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“That’s just gonna aggro the beast, Brah!” Kei teased over John’s boisterous voice singing very badly, “This view is sick by the way, it would be totally shibby to have wings, be completely free and all that.” Kei looked over the ground below them, eyeing a good-sized rock near the monster as she balanced herself by tightening her leg muscles, “Johnny, no dirty thoughts now.” She commented as she brought both arms up in a grandiose gesture let her power explode, aiming directly for said rock that was about 6 yards behind Godzilla, as she waited a couple seconds and then watched the rock turn into a shower of pebbles she got an enthusiastic smile on her face.
“That was killer! Did ya see that?!?! Biggest thing I’ve blasted since the fridge.” The Hawaiian-Japanese let her arms drop and let her leg muscles relax, leaning forward just slightly to keep a good eye on the ground and possible targets.

Flying wasn’t nearly as great as surfing, but she could definitely get used to it if given the chance. It made her feel fearless, it made her forget all the neurotic nuances of her mind, up in the air nothing of that existed; same as when she was on a way, because the wave was something she could conquer, show it who’s boss and it will give you the greatest ride of your life. Phobias weren’t nearly as relenting, they were harder to conquer and only got worse before better.
“What do ya think of that tree? Think I could get the base to explode to make a barrier? Ya know, so Godzilla can’t go backwards as easily…” Kei ran her plan by John, as she kept her gaze glued to a good-sized tree ahead of them but behind the beast.
Anyone listening to AJ's open comm link could easily hear her repeating over and over in a worried tone.."God Ah Hope this works." as the creature followed her she was having to swoop and dive to keep him from reaching out and grabbing her.
"Hey! Ah'm not breakfast bub!" her wings shown a pinkish gold in the sunlight as she kept weaving her way around the creature to keep his paws off her.
It was hard for her to keep her mind on everything, when all she was really wanting was to get this over with and get home now.
"Ey Pet.....ya think we're doing the right thing here? I mean, Godzookie here doesn't exactly look like he's in the mood to be herded into making the beast with two back with Fingy." De asked in between moments of deflecting falling debris and ushering citizens out of harms way and towards the hilltop where their fellow countrymen and women were gathering. "I mean...I know I wouldn't want to be forced to root some shiela I know.....again....and if that's how Zookie's feeling I can understand why he's all 'Grrrrr...Arrrgh!' all the time what with the breath and the screaming and the hey when did you get those shoes?"
Running and flipping and basically doing all things acrobatic Chandi was relieved to have spent so much time as an acrobat, because without her gymnastic skills she’d likely have been a kitty pancake by now, what with concrete and the like raining down on their heads as they placed wranglers to the locals. “The right thing? I don’t think any of us should talk about doing the right thing, way I see it if we get them to have a nice romantic fling then peachy, and if he doesn’t fancy doing anything then best we can do is keep big green from making us or anyone else toast.” Chandi hollered back as she executed a back walk over worthy of a perfect 10 to get out of the way of falling bits of earth, and grin spread across her face as De noticed her shoes.

“These? I bought ‘em on our shopping outing. Though I needed a pair of sensible yet totally dead cool shoes to wear well we all play hero, one of us has to make the rest of this team look respectable.” She informed him with a smirk gracing her features as stopped momentarily to model the shoes for De, she had a lot of respect for man who liked fashion…also didn’t hurt he was a fellow aussie.
Cam's magikal dragon's wings beat against the air, the powerful downdraft sending up clouds of dust from the ground as the virtual creature raised itself into the air. Although formed from concentrated energy, the magik used by Cam had converted much of that into approximations of muscle mass and other supporting tissue which rippled and flowed under the glowing hide of the creature.

As he took to the sky, he turned back towards the already scorched area in which one of the creatures remained and sent another blast of blue white flame at Fing Fang Foom, the dragon turned heading after Godzilla and AJ. "If yer nae gonnae follow tae get yer oats, maybe ye'll follow tae get yer own back fer that." he thought as the mighty wings of his own dragon beat up and down in wide arcs to either side of his position.
"Everybodies a critic!" 'Vok yelled over the sounds of exploding earth below. Why was it that nobody could appreciate a good battle song every now and then? It seemed to 'Vok that every time he found his muse, he would be reminded of just how bad a singer he was. Not that he could argue, but it did hurt a Skrull's pride. Jokingly he said to Kei, "So what if I can't sing? A small thing like that doesn't keep the record execs from flinging money at that Bill Hung guy. Why should a tone deaf shape shifting pirate be any different?" 'Vok was doing his best to keep the situation jovial in light of everything going on below. It seemed as though his teammates were doing their part well enough, but the rampaging monsters didn't seem to want to cooperate.

Eyeing the path of destruction that Kei was managing below, 'Vok cocked his head backwards toward the surfer girl upon his back and said, "Nice shootin', doll. Me thinks this might be working." Swooping around behind the creatures, 'Vok angled his body to give Kei the best shot possible at the trees and earth below. Enthusiastically he yelled, "Give it a go, darlin'! Lets get these things moving!"
With all of their combined efforts, the Guardians were able to move the creature back towards the shoreline.
Godzilla didn't care for Kei's blasts and let it be known with a few of his own as he reached out time and again to try to catch AJ as she swooped by him.
Fing Fang Foom stood his ground and did not move after Godzilla began moving away from him. He had done what he had been sent here to do, and now it was time to leave. For those watching, the sight was something out of a science fiction movie as a portal seemingly opened from no where and the huge dragon lumbered his way through it.

As Godzilla began to resubmerge himself into the ocean, it was evident to them all that he wasn't content to go without one last fight. Reaching out for AJ as he went deeper into the waves, he let out a triumphant howl as he captured her and disappeared under the water.
"Well if that ain't just lovely..." De said as he watched the giant green monster make off with AJ beneath the waves. "I don't suppose anyone knows if that bird has gills?"

De asked as he rubbed his side and started to debate diving in after her and letting someone more qualified do so. He gave a quick look about to make sure the locals were all safely out of the way and to see if any of his teammates had that look in there eye that told of a certain knowing. Unfortunately, at first glance it didn't look like anyone else was any more comfortable with the situation than he was.
“I dunno dude, the water looks choppy.” Kei commented, eyeing the water immediately and making a surfer’s appraisal of the waves, “I’m suggestin’ we get Johnny here to go in after her. I’m a totally killer at bashing, but not in these conditions I’d get completely bent.” Kei wondered if John would be willing to do that for them, “Plus, there’s the whole fact that I can’t breath under water.” The Hawaiian – Japanese continued to appraise the conditions of the water.

“You up to it Brah? Your most qualified.” Kei laughed a little, at the thought of any of the other teammates attempting a rescue of the pink-haired woman, “Unless you want to see one of us drown…”
Without hesitation, 'Vok dove for the water, knowing that Kei's assessment of the situation was correct. Before he began to shift his appearance, he tossed the cute Hawaiian girl from his back, sending her toppling toward Cam, knowing full well that the multi talented Scotsman would find some way to catch her.

As she fell, 'Vok yelled to her and the rest of his teammates, "Way ahead of ya', lass. That rum fellow won’t be making off with me lovely that easily!” As he made his proclamation, ‘Vok dove head first towards the water. As he got closer to the churning waves his wings gave way to powerful pectoral fins, his torso took on the shape of a giant Japanese fighting fish and his legs morphed themselves together to form a large caudal fin at his rear. He used his natural abilities to double his lung capacity, hoping to afford himself enough oxygen to sustain a successful rescue mission. Just before making it into the water, ‘Vok inhaled deeply and muttered to himself, “Not that I can breath under water either...” And with that, the shape shifting Skrull disappeared beneath the water, hoping to find his adorable pink haired teammate before it was too late.
"Why do Ah suddenly feel like Ah'm about to become a pint of Ben and Jerry's for big green and ugly here?" AJ thought as she struggled to get away from Godzilla before he submerged completely.
"Deep breath! God, Ah hope Ah can shrink underwater!" she thought as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
It took several attempts at it, but she was finally able to shrink down enough to slip through the creature's scaley fingers and try to swim away.
"Mah only problem now is, at this size, Ah'm fish food." Making her way past Godzilla that she hoped she was out of his line of sight, she shifted back to her normal size and tried to push her way to the surface.
"Ok, if Ah make it outta this, Ah'm tellin' them all tha truth..." she resigned herself as tried to fight against the water to make it to the light above.

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Watching from her place a few feet away from the group, Chandi tried to keep her panic and concern under wraps. She didn’t want to add one more thing to this situation, as it was a giant green lizard had just walked into the ocean with her best friend…that’s a crazy situation in itself and is defiantly not in need of a frantic friend racing around trying to get people to do something. Thankfully she didn’t have to freak out and force someone into the water, seems John was willing to try his luck at rescuing AJ. “At least we know this mission can’t really get any worse…hopefully.” Chandi commented as she paced behind the rest of her teammates, pacing kept her worrying to a minimal.

The dark haired mutant was trying her best not to show her panic as she paced on the shore, kicking small rocks that had the misfortune of being in the way. “Chandi girl, you need to stop the pacing…she’s fine…there both probably fine and on they’re way back up to the surface right now.” She tried to reassure herself of this fact, as her green/gold eyes traveled over to the ocean again trying to spot any sign of pink hair and a fish man.
Cam watched helplessly as the ridged back of Godzilla disappeared beneath the waves with AJ, the magik dragon which surrounded him was too highly charged for him to follow without electrocuting AJ, Godzilla and any other marine life unlucky enough to be within three miles of his point of touchdown. "Scaley assed barsteward! Come back with ma lass!" he called as he frantically began to dissipate the dragon. Before he could fully disperse the energy creature, John had already dived below the surface tossing Kei up in the air.

Cam swooped low over the waves under his own steam, arcing up beneath his descending team mate. "Relax Lass. Ah've got ye." he called as he scooped her back up from her near soaking. "C'mon John!" he thought as he searched the ocean below for any sign of his two missing team mates. "Can ye see either o' them?" he asked Kei, holding on to her tightly as he angled back in the direction Godzilla had been heading, sending a wall of spray up into the air behind them as he sped over the waves.
“I can see point of entrance for the big lizard, it’s more churned up there.” Kei responded, thankful that she hadn’t hit the waves from the height she’d been dropped at, “The waves are too bumpy to make anythin’ out underneath the surface. Woulda been easier if it were a glassy day. It’s also a little blown out which makes the waves even harder to see through…” The Hawaiian trailed off, giving Cam what she hoped was a reassuring look, “We’ll just hafta wait it out.”

Kei shifted her weight in Cam’s arms, he was probably more worried than the rest of the team put together, he and AJ had a thing going…Lots of emotion was involved, and seeing somebody that was very close to being your significant other being carried off under the water by a giant lizard definitely didn’t spell out a good day.
It seemed like hours before anyone spotted "Fishman" or "Fairy." When in truth, only a few seconds had passed by.
'Vok found AJ as she was trying to fight her way to the surface. However, escaping from Godzilla had tore a gash into one of her wings and this was slowing her rate of reaching the surface. Blackness crept over her just as 'Vok swam up to her.

"What's going on. Relay your situation." Spooky's voice came over the communicators at what couldn't have been a more inopportune time.
"Big ugly number one grabbed little pinky number two so we sent medium sized Johnny number three into the ocean after her." De replied through the communicator.

He wasn't used to the idea of someone monitoring his every move and having hime report in at regular intervals. Back in the early days of his carrer you and you partner just wandered out and about, doing what needed doing when it needed to be done and only reporting into HQ when someone was dead. And not partly dead or even mostly dead, but dead dead.
Well over three minutes had easily passed already, and the rather fishy looking Skrull was succumbing to the black. Not only the black of the deep ocean water, but the black cloud that was lingering around his periphery, no doubt caused by lack of oxygen to his brain. For as much as he appreciated the enlarged lung capacity that his shape shifting abilities afforded him, no amount of shape changing would allow him to process water as oxygen like a real fish. All ‘Vok had left to him was a grim look of determination and a minute’s worth of useful air in his lungs, if he was lucky.

As it turned out, he was lucky indeed. At the last moment, he happened upon AJ, looking rather rough with a gash to her wing. Knowing he couldn’t afford to expend much more energy, 'Vok transformed himself into a sort of half man, half fish creature, grabbed AJ and turned to make his escape. It was just in time too, for the “fairy dust” that ‘Vok had become intimately familiar with on the plane ride still seemed to be working its magic on Godzilla. The giant green lizard clawed at ‘Vok and AJ furiously, intent on claiming his prize. Knowing he had zero time to dawdle, the fishman evaded his scaley pursuer as best he could, and with the last bit of oxygen fading from his lungs, made for the glimmer of sun light that he saw playing about the surface.

With his lungs burning beyond compare, 'Vok broke the surface of the water, and inhaled the wonderful air that was waiting for him there. But once that small goal was accomplished, he knew that there was still work to be done. He had to get his teammate out of the water and away from the amorous beast that lurked below. As quickly as he could, 'Vok reached the shallow waters near the shore, where Godzilla could not follow. He carefully laid his charge on her back amidst the rushing surf and collapsed to his knees beside her. She needed mouth to mouth, but as much as he hated to admit it, he was in no shape to administer it himself. He would just have to rely on his teammates who would no doubt be rushing to his side at any moment.
Angelee was vaguely aware of being grabbed before lack of oxygen and the searing pain from her gashes caused her to black out. She had almost been to the surface...almost...


"What are you looking at Firefly?" Morganna stood behind her daughter, who was staring into the Well of Dreams.
"Ah don't know...Ah thought maybe, if Ah asked nicely, it might show me a few things." AJ shrugged and pushed away from the well. Morganna had notice that her girl child had taken a with a bout of depression since the Scotsman had left. Not that his leaving wasn't welcome on her part, she was more than glad to see him go. He didn't belong here on Avalon, and Angelee could certainly do better.
"What things? Maybe you aren't looking close enough." taking AJ by the hand, she approached the well with her.
"Did you give the Well it's favor?" Morganna's green eyes danced as she reached down into the basket at her feet and pulled out some wildflowers and tossed them into the well.
"You always have to remember, everything has a price, my child. Now, ask the Well if it will show you what you wish to see."
AJ stood silent for a moment, her eyes closed as she concentrated on an image and as she opened them, it appeared in the waters of the Well.
"Oh my, I half expected it to be the Scotsman. Tell me, who is this beautiful creature?" Morganna was almost transfixed by the image in the water.
"Her name is Chandi, and Ah miss her terribly." AJ leaned against the rock of the well and looked down at Chandi's image in the water.
"She's lovely. Tell me, what was she to you?" Morganna asked as the image in the Well shifted to Cameron. Trying her best not to roll her eyes in disgust, she turned away from the well.
"Come, tell me of your friend." Morganna took her hand and led her away from the Well, but not before AJ saw the image of Cameron with another woman. Shaking her head, she cursed herself silently and let her mother lead her away.
"Chandi was my best friend, and Ah don't know...Ah know this sounds strange but Ah loved her deeply. And Ah don't mean in that "friend" way either." AJ dashed away a few tears from her face before coming back into the village with her mother. She didn't want anyone to see the pain those images had caused her.
"That's only natural. You know that right? We faeries have the fortune of being able to love anyone. Humans, mortals, mutants, they all fascinate us to a deep level my girl. And your friend there, was breathtaking." Morganna smiled as her other daughter, AprilRaine approached them.
"Mother, Wynn has been looking for you. Something about the festival of spring." Morganna excused herself and left her daughters to be.

"So, that was pretty deep eh?" AprilRaine looked at her sister who was from all accounts, confused.
"Come on, let's go find Stargazer and Rhys, maybe we can all explain it to you better than Morganna. She has a way of confusing us all."
Within a matter of moments, AJ sat in a circle with her friends and explained her emotions to them. Afterwards, they all sat there and watched her for a moment, causing her to get annoyed.
"Whut?" she asked, pulling her legs up, she rested her chin on her knees.
"Princess, it's simple. You were raised among humans, you thought you were human for many years, it's only natural you be confused about how your true nature is. Female Fae do not distinguish the sex of a mortal when it comes to loving them. So your Chandi was your first experience, but she probably won't be your last." Rhys smiled as he reached out and plucked a daisy from behind him and handed it to her.
"Although, what you have yet to experience, is the love of one of your own kind. Which is powerful in it's own right." AprilRaine piped in, snatching the daisy before Rhys could pass it to AJ.
"She's right. I've loved many human women, but never have I felt a love as powerful as I do for that of my own kind. We are drawn together by the magick that surrounds us." Stargazer smiled at Angelee and took her hand.
"Someday, you'll find you a fae warrior you can't resist and that will be the end of your longings, my sister." AprilRaine elbowed Rhys hard as she spoke. Knowing his feelings for her wayward sister were bubbling just under the surface.
"Ah just don't know what to think anyone. It's all so confusing." AJ was looking down at the grass, letting her thoughts tumble over and over in her mind.
"You've got time, it's not like it's something you have to come to terms with today. Now, come on, I've found this great patch of wild strawberries that I want to get to before anyone else does." Stargazer pulled at AJ's hand until she relented and followed her.
"You should tell her Rhys." April said as she stood up and dusted herself off.
"Not now April...she's too confused as it is. I feel it would just add to it." Rhys watched as Stargazer led Angelee towards the forest. His blue eyed gaze followed the pink haired fae.
"If you don't soon, She'll spend the rest of the century grieving over that Scotsman." April reached out and tickled Rhys' nose with the daisy she had swiped from him.
Rhys felt his heart drop a little as AJ turned and looked back at him and April and smiled shyly before disppeared into the woods.
"See, my dear April, all is not lost yet." Rhys smiled widely as he snatched the daisy and headed off in the same direction that Glynnis and AJ had.
Having stopped her pacing on the shore Chandi now stood next to De wringing her hands in frustration at her inability to have helped rescue AJ from Godzilla. She felt incredibly helpless and useless at that very moment as her heart rate increased and her palms became claming because of the sheer anxiety she felt at that very moment, the young woman wasn’t used to not being in control of a situation and this was definitely a situation Chandi wished she had control over. “Please don’t let her be cactus.” Chandi muttered her voice cracking as she fought back the silent sobs that wanted to escape her tiny frame as she waiting for John to bring back one of the few people she truly loved and trusted with all her heart.

Flashes of the first mission they’d been on together raced through the aussie’s mind, causing a nervous giggle to emit from her mouth as a very vibrant picture of the first time Chandi, AJ and Cam had hit the turps together. Sadly even now the petite mutant couldn’t hold her booze any better then she had back then, and was still a terrible flirt when drunk. Memories like that had been few and fare between for Chandi up until a few years ago, and memory’s involving AJ had always been fond ones for her to remember. Having started up her pacing again now scanning the ocean for any sign of life, her feet sinking into the wet sand as she stomped along instead of really walking, having needed to take her aggressions and frustrations out on something she had attacked the defenseless sand with her pacing. “What I wouldn’t give for a durry right now.” Chandi mused, although soon noted mentally that she’d taken up smoking only to have quit it two months later because she couldn’t stand the smell it created in her apartment, that and Christian had kept on earbashing her the entire time that it was a horrible habit and nothing good could come from smoking.

“De, please for the love of god encourage me that they’ll both come back alive.” She pleaded as she came to stop her pacing next to De again, her hands now balled into fists. Why she was looking for comfort from De she didn’t know, but he seemed to be keeping a level head during this situation while she on the other hand was going completely nuts with all the waiting and to her it seemed like ions had gone by. Right as Chandi was about to make another nervous comment and begin her pacing again she saw out of the corner of her eye a flash of pink on the beach not that far away from where De and herself stood.

Blindly Chandi took off at a flat out run towards what she know figured out was indeed AJ and John, relief flooding over her at the sight of AJ in one piece at least, though as Chandi drew closer to the pair she took in their appearance quickly noticing that AJ didn’t appear to be breathing and John didn’t look much better, and again the dread she’d felt only moments before replaced the brief moment of relief. Finally reaching her teammates Chandi gasped as her concerns were confirmed and AJ was in fact not breathing, her eyes grew large as saucers and her heart rate increased even more as she hap hazardly knelt/fell to the sand next to AJ, her black curls creating a curtaining effect a cross her face as she peered down at AJ, panic setting in as she realized the severity of the situation at hand. “De, she’s not breathing…” Panic had seeped into Chandi’s voice as she hollered towards De. All rational thought left her as she knelt next to AJ, panic over taking her mind and she forgot how to move and what to do in a situation like this. “What do we do?” Her voice was high pitched and panicky still as she tried to fight back the shock and remember what it was she needed to do to get AJ breathing again.
"Well at least they came back..." De said quietly to himself in responce to Chandi's first plead as he watched the forms of what appeared to be a massively radiated Koi and a giant Tinkerbell emerge from the depths and wash up on shore. He held his ground as Chandi ran over to their friends, happy that they had returned safely and overjoyed that he hadn't been forced to attempt a rescue of sorts. It wasn't until his furry friend called for him again that the gravity of the situation truely sank in. The two of them had been underwater for a very long time. And unlike back in Oz, there wasn't some magical trinket he could wave over them or incantation he could mutter to help out.

With all the speed he could muster he rushed over to AJ's side, sliding to a stop on his knees in the sand, kneeling across from Chandi as he looked over the pink haired fae's frame, her still chest ringing a cold visual confirmation to Chan's worries. There wasn't time to talk. Time to try to calm her down and reassure her that everything would be ok. He'd been drowned before a number of times, and had seen friends and enemies alike taken under by the big blue. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and time wasn't exactly a factor in their favor.

His hands slid under AJ's body, one beneath her neck and the other her hip, moving in unison to raise and turn her body onto her side. The first hand remained stationary, unsure if she'd sustained neck injury, while the second slid down her rear to the cup of her knee, pushing it forward some so it could act as a post for a moment and prevent her from rolling all the way onto her face. He had to move fast. If she had water in her lungs he'd have to clear it before administering mouth to mouth, so as he settled her onto her side he ran his now free hand from the small of her back up to her shoulders, pressing firmly as he repeated the motion time and again. De could only hope it would work enough fluid free of her chest as he angled her face towards the sand, letting her jaw become a natural drain from which the liquid could escape.

He wasted no more than twenty seconds on the process, knowing that her brain needed air as quickly as possible. Damn. What about John? He couldn't treat both at once and Pet seemed to be spiralling into a panic. Something would have to be done for him too, but he was in no position and Pet was in no condition. He was gasping for air though, which meant to some extent that he was still breathing. So long as he could hear John cough and gasp he knew the shapeshifter's lungs were still in working order and trying to clear their passageways to admit that good ol' life giving oxygen.

As De rolled AJ once more onto her back he chanced a quick glance at the out of breath hero. He was on his knees, which meant he still had some strength in him, which was good. Meant De was free to concentrate his efforts on the sheila.

"Watch me closely Pet, cuz I'm only going to do this once, then I need you to do it for Johnny over there if he needs it. Ok?"

De asked of Chandi as he pressed to first two fingers of his hand beneath AJ's chin and gently tilted her head back, using the fingers and thumb of his other hand to softly pinch her nose closed.

"Two breaths..."

He said before inhaling quickly, careful not to draw in to much as he couldn't risk overinflating the poor girls lungs. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, pushing his air into her lungs, his attention divided between listening for John, checking to see if AJ's chest was rising with his air, and glancing at Chandi to make sure she was paying attention. After his second breath, satisfied with the ammount AJ's chest had risen with his efforts, he leaned in and turned his face down toward her feet, watching for any signs off movement from her while at the same time trying to feel if she was exhaling any. His fingers slipped down to the side of her neck, looking for a pulse (or lack thereof) that would tell him if chest compressions were nessecary. his own heart stopped for a moment as he had trouble finding hers, only to race as it beat against his fingertips. Softly...but there.

"Lookie Pet. I'll do it again..."

De half panted as he repeated the process, tilting her head back gently, softly pinching her nose closed, breathing two warm breaths into her, and checking for signs off life again. He truely hated this. Not knowing if it would work. Having someone else's life depending so closely on his ability or lack thereof to do something. When it was him on the slab it was different. If he couldn't be revived then no big deal. He'd be dead and the world would go on. But this.....

"Two breaths, then look, listen and feel Pet. Look listen and feel."

He repeated the process again, not ready or willing to give up on her. His job wans't to be a peacekeeper now. Not a government agent. Not a hero. His job was to breathe for Angelee Jezebelle Broussard. Over and over again. Until she came back to the world....

...Or he collapsed and joined her in the next.
Between coughs and muttered curses, 'Vok looked over at his teammate as he went to work trying to revive AJ. As best he could, the fishy looking Skrull gasped, "I'll be fine. Just don't give up on me girl there!" 'Vok had managed to get the girl away from Godzilla before it ripped her apart, but that wasn't even half the battle. 'Vok knew how badly his lungs ached from being under the water for so long, and couldn't help but think that AJ had been under for even longer. As he watched his friend breathing for the little pink haired flirt, one thought occupied his mind, "Come on De! Come on AJ!"
AJ slowly began to respond to De's efforts. It was only a moment after he started that she began spewing up the Sea of Japan from her lungs.
"ow.." she managed with a raspy voice and her eyes opened up. Focusing on De hovering over her, she grinned just a little mischievous grin, then let out another "Ow" of pain followed by a series of coughs.
Rolling her head just enough she caught sight of her mangled wing.
"So that's where the sharp stabbing pain is coming from. Here Ah thought De was just happy ta see me." Turning her head back towards De and Chandi, she coughed a few more times and blinked hard.
"Can we go home now?" she asked before closing her eyes again. Exhausted from all of their efforts and hers combined.

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Chandi watched in a panicked haze as De explained how to do mouth to mouth, her mind working a mile a minute as she tried her best to remember all the steps. Praying that she wouldn’t have to actually do that for John, because the frantic mutant wasn’t sure she’d be able to be as calm as De was being at the moment, and it look like something that required a level of calm while doing it. Look listen and feel Chandi repeated over and over in her mind as she removed her gaze from AJ and De for a moment to glance at the gasping and coughing John, but soon the young aussie’s gaze was pulled back to the pink haired fairy. Her heart was still racing and she was on the verge of hyperventilating do to fear, she couldn’t lose AJ her world would crumble without the pink haired beauty. Come on girl, you’ve got more spunk in you then anyone I know…if anyone can survive this you can. She mentally pleaded with the unconscious AJ, unwilling to allow her mind to go to other darker thoughts.

Almost has if she were dreaming it she could see AJ’s chest rising and falling and within a few seconds her best friend was breathing again, AJ was alive. Chandi didn’t know if she was going to faint from relief or shock or both. “AJ if you ever do that to my again…” Chandi trailed off happiness overtaking her as she grasped AJ’s hand and gave it a little squeeze. “You understand me…. I can’t lose you.” Her golden/green eyes had unshed tears in them, and it felt like all the muscles in her body had finally been able to relax. “De you are now my hero.” She declared giving her teammate a grateful smile for having kept his cool while she had a galaxy sided panic attack.
"Of course I am Pet. Of course I am."

De replied as he rested there on his knees in the sand a moment, drawing slow, controled breaths. He was trying to slow his own pulse a bit as it had sped up and skipped a few beats when AJ came back to the land of the living. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't a bit pleased with himself, though at the moment he was to overjoyed (on the inside of course) to give himself a mental pat on the back.

De let his eyes roam over AJ's face and chest a moment as she seemed to slip into a light sleep, making sure that her cheeks started to return to their normal color and that she was breathing comfortably of her own accord. He watched her a few more seconds then turned his attention back to his furry friend, seeing the effect the situation was having on the woman. She wasn't exactly calm now, but who could blame her? One of her friends had almost just died. But at least now she seemed to be more herself. Even if it was a more excited, and in a way slightly cuter, version of herself.

His head was starting to dip a little as he turned to look at Johnny boy, still concerned with the other man's well being. Granted he'd claimed he'd be fine...but De had known many a man and woman alike who'd said the same thing while obviously lying. Hell, he'd been one of those people from time to time.

"So how you holding up mate? Sure you don't need a bit of the ol' lip to lip?" He said with a smirk and quick wink.
Returning the smirk, 'Vok glanced sidelong at De and replied between bouts of coughing, "Just fine, me is. <cough cough> But as tempting as some of the ol' lip to lip sounds,” punctuated by a wink in Chandi’s direction, “I am inclined to agree with sleepin' beauty there. <cough> Unless we have some unfinished business that I don’t know of, I think it's time we headed home, savvy?” The suggestion did indeed sound good to ‘Vok, but one thing puzzled him as he agreed to AJ’s proposition, ”When did I start thinking of that stinkin’ little island as home? I’ve never had a home. But if I finally have found a port to call me own, does that mean that I can finally trust these guys with me secret? Does that mean that I can trust the people that I have come to call friends?”

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