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Who's your favorite Avengers and stories...
Again, I hate starting these! LOL.

So, who's your favorite Avenger(s) and what is your favorite story that revolves around them?

Now, not being as Classic Avengers savvy as Glenn is... my favorite Avenger would have to be Scarlet Witch...and my favorite story about her, was the whole Morgan LeFay storyline. It might not have been the best story in the eyes of fans, but it's where I started reading Avengers.

Hawkeye would be my second pick. And I don't think other than the crappy costume he got for a while, there's been a story with Hawkeye that I didn't like.

I'm also a big closet fan of..... Warbird. Naw...just screwin' with you there! LLol
My favorite Avenger is Thor. But it is so unfair to pin it down to one character. The Avengers are about the team, and when it comes down to it, one character can not shine without his/her teammates.

But my favorite story is much easier to decide on. Without a doubt it has to be the twelve issue maxi-series, Avengers Forever. I choose this story not only because it was such a successfully done work of genius, but because it was the story that got me started on Avengers in the first place. The way Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco wove that incredibly complex story captivated me. It drew me into the vast history of the Avengers and taught me so much about what had come before, and left me clamouring for what was to come next. It is an essential Avengers read if there ever was one.
I agree with Jeremiah. It is hard to pin down one Avenger that I enjoy the most. Until his unnecessary death, I would have to pick Jack of Hearts. They didn't do enough with him and made kind of a jerk out of him, but he's always been a favorite character of mine. A favorite story? Even harder to pin down. Lately, I would have to say my favorite story was the RED ZONE. More plot twists than you can shake a screaming ferret at, and some underused character's get a few moments to shine in the spotlight. It was also the turning point for Peter Gyrich. His character went from a pompous jerk to a real stand-up kind of guy. I am liking that Gyrich.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH

I can't really pin it down to any one character either. Always loved the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Hawkeye, outside of the West Coast team is a standout. Always been a Pym fan, Swordsman and Mantis back in the day, when hasn't the Black Panther been cool? I liked Moondragon and Firebird, both when written by Steve Englehart, and anytime that the Hulk stood with the team was a treat for me.

If I had to narrow it down to absolute favorites - Vision, Scarlet Witch, Henry Pym, Hawkeye. The Vision in #113 where the Living Bombs try to destroy him or his introduction. The evil Proctor-verse Vision stories were good too, but that wasn't our Vision. Wanda taking out a whistling construction worker with a hex in #114, destroying Dormmamu in #118 and finally realizing her feelings for Wonder man in volume three. Pym, anytime he's in a growing identity, actually I love his Defenders Yellowjact stint, his victory over his creation in "Ultron Unlimited," and whenever he loses his temper - without going nuts or hurting Jan - because it shows he's human. Hawkeye, anytime he opens his mouth (when well written), especially when he kisses Deathbird in #189 and every single time he returns to the fold reluctantly.

Moments that stand out are most of the Celestial Madonna storyline - especially when the original Human Torch realizes the Vision is him. I loved -all- of the Avengers/Defenders clash. The Mansion Siege was well done. Any battle against Kang, Ultron or the Lion God are up there as well. Anytime Thor comes to the rescue or gets mad.

A defining moment for me was when Nefaria was first energized and completely devastated the team and they rebuilt and stopped him. Thor came out of the sky like a vengeful god. Pym went to the lab ("where he fights best") and resurrected the seriously damaged Vision. And Wonder Man took Captain America's shield to led what remained of the team against Nefaria. It was one of their finest moments I thought.

Probably more later.

Gee, can you tell I like the Avengers? ;-)

Glenn Walker
Thanks Glenn for all of the cool imagery. Most of what you described is before my time as an Avengers fan, but it is way cool stuff nonetheless.

One of my favorite Thor moments of recent years is during the last major Ultron storyline, when the team finally made it to his stronghold where he had his "family" strung up. Thor busts down the wall and utters what became an instantly classic line..."Ultron, we would have words with thee!"

Still gives me chills to this day.
The Mighty Thor Wrote:One of my favorite Thor moments of recent years is during the last major Ultron storyline, when the team finally made it to his stronghold where he had his "family" strung up. Thor busts down the wall and utters what became an instantly classic line..."Ultron, we would have words with thee!"

Still gives me chills to this day.

There was a good segment of time, between Thor leaving in #150 and returning for the Korvac saga, when Thor pulled a lot of these out of the blue Thank Odin he's here save the day last minute appearances. Nefaria, Ultron and Graviton stand out as these occasions but there may have been more. The Ultron moment you mention above, I believe, was Kurt Busiek paying homage. Every one of these saves were usually last page cliffhangers with much fury and lightning that would make the reader wet their pants waiting for the next issue. These scenes made you fully aware Thor was a god. Although my fave A period was the 1970s Steve Englehart stories, too many times the thunder god was just one of the guys - these dramatic saves were a nice change of pace.

Well, I have to agree with Thor on one point, one of my favorite Avengers stories definately is Avengers Forever. So much so that I dig it out on occasion and re-read it, just to sit in awe of the entire thing!
Avengers Forever is a classic.. one of my favourite trades. Anything with Kang( or Immortus etc) in it usually turns into a grand adventure. This has been the case since way back in the first few issues of Avengers.
Vision and the Scarlet Witch vs. the Squadron Sinister in #147. After all these years, it's the issue highlighting them that my mind always goes back to.

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