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Krypto...Kickin...and takin' names..
So, what's your take on the Dog of Steel?

Personally, I think it adds a bit of humor and humanity to our Kryptonian. Recently in Batman/Superman, Krypto's been being a terror to Kara...which was funny to watch.

Batman: "Aren't you worried? The dog doesn't like her..."
Superman:"The dog doesn't like anyone."

I think out of all the "side kicks" they've given our heroes, having a super powered dog with heat vision kicks ass!
I think the best Krypto stories were in the Green Arrow back-up series in the early 1970s Action Comics. They were written by Elliott S! Maggin and featured an amnesiac Krypto who sees GA flying overhead via jetpack and the 'flying heroic man' stirs some memory so he follows him. Very fun stories.

I really don't care much for what I've seen of the post-Crisis Krypto. I prefer my Superdog chilling in Smallville with the -real- Superboy.

Has anyone heard any details on the upcoming Cartoon Network series?

Head over to The Krypto thread in the Stage forum and read the latest on this new animated show, which is apparently being geared to preschool children. And for the record, I will probably still watch it, considering by the time it airs, I will have a preschool child of my own.

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