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Dr. Strange's WITCHES
Ok, this book won't come in until the end of hte month for me Cry because someone forgot to ship it.
So, tell me about it, someone's reading it! I KNOW!
I read it. Yeah yeah yeah...I know....

But anyway...Issue one is pretty much a set up issue, as it should be. Something happens that forces Dr. Strange to recruit his old friend/apprentice Jennifer Kale, his current student Topaz, and yet another witchy chick by the name of Satana into his cause of saving every Mystic in the universe (Even Dr. Doom).

Mostly filler without any great character interaction providing the set-up/premise of the story, as well as giving a tiny, meager, iota of backstory.

I will say one thing though...if this issue wasn't so new the last sentance of Witches #1 would be in my signature right now..... Lol
knowing nothing about Dr. Strange, I picked up this comic because it piqued my interest. The art is excellent and I am looking forward to seeing where this story is going.
It does look interesting, I am seriously considering breaking my "trade only" rule and picking this one up.
I have yet to read a certain someone's copy of number one *WINK WINK* but I'm sure I'll be able to discuss it with the best of ya soon. It sounds pretty cool from what Nova has told me, though.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Would you believe I am just now getting issue #1??? Our comics will be here tomorrow and I'll be reading Witches during lunchtime and be damned anyone who interrupts!
Bah. You're just now getting ish #1 and I've already read Issue numbah 3!!

Behold my love of scantily clad women throwing magic bolts at stuff for no good reason!!

Or don't....whatever. with Issues number two and three.....aww crud. I'm not even sure I can discuss them here as it might contain spoilers. But wait! We have tags for that!

[spoiler]Issue # 2

What can I say here? Ok, first of all, I really enjoyed some of the character interaction between Strange's little trio, especially the conversation between Jen Kale and Satana and their personal "preferences". Also, the story was expanded upon a bit giving it a bit more weight and depth, and once again, Satana has provided one of the best lines I've read in a comic in a while.

Issue # 3

Nice twist at the end! Very nice indeed. But alas, I'm geting ahead of myself. More great Jen Satana moments, but this time they even include Topaz. Sweet. Strange finds out that there's more than one big bad force out to get him and claim the Book (which is in part the focus of the series), and seems to be...growing weaker? And then Kale makes a hard choice, a person I wrote off as a minor character returns in a surprisingly big way, and I find myself actually caring what happens next in the story more than what's going to come out of Satana's mouth in the next panel.

I'm so loving this book. I guess there's a little bit of me that loves scantily clad women throwing magic bolts an' stuff to!
~inchoherent grumbling~

Arrrrrgh! I was loving this book, I really was, but now I couldn't be happier that it was just a miniseries and that it's over. First three issuses, great fun. Very entertaining. But issuse four....eck. It's like they were trying to hard to shock and awe the reader, For once...I'm actually going to post spoilers in my spoiler tags so readers beware.


So the kooky old man turns out to be Satana's father the Devil, Jen now has to choose between saving her brother and saving the world, and Topaz finally grows a backbone and develops a sense of free will. All of this would have been well and good if given the proper number of issues to develop at its own pace, but to cram it all into one issue just killed the whole series for me.

Makes me wish I'd never bought this mini....
Truth is right on 8).

I looked forward to this mini for at least a year, enjoyed the first 3 issues of it & then got a nauseating ending so bad it's almost not worthy of being called a shark jump Confusedhock:.

I had heard the story of this mini had been majorly tweaked at least once during it's long journey to publication.

This may well be a case of too many chefs spoiling the broth :x.
I also agree to everything that is being said about this series. My girlfriend was gracious enough to let me read her copies, and they were very entertaining for the first three. The latter issue seemed way too rushed.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I really did like Witches, however, I do have to agree that the ending seemed rushed and entirely too "editorially challenged."

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