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Phantom of the Opera
Given the fact that I've seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical 3 times now, when I heard they had tapped Joel "Batnipples" Schumaker to direct Phantom as a movie, I was a little worried.

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Personally, the trailer is AWESOME! I'm completely blown away by it and can't wait until Christmas to see it.

Oh, and I've watched the trailer upteen times now!
I've never seen Phantom of the Opera before (I know, horrible), but that movie looks amazing...and seeing as I'm a fan of musicals I'll definitely be seeing this one.
another interesting tidbit I just found out about the movie.

Alan "NightCrawler" Cummings name was closely tied to the movie in the early stages. I can only speculate now as to WHO he was going to play.

Oh, and Miranda Richardson and Minnie Driver are also part of the cast as well.

December 24...yayay!!
I can't believe I haven't updated this thread.

Ok, here's the official movie site

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You can play around and collect the notes from the Opera Ghost and see an exclusive clip of the film..


You can go to Yahoo and check out the full length trailer just released about an hour ago. (the theatrical trailer)
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Ohhh ahh...and it's opening an hour from us...and I'm going to be off work! Big Grin
I better update this one too!

I got to go see Phantom of the Opera in December before it was released nationally.

And yeah, it was GREAT!!!! I had ZERO complaints about it, fell in love with it, and oooooh ahhh..

Let's just say, TMT tried to get my attention more than once during the movie and my eyes were so glued to the screen he couldn't drag me away.

I'm taking my mom and sister to see it soon...they're begging me! LOL.

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