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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
AJ blew Chandi a kiss and headed to her room for a moment to grab something. Maybe John was right. Even if she couldn't shrink her wings down and make them unseen to normal eyes, she might still be able to go and have a good time.
She watched as Vicki stood the silent sentry by Chandi's side, occasionally moving her head up to bump Chandi's hand and try to get a petting out of her.

Inside her room, AJ stopped in her tracks as she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Gashes on her arms that had been bandaged up were still oozing blood as they had bright red marking on their pristine white cloth. Turning, she looked at her wings in the mirror and sighed deeply. It was going to take a long time, or a trip to Avalon to repair the damage done here...and she wasn't up for the latter, not yet.
She had made Rhys a promise that she would get all her "party days" out of her system before she came back, and she was far from getting those over with.
Coming back into the living room as everyone began to scatter, she motioned for Vicki to follow her and called over her shoulder.
"Ah think Ah'll be sittin' this one out. Ya'll go and have fun...Ah'm tired...Japan took alot out of me. Drink a few for me."
And truth be told, she looked exhausted. Opening the door she walked out into what was now the darkened night sky and decided to take a long walk down the beach with her dog. Maybe she just needed some time to think everything over.
Thinking he recognized the sound in her voice, 'Vok guessed that AJ was being more than a little self-conscious about her wings, which was an emotion he could easily relate to. He went through most of his days on Earth with a hint of insecurity lingering around his edges. So he decided not to press the issue. As she explained away her disinterest in the sinful excursion, she made her way across the living room, and ‘Vok quickly followed. He reached her just before she stepped out into the early evening air. Taking her gently by the arm, he pulled her back just long enough to give her a quick kiss on the cheek and say, “Thanks for everything, doll. If ye need anything while we’re gone, just send up the flares and I’ll come a runnin’. Of that ye have me word.”

‘Vok didn’t like the idea of leaving AJ on the island by herself, but he realized that she didn’t look to be in the mood for company either. That left him little choice other than entrusting his friend’s well being to Vikki. And oddly enough, that was actually enough to make him feel better about the situation. So he let her go out into night with her faithful companion by her side as he turned away from the door and made his way to where the rest of the team was gathering.

As he walked the short distance, ‘Vok shifted his appearance to better suit the evening’s plans. When his companions next saw him, he was wearing a loose-fitting white shirt with an extra wide collar, which was unbuttoned halfway down his chest. His hair was suddenly pulled back in a purposefully disheveled way by a tattered strip of material. Around his neck ‘Vok wore an equally tattered neckerchief accompanied by a gold amulet emblazoned with the Skrull’s own stylized version of the jolly roger. There was a sash about his torso from which usually would have hung his saber. But since the Vault guards had seen fit to confiscate his sword, it was now hanging empty at his side. He wore form fitting brown pants and knee-high boots that were strapped tightly around his calves with a few well-placed silver buckles. This was his favorite face to wear whenever he was heading out for a night of debauchery. If he was to act the ruttish pirate, it only made sense to dress the part as well. A smile bursting with bravado lit up his face as the shape shifter raised his hands high into the air with a grandiose flourish and bellowed, “Avast me hearties! Set us a coarse and get me under way Mister Spooky, for there be a celebration to be had and there be rum to be drank! I’m fixin’ ta get loaded to the gunwales this night. And if we are a might lucky me buckos, we may just crack Jenny’s tea cup before the night is through!”
"We'll be sure to drink more than a few for ya luv, more than a few. Might even manage to get Sonic the mutiehog there to sit still a minute." De said as he tucked his hands into his pockets and turned towards the door. "So let's git this goin' shall we?"

He started towards the door, though he wasn't exactly sure how they were going to be getting off the island and to where ever their intended destination was. They could probably take the jet. though it might bring to much unwanted attention. They also had a boat and a heli at some point so maybe springing one of those wouldn't be out of the question.

Of course, he still had to figure out a way to make sure he wasn't stuck next to Fox Mulder for the trip over. C'mon. What kind of name was "Fox" anyway?
Not one of their number had made it down to the underground docks before their mission had begun. So they would all be seeing this for the first time. As they began to descend the stairs from the computer bay area, down past the training level, down even further...they found a sight that was surely from something out of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. There were easily 10-15 different boats and vessels of various shapes and sizes docked under their "house."
Mulder was quick to explain however. "This used to be used as a stash base for rum runners back in the 1800s. During Prohabition, it was used again by the mob to store booze. So we just took it over, high teched it a bit, and're looking at the Government's best kept secret." his arms thrown wide as he turned a circle, then stopped and smirked at them.
"But tonight, we take the speedboat. All aboard." He said as he hopped into the small boat and offered his hand up to Chandi to help her in.
Pietro was just about to do the same for Kei when a small beeping noise made him roll his eyes.
"Just a sec luv." he grabbed his own communicator and listened in. Sighing deeply he looked down at Kei.
"Rain check? Apparently, I've got a world to save." in true Quicksilver fashion, he didn't give her time to respond, he dipped her down into a quick kiss that he hoped would implant itself firmly in her memory for some time to come, gave her a quick wink and sped off.

Minutes later, the members of the team that had decided to join in on the festivities of the "unwinding ritual" were docking at SugarLoaf Key. Again, it was a sight to behold. Not only was it just another small island in a chain of islands off the coast of was a melding of Key West and New Orleans during Mardi Gras.
Finding Cameron's bar was easy enough as they made their way through the streets past drunken revellers celebrating "some St.'s birthday".
She walked silently down the beach for a while. Doing nothing but tossing a stick for Vicki to retrieve and bring back, and watching the waves slowly lap against the shoreline.
Sitting down, Vicki came running back panting, looking happier than AJ had seen her in some time.
"Ah know, sorry about that. We just haven't had alot of time together, have we?" Reaching out to rub her fur, she jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Neither have we." She didn't need to turn around, she knew who the voice belonged to.
"Hey..." was all she said as she did finally turn to stare up into the most magnificant blue eyes she had ever seen.
"Is that all I get, "hey"..." Rhys reached his hand down to help her up and AJ promptly hugged him.
"There, that's better." he smiled down at her.
It was then she noticed how quietly Vicki was sitting at his side. Vicki...HATED men. So now, all of a sudden...Rhys was her best friend? Then things started to fall into place and she gazed up at him with an accusing glare.
"You've been using my dog, to spy on me?" her voice had a slight edge to it and he noticed.
"Not spy...remember, I told you I care not what you do while in this mortal realm. However, the instant you get hurt, I will know." she had turned her head away from him, but he took her chin in his fingers and forced her to look at him.
"Angel...I haven't been spying...but I do know things. I know "he's" here...I know that adorable cat girl you've always fancied is here...and I know you've made a friend in another wordly being." She jerked away from him for a moment. Feeling very much like she was under a microscope.
Rhys threw his hands up in the air and sighed.
"Mortals! They are rubbing off on you and I don't like the stench!" there was laughter in his tone, but AJ was not amused.
"Then leave. You're the one who sent me out here. I was more than ready to stay in Avalon, but NO! YOU sent me here. So now, you're going to sit back and deal with the consequences of YOUR actions!" She was tired, achy and just plain pissed off at this point.
"Angel, I didn't mean anything by it. Yes, I know what the arrangement was. Take a century, take longer if you like. I'll be waiting. I just came to ease your pain, that's all." He reached out and touched her damaged wing and instantly it quit throbbing. Rhys had a magick all his own and she never had really realized what it was.
"Rhys..." she had a brokenhearted look on her face as he turned to leave.
"Don't leave mad at me...Ah...Ah know...this is all just so difficult. Ah haven't told any of them yet. Ah can't..."
His only reply to her before he disappeared was simply...
"You can't run forever from it."
Kei walked along with the group, avoiding the drunken men that seemed more than prepared to feel her up if she got within reach.
“This is just great, Pietro leaves me ace to go save the world.” She muttered mostly to herself, “He owes me, he owes me bad! Screw the world, I wanted to have some fun.” Kei sidestepped a group of guys who were eyeing her, giving them her best annoyed looked she edged closer to John.
“If one of those drunks gets to close will ya take care of him for me?” Kei asked the pirate, using her best puppy dog eyes on him, “See, if I get all drunk I’ll probably lose control, and if they try anything I might make a hand explode…” She trailed off as she tried to shake that mental image from her mind.
“Better to have the pirate deal with them, then the drunk anomaly who can make things go boom.” The surfer gave John a big smile, and then as if to prove her point even though she wasn’t drunk as of yet she made a small motion and a guy two feet from them had his glass explode in his hand.

Stepping into the pub, she turned completely to look at John, “What drink do you recommend for a wahine like me?” She cocked her head to the side, apparently having gotten over her annoyance with Pietro’s departure.
“Also, the bar or a table?”
AJ stood there for a moment and then whirled around.
"AH KNOW THAT!" She yelled into the empty night sky. This was the last thing she wanted to deal with today.
"Jesus Christmas! Can't Ah get ovah being almost eaten by a radioactive lizard before everahbody starts in on me again!" stomping her feet in the sand she let out a loud angry squeel and started stalking back to the house.
Vicki was right on her heels, looking a bit morose as Angelee slammed the front door behind them. Looking down at the dog, she glared.
"You...Ah can't believe you'd give me up like that? Ah thought we were pals? Ah put up with Drakon for you! 2 YEARS of him for you! Ah went halfway across the world because Ah got told he sold you to a testing facility in the UK, put up with prudish uptight Brits, and this is the thanks Ah get?"
The dog, for her part, looked genuinely sad. Big brown eyes looked up at AJ's for a moment then she looked down at the floor again.
AJ shook her head and walked down the hall and into her room. She really couldn't blame it all on Vicki. Some faeries had a way of talking to animals a level that AJ never understood. Maybe Vicki was just worried?
"And exactly how do you think they're all gonna take this? Ah'll be all like... "Ok, well, there's something Ah've neglected to tell ya. See, when Cameron abandoned me in Avalon, Ah kinda developed this relationship with Rhys and one thang led to another and well... eventually Ah'll be his bride! Oh, but don't worry, Ah've got a good 200 years before that'll happen!?!?!??" Gods, Ah can see their faces now. John'll just laugh it off and say "Good, that's 200 years Ah get a chance ta chase after you!" Chandi'll be wide eyed and "Umm..ok, and you didn't tell me this sooner because????" and Cameron..."
AJ fell face first on the bed and groaned into the pillow.
"Ah don't know..." it was muffled and there was infinate sadness in her voice.
"It wasn't like we were exclusive ta one anotha', and now...things being the way they are...Ah just don't know how he'll react. Maybe he'll think Ah'm just toying with his heartstrings for toyin' with mine 2 years ago...Maybe he won't care. It's not like he'll live 200 years..." She rolled over and threw her arm over her eyes as if to block it all out. Groaning just slightly as she landed on her wings.
"Ah'll tell them...Ah don't think Ah can hide it anymore anyway...faeries poppin' in and outta her like it's a 7-11."
Cam had been lost in thought all during the short boat trip up the coast. He toyed listlessly once more with the pendant which seemed to hang more heavily than normal around his neck. He couldn't help but worry about AJ back on the island alone, but she had made it pretty clear that she wasn't really up for company. He had let her down again, not being there when Godzilla had snapped her up. Was this the way it was always going to be? Was there always going to be something that made them keep each other at arms length? Maybe he was better off away from here, from her. All he seemed to do was bring hurt into her life. The 'Valiant' jinx. They had often jokingly called it whenever things seemed to go awry. A thin smile played over his lips as the memory of less complex times came upon him. "Ah need a dram!"

The flickering neon sign of the Tap caught his attention, drawing his eyes towards his companions. Entering the bar, Cam was greeted by a cheerful wave from Steve Trevor over the heads of the locals and tourists already enjoying their evening. "Grab a table!" he said in reply to Kei's query, his voice raised to carry over the sound of the three piece playing a rousing country number on the stage in the far corner of the bar. "Ah'll get the drinks in. Beer and Whisky all round?" he continued, not really waiting for a response as he headed towards the bar to get re-acquainted with Steve. "How ye daein'? Bit busier than the last time ah wis in." he said as he reached the bar, hand outstretched to the older man.
Wandering through the streets of Sugar Loaf Key brought a wide grin to ‘Vok’s face. These were his kind of people. The revelers reminded the pirate of his earlier years. His years spent upon the Starjammer and his time working for the Taskmaster had allowed him many a nights such as the one the locals were enjoying. It looked as though Cameron had been holding out on them. They should have visited this place far sooner. But as much as he was enjoying the rowdy atmosphere, he couldn’t help but notice the look of concern on Kei’s face as she edged closer to him for safety.

More than willing to play the hero, ‘Vok hoisted the Hawaiian girl onto his shoulder, away from the leering drunkards below. He knew deep down that he and Kei could get into plenty of trouble together if the opportunity presented itself. So he made a note in the back of his mind to keep an eye out for that opportunity. He’d hate to miss a good thing. With the smiling girl on his shoulder, he followed the Scotsman down the street toward what he hoped to be a well-stocked saloon. It was just then that Kei, in a moment of self assurance, made a nearby patron’s glass explode, dumping its contents all over the sidewalk. Filled with shock and disbelief, ‘Vok glared playfully up at the firecracker perched on his shoulder and scolded, “How dare ye, miss! Wasting alcohol in me presence shall not be tolerated!” And with that, he hefted her back down to the ground and looked at her sternly. But of coarse he was just teasing as she soon found out. Unwilling to be truly angry with the cute surfer girl, ‘Vok gave her a wink and a smile and whispered, “Come now me lass. Let’s get ripped before Cam decides to drink the place dry.”

Finally, the search was over. They had made it to their destination and all was right in the galaxy. Standing before the bar with Kei at his side, not hearing Cam over the noise of the place, he answered loudly, “Well me doll, it all depends if ye are a professional or a novice. Do ye want to get riotously ruined, or do ye want a simple buzz? The answer to that quandary will determine both yer drink and yer seating arrangements.”
De had kept mostly to himself during the trip over, as well as the walk to the pub, truely enjoying the prospect of getting good and pissed but still wondering in the back of his mind if that was what he should be out doing. Back in Oz he was constantly in an altered state. Helped with the business. But here......

"So long as it's dark and bad for me I'll have a taste..." De tried to reply to Cameron's question as the other man started to walk off. "Ah well. I'm sure he knows."

And with that he headed for a table, circling it slightly so he could take a seat that wouldn't leave his back to the door. He'd have to find a way to get that band off stage and get some real music playing, but hopefully by the time he'd figured out how to do that he'd be right and proper sloshed to the point where he wouldn't care.
Taking in the décor and over all appearance of the Tap, Chandi noted that it reminded her a lot of a place she once worked at though the music had been far better and the patterns just a little bit trendier. “Sparky, only beer for me.” Chandi called, pausing for a moment before adding. “Remember this little body of mind doesn’t handle alcohol all to well.” She giggled as she remembered back to the few times she’d gotten drunk in Cameron and AJ’s presents. On the outside it had always seemed like harmless fun, a way to let off steam and relax. But for Chandi it’d been much more drinking had been a way for her to forget her troubles for a while, focus on the fog that would come down and cloud the logical part of her mind and allow her to let her inhibitions slip away for a few hours of blissful fun.

As she walked towards a table De had chosen Chandi listened to the rhythmic clicking of her heels against the wood floor and watched as men seemed glued to her every move, she merely flashed them each a smile and gave them a look that clearly said she was ‘off limits’. After all she wasn’t in the mood to be groped by half drunk morons. “The music’s lovely isn’t it.” Chandi remarked sarcastically as she gracefully took the seat to the right of De, her eyes scanning the Tap once again out of habit.
"Just like being back home."

De replied with an equally sarcastic tone, draping his right arm over the rear of his chair as he shifted in his seat a bit. In the front of his mind he was undressing and redressing several of the bar's patrons, often in each other's clothes. But in the back of his mind he was listening for little tell tale signs of vampires, demons, and, black magic. Wizards and warlocks and such had a certain diction about them, years of carefully enunciating spells having forced their lips to be more precise when speaking.

"I mean, what do even call this? Is it music? Or did we stumble into purgatory through some fluke hellmouth?"
Kei quirked an eyebrow and laughed, “Didn’t think drinkin’ took this much thought,” She commented, trying think of exactly what she wanted to do tonight, “I’m not a big drinker, so nothin’ to strong…and I want somethin’ between a buzz and completely ruined.” Kei gave John a big smile, leaning against the bar, “I still dunno how that affects where I sit though…” she turned to look around at the bar, it was decently packed; the music could be better though.

“Looks like Chandi and De have already gotten themselves comfortable at a table, not surprisin’.” She commented eyeing the guy three chairs down from her almost absent-mindedly. Old habit, walk into a bar, scope out the easiest target, get an easy con.
“Can’t do that now though, that’s violatin’ parole.” Kei thought to herself with a half-smile, not that she really wanted to run cons anymore, it was more for the adrenaline rush.
Hours passed like minutes as the group let themselves unwind at the bar. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including their fearless leader.
Deep into his cups and a bit more laid back than usual, Mulder pulled an envelope from his jacket pocket and waved it at Chandi, who was sitting next to Mr. FBI.
"Next Assignment, anyone want the details?" he downed two more shots of vodka before he gave her a haphazard grin and began to explain what they would be doing next.
"Nasty mess really... Place somewhere across the pond...some castle...haunted as hell. But from our intel, not as haunted as it would seem. Seems that Scarecrow has holed himself up there and is using his fear toxin to make people believe there's more there than what really is. Your job, simple love..." leaning over to Chandi, he smiled wide. "Charm the pants off of me...go catch the Scarecrow, come back and tell me exactly what does go on in that bedroom late at night with you and Pinky."
It didn't take long for AJ to be sound asleep on the bed. The day had really taken it's toll on her and even as much as she had wanted to go along and join in the festivities, she was glad deep down no one had tried to persuade her otherwise.
However, her dreams were a jumble of images and visions. She'd roll occasionally only to land on a sore arm or a bruised wing. Wings, that thanks to Rhys, didn't throb anymore, but still looked like they had gone through a meat grinder.
Waking up a few times to go get herself a drink of water, AJ slipped off her clothes and slid under the covers of her bed and back to sleep.
She had no idea what the coming days would hold for them, but she did know she needed her rest.
The shape shifter had amassed quite the collection of bottles in front of him as the night had progressed, and he had every intention of adding to it. But apparently there was work to be done. From behind his glass wall of drunk, 'Vok shot daggers at the government man sitting across from him. He couldn't put his finger on it, but 'Vok knew that he didn't like Mulder all that much. It might have just been the alcohol, but maybe it was the leacherous way he looked at Chandi and Kei. It wasn't like the Skrull hadn't given them a randy glance a time or two himself, but at least he was doing it in the name of fun. Mulder was a different story. Something about him just screamed creep. And here he sat, in the middle of a perfectly good saloon, talking shop. All the pirate was trying to do was enjoy a nice evening out having some fun with his teammates, and here was this guy Spooky, bringing up business right in the middle of a good buzz.

"Ye interupted our fun for that?! Ye want us to skip the pond and go capture some Wizard of Oz reject terrorizin' the locals? I gots an idea for ye, mate. Call Interpol. Or maybe call S.H.I.E.L.D. Call the blasted Ghost Busters if'n ye have to. Cause we're off duty and me knows for a fact that there be plenty more rum where all this be comin' from. And I don't plan on leavin' until I've sampled the lot of it"
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Chandi chirped, extremely perky now due to the large amounts of alcohol she’d consumed. “And you sir are going to have to charm the pants off of me…not vice versa.” She continued as she lifted herself up out of her seat, long since having discarded her high heels a hour or so ago, she tipsily made her way over to Vok whom was glaring daggers at Mulder. “Now now, Johnny, play nice.” Chandi scolded as she gave him her best stern look, before climbing into his lap and making herself comfortable. “Fox is just being nice.” She continued as she shifted her weight around in Vok’s lap so she could look him at him as she spoke.

Turning her attention quickly back to Mulder, Chandi gave him the same stern look she’d tried with Vok. “Johnny has a point, now isn’t the time for business.” She declared, sounding almost like a four year old as she spoke.
"I don't know what you two are on about. The hero gig requires us lot to be on call at all times all times. It's not like we have a time sheet or punch clock luv."

De had no great love for Mulder either, but wasn't above doing what he could when he could. He leaned back in his chair a bit, bringing the front two legs off the ground as he made eyes at a girl at the far end of the bar through the masses of people between them.

"Scarecrow eh... So what happened? The Dorothy bird ditch him and the wizard screw him over?"

He asked as he pulled his attention back to the matter at hand, the copious amounts of dark liquor he'd consumed having left him with only a buzz, years of practice (not to mention a touch of old fashioned mumbo-jumbo) allowing him to get only as drunk as he wanted to be.

"Don't really matter I guess. Just let us know how many peices we're supposed to bring him back in...."
“Come on ya’ll, De’s got a point.” Kei argued leaning against John who she was sitting beside, “I’m not sayin’ I’m all for the idea, but we’re government now…and unless ya’ll wanna see me in a orange jumpsuit it’s kinda our duty to listen to Spooky over there.” She looked from Chandi to De, and then finally over at John.
“I promise ya brah, when we get back I’ll buy ya all the rum your piratin’ heart can ask for.” She told him, reaching a hand up to ruffle his hair. She was on the edges of drunk, so her common sense might’ve taken a backseat by now, but she knew enough to realize not complying to missions meant her probation would probably be breached and she would do time for all the conning she’d done.

Leaning forward on the table she looked at Mulder, “How ‘bout we strike a deal, you’ll let us have tonight, and we’ll leave tomorrow.” She gave him her most winning smile, batting her eyelashes innocently in hopes of manipulating his better judgement.
“I promise ya, we’ll get our jobs done.”
"As many as necessary" Mulder gave De a slight smile before addressing everyone else.
"I hadn't planned on sending you out right now. Did you forget you've got a wounded team mate back at the house who's probably not going to be up for a trip for a few days now? I'm not completely heartless." he reached for another shot and downed it quickly as a slight ringing came from his jacket.
"Damn..." he muttered and reached for his cell phone.
"Mulder..." he answered, listened for a moment or two, turned his attention to the team and smiled for a second before answering the person on the other end.
"Ok, can do." he closed the phone up and shoved it back into his pocket, turned back to the bar and didn't bother telling any of them what the call was about.
A few more drinks, he finally turned to John Starling and gave him a scathing look.
"Interpol doesn't want the job. Scotland Yard is scared of him...and S.H.I.E.L.D. Well...Let's just say Nick Fury isn't your best friend right now..John" The intonation on John's name, the cocky smirk on Mulder's face, could only lead to one conclusion. He knew...
It was no surprise that Mulder knew of 'Vok's true identity. Every fed from top on down probably knew about 'Vok's presence on earth by now. He had managed to stay under the radar for quite a few years while working for Cage and then later for Freedom Force. But it was his unfortunate choice to go to work for Taskmaster that was his ultimate undoing. Ever since those agents had caught up to him in Madripoor, ‘Vok’s cover had been blown. At least as far as the government was concerned. But his teammates were still unaware of his alien heritage, and he didn’t need some cocky alcoholic blowhard ruining the good things he had going here.

Doing his best to keep his cool, 'Vok threw back another shot of rum and gave Chandi a friendly squeeze around the waist, winking playfully at the kitty cat contentedly curled up on his lap. And then all of a sudden it hit him. Even though he had done his best to be comfortable around his teammates, he knew that he never would be. At least not while he had one big green secret hanging over his head. Looking into Chandi’s eyes, as Kei jabbed at him playfully, he all of a sudden realized that there was no longer any reason to stay hidden behind a face that was not his own. “Ye know what Fox me boy, I be tired of people holding things over on me. It’s time to let me hair down once and fer all. Cam...De...Chandi...Kei, I have been hiding something from ye all for as long as ye’ve known me. I’m tired o’ keepin’ secrets from the lot of ye. Ye see, Chandi here ain’t the only one who sometimes hides her face from the world. Problem is, I’ve been hidin’ ever since I landed on Earth ten years ago.” ‘Vok leaned forward on his chair, and as confidently as he could, allowed his human face to shift to the much greener visage of Xlorvok the Starjammer Skrull. His ears grew longer, coming to an obvious point that reached the top of his head. And the chin that resided in the palm of his hand was now riddled with multiple creases that ran vertically up to his lower lip. He smiled at the group gathered around him, not quite sure what to say.

Chandi was still on his lap, and he hoped that the sight of his alien face would not cause her to jump back in fright. With one more shot of liquid courage to help clear his throat, ‘Vok finally decided that a new introduction would probably be in order, “Me name’s actually Xlorvok and I’m a Skrull.”
As John's face began to melt and change, Cam threw a glance towards Steve at the bar, and then made a small gesture with his hand, his rings glowing ever so slightly as he did. "A wee obfuscation spell should dae it.." he thought to himself. Trevor looked up from the jug of beer he was pulling and shook his head, a small smile playing over his lips as he returned his concentration to the bar. "Perhaps this isnae as unusual around here as ah thought."

An almost imperceptible shimmer began to rise from the floor around their table, seperating the team from the rest of the bar in a subtle heat haze which would hopefully not look too out of place in the muggy atmosphere of the Tap. To anyone glancing at the team from outside the haze the team would still appear as normal as any other patron.

Turning his concentration back towards the now transformed 'Vok, Cam appraised his new visage over the top of his glass of malt. "Ach well. At least yer nae a dragon. Here hae anither drink.." Cam picked up the rum bottle and topped up Vok's almost empty tumbler. "Dinnae worry about scarin' the locals either. Ah've put up a wee spell tae confuse them. So Chandi, ye can relax as well if ye want tae."
“I dunno what the hell a Skrull is, but ‘s long as ya don’t eat cute, Hawaiian wahine’s I’m not gonna go angry mob on ya.” Kei commented, cocking her head sideways to further attempt to take in her teammates new appearance, “I wouldn’t taste real good anyway, too much muscle.” Kei jokingly flexed her arm, in an attempt to lighten the mood. Mostly for her own sake, she was putting on a brave front but really Kei was inwardly counting to ten and making sure she hadn’t gone insane…

Once she was reassured Kei took another sip of her drink and continued to analyze ‘Vok’s face, “Your chin has this extreme Leno thing goin’ on.” She commented, “Do all Skrulls have that?” Kei ran her fingers through her hair, looking around the bar, even though Cam had assured them that he had put up a spell of some sort.
Chandi watched in fascination as John the gorgeous pirate slowly seemed to morph into a green guy, who albeit wasn’t ugly he wasn’t exactly normal looking either. Craning her neck to get a better look at John or Xlorvok actually, Chandi brought a hand up to his face and began poking and prodding at him with her index finger. “I haven’t had to much to drink have I?” Chandi questioned the rest of her teammates; after all she was the first to admit she couldn’t hold her liquor very well. But when nobody informed her that she was just imaging the fact that John had just turned into a green Skrull Chandi accepted the fact that she wasn’t seeing things. “So what do we call you? Xlor..vok.” Chandi tumble over the name, hoping to god that their dear ole’ pirate had some sort of a nickname.

As Cam informed her that he’d put up some kind of spell to keep them hidden Chandi flashed him a thankful grin and dropped her illusion, liquor was straining on her system enough but to have to keep on an illusion was even harder on it. “Thanks Sparky, I knew you weren’t just handy in the bedroom.” She remarked, before silently wishing that AJ had joined them on their little outing.
"Ain't that some type of Goblin mate? Or am I thinkin' of a Skrill?" De semi-asked as he continued to make eyes at the woman across the bar. The name Skrull did indeed sound somewhat familiar, but he couldn't for the life of him remember what one was.

"And no Pet, ya ain't had to much to drink. Unless of course you think you have, in which case I'd be happy to run you back to the flat. Help you sweat it out a bit...." He commented before taking another swallow from his own glass. It was true he'd neglected the weights for quite some time, but he'd been running and gunning for so long that he probably couldn't lift what he was used to anyway.

He could however, pull his eyes off his previous prey to give Chandi the once over as she dropped her glamour. It still intrigued him why someone like her would go through the trouble of hiding her appearance. Then again, his upbringing wasn't exactly the most normal so maybe his view of the world was skewed a bit, but it was still something that intrigued and confused him all at once.

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