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Marvel: Brandon Peterson & Dr Strange In September
Posted 18/06/2004
Source The Pulse


Since his exclusive was announced, rumors were flying that artist Brandon Peterson was the one working on the upcoming J. Michael Straczynski Dr. Strange series. Now the artist has told THE PULSE he's not only working on the September debuting series, it was one of the reasons he wanted to be exclusive with Marvel Comics.

[Image: 1jmsds1_th.jpg]"I think fans will be bowled over by this story," enthused the artist. "The story requires me to do things I haven't had to artistically before and it's a huge impact on the character. I look forward to the challenge. Dr. Strange was definitely one of the reasons I wanted to be exclusive with Marvel."

"He's a character who has an incredible arc, from spoiled surgeon to Sorcerer Supreme," continued Peterson. "Some of my favorite creators have worked on the character and he has an awesome pedigree. Our story is a year one build up of the character, an updating and retooling of the characters origin and his place in the cosmos. JMS [Straczynski] really wants to shake things up, and I am just trying to keep up with him."

Although Dr. Strange was one of the reasons the artist wanted to be exclusive, that doesn't mean he's been working on the series since he became exclusive. "I didn't start working on it until recently," Peterson admitted. "The Ultimate X-Men story arc has been everything I've worked on for Marvel since the announcement of my exclusivity was made. Doctor Strange was the project we knew I'd be doing eventually if things worked out, which they have."

The artist is very early in the creative process of this series. So far the only final art that exists is the cover art, so he didn't have a lot of comments about working with Straczynski. "It's early in the process, so we've only talked a couple times over the phone about covers and costumes," said Peterson. "I appreciate his decisiveness and assuredness in what he wants this book to be and how he wants to get there. He isn't wishy-washy about what he wants and where he sees this book going."

"The art I did for Ultimate X-Men is very classic superhero comics- lots of rendering, dynamics, and action," continued Peterson. "This book is going to be more subtle and emphasize more realism, and not so much straight up superheroics. I love that work I did on UXM, though. It's great that you can have so many varied approaches to artwork at Marvel, and I love being able to try different ones out."

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