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Once an Invader
Just finished reading the first 2 parts of this, and I have to say I've really enjoyed it.
[spoiler]I'm digging the whole Clint/Jan thing honestly. It's really about time she moves on to better things[/spoiler]

[spoiler]And Kelsey and Cap going at it was great. Someone needs ta put Captian "Doo good" in his place once and a while, it was nice to see a woman do it![/spoiler]
Sure, it's not a classic Avengers story, but... this isn't classic Anvengers and there are TONS of classic stories out there. I'm all about breathing new life into a book. I think, while many disagree, that Chuck Austen is doing a much better job of writing this book than he did writing the X-books.

So, have you read? Did your jaw drop at the last scene in #83/498?
I think you know how much we disagree on Chuck Austen as a writer, Enchantress. If I didn't have a gig doing reviews of Avengers currently I readily admit I would NOT be buying the book, even to complete my collection.

I'm looking forward to Brian Michael Bendis on the new reboot , even if his admitted job is 'to destroy the Avengers.' Honestly at this point, I would welcome Rob Liefield back.

On topic, I really feel that the behavior of Captain America, Hawkeye, the Wasp and Hank Pym are way off base compared to their characterization of the last forty years.

Captain Britain II was supposed to be, according to Austen himself, the new member that readers could identify with. identify with? I want to slap this woman! And please, I'm being metaphorical, no Pym jokes. The new Captain Britain is so unlikable I have no idea what he was thinking. Perhaps it's a nod to how he really feels about the readers.

I'm also not pleased with these 'new' Invaders. Why use the name if their mission, their membership and especially their attitude is so diametrically opposed to the original?

Sigh. The Austenverse Avengers will soon be over though. Perhaps there's something better on the horizon.

And Enchantress, and anyone else out there who likes Austen, this isn't meant as a shot at you. Austen CAN actually write, it's just his mischaracterizations of established characters and continuity that has this old fan upset.

I have to stop now before I have a stroke.

Glenn Walker
Glenn, it's ok.
See, my point is... It's NOT SUPPOSED to be the exact same characterizations they've used for the past 40 years. Think about it for a minute. Do you think you are the same person now that you were 20 years ago? 5 years ago? 1 year ago? I'm all about characters evolving and personally, I see Austen doing that with the Avengers...and it's about damn time too! No one wants to read about a character having the exact same problems, the same personality flaws, the same relationships for 40 years on end. It gets boring. Which personally, is what I thought about the last run on Avengers.
I'm not saying Chuck Austen is a Mark Waid by any standards, but what I am saying is that I have enjoyed his run on Avengers.
And yes, I can identify with Captain Britian II. Ever had something ripped out of your life you want it back so bad you lash out at anyone and everything? That's exactly what Kelsey is doing. It's almost heartbreaking to read the book and see the woman have to stand by and watch her kids mourn her death and not be able to take them into her arms and comfort them and tell them the truth.
Yes, I think the readers CAN identify with personal loss and tragedy.
And no, I don't have 30+ years or anything near of Avengers reading. I don't claim to be an know it all when it comes to Earth's Mightiest. All I am is a fan who's really been enjoying the twist that Chuck Austen has given it. I might be the only fan enjoying it, but hey...if one person enjoys it, then he's done his job.
Valid points all, Enchantress, but I still disagree.

No, one thing I do not want to stagnant never-changing characters and your point about not being the same person you were a decade ago is good as well. BUT some things do not change.

The Hawkeye-Wasp liason is out of character. He knows better and she knows better. Bottom line, you don't poop where you eat. Hawkeye, especially, knows this from his past relationships with Mockingbird and the Black Widow.

And this nonsense Austen put in Clint's mouth about how he stopped being Hank's friend when he hit Jan - arrrgh! Clint was the -only- one who stood by Hank at the time. He encouraged him to return to the superhero life and to join the West Coast Avengers. They have always been friends, all the way back to their first meeting.

Yes, the new Captain Britain can be identified with, but she is not the character Austen described when he proposed the idea. He suggested an everyman(person) that we readers could view the Avengers through - not the angst-ridden 'heroine' we've been suffering through.

Enough for now. I have to save some hair to pull out when Austen's JLA comes out.


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