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A Note from the GM-Pre Game Information
Greetings players and lurkers!

I am setting down a few simple guidelines in hopes that it will make your playing and writing in the Guardians an enjoyable experience.
I am here merely as an observer...YOU make this game.
I will step in only to move the game along and to resolve actions that need my attention. Otherwise, you are on your own.
I am not a fan of "battle" style RPGs, so don't expect that here. Character driven and thought provoking posts are what I'm looking for.

There are a few simple things I'm going to lay out first.

The homebase of the Guardians has no maid, or housekeeper, or butler. So it will be up to your own characters to cook for themselves, do their own laundry, and clean up after themselves. Supplies are shipped into the Island 2 times a week. The island itself is 5 miles wide with thick vegetation and sand everywhere...remember, the climate is tropical. There is a small inland waterfall just off of one of the many walking paths, it's secluded and is the flows into a small stream that runs off into the ocean. From the building base, it is a short walk to the dock where a speedboat, two jetskis and a sailboat set docked. There is also a small airfield near the base that is home to a high tech helicopter and a small jet.
It doesn't involve a GM action if you character wants to go to the fridge and find food, it will be there. Unless you want to set the kitchen on fire, I'm not stepping in for minor things like that.
Not to say this is going to be a "boring" RPG, far from it. You will have a few battles here and there, but that's it.

Original Characters only please. I don't want existing comic characters because we may well be involved with characters from each comic universe. This game is not set in any particular universe. But I do tend to follow Marvel cannon quite a bit, but that doesn't mean Superman won't pop in somewhere along the line, or even Spawn.

I am here to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to Private Message me your character submissions and I will look them over and let you know the status of your character in the game.


The Watcher

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