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Avengers Re-Assembled
Ok so the next/current big event in the Avengers world is Bendis' much vaunted Disassembled storyline which is crossing over into all the main characters individual books and even some non avengers titles.

Given that it looks like there is going to be a fairly big shakeup in the line up, what would be your choice for a brand new line up. It could be a team of ALL-STAR Avengers from various incarnations, or a mix of experienced Avengers and some characters who haven't really had a shot as one of Marvel's premier team, or even a completely new totally untried line up. Try and come up with a good mix of powers AND characters who you think would give us some interesting storylines.

I would say a team of anywhere between 5 and 9 could give enough variation.

So fire away...
Well,this list is mainly just my favorite Avengers,but I think they could come together as a fairly powerful super-team........They are all former or current Avengers.

#1. Hawkeye: He could become the new team leader(having lead the T-Bolts and WCAvengers) He is also a great lower level character with lots of potential.(2nd Recruit)

#2. Vision: Well,without the Avengers good ol Vision would have absolutely nothing to do,so he is one of my picks. He is a mid-level powerhouse with a lot of usefull tricks up his sleeves.Plus every team needs a robot.(8th Recruit)

#3.Black Knight-Dane Whitman: I have always loved the character and think he has the potential to be a much more high profile hero.He has ties to science and magic,so his story could be used as a plot device.And he has a cool flying horse.(9th Recruit)

#4.Wasp: She has been an instrumental part of the team for so long that she was kinda an obvious choice. Her unique powers and sorted history with the team could prove to be an interesting twist to this new team.She is also the only original member in this line-up(Founding Member)

#5.Quasar: He is the powerhouse of this line-up,he could be used more as last resort when the team needs a little extra cosmic punch(kinda like the Hulk in the past) He is the protector of the universe and would make for a good balance of the more "street-level" heroes on the team.(35th Recruit)

#6.USAgent: A Captain America surogate without the idealism and the conscience. He is the hot head of this team.A Highly trained (Taskmaster etc.) soldier with the strenght of ten men. His brash attitude and short temper would work well with the other personallities on this team.(33rd Recruit)

#7.War Machine: The gadgeteer of the group. An IronMan surogate with a flare for offensive tactics. He has been around the block more than once(including being IronMan during the SecretWars saga) and has a lot to offer the group. He may not have the brain of Tony Stark (or addiction for that matter :wink: ) but he does have the suit and lets face it,the suit makes the man.(24th Recruit)

#8. She-Hulk: The team needed a little more brute force and Jen fits the bill perfectly(plus I needed another female member). She is an accomplished lawyer with a bit of an identity crisis.As She-Hulk she has incredible gifts that can help her team-mates bash heads.As Jennifer Walters she keeps the team out of legal trouble.(20th Recruit)

Thats my team. Big Grin

I went with a good mix of powers, but more than that I went for diversity in personallities. I think the team needs just as much attitude as strength. These are very weird choices(I know) but think about how those 8 characters would interact with each other and I think you might have some cool stories. It's a little more of a "street-level" team but they have the ability to be a super team of a huge magnitude.

So what do you think of my line-up?

-Taking ass and kicking names.
This is a really tough decision for me, because I love the Avengers SO MUCH, and I love a lot of the characters that orbit the roster. If I HAD to choose, I believe these would be some of the characters I would pick:

1.) Songbird: They said that she would eventually become an Avenger in the AVENGERS FOREVER story, and now is the time.

2.) Hawkeye: I've always loved the character and the sheer simplicity of him. He's just a normal human with a butt load of training. He and Songbird have a history as teammates, and would tend to work together really well.

3.) Black Knight: Also one of my favorite characters, and has quite a history with the Avengers. He recieved a power increase in the most recent HEROES FOR HIRE series, and can hold his own in battles that are more suited for "heavier hitters"

4.) Vision: A staple in the Avengers as far as I'm concerned. He needs to get away from that "I'm an android studying how to be a human" business that has become grafted to his personality or lack thereof.

5.) Taskmaster: The Avengers have a long running history of accepting former criminals into their ranks. If Taskmaster were to become an Avenger, he could be every bit as much of a hero as anyone else (LITERALLY)

6.) Captain America: I reluctantly put him into my line-up, but he is the spine of the Avengers. Plus, there would be plenty of butting heads between the trinity of Hawkeye, Captain America, and Taskmaster.

7.) Beta-Ray Bill: The team needs some power, and I am a HUGE fan of underused 3rd tier characters. He would adequately replace Thor, and would hopefully have a chance to fluorish as a character.

8.) Moon Knight: Marvel's answer to Batman. I would like to see him gain the type of fear and respect that Batman gets in the JLA, and become a prominent character in the Marvel lineup.

9.) Spider-Man: He would give the team a much needed sense of humor, and would have Avengers credentials. Thus, it would get him out of the public menace image that J. Jonah Jameson has painted on him.

Those are my picks for the time being. Given time (appoximately 5 minutes) I'll probably think of better people to put in, but that is what comes to mind at the moment.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I'll do it two ways.

Here's the line-up I'd like to read: The Vision, the Scarlet Witch, Hank Pym, the Wasp, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, the Black Panther with Captain America leading and Thor and Iron Man reservists.

And here's the line-up that I think would be a blast to write: Thor, Black Widow, Black Knight, Moondragon, the Beast, Warbird, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man with Hawkeye leading.

Two versions, one I'd never tire of reading about and the other a mix of personalities to rock with.

Then again, I'm a big A-fan so I'll probably change my mind tomorrow.

Ok, I love playing this game, there are so many ways to make an Avengers team.

My line up would be.

Right field-Scarlet Witch
1st base-Wonder-Man
2nd base-MoonKnight
left field-Vision
3rd base-Songbird

And pitching for the Avengers.....standing a staggering 6'1" (to Wasp, that's staggering), 185lbs of blue eyed, black haired hero.... let's hear it for IRON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vision, Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Beast.

Yup, I'm a traditionalist.

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