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The Rogues Gallery
Out of the entire Batman Rogues Gallery, who would you like to see the Caped Crusader put in Arkham permenantly? Or who would you like to see sober up and walk the straight line?

Permenantly in Arkham... Mad Hatter. Never liked him, thought he was lame.

I think the scariest Batman villian is Scarecrow. Seriously, he creeps me out to no end. Joker may be insane, but Scarecrow is just sane enough to screw with your mind before he slices you to bits.

As far as toeing the only fear of that is, she'll turn into what Black Cat is... a knockoff of another character.
Well, we all know that no one stays in Arkham permanently, but I'll play along anyway.

The one character that I would like to see put away, never to return would have to be Poison Ivy. The only time I have ever enjoyed a Poison Ivy story is when she is teamed with Harley Quinn. And I don't believe that is a success on Ivy's part, but a crowning achievement for Harley, because she temporarily made me forget about how boring and uninteresting Poison Ivy truly is. Maybe I just haven't read enough Poison Ivy stories, but I can only judge her on what I've seen. And what I've seen hasn't been much to sing about.

I'm not sure there are any villains that can ever repent permanently. Sure, Catwoman has made the best go of it out of all of them, but in the end it has only watered her down. Bane did his best to play nice for a while, but we all know that could never work. Two-Face can try all he likes to get that coin to come down on the side of the angels, but we all know his scars, along with that of his coin will show up eventually.

In the end I don't think we will ever see any of the Bat's enemies be cured. Because lets face it, Batman has the best Rogues Gallery in comics, and why would anyone want to screw that up?
Not that I've had the chance to brush up on my Batfamily a bit, I feel once again qualified to post here.Smile

If I could only choose one villain to lock up for good it would have to be The Joker. Not for any dislike of the character, but rather for my immense love of him. To take away the caped crusaders counterpoint, for good mind you, would be huge. Unfortunately, no one stays dead/gone in the comics except for Bucky. But think about it. If the Joker was suddenly taken out of play once and for all, how much would that change Batman's world?

To cross the line? Can't say. None of his rogues would make good heroes, and very few would be believable as former villains. I will say however that Arsenal and the KGBeast did make for excellent wardens of Blackgate during No Man's Land. Hmmmm.... Catwoman? Naaah. It would kill her chemistry with Bats. Definately not the Joker or Penguin or Harley or Ivy. Oh I know! Superman! Bats has always hated him and their rivalry is one of the best ever seen in comics. Plus I think blue boy would make for a good hero.

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