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The Castaways of Twilight Cove
Characters of The Guardians of Twilight.

The GM will post characters as they are approved. Please do NOT post in this thread. If you post your own character in here, you will not even be considered for the game. As it shows, you can't read.

I will post characters as I approve them.

The Watcher
Enchantress's Character

Alias: Firefly
Name: Angelee Jezebelle Broussard
Abilities- Firefly has a rather noticeable set of pixie wings which give her the flight, along with the ability to shoot “firebolts” (an energy based “Zap” of sorts) to incapacitate her opponent. She can also shrink down in size, to about the size of a firefly, thus the name. Wickedly lethal with the set of daggers she keeps shoved in each boot, she rarely misses when she takes aim. She also has the power to entrance or intoxicate others with her faery glamour and a bit of faery dust (which has a pinkish gold color to it). The dust is produced from magickal means. The dust gives off a euphoria/happiness/tipsy/loving feeling.

Appearance: About 5’7” when she’s not in full Faery mode. Long shockingly pink hair and overly pale skin and a beautiful set of warm brown eyes that tend to change to a glowing emerald green when she encounters magickal events/places/people.

Age: 21

Backstory: Firefly is from New Orleans, Louisiana. A decidedly southern accent will greet your ears when she talks, but not that “Southern Belle” style accent, cause that’s just “not real sugah.” Living on the streets, she made her way racing dirt bikes and stripping. She can outrun, outfox, and out think her way through almost any situation. Winning several awards during her bike racing days, she soon garnered the attention of one too many people. She spent 2 years of her life as a “Unwilling Houseguest” to Drakon, the Vampire Lord of New Orleans, and in that time. He claimed it was his love for her, she realized he was just lonely. In her time with Drakon, they researched why AJ could not remember much of her past, and came upon the conclusion she was descended from a race of Faeries. She knew she had the ability to charm her way out of many a situation, she never knew it was because of the faery glamour powers. She could make people love her with just a touch, make friends with a smile, and earn tons of cash stripping because she was irresistible! Or so she had begun to believe! Escaping Drakon’s lair with her life, she went in search of her constant companion, a German shepherd named Vicki.
Spending some time overseas with a team of heroes, she was once again reminded of how much she resembles the Fay kind and decided to take her leave of them and try to find the real answers she needed. Two years have passed since she left Muir Island, and many things had changed about her. AJ had finally come to terms with who and what she is, and she’s enjoying the fringe benefits of being a magickal being. An outgoing free spirit with the want to help others, and the desire to enjoy life to its fullest. She now had the ability to control her glamour, to use it to her advantage when needed, or wanted.
Solace's Character

Code Name: Stray

Real Name: Chandi Madeleine Atkins

Age: 21

Appearance: Petite and very slim Chandi stands at 4’11”, rather cat like in appearance she’s one of those mutants that can’t go out without getting odd looks. The reason behind this is she’s very feline in appearance, with large and bright green/gold eyes, which reflect light very much like a cat’s. Her skin is covered in short silky jet-black fur, her nose and face resemble that of a cat’s features, and she has whiskers, cat ears, teeth and a long slim tail to top off the whole look. To top that off Chandi has jet-black long silky corkscrew curls that reach to her elbows. Although with the appearance of her second mutation (Which appeared just a little bit after she left Valiant) Chandi is able to drop and illusion over herself to make those around her believe she looks completely human, with only a few aspects of her actual appearance staying in place like the appearance of her hair and the color of her eyes. Chandi speaks with a very slight Australian accent, one that sounds very much like Nicole Kidman’s, and when she isn’t under her own illusion powers she speaks with an added purr to her voice.

Former Occupations: Ex-Waitress/ Ex-Circus performer/ Ex- Exotic Dancer/ Ex- Member of Valiant.

Current Occupation: Chandi is currently making a living working as a Jockey for one of New York’s biggest Racing Stables, and bartending on the side.

Powers: Chandi’s abilities are very closely related to her appearance, she has faster then normal reflexes (Think cat reflexes, but 5 times faster then a normal cat even), and the ability to make an ear-piercing shrill roar/meow that can shatter glass, and basically anything solid in-adamant object. She has also gathered another ability and that is the ability to form illusions; Chandi most notably uses this power to change her appearance to look like a normal everyday human.
Parents names: Talia and Ruaidhri

Chandi Madeleine Atkins was a child of privilege, born into the notably wealthy Atkins Family and being the only child born to her parents they bestowed many gifts on her as she grew up, although it soon became apparent to them that their only daughter was not ‘normal’ and that thought scared them. Chandi’s parents relished there high standing social status and didn’t like the ‘flaw’ Chandi had created in it by being a mutant and so things became very tense in the Atkins house hold and her parents often would spend weeks at a time in their Manchester Offices and away from Sydney and the daughter they had began to hate so very much. Chandi had been such a happy spirited young child that she hadn’t noticed her parents pulling away, nor had she really noticed she was different having spent her entire life with tutors and only having maids and butlers to keep her company as she grew up in a relatively happy atmosphere at home. That all took a turn for the worse when Chandi hit puberty and more of her powers began to appear, most notably her ability to generate a very loud roar like noise that could shatter glass and almost anything else in a mile radius. That was when it really hit Chandi that she was different and having to become almost non-verbal for almost a year after her most recent power appeared hadn’t helped her come to terms with her mutation any better. By this time she was about 13 and her parents had all but abandoned her, so she began thinking up a way to get away from it all yet still be able to live a relatively normal life, that way appeared in the form of a traveling Circus which was in dire need of a High wire Acrobat. Chandi soon approached the owner of the troupe and asked if she would be able to join the show, and when they questioned her about her appearances Chandi made up some extravagant lie about how it was a costume…a very good costume. The owner agreed to hire her and so Chandi was on her way out of Sydney and away from the life that had become to her very boring in many aspects. She traveled around with the circus troupe for a good 3 years before life just had to throw her yet another curve ball in the form of an old friend of her parents whom recognized her instantly while she performed with the troupe at a high profile charity banquet held in New York City. Fearing that this old ghost form her past might give her away Chandi didn’t speak to him that night, and avoided any sort of high profile gigs that the circus company did after that. Though to her shock he contacted her about a week later, wanting to speak with her in person about an offer of sorts. Chandi agreed to meet with him while the circus was still in New York, after all the worst he could do is tell her parents she was with a traveling circus. Chandi met with this old friend, whom ended up offering her a way out of the circus and into the life she’d left. But she would still be able to hide from her parents, which Chandi so desperately still wanted to do. This man was Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire club. Chandi felt that he would in fact be able to keep her hidden from her parents and allow her to try and live some kind of a normal life, so she took the offer and a six month leave from the circus troupe as well. Having told the owners that she needed a break, and some time to herself. Soon after she moved into the Shaw mansion Chandi began to experience the life she had been used to for so long, maids and butlers at her beck and call and people falling all over themselves to do as she wished. Deep down she enjoyed this and felt very at home with Sebastian because he treated her unlike her own parents had and Chandi even began to view Sebastian as a lone lost father figure of sorts. A few months after Chandi had moved into the Shaw mansion Sebastian started bestowing large gifts and privileges on his guest and even offered her a place in the Hellfire club as Shinobi Shaw’s Advisor, much like Tessa was to Sebastian. Shinobi was not at all happy to have a ‘child’ as his advisor and voiced this to his father, though Chandi wasn’t going to take any of his attitude and Shinobi soon learned to respect the young fireball of a girl. The two of them became an almost unstoppable force in the business field with Shinobi’s business sense and Chandi’s tell it, as it is personality. Chandi was slowly starting to feel very at home, but that all changed when Shinobi’s respect for her soon turned into more romantic feelings and he soon began to bring Chandi wherever he went and had begun spending large amounts of money on expensive gifts to show his affection. Chandi was again starting to feel very smothered but didn’t say or do anything for fear of loosing the life she’d become very accustom to again, and by this time the young mutant had reached her 18th birthday and had long ago cut all ties with the circus, although for the most part everyone involved in the circus was made to believe she’d gotten married and moved on with her life, although only the latter was true. As Shinobi’s affections grew Chandi began to feel more and more fearful that she may be losing the life she cherished in New York by the pure fact that he had become very possessive of her and had even assigned her a bodyguard. Chandi couldn’t say she didn’t enjoy the attention she was getting from Shinobi but often wondered if it was real or false, because like his father he was manipulative and cunning and so she was always on her guard around him, plus her fear of losing her freedom was always at the forefront of her mind while around him. Half way into her second year with The Shaw’s Shinobi proposed marriage stating that they were an unbeatable team in whatever they put their mind to, so why should they not get married and take the business world by storm. All of that was far to overwhelming for Chandi so she did the only thing she knew how to do when things got tough, she fled to London and avoided giving Shinobi an answer for almost a year and half. Having chosen to spend her time fighting crime it the United Kingdom’s superhero team Valiant, although after a year of doing that Chandi soon found that she would have to face her demons some day and so she left Valiant at the age of 20 to fix the mess she’d made of her life before joining Valiant. Upon leaving Valiant Chandi traveled the world for two months, trying to take in all that she could be leaving behind if she were to go back to New York and give Shinobi the answer he so badly wants, it was also around this time that her belated second mutation appeared and Chandi gained the ability to be able to drop illusions around things. Although for the most part she only uses this power to change her appearance into that of a normal human being, which has made it easier for her to avoid having to face Shinobi for a little bit longer while she tries to figure out how exactly she felt about the whole thing. She spent another few months in Tibet enjoying being so secluded from things and from the world she was used to. Chandi soon took the dive and flew back to New York, meeting with Shinobi after only a week of being back. Although she didn’t agree to marry him at the moment, the possibly still looms in the air for her, she still frequents the Hellfire Club’s parties and works as a Liaison between the club and the inner circle, but she holds a day job as a jockey (horse racing) and does some bartending on the side. Over all Chandi leads a far more quite existence now in New York, casually dating Shinobi and a few other random tycoons of the Big Apple.

Car: Chandi drives a supped up Mazda RX – 8 in Velocity Red.
LocalHero's Character

Name: Cameron 'Cam' Angus
Code Name: LionHeart
Occupation: Adventurer/Martial Arts Instructor

Age: 30
Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Brown/Auburn
Eyes: Blue. Glowing Blue/White when using powers at high levels
Appearance: Athletic, Toned. Naturally tanned from time spent outside. Cameron has a long lightning like scar running down his arm from where he was struck. The scar glows when he is using his powers in extreme circumstances.

Cam started learning judo and karate when he was still a small child althought it was never just so he could beat people up. He took naturally to the whole culture of the east, the personal discipline, and spent most of his childhood and much of his teenage years learning various different forms of martial arts as well as studying the thinking behind them. As soon as he was old enough he applied for a scholarship to study Far Eastern Philosophies. He then spent six months in Japan, three in China, and another three skipping about in south east Asia, Vietnam, Thailand. It was during these travels that he learned about eastern medicine and herbal remedies and how to concentrate to move your body beyond pain.

Cameron had been staying in Stirling for a few days, when he decided to pay a visit to the Wallace Monument. As he was looking up at the monument, a freak storm appeared out of nowhere from the east. As it approached the monument there was a huge release of energy, which travelled down the tower, and into Cameron, knocking him unconscious. A few days later, as he recovered in hospital, he read about a battle between the X-Men and an unnamed being which ended up on Edinburgh Castle. The battle had ended with a huge release of energy. Cameron wondered if this was related to his accident. Following his accident he decided to make a trip north to visit his cousin Angus Mackie, his wife Elisabeth and son Gus, up near the Dounreay Nuclear Facility. He had spent many happy times with the family in the past and despite the age gap had always found Gus to be excellent company. Besides it would give him a chance to see how Gus had gotten on with the swords he had given him. It had been the day after Gus's thirteenth birthday, and Cam had driven him to the clifftop on his old Norton motorcycle. As Gus settled down, resting his back against a large rock, Cameron had reached over the bike, pulling a long clothbound package into view. As he began to unwrap the cloth, Gus saw it was a samurai sword, just like he had seen in the movies. "Ah'm pitting a lot o' trust in ye by giving ye this sword Gus. It wis the sword ah first used when ah wis learning. It's nae a toy. This katana should become part o' ye, an extension o' yer airm. Ye should know each pairt o' it as well as ye do the fingers o' yer hand. Ye should treat it with the same respect that ye treat yerself." Cameron sat cross legged in front of Gus and spread out the cloth on the ground between them. Removing the sword from it's scabard, he placed it gently on the cloth halfway between them and bowed his head towards Gus. Raising his head after a moment, Cam sat back with the resting his hands on his knees, palms outwards. Gus looked at him in confusion for a few moments, trying to remember some of the things Cam had told him about his training. Gus then bowed his own head, not truly sure what he was doing, but he knew it felt like the right thing to do. He reached forward, slowly picking up the sword by it's handle, resting the blade carefully on the palm of his other hand. He sat back, holding the sword across his knees in a mirror of Cam's position. Cameron looked at him seriously for a second, then smiled broadly. "Ach, there's hope fer ye yet." Gus looked at the sword carefully. "Ah thought ye said this was an auld sword?" He said slightly dubiously. "It looks brand new." Cam raised an eyebrow. "That's because ah treated it with respect Gus."

It had been around his birthday that Gus had shown any signs that his differences might be more than just skin deep. While watching the Aurora Borealis with his friends on the hilltop overlooking his little village, his skin began to pulse in time with the colors caressing the night sky above. He was so shocked at this that he let off a small electromagnetic pulse that unfortunately rendered all of his friends watches and phones useless, as well as his older friend Jack's pride and joy, his old Ford Escort. Over the next few month's Gus did everything he could to make it up to Jack, and eventually the two of them managed to get the car back up and running. He found most of his other abilities by accident also, his ability to cloak he found especially useful for hiding from the bullies at the High School he attended in the neighbouring town. In the months after Gus had begun to exhibit these rather unusual traits his parents, while not particularly worried at present, had been on at Cam that it might be good for him to talk to Gus about it. Cam arrived at the Mackie's home shortly about 6 months after Gus's 15th birthday. The trip allowed Cam to relax and become reacquainted with the remains of his family. Returning to that same spot where he had presented Gus with the sword on his thirteenth birthday, the two young men sat back on the clifftop watching the waters of the North Sea break against the rocks below them. Discussion soon turned to Cam's accident once more and then on to Gus's own special abilities. After a brief display of what the youth could do, Cam sat back in silence lost in thought. When he finally spoke his voice had a deadly serious tone as he looked over at his cousin. "Ah hope ye dinnae plan on playin' tricks on school bullies for the rest o' yer life. Ye have a real gift there Gus. Ah would hate tae see ye waste it." Gus had laughed and explained about a letter he had recieved concerning attending a special school for similarly talented youngsters. "Xavier's? Ah've heard some guid things aboot that place." Cam had said simply, knowing it was ultimately Gus's decision. "If ye dae decide tae go, let me know. Ah would definitely come over and visit ye."

As he was riding his motorcycle back to Glasgow following the same trip north, the whole machine began to glow, as if lit by some internal source. Screeching to a halt at the roadside, Cam leapt off the bike, fearing it was about to explode. As he let go of the machine the glow subsided, leaving the motorcycle untouched and looking perfectly normal. He reached out to the bike once more and touching the handle bars, he found by experimenting that he could cause any metal object to glow and by concentrating he could vary the intensity of the light. Although a little surprised by the strange events of the night, Cam determined to return to the normal routine of his life until he decided how to handle it.A few months later, he was jumped by a mugger while walking home through Glasgow one evening. As he struggled with the man Cam caught his assailant by the wrist, his hand over the man's metal watch. It was difficult to tell who was more surprised by what happened next. As they struggled Cam caused the watch to light up, and as it reached an almost white peak, there was a flash and a crack like lightning and the mugger fell dazed on the ground. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour and knowing the police would ask questions he wasn't ready or willing to answer, Cameron ran into the night, catching the Subway home. Thinking it would be best if he got some space to try and make sense of his powers, Cam rented a cottage out near the west coast on a clifftop overlooking the Atlantic. Deciding to test what he could do with his newfound abilities Cam began to practice, soon becoming proficient at generating streams of plasma-energy using a metal rod to channel the field in the direction he desired. By using a hollow tube he found he could create plasma 'pulses' like bullets. Returning to Glasgow he returned to his first love of teaching martial arts.

It was at this time Cam was offered a job in London, and having nothing to keep him in Scotland, decided to take it. It wasn't the only change he made to his life. In london he carried on as an Instructor during the day, but at night prowled the darkness, dispensing justice on hapless muggers and criminals who crossed his path. As time passed he secretly created a costume, threaded with metal for greater strength. The sword and guns he now carried had been a gift from the parents of one of his students, T'Kana. Her father had been the temporary Wakandan ambassador to London for several months, and worried about his daughter's safety in a strange land had arranged for Cameron to give her private lessons. One day while teaching T'Kana some relaxation techniques in the Embassy Courtyard, it was sprayed with automatic weapons fire. Almost instintively, Cameron had shielded T'Kana with his body. They were either very lucky or somehow his powers had kicked in and affected the bullets, but both of them escaped unscathed. The Wakandan goverment attributed the attack to a terrorist cell who had already threatened Wakandan interests abroad. T'Kana and her family were visibly shaken by the whole event, and requested that they return to Wakanda.

Shortly before the family were due to return home, they invited Cameron to join them for dinner at the Embassy. It was a lovely evening, during which they had presented him with two very special gifts in gratitude. Aware of his interest in weapons in general and swords in particular, the Ambassador had arranged for a set of replica guns to be fashioned, purely for display purposes really as they had no firing mechanism, and a very special sword to be forged in honour of the service he had done them. The sword and guns were crafted from an alloy of a unique metal, explained the ambassador, that was only found in their homeland. Apparently the Chief of Wakanda himself had authorised the use of the metal. Cameron had been almost dumbfounded by their generosity, and at first tried to refuse the gifts, saying he had done what anyone would do. The ambassador however would not take no for an answer, and so Cameron accepted his gifts and baid them farewell. Cameron subsequently found when using the sword and the guns that channeling his plasma seemed easier. He also observed that the metal of which they were made appeared to absorb and magnify his plasma.

He had been following his usual routine down in London for a few months now. Working as a martial arts instructor to a bunch of spoiled rich kids at a swanky Canary Wharf gym, teaching self defense during the day, hunting the streets and alleyways by night. During that time he had graduated from muggers and drug dealers, and had become embroiled in an investigation into some rumours of a gothic cult operating in the area. That in itself would normally not have concerned him. What did concern him was that one of his students, Rebecca (the step-daughter of some big shot in the government) had changed since apparently visiting the headquarters with some friends. She had become distant from the rest of the class and seemed more interested in lethal forms of martial arts than in simple self defense. One evening after class, he followed her through the streets of London, watching as she entered a large house a couple of miles away from the gym. There were a lot of kids hanging about,from a distance the usual white makeup faux goths you saw everywhere. Cameron crossed the street, walking casually past the house and the assembled teenagers. They eyed him suspiciously as he passed, almost hungrily, but he was sure he was imagining it. The house itself was large, and dark stoned, set back from the road a little with broad steps leading up to the main door. There were cameras looking down on the stairs and the pavement. Carrying on past, Cameron rounded a corner and ducked out of sight into an alleyway. He quickly donned his costume, wishing he had packed his sword into it's hidden pocket in his holdall, and stowed his belongings in a corner behind a dumpster which didn't look like it had moved since the turn of the century. Charging up his suit, he raised himself easily onto the roof of the building and made his way over to the far side, from where he could watch the house more easily. As he settled down to observe the comings and goings, a large black sedan drew up in front of the house. Several large men got out, scanning the road and buildings, before motioning to final occupant of the car.

The man was tall, thin and greying, but even from the distant rooftop Cameron could perceive the aura of power around him. He walked purposefully up the stairs to the house, where the door opened to admit him. There was something familiar about the man. Cameron was sure he had met him somewhere before. Nothing much happened over the next couple of hours, some of the teenagers moved off into the darkness, only to return sometime later, whooping and joking. Knocking at the door they handed over a long bound package to the man who opened it. He gave them a small parcel in return and they ran off into the night arguing about who should hold it. Another hour had almost passed and Cam was begining to get stiff from sitting up on the frosty roof. He shifted uneasily, trying to find a position of comfort on the cold stone. His quest for a warm bit of stone was interrupted by the house door being opened below. As he watched a small struggling figure was dragged out into the car, followed by the Thin Man and the remainder of this goons, one of whom carried the long package. Just before getting into the car himself, the man paused, as though something had attracted his attention. He looked up at the building opposite, the one upon which Cameron sat, and smiled evilly, moonlight glinting of his grinning teeth. He got into the car and it drove off slowly along the street. Cameron followed it, leaping across the rooftops where he could, flying where the gaps were too large to jump. The car had picked up a little speed, but not so much as to attract police attention. It was moving away from the Wharf, out into the darkness of the city. As Cam followed he tried to place the Thin Man. It was really beginning to annoy him, when the car drew into a empty car park. Landing silently on a low building at the far end of the lot, Cameron settled down once more.

The car door opened and the Thin Man and his associates exited, dragging the still struggling figure, who they threw harshly to the ground. In the dim light from the distant street lamps, Cameron could make out that it was a girl. Young. Feisty. She struggled to her feet only to be pushed down once more and held on her knees. The Thin Man watched the whole scene, obviously enjoying the girl's struggles. He leant forward and appeared to say something to her, at which she struggled with renewed vigour, before one of the goons slapped her hard across the face. The Thin Man held out his hand to the goon carrying the package, who immediately began to open it. As the thug handed the package content over to the Thin Man, Cameron's heart sank. The blue/white light glinting off the blade was unmistakable. That was his sword. They were going to kill the girl. He began to charge his suit. The next few minutes appeared to happen in slow motion to Cameron. Motioning the men back, the Thin Man raised the sword high above his head. The girl struggled to her feet, stumbling in her haste, almost falling again. The sword began to descend as she turned toward where Cameron was now leaping from the roof of the building, his plasma field taking, driving him forward. He saw the sparks of his sword striking the concrete of the parking lot, before he heard the halting scream. The Thin Man grinned in his direction and dropped the sword, it clattered noisily in the now silent lot. The goons ushered him into the car which sped off into the darkness. Cameron landed, skidding to a halt next to his bloodied sword, he looked down at it glistening wet in the sickly lamp light. Forcing his gaze away from the blade, he turned to the girl's body lying on it's front next to it. The head lay at an awkward angle to the body, almost staring straight up at Cameron. Rebecca's eyes stared up at him, beginning to flash blue and red. Cameron was struggling to comprehend what was happening when he was startled back to his situation by the sirens of the Police cars screeching towards him. It wouldn't look good he thought. I'm her martial arts tutor, here I am standing over her almost headless body with a bloody sword at my feet, wearing a halloween costume. They must have called the police. They must know who I am. They.. Who were they? Deciding now wasn't the time to contemplate that, Cameron grabbed his sword and leapt skywards, disappearing into the darkness as the first police car skidded to a halt in the pool of blood below. Ah'm sorry Rebecca.

The next few weeks had been a blur of hiding from the Police interspersed with run ins with the Thin Man (as he called the apparent leader) and the Faction (as he learned they were called), after each of which he came off worse than he had begun. It was following the last of these run-ins that he had been found tired and battle weary, and had invited to join a team of other metahumans. Figuring that they might be able to help him clear his name and fix the Faction for good, Cameron decided to pitch in with them. And here he was wandering the empty halls of an abandoned prison on a remote island off the coast of Scotland. Ah well he thought at least the scenery outside is worth the trip. He spent a short time with the team, during which he discovered he had the ability to see through artificially created illusions such as cloaks and holograms although he cannot see through biologically created illusions such as those created by Mastermind. After some subsequent digging for information between missions he concluded that this ability was probably related to his other powers and had their origin in Proteus, the reality changing mutant who had been apparently destroyed when Collosus punched through him and converted him to energy somehow being altered in the process. As Cam learned more about the destruction of Proteus he surmised that this might account for why he found it easier to generate electrical plasma through metals than without them (although with practice he is finding it easier to generate energy without external aids).

On a subsequent mission, following an attack in which Cameron was seriously injured he felt as though someone or something else was in his head. Attributing it to the pain of his injuries, he wished for the intrusion and the injuries to disappear. And they did. Unsure of what this meant he buried the thoughts in his mind, unwilling to contemplate that he might be hosting something other than the ability to generate energy. Some time later Cam decided to leave the team he had been with, feeling the need to help his friend AJ more than the desire to stay where he was. While spending time on the road with Firefly, Cam learned of the magikal influence behind his powers. After a year together, they went their separate ways for a while. Following his trip beyond the Veil Cameron continued to practice some of the new skills he had learned and headed back to London to clear his name with the police and then onto to New York to check on his cousin Gus, promising AJ he'd come back soon.

Abilities: Cam has the ability to generate highly charged technomagikal plasma (using metallic objects as a conduit makes it easier). Skilled Marksman and Swordsman. Exceptional Athlete and Martial Artist. Using metal threads laced through his uniform to channel technomagikal energies and create a frictionless field can achieve flight capability at up to 200MPH for approx 2 hours. Able to see through artificially created illusions. His powers appear to stem from a magikal intervention which altered the energies released in the destruction of Proteus. Since his trip beyond the Veil, Cam has learned how to create technomagikal artifacts and weapons, and small portals allowing him to transport objects a short distance. He is unwilling to use this ability on other people as it would reveal the existance of the Other Realm (if briefly) to the person being transported.

Chromium Steel/Vibranium Sword
Chromium Steel/Vibranium Guns (Contain no shells. Used as focus to create and channel plasma projectiles)
2 Three Quarter Length Katanas
Triumph Daytona 955i Motorcycle. Aluminum Silver Fairing. Liquid-cooled. Double Overhead Cam. Inline 3-Cylinder engine.

Uniform (when not dressed casually):
One piece suit. The main body of the one piece is sky blue, but the shoulders and chest were incised by a darker royal blue vee with matched gloves, boots and mask/bandana. On the chest is a large iconic Lion's head. The entire uniform is laced with metal fibres using strong yet flexible metal which was bullet and blade proof. In addition to the one pice he has a deep blue/black long flowing topcoat. The coat provides concealment for his uniform and his sword and also allows him to carry some extra items namely the two 3/4 length katanas. These aree contained in special long pockets in the inside lining of the coat. It is also threaded with metal, providing an extra layer of protection from attack, as is the bandana. When not in uniform Cam's only affectation is a penchant for loud shirts and a few white gold rings.
Tessa's Character

Name: Burst
Real Name: Kei Ihilani Poloa-Miyazaki
Appearance: Kei naturally has a very Japanese complexion, but because she has spent so much time out in the sun she has a decent caramel colored tan. Her black hair is cut short in spiky, semi-pixie style. She has an oval face, with faintly almond shaped dark-brown eyes lined with thick black lashes. Kei’s build is also distinctly athletic after about twenty years of surfing.
Height: 5’5”
Age: 27

Molecular Combustion, she has the ability to make things explode at will with a motion of her hand. She can combust anything from a coffee mug to a large passenger bus but not anything larger than that…buildings are out of the question though she can blow up portions of a building.

Kei grew up with her mother on the island of O’ahu, in the North Shore town of Hale’iwa. Her father Yukio divorced her mother Noelani when Kei was 5, leaving her with a single parent…a single parent that probably should have never had children. Her mother tried to raise her right, but Kei was a handful from the start; she was diagnosed with phobias such as Pediophobia (fear of dolls), Maniaphobia (fear of insanity), Isolophobia (fear of solitude, being alone), Dishabiliophobia (fear of undressing in front of someone), and Hematophobia (fear of blood). Kei is also thought to be a hypochondriac, though it hasn’t been formally diagnosed.

Noelani quite often would leave Kei on her own, which spurred the little girl on to spend a majority of her time at the beach. You have probably already guessed that like any other Hawaiian local the girl tried surfing when she was seven and fell in love, which only caused her to skip school to hang out at the beach with the older surfers and learn as much as she could. By the age of 15 she was bumming around every North Shore Beach, starting at Kahana Bay and going down the shore to her childhood beach Ali’I Beach, she was a near-professional surfer…the only thing stopping her was she enjoyed conning the tourists out of their money much more than actually entering tournaments.

She had become quite adept at earning money but conning, usually fooling people into thinking she’d never seen a surfboard, betting them that she wouldn’t even be able to stand up on a wave and then breaking out her skills and winning the bet. She remained solo in her cons, even after a few of her friends had asked to be let in on the bets…Kei did this smoothly for about a year before the Honolulu Police Department got wind of her and put her into juvenile custody, moving her to a youth facility in Waikiki.

Kei spent a good two years in that facility, making a good show of going through rehab and changing her ways. After the County released her from the program her mother informed her that she was no longer welcome at home and she should look for a new place to stay. This didn’t faze the now 18-year-old surfer girl; she had a friend who had an apartment in Honolulu who was currently studying Biology at Chaminade University. Her friend with the apartment Marco Rodriguez agreed to let her stay using the two spare bedrooms…one for her and one for all her surf gear.

Determined to stay below the Police Department’s radar she got a job as a surf instructor in Waikiki, while still running smaller cons on the side. Usually involving businessmen and making them believe they wanted to spend every dime they had on her and eventually breaking the relationship off…never making it possible for the police to link her to any of the incidents, because it would look more like a relationship than a con. After a couple years of both working and conning she had a small fortune in her bank account, making it possible for her to move out…but she stayed with Marco to keep him company while he went through grad school, making sure he wasn’t driven insane by his coursework.

After a couple years of staying out of the Honolulu Police’s hair they wrote her off the list as being a threat and left her alone. Of course she didn’t actually quit her criminal activities, she just became very good at covering them up.

Kei is also not a mutant, after Marco finished his grad work and got his masters degree he was soon hired by a research facility that was experimenting with the idea that individuals who did not carry the X-gene could still possess and control mutant-like abilities. Since Kei was short on cons when he was first hired and it was the surfing off-season as far as tourists were concerned she had agreed to be one of his first 5 test subjects, undergoing an experiment to instill a weather controlling ability into her genetic makeup. The experiment ended up failing as far as they were concerned, after 3 months she wasn’t exhibiting any difference and couldn’t control any aspect of the weather.

It wasn’t until 6 months later, when Kei came home from a night out that she noticed Marco packing up some of his stuff and muttering about how he wasn’t given enough of a chance, that they didn’t choose the right test subjects and how he should be given another chance. When Kei attempted to intervene he wheeled around on her and began to yell at her for the failed experiment she had been a part of, when she finally got annoyed with it, gestured with her hand and ended up making the oven explode. Marco just stood their shocked for quite awhile, before he engulfed her in a bone-crushing hug.

Eventually he got his job back because of Kei and the genetic breakthrough, they dated for a short while until she made a mistake in a con and ended up back in hot water with the Police, soon after all her court hearings (the judge sentenced her to six months probation) she was recruited for Guardians because the government had gotten word of her unique abilities.
The Truth's Character

Character Name: Nathaniel "De" Niles

Age: 28

At 6'3" tall, the athletically muscular Niles is slightly eccentric, keeping his head covered in dark Purple dreadlocks. Dreadlocks that only stand out more starkly against his oaken skin and deep brown eyes. His eyebrows are also dyed to match his hair and he wears green contacts to alter his eye color.

Character History:
Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Nathaniel "De" Niles is the son of Australia's single largest drug czar, and a professional hitwoman. A former gang member and drug runner himself, "De" earned his nickname with his constant denials to the authorities everytime he would be picked up. His running mates eventually saddled him with the name "Denial" which was then overheard by a young woman at a party. The girl, who already knew his last name was Niles, thought his first name was De and as such called him that, which in turn prompted everyone else to address him by that name as well.

A former gang member, street hustler, and drug runner, De was arrested and convicted of multiple drug related felonies shortly after his 18th birthday and imprisoned briefly before being transferred to an underground facility that was located beneath the long defunct prison of Boggo Road. It was there that he was introduced to a doctor Connor Kroger, expert in genetics and military special weapons developer. Nathan was then given the opportunity to reduce his sentence to next to nothing, provided he allow himself to be subjected to a experimental procedure that had only been attempted once before on American soil. Not overly excited with the prospect of returning to prison for an extended period of time he agreed, and was shortly thereafter experimented on.

The procedure which was intended to make Nathaniel the prototype of a better solider, resistant to disease and injury, went slightly awry. Instead of merely gifting him with denser muscle tissue and an improved immune system, the experiment interacted with a dormant X gene and instead allowed him to control his density at will, though it did nothing for his immune system. Surprised by this turn of events, Dr Kroger immediately set about telling Nathaniel that the procedure, which had in truth left him quite healthy, had done something to his body and that he would die in a matter of months unless treated. Scared for his life, Nathan agreed to let the Doctor observe and treat him. The Doctor, under orders from the government, had but one request. That Nathan go to work for the government so that he could be observed under stressful conditions.

For the next four years De worked as an agent of the Australian government assigned to handle issues that arose with "Nightsiders". Nightsider was the name commonly given to people and things of a supernatural nature. Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Gargoyles, Warlocks, Spirits, and all sorts of other things (half of which haven't been named yet) we all commonplace in his line of work and it was his job to keep the peace and balance between the various factions and forces. For the first three years of his time "on the Nightside" he was teamed with Australia's greatest Nightside agent, Paul Handratty.

It was from him that De learned most of what he knows when it comes to dealing with Nightsiders. He had been aware of them since he was twelve, but he hadn't actually come in contact with any until he was sixteen. And even then, his experience had been limited.

Niles worked as a government agent under its Nightsider Initiative for four years as the Doctor "treated" him, before he finally discovered that he was indeed fine and the whole medical scare he had experienced had been a ruse. Enraged and frustrated, he fled the country, heading to London England, where he's spent the last two years trying to stay beneath the radar while at the same time trying to resist the temptation of using his powers to slip back into his old way of life. As of late, he's feared that the Australian government might be closing in on him, and seeking some way to find sanctuary he's turned his attention to the UN based super team on Muir Island, hoping they could be the answer to his problems.

Thanks to being on a UN sanctioned team, De was able to negotiate his freedom from the clutches of Australia's government. During that time he served a yearlong tour with the team, formally resigning after certain individuals threatened to bring his 'recreational activities' to the attention of the proper authorities. Deciding it would be best if he simply left on his own, he packed his things and headed home. The homecoming he had invisioned for himself never came to be however as he was promptly swept up in what threatened to quickly become an international incident. 8 months, 6 counties, four gun shot wounds, two demented America Vampires, and one ex girlfriend later he was finally able to kick back and relax at his home in Melbourne. That is until, his sister arrived.

Her girlfriend had been sucked into a demonic vortex some days prior and knowing that De had quite a bit of experience in the area, she convinced him to help. It was during this time traveling from one Demon dimension to another that he was approached by the avatar of the Daedra Moluukii, who (appearing in the form of a penguin) increased the scope of De's powers in exchange for a small favor. It took the duo the better part of three months of dimension hopping and globe trotting to finally track down his sister's girl....who was subsequently shot (repeatedly) after she was rescued.

Molecular Density Control

Nathaniel possesses the ability to control the density of his persons, his clothing, and the density of any person (and their clothing) with whom he is in direct physical contact. He is able to change said density to the point of being completely intangible to being as dense as diamond. While in varying states of density Niles' weight alters accordingly, meaning while he gains no additional mass from being rock hard, he does increase in weight accordingly. It should also be noted that while he is in a state of complete intangibly, he is somehow able to maintain his position in relation to the substance upon which he stands. Meaning he does not automatically fall through the floor when he goes intangible but can do so with a bit of conscious effort.

Also, while not the easiest of tasks Nathan is capable of causing separate areas of his body to have separate density. This action however requires a considerable mental focus and cannot be sustained for extended periods of time. His strength also increases in relation in according to his density. It is assumed this is to account for the increased weight he experiences and enable him to continue moving as freely as he would at his normal density and weight. At his maximum strength it is estimated he can lift/press approx 1000 lbs.
The Mighty Thor's Character

Name: Xlorvok
Alias: John Starling, Greenskull, Shift, Stonewall
Occupation: Pirate, Mercenary
Age: 63
Height: 5' 4”
Hair: Black

Appearance: Xlorvok is a Skrull. He possesses all of the natural traits that you may find in a Skrull. He has green skin, enlarged pointed ears and a multi-cleft chin. In his natural form, Xlorvok is slightly shorter than the average Skrull. Due to his race’s natural abilities, Xlorvok can alter his appearance to resemble anyone or anything of similar mass. His favorite ‘mask’ to wear, is that of a human being named John Starling. He uses this façade to travel amongst humans without having to suffer the persecution and ridicule that comes with being a Skrull traveling on Earth. John Starling is 6’ tall, with a slender build, angular features and shoulder length dark hair.

Abilities: Like all Skrulls, Xlorvok can manipulate his appearance to resemble anyone or anything of similar body mass. He can shift his mass to accommodate anything from a small child, to a large animal such as a bear or a cow. Due to his prolonged exposure to artificial gravity, his musculature is deceptively advanced. Xlorvok does not possess super humanoid levels of strength, but is at near peak strength levels for a member of his race.

History: Xlorvok spent most his early life running with his friends, getting into trouble. By the time he was 26, he had graduated from petty larceny, to interstellar crime. Breaking free form the constraints of their homeworld, Xlorvok and his friends were free to use their natural abilities to perpetrate many crimes on their people’s most bitter rivals, the Kree and Shi’ar Empires. Although, when they became over eager, and attempted to break into the Majestrix’s inner chamber, they were caught and sentenced to life in the slave pits.

Some years later, on what for them was a routine run, the space fairing pirates the Starjammers, descended onto the Shi’ar prison world, with the intention of freeing the unjustly held prisoners. Finding Xlorvok to be a kindred spirit of sorts, Captain Corsair offered him a permanent place aboard the vessel. He gladly accepted, and took on the pirate moniker of Greenskull. Together, they continued to reign havoc throughout the Shi’ar Empire, righting the wrongs that the feathered race had been perpetrating for years.

Upon a visit to the planet Earth, Xlorvok became enamored with human culture. He chose to remain there as his crewmates departed. It was during this visit to Earth that he was forced to adopt the persona of John Starling. For many years, Xlorvok traveled on Earth as John Starling, learning as much as he could about the human race. He began his super human career on Earth with Luke Cage, as one of his Heroes for Hire. Xlorvok used his shape shifting powers as one of Cage’s freelance heroes, operating under the name Shift. Finding the man’s demeanor to be entirely too rigid for his more freewheeling ways, Xlorvok wasted no time in leaving the man’s employ. Hoping to surround himself with a group that he would be more comfortable with, Xlorvok briefly posed as a World War II veteran known as Stonewall, and was recruited into Freedom Force. He used this position to become better aware of the super human populace of the planet. Although, it did not take him long to tire of working for Mystique, and he let himself be seemingly killed by Donald Pierce in a battle with the Reavers.

But, as anyone would tell you, old habits do die hard. It was not long before he found himself traveling with less than ideal associates again. He became employed at the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. Although, this was simply a front for one of the Taskmaster’s mercenary organizations. Xlorvok enjoyed the freedom that piracy afforded him, so it was easy for him to slip back into that lifestyle. But, his actions while under the Taskmaster were far less noble than they were while he was a Starjammer, and he soon found himself a fugitive of the law. He was eventually captured, and sentenced to 30 years in the Vault. But he would never have to serve that sentence. His old associate from Freedom Force, Dr. Valerie Cooper, would see to that.

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