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Favourite Crossgen Character or Title
In these days of hardship for both creators and fans of the Crossgen Universe, I thought it might be an idea to find out what, if any, are your favourite Books or characters from the CG universe.
Sojourn and Lady Death are my favorite titles...

characters.. Kreeg... Arwen's dog from Sojourn. I modeled Vicki after him.
Well having managed to catch up with a few story's I definitely have to agree that Sojourn is one of my fave stories but I loved the other "sigil" books too, Crux, Negation, Meridian Etc. The only one I haven't caught yet is Brath (other than a single story crossover) although it looked good. Route 666 was an interesting twist on the whole horror genre, sort of a cross between Black Forest/Frighteners/Van Helsing with a bit of Scream/Scary movie thrown in.

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