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Women in Horror Comic Recommendations?
Just got another gig reviewing comics, but for a very genre specific website. Women in horror. So I'm looking for recommendations. Anyone know of any comics I should pick up that fit that one?

Thanks ahead of time,

The current Venom comic by Marvel has more of a horror movie feel to it than anything else. Especially the first story arc. It might be a good one to check out.
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with Marvel recently releasing Essential Tomb of Dracula Vol 2 (and I believe Vol 3 on the way) it might be an idea to look at the woman in that, especially Rachel Van Helsing, whose character was way ahead of Witchblade/Tomb Raider as far as kicking butt Wink
Avatar's releasing a couple of really cool horror comics in the near future...and they're going Classic with Lady Death as well. Soo ooohhh ahhhh...
Walking Dead by Image.

The story centers around a group of no more than 15 people(about half are female) in a world ripped apart by a plague of zombies. Really well written and drawn,plus it shows a pretty realistic view of how people (male and female) would react to a disaster like this.

-Still pluggin walking dead Smile
or there is Cassie Starkweather of Crossgen's Route 666 , a great little book which showed the underbelly of america was over run with all sorts of werewolves, vampires and demons..
Thanks for the recommendations, folks.

Between your suggestions, other frinds, my comic shop, and a bunch I just got sent - I'll be reading and reviewing for awhile.

Has anyone heard of Aphrodite IX? It's the most tasty of the stuff I've gotten. It has art by David Finch from Avengers.

Glenn Walker

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