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Jack Black as Green Lantern?????
Ok, when I first heard rumblings of a possible Green Lantern movie, I was a little ehh..unsure.

Now it seems they are making the Duck Dodgers version of Green Lantern.
Read here
Well it just goes to show how important DC are in the grand WB scheme of things. Much as I like Mr Black.. this sounds more like a Howard The Duck type fiasco...

let's get this straight.. WB have screwed up Batman (after the first two relatively decent flicks) , Cat Woman, Superman looks like it's gonna be stuck in dev hell for a while longer, WW is non existant.. and now GL gets the crappy end of the stick..

It's funny that an entertainment company as big as WB can manage to screw up what should be sure fire winners.. ironic really that marvel who are NOT a big player (relatively speaking) in the entertainment industry are able to produce consistently good movies atm..
Dear lord.

As much as I love Jack Black I think I'd rather see Tim Burton and Nicholas Cage's Superman, or Joel Schumacher take another crack at Batman.

I'm just very frightened.


I really hope this is just someone's idea of an April Fools Joke in July.
I've gotta agree with 'Chanty...I'm terrified by this and seriously hope it's somebody's idea of a bad joke.
Posted 06/08/2004
Source Newsarama

According to this week’s Entertainment Weekly, the rumors of actor Jack Black stepping in as an (admittedly paunchy) Green Lantern, were just that – rumors. “I took a meeting with someone who has the rights, but there’s no [Green Lantern] script,” Black told EW. “I’d be interested if there was a really good writer attached, but it’s far from a [done deal].”

Black’s comments seemingly justify DC Comics VP of Marketing and Sales Bob Wayne’s comments at San Diego when asked if the casting of Black was a reality: “I live in no fear of ever seeing that movie [referring to a Green Lantern film starring Black].” You see, he said he lived in no fear of it, because, as he saw it (apparently knowing that the Black casting was only a rumor) knew it wasn’t going to happen.

Wayne’s comments confused many (who thought that Wayne wanted to see the film with Black as Green Lantern, and wasn't afraid of his experience in the theater watching the hypothetical film), proving that sometimes marketing guys can be too clever for their own good.

The article in EW focuses mainly on DC adaptations headed toward the screen, and how comic fans seemingly have less and less to fear (Catwoman notwithstanding, apparently, though the article – in a magazine owned by DC parent company Time Warner suggests that the property was mishanded) thanks to DC film side of operations coming under control of Gregory Noveck, who was hired last December. Batman Begins screenwriter David S. Goyer is quoted as saying that Noveck “gets it” in regards to seeing DC properties as films.

Continuing, the article points out the challenge ahead for films based on DC properties, namely, bringing their heroes down to earth – something that’s needed despierately, thanks to the ability for Marvel’s blockbusters, Spider-Man and X-Men to resonate with their audiences on an emotional, human level. Not so easy to do when you’re talking about a goddess in Wonder Woman, or Superman. The article states that problems in adapting the heroes into accessible characters for films was partly responsible for the long delays in bringing them to screen.



I thought I was going to die of heart failure when I first saw that.

I want Kyle Rainer in a movie or Hal Jordan, not Daffy Duck!

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