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Avatar Press-Lady Death
I'm excited...I'm like a kid in a candy store. Brian Pulido at Avatar, writing Lady Death once again... and continuing the story he started with CrossGen.
I picked up the preview for the new Lady Death Books at Wizard World Chicago and I'm not disappointed at all!
My problem is deciding which Lady D book to pick up! They will be releasing a classic "Chaos" style Lady Death (which I LOVE) or the CrossGen styled Medieval Lady Death which I came to love even more.
Getting to meet Brian and have him sign my books that span my years with Lady Death was great. He's by far the most fan friendly person around!
I know I'm probably the only person around here looking forward to the new book, but I had to share my joy!
Well, I FINALLY got the first issue of medievil Lady Death from Avatar. With this book going to a small press company, I will miss the big name artists working on her.
I enjoyed it! It picked up prior to the Wild Hunt (Crossgen) which was wonderful because I thought the Wild Hunt was a farce.

Now...I'm just waiting. Because you know, as with any Lady Death series, it'll get cancelled and sold to another company at some point, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

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