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Chandi shifted her weight glad that De had come up with a decent plan; she’d always been better at flying and fighting then actual plan making. “Okay, so Nathaniel and I are on crowd control then?” Chandi questioned having stayed in her natural form, figuring the Japanese people have seen enough odd things that a cat-girl wouldn’t faze them a whole lot, plus her glamour wore her out a bit and she knew she’d need all the energy she could muster if things got out of control and she had to pull out her scream, of course she’d make everyone a little deaf for awhile. But she was pretty sure if worse came to worse it would distract Godzilla for a while.

“Like AJ said, lets get a move on. I’ve got a government type back home I want to get to know better.” Chandi flashed her team grin and waited for the all clear to get moving and start on the crowd control or whatever else she was told to do.
Within a matter of moments the Guardians found themselves surrounded by the locals. All curious as to what these people were doing here, and the fancy jet they were piloting around.
In the air, Cameron was easily able to make out the giant set of footprints that ran off towards the north. Pointing them out to the team, they set off in search of Godzilla. Armed to the teeth with high tech weaponery and the latest gadgets, but nothing would help them out more than each of their own natural abilities.
Angelee followed the group as they moved north. Taking in the sights of the outskirts of one of the first atomic towns. That's when it it hit her. The oddest feeling she hadn't had since she had come back from the world between worlds, the Veil of magick.
Pausing near a large rock that was jutting out of the ground, she stood there transfixed by it. To everyone else, it seemed she was just staring at a moss covered boulder as they walked along to find their target.
"You've been here a long time." whisper quiet, she knelt down and placed her hand on the rock.


"You have to learn to listen to the things around you Firefly. Each tree, rock, body of water...all have a voice. Your time in with the humans has dulled your senses to these things." April Raine, AJ's sister stood with Rhys and Stargazer as AJ tried to listen to the voices of nature.
"Ah'm doin' mah best damn it! It ain't as easy as ya'll make it out ta be!" Crossing her arms in frustration, she closed her eyes and felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Just concentrate love, it'll come to you." Rhys' blue eyes melted her like butter as she smiled at him. It had only been a matter of days to her since Cameron had left, but Rhys was slowly worming his way into her heart. But could you blame the girl? Fae men had a sex appeal like nothing she had ever experienced. The wind picked just the right time to ruffle his ravens wing locks and she was roused from her daydream by a sharp poke to her back. Stargazer stood glaring at her, her own arms crossed and her green eyes blazing.
"Quit staring at him and get to work. I want to finish what we were doing last night." Glynnis, known as the "Stargazer" had become very attached to Angelee upon her return to the Fae Lands. It was only natural. Faeries were curious about humans and AJ, although one of their own, was a close to a human as any of them would ever get.
AJ blushed just slightly as Rhys winked at her. Closing her eyes again, she took a deep breath and began to try to hear the voices she had been closing out for so long.
"Welcome home...little lost one..." AJ's eyes flew open and she turned and stared with a slack jaw at the willow tree next to them.
"Did ya'll hear that? Ah mean the tree! It...." She turned and looked at her companions, all of them with big smiles on their faces as they watched their long lost friend, sister and love find her way back into their world.
"Yes Angel, we heard it too. See, we aren't the only ones who missed your smiling face." Rhys' arm slipped around her waist as Glynnis kissed her cheek. April stood there smiling at them all.
"Mother will be pleased. You're finding your way again."

"April...Rhys...Stargazer..." she whispered as the rock gave forth it's vast volume of knowledge to her.
Calling out to the team, she stood up and dusted herself off.
"Two hours ago, it passed by here, heading tha direction that Cameron pointed to....but it wasn't alone. Apparently, it was being followed by a Green Dragon... must be our Fing Fang Foom."
"Well that should make things a bit simpler. Won't have to worry bout leadin' 'em towards the same spot if one's followin' the other."

De said to the others as he held down the transmit button on the communicator to make sure Cameron wasn't left out of the loop.

"Cam, I want to send John and AJ up aheads with you mate, see if you three can't find some way to slow Godzookie down enough for Foom to catch up. Me, Pet, and Kei'll try to push Foomy forward. Pincher type deal. Get the two of them between the six of us and try to get things underway then."

He said, still broadcasting though now he looked up at the sky, trying to see if he could catch a glimpse of his heavenbound teammate.

"Unless of course we can figure out a way to steer big green one out to sea and let Fangy follow. Probably cause less collateral damage that way." he said as he stopped transmitting for a moment, turning to AJ. "Once you catch up to Godzilly luv, see if that dust of yours won't entice him enough to get him to follow you, yeah? You Johnny and Cam can all fly so staying ahead of him shouldn't be to hard."
Kei raised any eyebrow, “Not that I’m not all amped about this plan, but how d’ya expect t’keep up with these guys without maxing all your energy out?” She asked De, Kei was in pretty decent physical condition but if they were expected to follow on foot they would have to stay pretty close, and that might require sprinting capabilities.
“But I’ll go along with the plan, long as I’m allowed t’tandem with you if I can’t keep up.” She gave De a mischievous grin, purposely making what she said ambiguous in meaning just to see his reaction to it.

What she meant was actually that she’d be hitching on ride with him if her legs couldn’t keep up any longer, but she hadn’t made that clear at all, since tandem could have quite a few different interpretations.
“So, long as ya give me a good answer I’m all for this plan of yours Aussie.”
"Oh you can tandem with me any time you want luv, any time you want. But keepin' up shouldn't be to barney. Figure we just appropriate one of the local cars and floor it while you and tailed temptress lean out the windows and keep Foomy moving forward."

De replied with a bit of a grin, though his hand had slipped back to his ribs at her words. It was an unconcious motion, but she did have a point. He wasn't exactly at 100% percent, and while he'd done more than drive with less of his body working before....he'd never had to contend with two full fledged dragons before. Or even one for that matter.

"And don't worry about me maxing out me energy luv. I have what some sheilas would call....staying power."
“Long as you’re sure…” Kei responded, thankful that they wouldn’t be doing this on foot, especially as she noted that De didn’t look 100% percent and she sure wouldn’t be able to drag him along if he couldn’t keep up, “And I’ll be keepin’ the offer in mind, might seem some relaxation after this adventure.” She winked at him, before looking at the rest of the group, “I think that’s our cue to get movin’, The three of us will find a car, you two better join Cam up in the air.” She said to John and AJ, “And Chandi, I call shotgun!”

She gave their feline member a quirky grin, before making a shooing motion at AJ and Cam, “You’ll keep us updated if it takes us a bit to find a car, right?” She asked, making sure she broadcasted into the com so Cam heard also.
"Entice him enough ta follow me? Have ya looked at Johnny boy lately?" AJ listened to Kei for a moment before shaking her head and throwing her hands in the air.
"Ok ok! Ah get it, we're crowdin' ya. Ok, Ah'm airborne." With that, she pushed off the ground and let her wings do the work for her as she flew up ahead. Looking behind her only momentarily to give a salute to those on the ground, and to make sure John was still following her.

How long had it been? Days, weeks, years? She wasn't sure anymore. Firefly sat at the top of a hill just as the sun began to set. Knowing that within moments, the countryside would be alive with those tiny creatures whom her own name had come from. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she looked up and smiled at Rhys.
"Don't you have some local village maidens to be pillaging or something?" her wings twitched only slightly as he sat down next to her.
"Probably, but right now, I had to talk to you. You know, Glynnis was right yesterday. No matter how long you sit here, he's not going to come back." His blue eyes were filled with sadness for Angelee.
She looked over at him with an angry glare.
"Ah don't long has it been Rhys? Don't lie." Looking back towards where she and Cameron had once walked through the Veil, she listened as he let out a sigh.
"Over a year Angel. He's not coming back." Letting her head rest on kneecaps she let his words sink in.
"Ah think Ah knew that all along really. Ah just had something built up in him that he wasn't. After all, he's only human. And Humans are fickle creatures." her voice sounded so bitter, so full of pain. She felt Rhys' arm go around her as he pulled her closer to him.
"He's not worth your tears Angel. Mere moments passed for your mother and sister while you were gone from us, but to me, it was years...centuries. Firefly..." reaching out to her, he turned her face towards his.
"..I've loved you forever. And while I understand your feelings for him were something akin to love. Can you honestly look at me in the eyes and tell me with your heart that you don't feel something for me? For Stargazer? We love on a completely different level than humans do. I just wish you'd let me in." he leaned in and placed a slow kiss on her lips and Angelee's eyes fluttered closed slowly.
As it broke off, she smiled sadly up at Rhys.
"Maybe Ah already have."

"Why am Ah thinkin' about this right now?" she questioned herself as she flew ahead of John to find Cameron.
Then it hit her...John's kiss. Something in the way he had kissed her was completely different than a human kiss, completely off center of a fae one. There was more to him than met the eye and she was more than curious now.
In fact, 'Vok didn't have much choice but to follow AJ. Right now, wherever the pink haired fae went, he was bound to follow. As he watched AJ take flight, the newly transformed Skrull flexed his leathery green wings, making sure that he had shifted enough of his mass to the musculature of his arms to enable him the power of flight. Usually he would just jump off of a cliff or out of an airplane and make the corrections on the way down, but there neither of those things were at his disposal. Instead, he had to get it right on the first try and hope to keep up with his lady faire. Holding his wings out to his side as he flexed his now heavily webbed fingers, he noticed the communicator watch that clung to his wrist. It appeared strangely out of place on the almost prehistoric looking humanoid. He knew that his clothes would bend in appearance along with any shape he took, but the watch of coarse would not. It was not designed to work with the alien’s physiology. It stuck out like a sore thumb and made ‘Vok smirk as it reminded him of that old ridiculous Big Foot video.

With that amusing thought in mind, ‘Vok lumbered forward, doing his best to imitate the movements from that old video, if for no other reason than to make himself laugh. After he had built up enough speed, he pushed off the ground as hard as he could and gave his wings a mighty flap. AJ and Cam made flying look so easy, but for ‘Vok it was a struggle. His body was not designed for flight and it had taken him many years to come anywhere close to getting it right. But as evidenced by his steady climb in altitude, he had been practicing. Making subtle adjustments to his morphed body in order to achieve maximum performance, ‘Vok gave it his all in order to catch up with AJ and Cam. As he closed the gap, the flying lizard-man looked down and saw the wide path of destruction that the creatures had left in their wake. Giant bus-sized footprints peppered the streets below and thousands of terrified Japanese citizens huddled behind rubble, debris and whatever was left of their city. Activating his comm-band, ‘Vok relayed a message back to his teammates that were hopefully following close behind, “John here . . . Keep an eye out for the injured and dissstraught, right? Big G ain’t exactly the most graceful monssster you’ll meet.”

It was then, as he approached the pink haired beauty, that something occurred to him. His head was surprisingly clear and his ability to reason was quickly returning. He no longer felt the insatiable lust for AJ that he had only twenty minutes before. The dust that she had subjected him to was wearing off. As he came up behind her, he stole a quick glance at her posterior and resigned himself to the unarguable fact that she was still very hot. But he could now manage to contain himself, even if it was only for the duration of this mission. Gliding up beside her, ‘Vok smiled as best he could through his lizard like features. The guise he now wore was strangely the closest thing any of them had seen to his actual face. All that was missing was a couple of pointy ears and a multi-cleft chin. His eyes glowed a bright yellow color, but were almost devoid of emotion. His face was drawn out into an almost beak like appearance and a sharp row of spikes extended from the top of his head down to the very tip of his newly grown tail. But somehow, he hoped that the girls of the team would still find him appealing, even if that wasn’t likely. From behind the closest thing he could manage to a smile, ‘Vok hissed, “Ssso, anybody ssseen any green monsstersss around here?”
AJ smiled at John as he flew up close to her. Even in his non "human" form, that smile still made her laugh.
"Yeah hon, Ah'm lookin' at one." Giving him a wink, she was pretty sure her glamour dust had wore off of him by now.
Searching the countryside, she took in the same sites her companions did. Large footprints littering the landscape and what looked to be several places where the monster had taken a "Pit Stop."
"Well, now we're gettin' somewhere.." she muttered as she swooped down towards another large rock to see if she could coax nature out of a few more answers to their riddle.
Cameron, 'Vok and AJ were able to find from their aerial view that the dragon and the radioactive one had made their way swiftly north towards the ocean.
Hoping perhaps their work had been done for them, the rest of the team followed suit.
Reaching the top of a large hillside, the sight that greeted them was not pleasant. On the other side was the great Fing Fang Foom locked in the grip of a roaring Godzilla.
De, Kei and Chandi stood at the top of the hill as Cam, 'Vok and AJ all made it to the ground behind them.
Over their communicators, they heard the voice of the elusive "Spooky."
"Ok kids, you know the routine, get those two off each other, lead Godzilla back out to sea, and clean up the mess left behind. I can authorize necessary force, but I think you know how to handle this."
"Clean up the mess? Look mate.......I seriously doubt any of us packed a big enough mop for that."

De said with a somewhat disgusted look on his face as he tried to come up with a way to both break up the two giant lizards and get them back out to sea.
“I don’t do clean up.” Chandi stated looking down from their hilltop at Godzilla, her eyes going slightly bigger then normal as she tried to not look shocked at the shear size of the green lizard. I mean sure everyone knows who Godzilla is and how big he is, but nobody in their right mind ever expects to be the person who has to try and get the big guy moving back out to sea. “This is just ripper, we’re hear fighting this monster while mister Spooky gets to sit back at Twilight Cove doing nothing. Please remind me why I signed up for this gig again?” Her tail was swishing back and forth in annoyance and her cat like eyes held an annoyed look to them as Chandi made her opinion of this whole mission known.

“We don’t even get to do any shopping hear, I mean how could he do this to me? You can’t send me to Japan and expect me not to go shopping…” Chandi’s shopping addiction could be pegged as the reason she was so annoyed with having to clean up after two lizards.
Listening to the conversation, Cam looked out at the creatures and sighed. "Maybe ah can give them something else tae attract their attention.." he said as he began to rise from the hilltop and circle away around targets, continuing into his comm link as he did. ".. but if they get over amourous ah'm countin' on the rest o' ye tae protect mah honour." As he reached the opposite side from the hilltop he stopped dead in the air above an empty space on the ground, a blue white glow forming around him and spreading outwards in all directions. "Here's hoping ah've practiced this enough." he thought as he concentrated on the energies swirling around him, twisting and shaping them to his needs. Within minutes all that could be seen of Lionheart was a dim speck floating in the centre of a rapidly changing shell of energy.

As he stretched out with his mind, the energy field began to take on a more recognisable shape. Several spurs of energy emerged from the main body stretching out in different directions into the surrounding air. The four uppermost extended upwards, the energy contained within them convulsing as though alive. The foremost spur of energy began to form a large bulb on the end, while the two spurs to the left and right seemed to widen and flatten, leaving the rearmost one extending to a sharp point. Two large spurs below the main body extended downward, becoming columnlike as they touched the ground. As he concentrated on the final look of his 'armour' Cam felt the rippling energy around him as though it were a part of his own body. The outer edge of the energy seemed to thicken, becoming platelike almost metallic in color and texture as it formed around the mass although still semi translucent, giving Cam's creation the unmistakeable look of yet another dragon. From deep within the huge mass, Cam looked out at the creatures in front of him and his friends beyond and spoke over the comm. "Hisss...Crackle...ow do ah..hiss..look?" he asked, although he was sure the interference from his own powers would make his question almost unintelligible.

He concentrated hard and his dragon armour took a step towards Godzilla and Fin Fang Foom. The mouth opened and a wash of blue white fire bathed the two creatures, not heavy enough to harm them but surely enough to grab their attention. "And what dae ah dae then?" Cam asked himself as he floated within the centre of his own beast.
"Well that's somethin' you don't see twice a week..."

De said as he gazed upwards at Cameron's newly formed energy dragon. It was in fact, something De hasd never actually seen before, and he liked to consider himself one of those people who'd seen almost everything. But he couldn't allow himself to remain distracted by the sight for long, as there was still a general public at risk of being stepped on and a pair of giant greenback to help mate.

"Johnny, why don't you and Pet see if you can't get ahead of these blokes and steer the locals out the way? Maybe you can shapeshift to reflect the local PD and help keep the masses calm. And these Japanese lot love cat people, so Pet you should have no problem getting their attention and getting them out of the way."

Of course that may help with the issue of saving lives, but they still had to figure out a way to make sure Cam wasn't drawing the big uglies attention for nothing. He could possibly lead them out to sea, but what if they didn't take the bait?

"The rest of us are gonna go support Cammy. He's our best bet right now of getting these two off the land and into the water so we're gonna do what we can to make sure he succeeds."
As gracefully as possible, ‘Vok came to a landing behind the others. He made sure to keep his distance from them, for the rushing current that his large leathery wings produced could have easily swept his friends from their perch. As soon as he touched down, the metamorph absorbed most of the extra mass that his wings required back into his body. This left ‘Vok with only the slightest hint of wing remaining beneath his arms, now looking more like webbing than actual wings. Still looking very much the lizard man, with tail swishing back and forth in time with Chandi’s, the sometime-pirate joined the others on the cliff side overlooking the prehistoric battle below. Winking his cold yellow eye at Chandi, ‘Vok replied, “You know you joined up for the ssstimulating company and amazing travel benefits. And don’t you worry, if the gruesome twosome don’t demolish everything on this island, I’ll take ya shopping...”

The rest of ‘Vok’s pick up line was cut short by the impressive display of power that Cam was putting on. Feeling more than a little outdone, ‘Vok quipped, “I sssee how we are playin’ it then. I put on my best lizard impression and Sscotty here has to turn into Mecha-Godzilla to keep up. Cool by me, I just hope he can pull it off.” Turning to Chandi, ‘Vok grinned a very reptilian smile and asked, “Ssso, what do you think of De’s plan? You feel like playing crowd control?” Not even waiting for her to answer, ‘Vok grabbed the feline femme and slung her onto his back. Realizing that he would never get off the ground with the added weight of Chandi, even though she weighed little to nothing, he knew that he would have to choose a more suitable mode of transportation. In a flash his form began to twist and change beneath his teammate, as she looked down and saw him change into a powerful, fleet of foot half man, half velociraptor looking creature. Maintaining a hint of his normal appearance beneath the green scales, ‘Vok looked over his shoulder and instructed, “I thought I’d ssstick with the prehistoric theme. Hold on tight, love. This baby can really move.” And like that, with Chandi clinging to his back, ‘Vok raced down the hillside intent on protecting the innocents below.

ok'd by Solace
Angelee seemed so detached from what was going on as she touched the rock to see what good news she could find from it...but her "talk" was short lived as the monsters began to brawl beyond the hillside.
With a detachment only a faery could have, she crossed her arms and watched silently for a few moments. Maybe things were weighing too heavily on her right now, but suddenly, it seemed this assignment had lost any appeal it might have had and she was eager to get it over with.
"Ok, Ah'm off to do tha deed." She took to the air and began to concentrate on trying to hit Godzilla with as much glamour as she could produce. It was the only guarantee that the creature would follow her at this point.
"Think a happy thought....think a happy thought..." she muttered over and over again...but when the mental image of Chandi painting De's toenails crept into her mind, she burst out laughing so was just enough to cause her to shower the radioactive beast with her infamous golden dust.
Kei watched John and Chandi leave, “Do ya think either of those two know Japanese?” She pondered out loud, “Might’ve been helpful, considerin’ large hand motions will only get ya so far in communication.” She started to move in the general direction that Cameron had gone in, unsure of how exactly they were going to provide backup. Kei could make a couple things explode, but there was no way she could actually provide physical backup since both lizards were much bigger than she was and she didn’t think that Spooky or anybody else would like it if she made Godzilla or Fin Fang Foom’s kneecaps explode, as exhilarating as that would be for her.
“Got a plan further than providin’ back up? I mean, I could blast body parts off…but somehow I’m doubtin’ that anybody wants me to do that.” Kei commented to De giving him a questioning look, “’cause if I blasted either of them it would make it a hell of a lot more difficult to get them back out to sea.” Kei made a small motion with her hand, watching as a small rock was reduced to dust in the path in front of her, “I think I got the short straw as far as powers go. Don’t have wings, can’t shapeshift, I just make things explode.”
As Cam hung in the relative (exceedingly relative he began to think as he watched the two beast turn to stare at him) safety of his magikal dragon, he reached out creating a small aperture in his shield. He hoped it was just wide enough that a radio transmission might get through.

Speaking into his communicator he hoped that it was enough. "bzzzt... force them this way. Repeat. Tails, see if you.bzzz...blow something up that side of them, force them this way. I'll keep trying..hsssss..this way.." As he spoke, Cam watched the scene outside although his view was slightly distorted as it came from his creatures virtual eyes several stories above his current position. Straining to keep his concentration while maintaining his grip on the situation outside Lionheart focused on his creations appendages. Slowly at first but then more forcibly his creatures wings began to beat against the air, raising the mass of energy into the air. The sound reaching him was muffled by the seething power around him, but outside it might have been almost deafening.

His dragon released another burst of blue fire, this time aimed at the feet of the creatures in front of him.
"Knowing the language is overrated, luv. When you're running from a massive lizard type thing, and someone shows up trying to direct traffic it hardly matters if they speak English, German, or Shwahili. Trust me."

De said as he rubbed his chin a bit, parts of his mind trying to figure out a way to guide the beasts in one direction while another started formulating cover stories. Not that they would need one, but it had become a natural instinct within him years ago. Just as he had come up with something involving a weather balloon and swamp gas Cam's voice once more came in over the communicator, prompting him to reply.

"Good thinkin' mate, I'm right there with you. Figured we'd have this righteous shiela 'ere carpet bomb the area and drive them towards you and the open water. Think you can handle that luv?"

He asked, looking over at Kei.
Within a matter of moments things began to happen around them at an unprecedented rate. Chandi and ‘Vok had a hard time keeping the locals calm. The scene was a riot as mobs of people began pouring onto the hillside to watch the creatures battle.
Cam’s burst of energy hit Godzilla just about the same time AJ’s glamour dust did. Between the two of them, they were able to break apart Fing Fang Foom and Godzilla. As predicted, with a loud roar, the scaley beast began to follow the fairy towards open water, but his pace was sluggish as he turned and let loose a volley of radioactive death breath towards the crowds.
Although Fing Fang Foom stepped in the way of the attack, shielding most of the villagers from the massive attack, he could not take the brunt of it.
It was going to be up to the rest of the team to make sure Godzilla stayed his course towards AJ and the ocean, and to clean up the after effects of the attack on the villagers.
Chandi wasn’t on ‘Vok’s back anymore, having reached the locals she was know using her heightened agility to get moving around the locals and trying her best to keep them from trampling her or others. “John, I don’t know about you but I don’t think they enjoy being herded like cattle.” She paused as a Japanese man stepped on her tail in his rush to get away from the giant lizards. “Beauty, they’ve taken to maiming me. I thought they liked cat-people….” Chandi growled curling her tail in close to her to keep it from being stepped on a second time.

“Sparky, only way I can blow something up is if I screamed…don’t think the locals want me making them deaf. Get a hold of Kei, she’ll blow something up for you.” Chandi replied into the communicator as she ran over to a group of small children, scooping one up in her arms while hearing the rest of them out of the path of Godzilla or Fing Fang Foom.
“Johnny, Brah, could I get a lift? I’ll send De over t’help Chandi.” Kei said into her com as she looked at De, “Figure if I can get into the air I can get some decent explosions goin’ behind Godzilla to keep him aimed in the right direction and all.” She explained as she made a crater in the path behind Godzilla, it wasn’t large but the explosion had sent pieces of ground into the air.
“Don’t matter what ya choose for a creature, I’ve got killer balance.” Kei said into the com as she waited for a response, making another blast in the path.
Having made his way as quickly as he could to the other side of the dragon battle-royale, ‘Vok skidded to a halt, vaulting Chandi from his back and into the fray. He watched as she jumped right into action, playing the part of the guardian angel to perfection. Realizing that a dino-man wasn’t going to be the best way to calm the locals, he thought back to De’s suggestion and realized that it was about the best option available. Catching a local cop out of the corner of his eye, the shape shifting hero quickly mimicked the officer’s appearance to perfection. In fact if they had been standing side by side, they would have looked like twins. Not missing a beat, Officer ‘Vok jumped in beside Chandi and helped her shuffle curious children out of harms way. Looking back over his shoulder, he saw the battle heating up quite literally as Godzilla’s death breath splashed against Fin Fang Foom’s hide. Their dragon ally managed to take the brunt of the blast, but it did not keep the neighboring houses from catching a few stray sparks, igniting some and damaging others. Alerting Chandi to the trouble, ‘Vok yelled over the roar. “Take care of the swabs, lass. Me thinks those boys could use a hand,” he said as he pointed to the people already rushing to the fires. With that, ‘Vok sprinted toward the burning homes along with a handful of others.

Drawing closer to the flaming structures, ‘Vok could see the worst of it. A few houses had been hit, but only one was in imminent danger. The locals seemed to have things pretty well in hand by the time he got close, all except for one child who had been stranded out of reach on the top floor. Without pause, ‘Vok shifted almost half of his mass to the muscles of his legs and pushed off the ground with everything he had to give, launching himself high into the air. Half a second passed before he shifted his mass back into his arms and the wings that now found themselves attached there. But this time they were not reptilian wings. The Skrull figured that these people had seen their fill of dangerous reptiles for the day, so he decided on a much more avian appearance. Besides, the feathers that now protruded from his arms would provide better lift, allowing him to support the weight of two people during flight, or so he hoped. As quickly as he could manage, he set down on the window sill, scooped the little girl onto his back, and dove out into the clear air once more, whisking the little one away from the smoke-filled room that could have easily been her demise. Making his way back to the group of people below, ‘Vok wanted to deliver the child to safety quickly, knowing that she would be incredibly frightened by both the fire and by the weird bird man that was her rescuer. He sat down in front of a group of police officers and immediately switched his appearance back to that of the local cop. The humor of which was not lost on him as he handed the frightened little girl to the man that could have been his twin. Just then, Kei’s voice sounded over his comm-band. Happy to abide a pretty girl, ‘Vok shifted his form once more and took to the air, yelling to the group below who were now safe from the fires, “Duty calls, mate.”

Making his way quickly back to where Kei was waiting, ‘Vok practiced different forms, hoping to find one that would be a sure fire way to get both he and his passenger safely into the air. He managed to decide on a sort of eagle body structure finally, just as he sat down in front of his teammates. Not wasting any time, he let the cute Hawaiian girl climb onto his back just before diving off a nearby outcropping. Thankfully the feathered form worked and in no time the duo was airborne. As Kei looked for things to make go boom, ‘Vok displayed another of his well-hidden talents. As loudly and as unfortunately off key as he could, ‘Vok started to sing, "History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man...Godzilla!"
De couldn't argue with Kei's solid idea and began moving towards Chandi's location the moment the words had left the Hawaiian's lips. His lower half hardened, providing his legs with additional strength to carry him forward with greater speed. Most of the locals seemed to be crowding around a nearby hilltop to watch the battle as soon as they were out of danger, and that was fine with him. So long as they were out of danger first.

The amount of speed he'd amassed trying to reach Pet in a hurry caused him to come to a skidding halt intself of the more suave gliding one he had hoped for, but business before pleasure and all that rot. Now that he was in the general area of where he was needed, he hardened as much as he could as directed his gaze skywards, using his frame as a shield against falling debris to those that needed it and swatting other peices of falling concrete and steel away from pedesterians when the situation called for it.

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