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Things you'd do if....
Ok, this is a fun little "what if" game...

So I'll start and if you get bored with my topic, change it.

Things I'd do...."If I won the Lottery."

Be Debt free!

Travel around and visit friends in far off secluded Scotland.

Go to Egypt and visit Abu Simbel (long story)

Teleporters...we've been without Star Trek technology for far too long.

I'd build a treefort in my yard.

Things I'd do...."If I won the Lottery."

Get out of debt.

Help friends and family get out of debt, and make sure they can live comfortably.

Start a publishing company to help all my talented friends who can't find a proper outlet.

Buy a home in Orlando so Jenn can visit Disney World anytime she wants.

I would finance a couple theatre groups of friends locally, and make sure they have everything they need.

Give a lot to charities and programs, especially for AIDS education, kidney dialysis and care for the elderly.

Buy a bunch of comics, mostly the nice hardcover reprint editions, and shelves for them and all my books, tapes, DVDs, CDs and toys.

I've always wanted a kitchen with an island in the middle with a sink, stovetop and deep fryer.

I'd give the rest to Jenn to do with as she pleased.

I'd help Chanty build that wouldn't be that hard.

I would quit my job and go to work for Glenn's publishing company.

I would put a bunch of my new found wealth into a savings account for my daughter's college fund.

I would buy my almost 16 year old niece that yellow Mustang she has had her eye on...if her parents said it was ok.

Oh yeah, and I would buy Chanty a fur coat, but not a real fur coat, because that's cruel.
Things I'd do...."If I won the Lottery."

I would pay for my college education

buy myself a cute little car (preferably a new Mini Cooper)

get myself a plane ticket to London and spend a month or two or eight there Smile

give my parents a portion of it to help out with their debt ('cause I'm a good daughter)

put the rest in a savings account of some sort.

On a side note, I don't even think eighteen is old enough to gamble...
"If I won the Lottery".....

I'd try to become an entertainment multimedia mogul (Small comic company, some stock in a few video game companies, maybe finance a cartoon or four.Smile)

I know I should say stuff like helping out with the bills and thinking about the future and what have you....but c'mon! If I won the lottery I would totally try to turn that money into even more money.
I would pay off all my debts.

I would purchase the rest of the missing issues in my Silver Surfer Collection ( including a 10.0 graded copy of Fantastic Four #48 )

I would buy myself (and Nova) a VERY nice new home

I would get Parents out of debt

I would help out MY niece and her parents in any way that I could.

I would get younger brother a small place of his own to get him out of my parent's hair.

Would move best friend and his wife back into my part of Illinois. He currently lives about 4 hours south in a little dead end town called Pana.

I would make sure there were harsher punishments for parole violators...oh, and WORLD PEACE.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Things I'd do...."If I won the Lottery."

I would pay for my college education

I would buy myself a 16.2hh Overo American Paint horse, trained in Dressage and Show Jumping.

I would buy myself a Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab truck, with a v10 engine and a four-stall Featherlite horse Trailer.

I’d invest some of my money in starting up a nice Riding Stable in my hometown, specializing in English riding because Minnesota has enough western stables in the state.

I’d buy myself a bright yellow Mini Cooper (The newer ones) It would be pink, but I think people would be afraid of me then.

I would spend a portion of the money to buy myself a place in London (And a plane ticket and all that jazz) and live there for a year or so, possibly spending some time in Northern Ireland as well.

I’d help pay of my parents debt (Yes I know everyone’s done this one, but I honestly would.)

Whatever money I had left would go into a savings account to be used at a later date (When I need money again)
Ok, things you'd do if....

You only had one day to live and unlimited resources.

I'd hire a jet and fly to New Orleans before sunrise just so I could see the sun coming up over the French Quarter.

I'd take my entire family to an amusement park and enjoy the afternoon. So that way, they're last memories of me would be happy.

Oh...and I'd finish that treefort.
1) Find out why it is I only have one day to live. (If successful..see 2. Otherwise skip directly to 3.)

2) Find a cure/solution to my problem. (If successful continue to 3. Otherwise skip directly to final two items.)

3) Hire a small group of filmmakers and biographers to follow me around and chronicle my last day on Earth.

4) Track down and watch the series finale of Angel.

5) Have a few meals throughout the day consisting of, but not limited to, a Penguin meat burger, a Shark meat steak, some Lion meat BBQ ribs, and Apple Pie. Smile

6) Hire a few people to savagely beat ummm...damn. What was his name? You know...that one guy......with the hat.

7) Send out said people to savagely beat people in hats until I could remember that one guy's name.

8 ) Skydive.

9) Drive a Porsche 911 really really fast down an open stretch of European road.

10) Meet all my favorite WWE Divas.

11) Hire a bodyguard to follow me around dressed like a clown and carrying a baseball bat with a really big nail in it.

12) Call back the people I hired to savagely beat those guys in hats and send them back out to beat the right guy having just now remembered his name.

13) Send an apology letter to all the people beaten who aren't Micheal Moore.

14) Go to Las Vegas and get some from Jessica Alba and/or Aisha Tyler.

15) Along with the film I've had made about my last day and the short biography of it, I would also leave behind a sample of my genetic make up, a very hefty sum of money to cover the cost of, and an extrememly detailed note for my clone explaining what I did, why I did it, and what it is I believe he should do. :twisted:

Hmmmm...that's pretty much it. I wouldn't see a point in doing much else. Big Grin
Simply put, I would make sure that everyone I love would know for sure how much I indeed DO love them.

I would want my unlimited resources to be in the form of money, and I would make sure that all of my family and friends would never want for anything again.

Would spend the rest of my remaining few hours in my girlfriends arms.

Sorry, kind of depressing, but so is the question.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
The question isn't depressing! Simply put, we all dance with the Reaper at some point in our lives. It's an eventuality everyone has to face. Everyone has a different outlook on it. Mine isn't "depressed", why? Because I know that something that's eventually going to happen, to EVERYONE, is going to happen to me as well?


Ok, fine since that was depressing... here's the next question...

Things you'd do if.... Aliens Invaded Earth.

-Buy a huge collection of old Hank Williams Cds. Hey! I've seen Mars Attacks!
-Voice my opinion on anal probes...uncool, completely uncool.
-Ask if they knew Superman. Hey! He's an Alien.
-Try to speak their language. Hell, if I can master Klingon, some other alien gibberish shouldn't be that hard.
-Move as far into the desert as possible. That way, when the goverment pisses them off, like they always do, I'm far away from the cities they wind up using their plasma cannons on.
-I'd stock up on water....because I've seen Signs too!
If Aliens invaded Earth....

1) Go change my pants. :?

2) Eagerly watch the news to see if it was a Hostile invasion, of they came here en masse on some sort of Alien spring break.

3) If hostile, change pants again. If non hostile.........who am I kidding!? There's no such thing as a non-hostile invasion!!!

4) Run around screaming like a little girly man until it was all over.
Ok, next one...

Things you'd do if...

You owned your own company.

1)All my employees would have to be Oompa Loompas.

2) They'd have to refer to me as "Her Greatness."

3) I'd charge people admission to watch the Oompa Loompas work.

4) I'd pay the Oompa Loompas in Leprechaun gold.

5)..oh, and I'd have a Batphone in my office.
"If I owned my own company..."

1st.... I'd find out what in the bloody blue blazes my company does.

2. Establish offices/branches in the UK, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Canada, and Atlanta in order to better develop and distribute product.

3. Begin looking for smaller companies to takeover/absorb in order to strengthen my own.

4. Use some petty cash to buy all the Sealab 2021, Angel, and Batman TAS seasons on DVD

5. Patiently manage my company quietly for a few years as I plotted a way to expand my corporation into a multinational entity capable of putting a stranglehold on the world's economy.

6. Slap myself in the forehead two years later as I realize Bill Gates has already beaten me to it.

7. Readjust revenues to attempt acquisition of certain properties (Dark Angel, Fastlane, Shadowrun, Gen13, Dv8 and such....)

8. Start my own messageboard <_<....>_>.......

9. Commision various peices of artwork featuring characters from different mediums and companies, such as Wolverine vs Tuxedo Mask, Buffy vs Gully, various poses of Max from DA with Sublime from Dv8, etc...

10. And of course....end every memo, letter, fax, and other official document with "Signed; Rick James.........Bitch."
I about fell out of my chair on that one Truth.

We gotta stop...I'm spending entirely too much time laughing!

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