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Marvel: Kirkman on Jubilee
Posted 14/06/2004
Source ThePulse

[Image: 1jube1_th.jpg]It seems as if a lot of Marvel's merry mutants are getting their own ongoing series. At the X-Men Reload panel a few new series were revealed: Nightcrawler and Gambit. Now, Marvel Comics has told THE PULSE about a September debuting Jubilee series featuring covers from Casey Jones and written by Robert Kirkman and featuring interiors by Derec Donovan. We caught up with Kirkman for a few quick comments about what's going to set this series apart from the typical mutant title out there.

Kirkman's worked with and created a few teen heroes in his day, but he told us what interested him about working with this particular character. "I don't get to play around with female characters too much and I figure now is as good a time as any," he said. "I've been a fan of Jubilee since the Larry Hama/Marc Silvestri run of Wolverine featured the character. She's just a lot of fun, she's got a cool power, and y'know ... it's an X-book, the opportunity to play around in that universe is something I couldn't pass up."

Although it is an X book, the series isn't set in New York like most of the Marvel X related titles. The series deals with family. "Jubilee has been reunited with her long lost aunt she didn't even no she had," informed Kirkman. "She's moving out to LA to live with her and leaving the craziness of the X-mansion behind. So the series is going to focus on her acclimating to this new environment and getting used to being the only mutant around for the first time since she joined up with the X-Men."

[Image: 1jube2_th.jpg]"It's Jubilee in LA, it's a totally new environment for the Marvel U," continued Kirkman. "Aside from Runaways and those old Wonder Man books Marvel has been almost exclusively New York based stories. So there's not a lot of overlap. After the initial story arc ... I'd like to start playing with the continuity more and more as the book goes on."

Kirkman said it wasn't tough at all to get to know this character and become a part of her world. "I was very familiar with the character from the get go," he revealed. "The teenage girl stuff is a bit tricky ... since I never was one of those. I've been doing my research, inviting myself to slumber parties ... joining some cheerleading squads ... stalking at the local mall. I think I've gotten the
hang of it."

Then he laughed and told us the best part about writing this series, "The research ... definitely the research."


Looks like Marvel are still working towards their goal of bringing more girls into Comic Stores (never a bad thing :p)
Personally, I think Marvel tries to stretch the letter X a little too far. NOT EVERYONE deserves their own ongoing title. Heck, some don't even deserve their own limited title. Jubilee is one of those characters. Gambit? sure. Nightcrawler? Heck yeah, I can't wait, but when they start giving Jubilee her own series, and Rogue's is just around the corner, what's next? I'll tell you what: BEAK!
That's where marvel is headed, and it ain't pretty!
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
The day Beak gets his own title is the day I hang up my comic geek hat. I know we talked alot over the weekend about the lameness that is Beak, but I feel we should share our opinions with the class. Beak is a reject character that doesn't deserve to exist, let alone be elevated to the level he has been by Marvel.

As for Jubilee, I am torn. I think any character could shine given the opportunity, and Jubilee has had many great moments over the years. If they can manage some insightful writing and poignant story lines for the girl, the book could be a break out success. Because believe me, I have spoken to many fans about Jubilee in the past and many have agreed with me. Plain and simple she is a great character. But does she deserve her own book? That remains to be seen.

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