other minds fill any empty space. Her mind began to wander towards thier new silver companion. He displayed a very extraordinary power. If this Norrin was anything like the one she knew as Silver Surfer, things could get very interesting.

At the very thought of his name, synapses began firing off in her brain. All of a sudden she was looking at a computer screen in her mind and a ton of information flooded her brain about the Silver Surfer and Norrin Radd.

When Rogue absorbed the Fantastic Four she also acquired Reed Richard's memories, thoughts and knowledge. Her brain was quite literally a computer search engine. She was a walking database with very little control of the subject matter.

Viewing all of this information, she wished she could share this knowledge with the chrome stranger, but Dr. Strange would not allow it. It must be so hard to be lost, not knowing who you are or where your friends and family are. It tugged at her heart strings a little. She was a mere foundling when Mystique found her and cared for as a daughter.

Her thoughts began to stray, but she reigned them in quickly. I mustn't lose control now. I have to keep it together. Turning her thoughts to Spiderman she started to wonder why he took such an interest in her. She would try to talk to him next downtime they had.
Victoria said nothing one way or the other as Dr. Strange spoke, he pretty much said everything he could.
"You know...Phenominal Cosmic Power......itty bitty living space." With a bit of a smirk she followed along behind Paige, giving the girl an occasional poke as they walked along the path and smiling innocently.
"Wasn't me...was my evil twin." was all she said. Feeling a little more like herself since Dr. Strange had bitchslapped the Phoenix back into the corner of her mind, she gave a bit of a dramatic sigh as she looked down again and remembered her state of attire.
"This just isn't going to do." She grumbled and proceeded to morph her clothing into something more suitable. The shirt she didn't mind so much, but the shorts just weren't working. Smiling in satisfaction as a pair of jeans and black boots took their place, she wiggled her toes a bit and continued walking. It would have to do until she got a real chance to get something to wear.
Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out something small, twinkly, and something she had almost forgotten about.
"Sam's Phoenix..." her smile faded a bit as she slipped it over her head, letting it rest lay to rest just above her bosom.
Looking over her shoulder at Hank, she smiled at him as they walked along.
"So, anyone up for pizza and tequila later? If you get Tessa drunk enough, she reboots constantly." She had to laugh, because if she didn't, she'd let her demons overtake her.
Looking at their surrounding as they walked, Victoria took mental stock of the team. Not that she was measuring them up, she counted them off in her head, and wondered how many would make it back this time.
Peter couldn't help but observe their surroundings as they traveled through them. Though his mask concealed any awe or amazement his face may have revealed, it wasn't hard to tell that he was fixated by all of this. The religous side of the man couldn't help but gape at what he was seeing, even if he did so only for a moment.
"Someone had to create this, all of this. All the worlds, all the realities, all its people, it all had to have a creator."
Finally the masked hero regained his composure, and set his focus on more important matters. They were experiencing the calm before the storm, preparing to recieve their first mission in an alternate but probably familiar world. He knew that there was a very good chance that many of them, even him, would not return for a second go. He knew that the road would be hard, possibly at times it may seem unbearable, but he knew why he did this. He knew why he did it at home, and he knew that if he should be given the chance to start over, why he would do it again. He had a responsibility, and he wasn't going to abandon that. Not now, not ever. And so, it their brief time of peace, whether as an act of reassurance, guidance, or security, the spider bowed his head ever so slightly and began to pray.
Hank simply chuckled at 'Toria, his tongue poking over the sharp tips of his teeth as he did. "I did build it for business not pleasure darling." he thought to her, feeling a bit more relaxed that she seemed to be more herself. He knew it wasn't a Macy's but was about to suggest they go looking for some Kree clothing in the old ruins when Dr Strange opened his portal. "A little less hi-tech than we're used to, but it seems to do the trick eh?" he thought as he followed 'Toria into the opening, grinning as she occasionally accosted Paige.

Glancing over his shoulder he watched as the portal closed behind them, sealing them off from the moon and time/space as they knew it. He had travelled in Dr Strange's company before, but still found the sights and sounds of the astral plane fascinating. It was certainly less disconcerting to have a path beneath your feet, than the often jarring teleportation they had used under the Timebroker's watch. Lengthening his stride a little, Hank brushed his hand gently across the small of 'Toria's back, smiling at her as he passed by and headed for Rintrah. As he approached Stephen's apprentice, Hank cleared his throat. "Do you have any information as to where we are headed? Given the sparcity of information that the team was provided by our previous.. employer.. I think the team would appreciate a little more of a heads up on what they are about to face."
Tessa gave ‘Toria a mischievous look before responding, “And if you get ‘Toria drunk enough she starts impersonating Spiderman’s acrobatics!” She gave a big Cheshire smile, a rare occurrence when she was around a large group. Tessa much preferred to stay neutral, emotionally speaking when she was around a group such as this, but she couldn’t help but take a poke at her friend. It was nice to be in the company of individuals who knew her well enough to know she had random bouts of over emotional moments; this being one of them.
“Pizza would be nice, think they’d deliver here?” Tessa noticed the Phoenix necklace, recognizing it as Sam’s and she let the smile wane for a moment, before going back to pondering her pizza question, “If we have an estimated idea of where we’re going we could contact a pizza place and have them deliver to our arrival point.” She looked around the group, her expression serious.
“At least, that would work if my thinking is correct and we have the capabilities of reaching a pizza parlor that would be near our destination.” Tessa had switched into her analytical mode, mentally calculating things and coming up with possible theories…just to get a pizza.
“As far as the tequila goes, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own.”
“Don’t think it’d be a good idea to have Ms. Computer mind rebooting herself….” Paige was the voice of reason it seemed, although pizza did sound like a good idea…though the tequila would have to wait. “Brilliant, this place just reminds yuh all how vast the universe is. ‘Specially t’ a good ole’ country girl from Cumberland County, Kentucky.” Anyone could pick up on the fact that Paige’s voice held a great deal of awe and amazement in it. After all it wasn’t ever day you got to see places like this, or walk on the moon and good a good old view of earth from space.
Barry had completely zoned after his comment, walking along with the others on automatic it seemed. He only awoke at the word of pizza but remained mostly silent. Although he used to be known for his free-spritidness, if that was even a word, this new team had made him silent. They seemed social enough, but it was obvious that some of these people needed a really good shrink, and he just didn't want to bother getting to know these folks. To him, he had already had enough issues he dealt with to last a lifetime.
"What is this pizza that you speak of, and what exactly do you do with it?" Norrin was genuinely puzzled, because it seemed that whatever this pizza thing was, the rest of the team seemed to think it was a good idea. Norrin looked to Barry and Paige for answers, because their faces seemed to light up the most when the word pizza was metioned. Perhaps it is something that is supposed to appeal to the youths. "Is it anything like this...Harry Potter that I keep hearing about?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
All of the talk about food was beginning to make Rogue realize that it had been awhile since she had eaten. Shopping sounded like fun too. All Rogue had with her was her cloak, a pair of worn jeans, a tight black T-shirt, her black opera gloves and her beaten up sneakers. She had tried to leave the X-Mansion looking as "normal" as possible. Shaking her mind free, she turned to Norrin.

"Pizza is a type of food that is made of a circular crust of dough that is normally topped with meat vegetables, cheese and sauce. One usually cuts in into slices and shares it with friends, or can eat the whole thing themselves. And no, not like Harry Potter. We can save that for another time."

It was going to be very interesting to have Norrin on the team, Rogue thought. Explaining these everyday common things was going to get very frustrating.

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