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Marvel: Thor - Son of Asgard Goes Monthly
Marvel is pleased to announce that THOR: SON OF ASGARD - previously solicited as a six-issue miniseries - is now an ongoing, monthly series!
Details on the upcoming story arc are available in Marvel Previews #10, on sale now.

Thanks to popular demand, the adventures of young Thor, Balder & Sif will continue with the same creators, writer Akira Yoshida and artist Greg
Tocchini, with covers by Runaways cover artist, Jo Chen! Writer Akira Yoshida offered, "Thanks to Marvel for believing in the book and standing behind it. I work with a great team and look forward to giving the fans a great saga!" Series artist Greg Tocchini said, "To continue this series is awesome. I'm enjoying this so much, I can't put it in words -- but I promise to try to show my joy with my drawings!" Series Editor MacKenzie Cadenhead said, "The first six issues of Son of Asgard were wonderful to work on both because of the compelling story we were telling and thanks to the amazing collaboration of the creative team. To continue working with Greg, Akira and Guru eFX is reason enough, but knowing what they have in store for the next arc has got me really excited. Also, having worked with Jo Chen on Runaways, I am thrilled to have her on board-she'll be a terrific addition."

Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, added, "This is a testament to Marvel's commitment to taking chances on new talent. Here was a series featuring a classic Marvel hero in a new light, done by a cast of relatively unknown creators. We believed in the book, supported it, and are now enjoying a nice bit of success."

Ok, I've already decided from the cool artwork that once this goes trade...I'm picking it up. Maybe even if I'm sneaky about it and get it for Thor for his birthday in October.

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