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The Bestseller Club Rules
The Bestseller Club Rules

1. Please label your fan fiction when you post it. If it had “mature” content or “extreme violence” please make sure it is labeled that. When you post your stories, please use the following format as your header :
Main Characters:
Timeline: (if it falls between a certian comic issue or era)
This format will make it easier for people to search for your stories.
2. Absolutely NO Porn whatsoever. This is a PG-13 website. You can write a love scene tastefully without going into descriptions.
3. Plagiarism ( a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work ) is wrong and will not be tolerated. If you are borrowing from another source, make sure it is noted in the footnotes or before the writing is presented. Example, if you are writing a Superman story, you’d put “This story is my take on DC’s Superman.” And that’s good enough. However, taking someone else’s writings from another site and not giving the writer credit will get you in trouble.
4. You can post your writings either as a post or as an attachment. We do ask if it is over a page in length that you do post it as an attachment for viewing.
5. Remember, Spellcheck is your friend!

Have fun and Enjoy the BestSeller Club!
The Comics Uncovered Staff.

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