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War Games
The Premise
[spoiler]All of the major crime bosses of Gotham City are lured to a secretive meet, unaware that their competition and rivals would also be in attendance. Everything seems to be going smoothly, if not tensely, when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose, leaving several key players dead and a massive power vaccum needing to be filled. A power vaccum that sparks an massive gang war throughout Gotham.[/spoiler]

So far I've read a few issues and I have to say....nice. With everything that's been going on in the Bat-family, from the current lack of a Teen Wonder, to Nightwing's trials and tribulations, to Tim Drake having to re-examine what it is he really want to do with his life, throwing the whole of Gotham City into war seems to compliment the turmoil its heros have faced of late. Its almost as if the City itself, which many consider to be a much overlooked character, is also going through its own inner stryfe, changing and redefining itself as many of us often have to do.

From what I've seen and read so far it almost brings to mind the days of No Man's Land, though at the moment it hasn't quite yet come to that point. But the idea of all these different, powerful factions tearing into each other and the city does leave me in a place where I can almost see Batman and Co. locking down the city and bringing back the pain as only they can.

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