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Marvel: More Justice Like Lightning
Posted 12/07/2004
Source Newsarama

[Image: avengers-thunderbolts6.jpg]While remaining extremely tight-lipped on the details, Marvel has confirmed for Newsarama that a new Thunderbolts series is in the works for later this year or early next.

While the publisher declined to name the creative team or characters that will call the title home, it’s a fairly safe assumption that the team will be made up of many of the original Thunderbolts, given the performance of the current Avengers/Thunderbolts miniseries by Fabian Nicieza, Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett.

The new series would be the second for the team, following their first series, which debuted in 1997 as a result of the major heroes of the Marvel Universe disappearing as part of the Onslaught crossover. The last page of Thunderbolts #1 is still remembered as “the” shock ending of the ‘90s, as the team of new, unknown heroes unmasked in their headquarters following their public debut, revealing themselves to be the Masters of Evil.

The original run of the series was written by Busiek and then Nicieza, before the focus of the book was shifted radically with issue #76 when John Arcudi and Francisco Ruiz Velasco took over, jettisoning the original team in exchange for a story reminiscent of Fight Club…with super-powered characters. The series lasted six issues after the Arcudi/Velasco direction change, and ended with issue #81.

This year's Avengers/Thunderbolts was percieved by many as Marvel testing the waters to see if the audience was still there for a new Thunderbolts series, something that editor Tom Brevoort suggested on more than one occasion.

While colorist Chris Sotomayor has already confirmed that he will be coloring the new series, while other sources point to the current A/Tbolts team as helming the new series. Speculation is running strong that the new series, like the first one, will somehow be connected to the Avenegrs-related event of the day, this time, called Avengers: Disassemble.

Marvel promised more news about the new Thunderbolts at San Diego.
I am reading the Avengers/Thunderbolts miniseries and after a slow start, I am enjoying it immensely. The first two issues were penciled by a guy whose name I can't even recall, mostly because his art was nothing to write home about. However, issues 3-5 featured art by Tom Grummet. These issues peaked my interest greatly, because of my addoration for Mr. Grummets work. I have been a fan of his stuff since his early 90's Superman work, but am sad to say that I haven't seen his work around much since. But with this new Thunderbolts assignment, he is back in a big way, and has retained all of what made me love his style so much ten years ago.

I dearly hope he stays with the book into its new incarnation, because that alone would make me buy it. Not to mention the simple fact that I love the team. With one exception. Zemo! The man has to go. His more heroic tendencies have to give way to his dark side soon. Grant me that one wish and the Thunderbolts would be golden once more!


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