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How did you hear about Comics Uncovered?
In an effort to track the traffic on our site and to see where everyone is finding us at, we've established this little poll.

Please feel free to participate!
Well it's kind of obvious how I found out about this place ^_^ I found out about it by word of mouth from the admins themselves.
I was assigned here as part of the community service in conjuction with my parole.

So I guess you could say word of mouth.

Stupid public indecency laws......
Those laws really should be changed :wink:

anyway, I heard about it through word of mouth...or to get technical: word of messenger.

yes, its true I'm a dork who tries to be funny :d

Of course I heard about it through my aunt and uncle.They could not make this website and not tell me about it. :blah:
Well, its quite obvious how I heard about this site. Considering I am one of its founding members. But that's just did you guys hear about it? We have quite a few new faces around here, and I would love to know how you happened upon
I heard about the boards from Local Hero. I'll try to be active... but I don't have anything to say. :?
Well, one of my friends over at Hcrealms told me about this site. And I'm not dissapointed.
Funny story actually. See, I was on my way to the local 7-11 when I accidentally went to the local 5-11. Of course, this caused me and the people in there to be very confused. After some raised voices, vicious insults, yo mama jokes, and several rounds of paper rock scissors, we finally agreeded that a swallow could indeed carry a coconut. And that's how I learned of this place.

Okay, I really learned it from Enchantress!! Jeesh! Ruin my fun why don't you?
TTC was kind of enough to invite me.
Welcome aboard Nick. have fun.
Local Hero Wrote:Welcome aboard Nick. have fun.
Thanks Local. Glad to be here. You guys have done a really nice job.
We tried really hard to distinguish ourselves from the many other message boards out there. Because lets be honest, on the surface most of the comic book message boards look kind of the same. But its when you dig deeper...between the pages...that you really notice how Comics Uncovered stands apart from the rest.

We have attempted to make this an engaging place to come and talk intelligently about comics and the like, without all of the juvenile drivel that liters many other sites. I am glad that our efforts have not gone unnoticed. You, along with all of our other members, make running this place worth every bit of it. Welcome aboard Harley, and I hope you have some fun here.

This site was brought to my attention by my lord Surfer.

Apparently most of you here know each other already,but I'm new so I get to ask stupid questions without getting flamed.

First,what are the banners at the bottom of some of your signatures? (lionheart,Stray etc.)

Second,who here is from HCRealms(so I know who's who)

I am of course...

Cosmic Bouncer and Bard :wink:
Welcome Aboard. Hope you stick around and have fun.

As for the banners: The banners are related to the RPGs we have going here on the boards. Lionheart is my Guardians of Twilight character, and Liath is my character for the upcoming Vagabond Knights. Similarly for the others (for the most part) their banners represent their game characters.

You can have a banner for pretty much anything , for example a favourite character or your website, as long as you find somewhere to host it and it's not bigger than 400 pixels wide by 125 pixels high and no more than 30K in size. The rules for what's acceptible as far as banners go (as well as the other board rules) is the first post in every forum.
Hey there Beyonder, its good to have you. My banner is of Xlorvok, the Skrull ex-Starjammer character that I roleplay in the Guardians of Twilight game.

And never worry about geting flamed for questions you ask. We don't allow that sort of thing here. Its not like HCRealms where every time you open your mouth someone is ready to berate you for it. And yes, I do frequent HCREalms on occasion. I am known as theavengerthor over on that site.

I too hope you enjoy your time on Comics Uncovered. We try to make everyone feel welcome here. Have fun!
The Mighty Thor
RPG? Huh?

How does it work?
D&D style?

Is it all done here on the boards?

Gaurdians of Twilight?
Vagabond Knights?

You will have to forgive the questions as I haven't played a "real" RPG in many years and was very curious as to how yall do it.

And who makes those banners? They don't look like they are cut and paste style,so I assume one of you makes them? They look cool. 8)
RPG You know, Role Playing Game.
It isn't really done in a D&D style *I'm an old time D&Der myself* but if you read up in the Guardians of Twilight, I'm sure you'd get the hang of it. It's basically one huge creative writing effort. That's the best way to learn about them. Each game has a synopsis of it written in it's forum.

As for the banners... Local Hero is an amazing artist who has made alot of the banners you see floating around. The Mighty Thor (my dear hubby) is a graphic artist who loves making them...and it's rubbed off on me, I've made quite a few of the one's you'll see rotating through my lineup.

Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy our little home here!
There has been a recent influx of members. Where have all you newbies come from?
Nova Wrote:There has been a recent influx of members. Where have all you newbies come from?
from the depts of hell.....or jersey.. dunno
I thought that was the same thing?!
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Hey! Only north Jersey is similar to the depths of Hell, and that's mostly the Newark area. ;-)


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