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Who killed Gwen?
Was is it Spiderman or the Green Goblin? Was she dead by the time the webline reached her, or did the whiplash from the webline kill her?

I always go for the latter, as I think that it adds a much more tragic angle to Spiderman and his actions. What do you think?
I think it's been accepted in cannon now that she was dead before Gobby tossed her off the bridge (letting Peter think he had killed her was just another twist of the knife), but at the time, and for a long time after Peter did believe he had killed her.

I don't think finding out after the fact that he didn't has lessened the impact on him, it just reiterates his feeling that she shouldn't have been put in that position in the first place and the only reason she was, was because of their association.
I've always been under the inclination that as sad and tragic as it is, it was the webbing whiplash. It's just another twisting knife in the whole story.
Actually in Amazing right now, Peter just got a letter from Gwen...some many years after she died...and they are exploring bits and pieces of her death. It's been interesting, yet sad at the same time.
Yeah, I read 509. Great issue, and was especially fond of the whole "nobody messes with me when it comes to Gwen." stuff.
I prefer to think it was Peter that in fact killed her. It reinforces the fact that even the greatest heroes can make mistakes and those mistakes can have a ripple effect. I like to see a little realism in comics and that story was full of it.

IT WAS [spoiler]CARNAGE[/spoiler] or at least that's who offed her in the ultimate universe. That poor Gwen Stacey. Can't catch a break no matter what universe she's from.
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