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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
It didn't take long for the group to find their way home. Waiting at the helipad with Vicki at his side was the dark haired man who had been sleeping on the sofa when they left. His suit was rumpled, his hair mussed and he looked like he had just spent the past month on a long drinking binge.
Not waiting for any of them to even bother asking he went about introducing himself to his new team.

"Most people call me Spooky, the name's Mulder, Fox Mulder...and before you say it, yeah from that tv show... it's a long story. Let's just say the government thought it would be interesting to show the American public the truth...but people didn't see past the Hollywood to know it was the truth. Yes, I'm a real FBI Agent, and yes, it as all real." he paused for a moment as he watched Chandi and Cameron letting AJ use them for support.
"You did a great job, and I think it's time for some R&R. Oh, Kei, some guy named Pietro left a message for you while you were gone. Wants you to call him back. I wrote the number on the fridge." turning, he stuffed his hands into his pants pockets and began walking back to the house, humming as he walked along. Looking back at the Guardians as they stood dumbstruck for a moment, he smiled.
"Come on, don't act like you've never seen anything like this before. You just battled Godzilla."

GM Note-Japan was fun! Now it's time for everyone to enjoy themselves. Remember, do what you like. I am here only to observe.
Having spent most of the flight in silent contemplation, 'Vok looked around at the island and smiled. Ch'od, Corsair and the other Starjammers had really been the only friends he had ever had, so the thoughts that he had been preoccupied with were really doing a number on his head. The rest of the Guardians were nice enough to be sure, but was he really willing to open himself up to them? As 'Vok stepped off the jet ramp shaking his head, lost in contemplation, he realized just how much soul searching a near death experience can make one do.

'Vok, feeling much better now that he had fresh oxygen filtering in and out of his lungs at regular intervals, watched "Spooky" compliment them on a job well done. Of coarse the team's resident shape shifter recognized Mulder immediately, having been a fan of his show. Even if the producers got a few of the more minute details wrong. It would certainly be interesting to have this guy as the team’s new government liaison. Laid back was one thing, but Spooky seemed downright ambivalent. But, ‘Vok thought, that could only work in their favor. There was nothing worse than working for some schmuck that scrutinized your every move. Yes indeed, Fox Mulder and Valerie Cooper were polar opposites.

Looking around at his teammates, ‘Vok said as he nodded towards AJ, “Well me hearties, lets say we get the pretty lady inside for some proper recuperation. Smartly now, for once she is healthy, me thinks a celebration is in order! Man the deck me buckos, there be a party to be had!” ‘Vok quickly made his way to the doors, trying to catch up with their new boss. Just as the doors were closing behind him, the team could hear the pirate ask, “Any chance that Scully lass might be dropping by? She sure does shiver me timbers.”
AJ pulled away from Cameron and Chandi just a bit and watched as Spooky walked down the path.
"Ah'll be's only a few scratches and a busted up wing. Ah've had worse from bike crashes." her voice was still rather scratchy and she wouldn't admit it for the life of her, but she felt weak and dizzy.
Reaching down to pet Vicki, she looked up at Cameron apologetically.
"Ah'm sorry..." remembering that Spooky had said that Vicki had once again, taken out her anger on Cameron's bed. Vicki was of course, happy to see AJ and Chandi and made it well known.
As she started following John and Mulder into the house a thought crossed her mind and she felt compelled to voice it aloud.
"So, that show was real huh? Kinda like COPS but only on the paranormal side of thing? Wicked." she continued along, giving a sidelong glance to the wing that had been Godzilla's playtoy. Both of her wings rested flat against her back, but that one seemed to want to do nothing but throb. Even the slight shimmer of pale pink irridescence didn't seem to be as shiny as it had before.
As John spoke about Scully, she rolled her eyes and chuckled just a bit.
"Even a near death experience, and he's still as randy as a goat."
Thankful to be back on the island Chandi listened as Fox ‘Spooky’ Mulder introduced himself to the team and then made his way back into the building after telling them all to enjoy themselves for awhile. “Always knew that show wasn’t clayton’s.” She stated as AJ pulled away from herself and Cameron, she knew AJ probably felt worse then she was letting on but Chandi wasn’t up for pushing the subject so she’d let her friend go about telling them all she was okay for the time being. “Well he was grinning like a fox.” She commented on John’s behavior as they all heard the question John and posed to Mulder as they entered the building.

Letting out a deep sigh Chandi stopped in her walk towards the building, giving herself a moment to let the breeze blow through her long hair and the ocean waves ring in her ears. Calming her with the peacefulness of their little island paradise. As she stood in one spot Chandi rain a hand through her hair and letting the noise from the ocean cleanse her mind and repair her frayed nerves. Anyone who knew the Aussie knew that she only truly felt peace when she watched and listened the ocean, letting it remind her that their were far greater things out there then just herself and her issues. The ocean had always had this effect on her, but it had intensified after she’d hide out in Tibet right after leaving the UK superhero team Valiant. “It’s good to be home.” She sighed happily her green/gold eyes scanning the ocean one last time before she began again on her trek to the building fully prepared to let herself fully celebrate and enjoy herself after the horror that was their Japan Assignment.

“Anyone else up for getting drunk?” Chandi questioned as she caught up to her teammates, completely ready to let lose and enjoy herself.
“I’ve got a phone call to make.” Kei responded to Chandi’s question, “Maybe after that I’ll join ya’ll in the celebration.” And with that the Hawaiian made her way towards the kitchen and her phone message, forgoing the plan of surfing for a couple hours longer. Once reaching her destination she grabbed the phone off the wall, took the number down from the fridge and dialed it in.

“Wonder what Speedy wants.” She thought to herself as she listened to the ringing on the other end of the phone line, waiting impatiently for somebody to pick up.
De couldn't help but let out a derisive snort as Spooky introduced himself properly, having long known about Mulder and having for just as long not cared for the idea of the man. Sure, he handled his own fairly well when it came to dealing with the space people, but watching his exploits in anything supernatural were laughable. Low level spooks and demons all, and he acted like he was up against some great Ascended One or one of the Fallen. Limey git.

He didn't bother to comment though as he made his way inside and towards his room, eager to get out of his way to American get up and back into something more....traditional. The door to his room was locked with an audible "Click" and he began the process of descontructing and reconstructing himself. His three days with Walters and his recent run in with Godzilla only served to remind him of something he'd forgotten while Dimension Jumping with his sister.

Danger can come in any shape and size. And even in the form of El Kabong.
Cam looked at Spooky blankly as he told them who he was. "Ah guess ah should maybe have paid more attention tae the telly." he thought to himself as he leaned against the jet. "Mulder? Scully? At least that song by that welsh bint makes sense now ah guess."

"If anyone is up for a wee trip up the coast, there's a grand wee pub a few minutes away up on Sugarloaf Key. Ah'm sure the landlord can keep us enertained should the conversation lull."
It didn't take Kei long to find out exactly what Peitro wanted. Almost as soon as the phone rang he answered the other end, talking at a breakneck pace.

"Cameron, that sounds like a great idea. I could use a drink." Mulder said as he held open the door so everyone, including Vicki, could make their way inside. As to 'Vok's remark about Scully, he only smiled.
"Fraid not, she's umm...occupied elsewhere. So, who's up for a night of drinks and bars? Government's picking up the tab..." he flopped down on the couch, stretched his legs out as he placed his hands behind his head and smiled roguishly.
Kei laughed into the phone, “First, take a breathe Pietro, I just came back actually, big mission, Godzilla, I’ll tell ya more later. As far as gettin’ together, ya know I love your company Speedy.” She responded, taking a seat at the table, “What did ya have in mind? Actually, tell me when ya get here.” Kei told the speedster over the phone, “See you in a few.” Kei waited for Pietro to say goodbye then hung the phone up, heading to her room to change and make herself at least a little more presentable, not a whole lot she could do in the amount of time it would take Quicksilver to get to the island, but she could make an attempt.

Rummaging through her closest she pulled out a clean pair of jeans that looked liked they might have seen better days, ripped and torn nearly to bits, once those were thrown on the bed she grabbed up a clean pair of panties and a blue and yellow striped string bikini top, adding those items to the pile on the bed she quickly opened the bottom drawer to add a plain button down top to her change of clothing. Closing her door quickly she changed her attire in record time, taking a look in the mirror, foregoing any attempt to tame her short black hair she deemed herself decent looking and went back downstairs and into the living room.
“Speedy has plans for me and him, so I dunno If I’ll be around for the celebration I’m sure ya’ll have planned.” Kei announce, flopping into an armchair.
AJ stood in the living room and listened to them all for a few moments before speaking. Pushing a matted strand of pink hair out of her eyes, she tried her best to put on her sweetest southern belle smile.
"Ah think Ah'm in desperate need of a shower, so Ah'm headin' that way." she watched Kei go from the kitchen to her room and called out behind her.
"HEY! Since John and Cam are so closed mouth about the Avengers Boys Club, see what you can find out!"
With her back straight out of achiness and pain, she called Vicki to her side and headed for her room.
A door closed, water started running, and everyone heard a very loud "Sonofabi..." echo from her shower as she removed the bandage Cameron and Kei had put on her wing.
Some time later, she reemerged from her room, hair dried and pulled up high in a pony tail, wearing something Chandi would actually be proud of her for. A simple purple backless halter and a pair of jeans. But at least she matched!
Reaching down to pet Vicki on the head, she frowned for a moment when she realized she wasn't standing next to her as usual. She was laying infront of Chandi's door.
"So, you've up and jumped ship on me have ya?" smirking at the dog and laughing at herself. "ok ok fine, but see if she likes the way you hog the bed all night long!"
Back in the living room, feeling marginally better, but still pretty wiped out, she looked to where John was standing and smiled.
"We need to talk."
Inside the locked quarters of one Nate "De" Niles, clothes lay strewn across the floor and bed, a mess of suit pants and jackets intermixed with dress shirts and shoes and a smattering of the the street clothes he'd been given on his excursion. Upon his dresser and bed various small bottles and jars and tablets lay tossed about, drugs of every conceiveable purpose all present in some form or another. In essence it was him. A mess of altered states and fancy pants.

How had this all come together? In his youth he'd been out in the streets hanging with the Yardies and acting a fool, shoving every drug down his gullet (or into his vein) his father felt fit to send him, and merely dabbling in he affairs of the Nightsiders. But later, he'd changed. Or been changed. Responsibility became his addiction, the workings of Australia's Demon and Mystic population becoming his workings. It's pulse becoming his pulse. It's false appearances.....

And that was what he'd become, wasn't it? A whole lotta nothin' wrapped up all nice and pretty to look like something else. To look "respectable". Back in Oz when something went wrong you either worked whatever mojo you had to make it right....or sent word to HQ that you needed a new partner. Away from Oz....

His mystic powers had all but shriveled up and died when he'd left home for Europe, and whatever knowledge he had of the streets had been replaced by knowledge of the Nightside. What he was had all but been erased by what he'd become. And yet in the end when it all came down to wasn't some neat little magic trick or paranormal home remedy that counted. But the basic CPR he'd learned as a boy watching his friend try to save the life of another friend. One who had ODed. One who didn't make it.

Without a doubt his years as a Peacekeeper taught him what he was capable of, but was it his years as a vandal that truely taught him who he was? Was he a suit? Or a pill? A Peacekeeper? Or a Troublemaker? The Agent in him knew how to deal with facing Godzilla. The Addict in him knew how to save a life.

So.....who was he?
Standing in the doorway to the common area, ‘Vok watched as half of the team scattered to the four winds in search of fresh clothes and warm showers. He could only guess that that was what they were up to of coarse, but it only led him to wish that he had a change of clothes anywhere on the island. There was no doubt that the metamorphic capabilities built into his uniform were helpful, but he got truly tired of wearing the same old clothes each and every day. And he could only guess that his teammates were tired of it as well. Listening to Mulder’s reply as the government spook flopped down onto the sofa, the amorous Skrull couldn’t help but feel a bit dejected. “Well, as soon as she gets unoccupied, be sure to extend an invite to her for a visit to paradise, will ya? Until then, me needs a shower. I’ve been wearing this same filth forever.”

While he slushed off a week’s worth of grime, ‘Vok threw his uniform into the laundry, hoping that nobody would come along and find the Skrull togs flopping around the spin cycle. As quickly as he could ‘Vok stepped from the shower, wrapped a towel around himself and made for the laundry room located conveniently just around the corner from where he had claimed his room. He reached into the washer and pulled out the purple uniform. In a flash the uniform was tossed into the dryer, leaving the all but naked Skrull standing alone in the laundry room with nothing but his insecurities. Thankfully the uniform was made from a fast drying polymer that was done in no time. He reached into the contraption and grabbed his clothes, making sure to shift their appearance back to something more earthen as soon as his hand came into contact with them. He slipped them on quickly and made his way back to the common room, because he could have sworn there was some mention of frosty libations and naked women. Well, maybe he had imagined the naked women part, but a pirate could dream.

Once he stepped back into the living room, he found most of his team back there discussing their evening’s plans for adventure and debauchery. But it was AJ’s curious smile and her cryptic words that caught his attention. “Aye me lass, and what be the nature o’ this ol’ dogs indiscretions?”
She reallly couldn't help but smile at him.
"Old dogs' right...come on." Angelee motioned towards the front door but not before excusing herself and her pirate pal.
"Excuse us folks, we've got somethin' ta talk about." grabbing John by the arm, she drug him out the front door, shooting a smile at Mulder as she did.
Walking a little ways away from the main house, down one of the many paths that twined around the complex, AJ took her time before she said anything to him.
Taking a moment to enjoy the setting sun, she finally turned to him and looked him square in the eye.
"John Starling...Ah want ta know what secrets ya think you're gonna hide from me? That kiss...on the plane..." she paused, raising herself up to a mere inch from his own lips.
"..wasn't the kiss of a human and Ah damn well know it. So, you gonna tell me what ya really are, or am Ah going to have ta use mah glamour dust on ya again?" she didn't move, she allowed herself to stare up at him defiantly, a delicate eyebrow arched in the most questioning of ways as she awaited his answer.

Ok'd by TMT to drag 'Vok around
As De paced back and forth within the confines on his quarters a flash of Purple caught the corner of his eye. His reflection in the mirror of his washroom. He couldn't help but freeze in his tracks as he stood there looking at his face, the same line of thought continuing to run rampant through his head. Where had this obession with dying his hair come from anyway? The purple was a joke played on him by Shy, that much he knew, but the red.... Where had the red come from?

Again...from his youth. A stupid wager lost to a good mate of his in which the loser had to dye his hair red for a month. That's when it had started and for whatever reason he took to it. He'd had less worries back then. But he also knew less of the world. And yet, here he was being asked to help safeguard the world while at the same time surrounded by friends and a boss who seemed to have less worries now than he had then. No. That was unfair. After all, he didn't know what ran through their heads and lives. But still, one had to admit that the island setting didn't seem to promote seriousness in action in any little bit.

Was that the problem? Did he take things to seriously even while acting like he didn't? Was there ever a time now when he just walked down the street at night without picking out the vampires and demons and warlocks from the crowd?

"You look like a clown......" he said as he walked into the washroom, resting the palms of his hands upon the porcelian sink as he gazed at his reflection.

Maybe that was his problem. Maybe he was stuck in the past. He'd lived his teenage years as if he were a child. His Peacekeeper years as if he were a teenager. And his years since then as if he were still keeping the peace. Perhaps it was time to grow up a little. Or maybe he just needed to go get hammered. Who was to say? There was, of course, one way to find out he mused.

He pulled the washroom door shut behind him as he exited back into his main quarters, his eyes searching the floor for something decent to wear. It was some minutes later when he emerged from his room, wearing simply a pair of black slacks with a dark purple dress shirt with matching socks beneath his black shoes. If he was going to get good and sloshed then it would be best to wear dark colors as piss and blood didn't show on them quite as readily. As he entered the commons room he tried his best to make sense of his hair, pushing stray locks from his face as he tried to eavesdrop enough of the conversation to know what was going on.

"Say. Don't suppose any o' you got a rubber band or two you could lend? Need to do something with my hair before I heads to the mainlan'."
Chandi had snuck away to her room a few minutes after entering their home, she needed to mediate and let her frayed nerves make heads or tails of themselves. A.J.’s near death experience had shook Chandi up real bad, seeing your dearest friend laying practically lifeless had the ability to scare the hell out of someone that much Chandi had figured out.

“Stop it!” Chandi scolded herself, having felt her mind drifting to a place she didn’t want to go, a place she’d learned to avoid years ago with monks in Tibet. As a teenager she’d been lost, aimless and confused. Having grown up with the praise of people in many countries but only praise for her acrobatic abilities in the circus. Little did they know that ‘The Talented Stray’ wasn’t just a costume and act, the owner of the circus had come up with the name of her act. Having always called Chandi his little stray, but if the audience only knew that the young Aussie wasn’t wearing a cat costume that she was in fact a mutant. Would they still have cheered so loudly when she took her first step onto the hire wire or last bow once she reached the ground? No because ‘normal’ people don’t cheer for mutants. Well not unless you’re an X-men, how was it they could get the whole world to love them yet she couldn’t even get one person to honestly and truly love her with no-strings attached?

Before Chandi knew it her mind was seeping deeper and deeper into her depression, something she’d always dealt with but hid it well behind a pleasant façade and confidant posture. What would they think if they found out the confidant woman she’d become was still the scared little girl hiding behind a shell of assurance and a gorgeous smile that still didn’t quite meet her eyes. What would people think if they found out she was a more villain then and angel, daughter of a upright man that hid is unseemly affairs with the mob behind a clean business man image and a mother who could pretend to care with the best of them but when push came to shove she’d be right there in the center pulling the puppet strings and making sure that ever horrid piece of the morbid puzzle Chandi called her life fell right into it’s proper place, would anyone still care about her if they knew the true Chandi?

“STOP IT!” Chandi beat her hands against the closed door of her bathroom, she couldn’t let the years she’d spent since leaving Valiant be lost again because she’d lost her center for a moment and allowed panic back into her life. She couldn’t lose herself again, not like this. “Just find your happy place.” Chandi pleaded with her mind, pushing her way out of the darkness, she wasn’t going to let herself believe the lies again.

‘Are they lies?’ The little voice in her mind asked her, the sinister sound of it alone made Chandi’s skin crawl. Though someone she couldn’t push it back into its cage like normal, she was losing grip on her own emotions. The monks in Tibet had taught her to keep her insecurities caged and in check, that was the only way she would be happy. But seeing A.J. motionless and dying had broken the lock on the cage and allowed Chandi’s fears to resurface and voice themselves. Maybe it’d been the thought that Chandi cared more about the people around her then they did her, could anyone in this building actual care about the petite black furry girl? None of them knew what it was like to be an outcast in society, all of them having their nice normal features. None of them having to deal with the name-calling and mutant bashing so blatantly like she had.

‘That’s not true’ another little voice screamed in her mind, this being the rational side of her. ‘Angelee knows what its like.’ The voice continued, reminding Chandi of the stories she’d heard of A.J.’s life in New Orleans of how a mob had chased her because of her wings and pink hair having taken her for a Mutant.

Frustrated with the inner battle her mind was playing with itself Chandi balled her fists into her long black hair and pulled, hoping the pain of tiny strands of her hair being ripped from her skull would hush the voices inside, calm the voices and allow her to go on living like she didn’t have inner demons or insecurities. Go back to the persona she’d created in New York, the confident beautiful daughter of an influential businessman whom keeps herself grounded by working as a Jockey/Bartender like any other normal person. Though many would know that she kept those jobs because of the endless free time she’d gained upon re-entering New York’s highest circle of sophisticated society.

The pain from her throbbing skull did in fact lesson the tension in her mind, the dull ache a comforting feeling for her. If there was one consent in Chandi’s life it was pain, physical, mental or any other kind. Taking one last look in the mirror at herself Chandi opened the bathroom door and made her way out into her room, quickly slipping into a pair of loose fitting dusty gray dressy draw string pants which were cuffed at the bottom (Though fashionable, they were cuffed so that they would not drag on the floor.), matching those with a fitted button down coral dress shirt, rolling up the sleeves to her elbows she took one last appraising look at herself in the full length mirror. Noting that her hair was unruly and wild falling down her back, though had a touch of elegance even in it’s disarray, shrugging her petite shoulders she undid the top three buttons on her shirt to reveal some cleavage and slide her feet into a pair of pointed toed black hills. Topping off her sophisticated yet laid back appearance Chandi felt like her self again, or at least the shell she’d created around herself.

“Time to drown my sorrows.” She muttered as she pulled open her bedroom door to find Vicki sleeping in front of it, smiling down at the German Shepard Chandi patted her head and stepped over her. “Come on girl, I could use some company.” Chandi spoke to the dog as she urged her to join her in her trip to the common room. Upon entering the common room she found Mulder, De, and Cameron. “I have a few hair bands you could borrow.” Chandi said a she entered the room, having heard De’s earlier question. “Feel free to go into my room and grab them. Just leave my underwear drawer alone.”
The mystery of the moment intrigued ‘Vok. But it scared the hell out of him all at the same time. AJ was on about something and he had no clue what it was, but he had his theories. One thing was for sure though, she was determined. He relented to the pink haired woman’s grasp and allowed himself to be pulled out into the relative privacy of the jungle setting outside. Once they were alone, she stood looking out at the sun as it sank beyond the horizon. She was stalling, and ‘Vok knew it. The girl had something on him and she was enjoying the torture of the moment.

Then she finally spoke, and all of a sudden it was out there. The question that she had been longing to ask, and the question that he had been trying his damnedest to avoid. A half an hour ago he had thought he was ready to confess his secrets to the entire team, but now that he was being pinned to the wall about it, he was feeling anything but talkative. ‘Vok cleared his throat a few times, trying to find the words. Trying his best to come up with some eloquent way to tell AJ that he was a member of a shape shifting alien race that had on more than one occasion tried to invade Earth and enslave her people. It was funny how much easier he had thought this was going to be when he had been going over it in his mind on the plane ride home. But no amount of silence on his part was going to let him slip out of this one. His patented John Starling charm had no chance of saving his ass here. AJ wanted answers and she was prepared to use whatever means necessary to get them.

From his first encounter with it, he knew that rotten pixie dust was going to be the bane of his existence. He had no chance at hiding anything while she had that ace up her sleeve. ”Well, here goes nothing.” Reaching deep down and mustering all the courage he had, ‘Vok finally answered in his heavy pirate slang, something he used as a defense mechanism, “Every bit of what I told ye in ye’re room that first afternoon was true. But me dids leave out one rather important morsel. In all the time me spent pirating ‘round the universe, me did not do it as John Starling. I was given a differen’ name by me fellow crew mates aboard the Starjammer. They called me Greenskull they did.” Slowly, the human guise fell by the wayside, leaving only his true Skrull features in their place. “For as ye see me lass, I ain’t only a pirate. I be a Skrull as well.”
"You do know I said rubber bands and not 'scrunchies' right Pet?" De asked half jokingly as he started to head towards the stairs, his hands already pulling his hair back into what would become a makeshift ponytail. "I may enjoy the finer points of female fashion and all but I ain't 'bout ready to go full on drag Pet, not full on drag."

He finished as he made his way up the stairs an into her room. He stood just inside the doorway for a few moments as he contemplated where exactly she may have stashed such bands, his eyes not detecting any in plain sight. Walking further in he looked over her nightstand and then opened the door to her washroom, thinking that the surface of her sink or stand might garner one. Not seeing one on either he began to run through the list of other possible locations.

"Well let's see... Top drawer's probably where the bird keeps her spare brushes and bands and whatnot. Next is probably knickers, followed by tops, then gawd knows what. So starting from the bottom seems like the only logical choice..."

He said aloud in a quiet voice as eh gazed a her dresser. It was, after all, the only senible plan of action he could come up with. He was a guy after all so looking in the smart place first was simply to much like the right thing to do. Wiggling his fingers in grubby, highly misplaced testosterone fueled anticipation, he approached the multitiered wooden house of all of Pet's frilly things. It was only as he got within inches of it was he forced to stop dead in his tracks, one of the bands for which he sought sitting there in plain sight upon the top of the dresser. Hard to explain his going through her things when what he was after was sitting right there in his face.

Scooping it up and using it to tie his hair back he stood there muttering a bit. Partially because of a missed opportunity, and partly because he'd snaged one lock of hair on the band and it had hurt like a motherfu(heylookatthepuppy!!) It wasn't to major a loss though. With any luck he could take her out sometime and get her right proper sloshed to the point where he'd get a private show.

The thought of it brought a smile to his face as he made his way back downstairs and into the commons, nice and satisfied that his purple mane would be out of his way for the evening and that he hadn't done anything he'd possibly need to explain or apologize for latter.

"So do we have a destination in mind for tonight's romp, thanks Pet, or are we just going close down pub after pub until we get arressted?"
She really couldn't help but giggle slightly as John Starling's visage melted away to reveal the Skrull below.
Arching an eyebrow at him, she bit her lip to keep from smiling.
"And that's supposed to impress me? Ah kissed a Troll! Well, it definately wouldn't be the first time..." leaning up on her tiptoes, she gave him a soft peck on the cheek.
"It's just nice to know Ah'm not tha only 'alien' creature around here. Humans are boring sometimes." Grabbing his hand again, she led him down the path a little farther.
"Are you going to tell the others, or do you want me to keep this just between us? Or are there other things you want to keep just between us?" She snickered again, not really able to help the bubble of happiness that had welled up in her.
Sure, he was green and looked like the Border Trolls that guarded the gates to Avalon...but it wasn't like she hadn't danced naked during the full moon with those guys...and they couldn't change their appearance. If he had expect AJ to freak out, he'd gotten the wrong reaction.
Her wings twitched just slightly with the breeze, causing the injured one to ache a bit. A grimace of pain crossed her features for the span of a second.
"Ah did bring you out here for anotha reason. Ah wanted to thank you, for saving me."
“Sure you aren’t Natey Boy, just keep telling yourself that.” Chandi called after Nathaniel as he made his way up the stairs and to her room, silently she wondered if it was a wise idea to allow him to go into her room alone. She’d just have to remember to take inventory once she got back up there, that was if she wasn’t smashed by the time they got back to the island. Chandi shifted her weight from foot to foot impatiently as she heard De moving around in her room upstairs, something about him being in her room alone made her uneasy, but she’d made her bed and now she had to lie in it and wait to see if her fellow companion from Oz was actually a gentleman and would leave her room as he’d found it, not that it was neat and tidy or anything. Hell she was the worst person at keeping her own room clean, after all after one gets used to having maids clean up after you its hard to do anything on your own. Even if that is just hanging something back up again, Chandi found tossing things into a pile in the corner of her room was much, much easier.

Running a hand through her long mane of hair, she glanced again at her appearance in the mirror taking in the black fur which made her eyes look even more piercing then when she was in her ‘human’ form. With a sly smile that revealed her sharper then normal canines Chandi could remember a time when her appearance had been a horrible reminder of her mutation, not that she was comfortable with her cat-like looks. But over the years she’d come to find herself beautiful in an odd way and that was partially due to A.J. and Cameron and that fact that they’d accepted her for her a long time ago. As she thought about this she did note that going out pub hopping looking like a cat might not be the best of ideas, I mean most of the patrons would already be drunk and probably just think her to be a delusional image of theirs. But Chandi didn’t want to scare those few sane people that might be occupying the pubs, plus you never know when you might find a mutant hater. Almost effortlessly she focus her mind on shifting her appearance and placing her ‘human’ illusion in place, and soon the face that looked back at her had tanned skin and no fur in sight.

As De re-entered the room Chandi fixed him with a hard gaze as if just daring him to admit if he’d snooped or not, though you had to admit that Chandi couldn’t possibly be that threatening to someone De’s height and size. After all she was barely taller then a fifth grader. “Your Welcome Natey Boy.” She glanced over at Mulder and Cameron, wondering if either of them had any idea where they should go and get smashed. “Cam was talking about a little place he knew of, maybe he’ll grace us with the information about this place.”
If ‘Vok had been the sensitive type, AJ’s troll comment might have been enough to send him right back into the base. But fortunately being compared to a troll, and numerous other slight insults of the like had ceased to faze him years ago. Plus, the peck on the cheek somehow managed to smooth over any initial hurt feelings. The girl just had that effect on him. Maybe that was why he didn’t even almost resist when she pulled him further along the path: that and the fact that what she had to say intrigued him. As she made the comparison of them both being aliens among the humans, he smiled, “I never really thought about it that way before, but I guess you’re right. We’re both one of a kind around here. Hell, I’m one of a kind almost anywhere.” The pirate slang had fallen by the wayside quickly as he subconsciously realized that he no longer needed the defense mechanism. He felt almost instantly comfortable with AJ in his natural form. ”I guess they’re right. The truth is liberating.”

But then she asked him the real question: the one to which he hadn’t yet figured out the answer. “I don’t know if I’m ready to share with the class just yet. I had been thinking about coming clean with you guys for a while now, but I’m just not sure. I didn’t have much choice when it came to telling you, but I don’t know how everybody else will take it. Little green men have a tendency to make people jittery.” As he spoke, he noticed the grimace of pain that briefly crossed AJ’s face, and hoped she was all right. But she brushed it aside fairly quickly, so he decided not to press the issue. Instead he found himself being thanked for something that he hadn’t even given a second thought since returning from Japan. In fact ‘Vok hadn’t even thought it was that big a deal. His friend was about to be eaten by a giant radioactive lizard and he had the ability to save her. He hadn’t thought twice about jumping in after her. Looking down at the stone path beneath his feet, ‘Vok kicked a stray stone out into the grass as he did his best impression of an embarrassed school boy, “Aww shucks, it wasn’t nothing any metamorphic alien pirate with a king sized crush wouldn’t have done,” ‘Vok mumbled as he looked up sheepishly at the slightly taller fairy.
"Alright then, you're secret is safe with me. So, just shift back into that devestatingly gorgous human form and we'll head back to the house with the others. Ah have a feeling Cam's probably peering out the window trying to see if you've ran off with me yet." she snickered just a bit as they turned to head back towards the main house.
"It's a long story. So, you heading to the mainland with the rest of em? Ah might, don't know yet. Kinda hard ta hide mah wings right now." she glanced back over her shoulder at them and frowned slightly. "Damn lizards...anyway..."she shook her head, and glanced over at him again.
"Just so you know, Ah've got this thing for humans...all faeries do. It's weird...they can be the most boring monotonous creatures sometimes, but mah gods are they fun...and incredibly appealing...and..." the train of thought dropped off somewhere as AJ's mind began to go over things, she grinned.
"However, as much fun as humans are....Ah find "others" moreso appealing...and sexy...and oohh mah..." again, her thoughts were in places maybe they shouldn't have been which was evident by the pink tinge on her cheeks.
"Sorry...Ah have an overactive imagination."
The inuendo and not so subtle hints were certainly not lost on 'Vok, and the reappearance of AJ the flirt quickly returned the Skrull to form as well. "Don't ye be worryin' 'bout that imagination, me lass. It's ideas like your's that keep a pirate up all night." With a devilish grin he took AJ by the hand and walked back towards the complex, shifting his appearance back to the gruff human pirate as he walked. "In fact me was thinkin' about headin' to that pub of Cam's for a nip. Xreeva knows I could use one. Coarse it wouldn't be a party without you, love. Me hopes you change your mind and come along, for if anybody says word one about yer wings I'll keelhaul 'em."
"Well here's to hopin' eh Pet?"

De said as he gazed over her more human visage. He'd seen it before, when he'd first arrived and he was trying to figure out which cat chick she was and whether or not he'd nailed her at some point. But even having seen it before it wasn't exactly something he was comfortable with. De's world had been filled with a wide spectrum of men and women (and certain transgender speices) that all had decidedly less that "normal" looking appearances, and he was used to that. Horns and tails and scales had all become commonplace to him, and for someone to go to such lengths to cover it up left him feeling a bit uneasy. Probably because such people were usually up to something.

Never-the-less there was a night of drinking and possibly whorin' to be had so he couldn't let something as minor as appearances disturb him now. There were ancient Australian drinking rituals he needed to mentally perform in order to get his liver ready, not to mention a few more contemporary Irish and Scotish ones as well. After all, De could get plastered with the best of them but had never had to suffer a hang-over since he was 15.

"So what's the plan then? A pub? A strip club? Pubs and strip clubs?" he asked as he turned his focus back to Mulder and Cam, not entirely sure he wanted to get sloshed with the former, but not wanting to miss the opportunity to catch up with Pet and the latter.
"Sure we will toots!" Pietro said from the doorway as he made his appearance in true Quicksilver fashion.
"Hey all, hope you don't mind me crashing the party. I've heard stories, had to see it first hand." His conversation was broken short as AJ and John returned to the house. Causing not only Pietro to raise an eyebrow in question, but Mulder too.
"Ok, someone owes me ten bucks." Mulder stood up and dusted himself off, running a hand through his mussed hair.
"Because I remember betting someone ten bucks he'd run off with her and never come back....hell, I would have...I've seen the video." Giving a wink and a smile, he turned his attention back to the group.
"So, yeah, Cam's little bar over on the Key and trust me, you don't need to worry about strip clubs, they are a dime a dozen down lets see, I've got some government money, a boat down under the training room in the docking area, and a few beautiful women...Who says this isn't going to be a good time."
Peitro slipped an arm around Kei and smiled as Mulder went on about living his wet dream. "I'm not up for the strip clubs...but some quality time with my little Hawaiian flower here wouldn't be too bad."
Giving everyone a few moments to gather themselves together, Mulder told them all to meet him at the docks and they'd get their adventure underway.
“I told ya those stories in confidence, Pietro.” Kei hissed as she rested her arm around his waist, leaning her weight against him comfortably, “That’ll be the last time too, this wahine ain’t gonna spew off her mouth to ya anymore…” She punched him lightly in the shoulder, turning to look at Mulder.
“Never seen the appeal in strip clubs, so guess he’ll be gettin’ his quality time…after a couple of drinks in the pub.” Reaching the hand that had previously punched him up to muss his white hair, “After Japan, I need to get good and rattly, release some o’that tension.” She gave a wide smile, her dark brown eyes twinkling happily; Kei had enjoyed the Japan adventure to begin with, but it was difficult towards the end, she still wasn’t sure her powers were back to one hundred percent after she used them so heavily.

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