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Chapter One: The Watch
"Oh I don't know Rogue, Pizza and Harry Potter can be alot a like. Both equally delicious in their own cheesy way." Victoria smirked a little, snickering to herself more than anything as she looked ahead to see what big green and adorable was up to.
"You, yeah you." she leaned forward enough to give Barry a bit of a tap on the shoulder. "You're entirely too quiet."
"And I think you have plenty to say." she said telepathically to him. Victoria didn't intrude on this own thoughts, just sent him a little love note so to speak.
She kept an eye on everyone as they walked along the path. Really just to see how everyone was handling the surrealist painting they seemed to be walking through.
She felt, strange. Victoria couldn't really explain it herself. More like since Dr. Strange had subdued the Phoenix, she was free to let herself go for a bit. Just to have a little fun. No dire life altering consquences to that. And she was even starting to think that maybe she and Hank would go to her reality and meet the parents, Peter....Wade.....
"Wade..." she smiled for a moment and reached at her side and instantly she was alarmed.
"My sword! Holy schnikeys!" she turned and looked back down the path.
"Not that I minded leaving the cloak behind! But my sword!" she looked so distressed that it was odd to think someone was having this sort of reaction over a weapon, unless there was extreme sentimental value to it.
Instantly, her playful mood was gone. Her brown eyes watched the path before them, for the most part her long white hair obscuring her face from those curious about why she had went from one extreme to the next.
Yep... she got issues. Barry thought to himself as he watched Victoria "Harry Potter? Meh, it kind of got lame after the 12th book." he said "I certainly could use a slice of pizza though, haven't had one in a long long while." his tone was more bored then anything "Are we there yet? Bet I could race ya too it."
Hearing his equally green companion clear his throat, Rintrah looked back over his shoulder and gave Hank a consoling smile. Rintrah was usually a very friendly being who enjoyed the company of others. The quiet, focused state that he now took on was only due to the tight time frame that Stephen had placed upon them, and the amount of concentration that it required to traverse the astral plane. But the group was drawing closer to their destination now, so Rintrah knew that he could allow himself to answer the curious Dr. McCoy with little worry over getting the heroes lost amidst the energy tides of the non-dimension.

“The Doctor did indeed inform me of some of the details of your journey. He told me that the heroes in the reality that we are making our ways toward were dwindling in number. That they are quickly succumbing to a great evil that is sweeping over the world. However, he did say that you would not be alone. You will find an ally in the Sorcerer Supreme of this reality, just as you will in all of the realities that you travel to. But be warned, for allies can be found in strange places, and in strange beings. But the most important thing that Dr. Strange asked of me was to be sure I delivered you into this reality before the sun sank beyond the horizon. And to make sure you knew of the dangers that stalked the night.” As Rintrah finished his explanations, they reached what seemed to be an end to the path.

The stone pathway widened at its terminus, leaving the travelers standing before a large stone obelisk that seemed to reach to the heavens. Addressing the entire group, Rintrah explained to them exactly what he had already told Hank, and then added, “Your task, as it will always be, is to play sentinel to reality: to observe the twists and turns that time and space will take, and to keep the evil that plagues the Multiverse from spreading its reach too far. Evil will always exist, but under your watch it can be contained.” As he spoke, he began to weave a spell. A myriad of colors began to spill from the air all around him, swirling about his hands and feet as he controlled the flow of energy in order to open the portal before them. Mere seconds past as he completed his spell, and once again a glistening white portal appeared before them. It soon gave way, splitting down the middle to reveal a grove of trees beyond. Rintrah motioned them toward the portal as he spoke his parting words, “I have taken you as far as I can. From here you must act of your own accord. From here you go forth as heroes. You go forth as The Watch."

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