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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
“Ask me when I’m sober and maybe I’ll take you up on that offer Natey.” With a tiny wink in De’s direction Chandi stretched her arms above her head and swished her tail around a bit, enjoying the freedom she felt when in her natural appearance. Though she’d become so dependent on her illusion that it came as second nature to put it up around herself when in public. For many in her own circle did not even know she was not ‘normal’, no they only knew her as the gorgeous daughter of a wealthy Australian. “I don’t think our Johnny boy here is a goblin….” She continued her gaze falling on Vok again.

“What is a Skrull?” Chandi questioned her large eyes wide with curiosity, as she took her glass and gulped down the last of her drink while making a mental note that she should probably slow down on the drinking if she wanted to remember any of this the next morning.
Gladly accepting the fresh drink that Cam had poured for him, ‘Vok raised his glass to his friends. Winking in Kei’s direction, the much more comfortable Skrull quipped, “Nah, me gave up eating young girls years ago. And yes,” ‘Vok said as Chandi poked and prodded at his alien features, “the chin comes standard on all Skrull models. And no amount of poking will make it go away, doll. So ye can stop tryin’. And just so ye know, De me mate, Skrulls ain’t any kind of goblin, or any other earthly creature fer that matter. Skrulls come from up there,” he said as his finger pointed in the direction of the heavens. “Fer lack of more delicate way to put it, I’m an alien. And as fer the name goes, you can keep on calling me John if ye like. I’ve been goin’ by John so long that I don’t even blink no more. But if ye want a moniker more exotic, me mates in the Starjammers used to call me ‘Vok.”

It felt wonderful to finally let his secrets go, and put his full trust in the Guardians. Trust was something that did not come easily to the Skrull, considering the many undesirable types that he had fallen in with over the years. But the curious reactions that he was receiving from his new friends told him that he had made the right choice. But there was one thing on his mind that wouldn’t go away. AJ was all alone back at the Cove, unable to enjoy the evenings eventful happenings. Looking over the faces of his teammates, ‘Vok smiled and said, “Well, me thinks ye all need a moment to digest the idea of having an alien on yer team, so if ye don’t mind, I think I’ll excuse meself for a moment.”

‘Vok rose from his seat and quickly shifted his facial features back to those of John Starling and made his way away from the table, slapping Cam on the back as he did, “Thanks mate...fer everything.” Finding the closest thing to a quiet corner in the crowded bar, ‘Vok keyed the comm band around his wrist, hoping that the pink haired beauty on the other end would answer, “Are ye there, darlin’?”
AJ rolled over as her Comm link went off and groaned loudly. Still asleep, she slapped at the nightstand trying to find the thing. Once it was in hand, she listened to John's voice.
"Ah'm here....and this better involve you, me, some chip dip and naked jello wrestling. Because if it doesn't, you are sooo dead for interrupting mah sleep." she let out a loud yawn and sat up in the bed. Stretching her arms over her head, she listened in to the background noise being picked up on his Comm link. Sounded to her like everyone was having a great time.
A little miffed at herself for staying behind, but knowing she needed the rest, she rubbed her eyes and let out another yawn.
"Sounds like you're tha life of tha party. Ah was just catching some winks. Needed after the nasty bout with big green and ugly. offense there sugah, Ah don't mind tha green part. Damn, Ah think Ah should just curl back up and sleep this off. Wanna join me...Ah'm wearing your favorite outfit...nuthin."
With a little fit of laughter, she laid back down on the bed and awaited his answer.
Holding the comm link close to his ear so that he could more easily hear AJ over the boisterous revelers in the bar, 'Vok smiled at the girl's jello wrestling comments. Cute and flirtatious was a wicked combination to be using against a pirate that had already enjoyed too much of the old liquid refreshment. Of coarse the faery lass had a knack for driving the Skrull crazy, so it was nothing new to him.

Trying to reassure the recuperating girl, 'Vok replied, "The place be jumpin', that's for sure darlin'. But it ain't the same without ye though. Coarse I just be ringin' ye up to check in on me favorite pink haired cutie. Oh and as for the big green, I wanted to tell ye that I finally worked up the courage to tell the others me big secret. I just couldn't keep going with all the high and mighties holding it over me head any more." As he told AJ what the night had held thus far, he realized that he truly did feel as though there was a huge weight lifted from his shoulders. And more than that he was relieved that the others had taken it so well. With the image of AJ curled up in nothing but the sheets, 'Vok chuckled and continued to flirt, "So anyway, the others be enjoying the R&R all fine and well, but I just couldn't go the whole night without knowin' if ye missed me or not."
"Sometimes hun, it just feels good to bear your soul and let your secrets out." she replied to him as her own smile fell away. She wasn't sure if she had said it more for herself or for him. Trying to shake it off, she laughed a little when he asked if she missed him.
"You know it! But Ah don't know....maybe Ah miss Chandi and Cameron more...or Kei and De...or maybe that sexy little government boy. Ah mean, with a name like "Fox" sumthin' tells me he's probably a tiger elsewhere." giggling she looked up as Vicki sauntered back into the room again. She had been pacing the hallway while AJ was sleeping. Jumping up on the bed and laying down, she gave AJ a sad eyed look before AJ reached over and pet her.
"Well darlin', ya'll sound like your havin' a blast. Don't let me back here...all alone..."she sighed dramatically, but the wicked grin on her face was enough. God she loved toying with him. "and naked worry ya none. Ah'm sure Ah'll keep mahself entertained."
She put her hand over mouth to keep from busting out laughing at this point.
Cameron sat listening to the conversations going on around him. Usually he would be joining in with the banter but tonight he felt distant. Something important was missing. AJ. He sighed around his glass and took a deep swallow of whisky savouring the burn as it filled his throat. She had been adamant about not coming along, maybe he should have offered to stay behind. He went over it all in his head for what felt like the thousandth time and again there was the unmistakable fact that she needed some space tonight. The battle in Japan had taken a lot out of her. Rest. She needed to rest. Maybe she just needed to think. But maybe.. just maybe she was just making him suffer still for not coming straight back to find her.

Cameron frowned immediately cursing himself for attributing such spite to her. "She isnae like that ye damn fool!" he thought to himself. He looked around at the rest of the team, wondering what each one was thinking, what worried them. John.. Vok's openness about his origin had been a big step for both him and for the group. It brought them closer. "Maybe ah should just talk this out with AJ."

Standing up from the table, Cam picked up a bottle of whisky and stuffed it into his pocket. "Ah'm just off tae check on ma bike. Make sure Steve over there hasn't been off roading on it." He smiled and headed over to retrieve the lockup key from behind the bar. With key in hand, he made his way around to the back door and out into the darkness of the alleyway beyond. The peace and quiet after the noise of the bar hit him like a sledgehammer. He looked along the alleyway to the door of the lockup and then down to the key in his hand. "@#$% IT!" he thought as he jammed the key into his shirt pocket.

A soft glow formed around him as he began to rise up the back wall of the Tap, past the darkened windows of the bar's staff and guest rooms on the first floor, past the blank walls of the upper floor. The roof of the tap was flat and pitch covered surrounded by a waist height safety wall. The glow from a skylight in the centre on the roof provided enough light to see by. Landing with a soft thump, Cam made his way over to the wall, leaning on it as he looked out over the waves in the direction of Twilight Cover. He took a long swig from the bottle of whisky and then reached into his pocket for his communicator. "AJ. Ye there hon? Ah jist wanted tae say ah'm sorry fer everything but mostly fer being such an idiot and leaving in the first place. Ah know things have been weird lately but ah dinnae want tae lose ye. Ah've jist been worried ah'm gonnae hurt ye again. That's why ah havenae rushed things. Ah jist dinnae want tae make a mess o' this. O' Us."
Apparently 'Vok wasn't the only one feeling flirtatious. But where his demeanor could be highly attributed to the evening’s drink, AJ’s was all natural. She loved to torment him, and he relished in the subtle torturous effect that her words had on him. From the first day he laid eyes on her bare bottom on Twilight’s beach, the pirate knew that he was in for the ride of his life. With an enraptured sound to his voice, ‘Vok continued unaware that Cameron was trying to contact AJ as well, “Oh, the Tap is all fine and good me sweet, but the crowd is less rambunctious than I am used to. Me feels the need for a wee more action than this place can offer. Besides, there be no naked fairies anywhere about. Ye have sole ownership of that luxury in these here waters I am happy to say. So, how ‘bout me ditch this lot for the evenin’ and come help ye with ye’r recovery. I’ve heard it said that a good bout o’ physical therapy can do wonders for what ails ye.”
It was a simple item. The communicators that the team wore. It allowed them to contact one another and to hear keep in touch.
Unfortunately, it also allowed for no privacy whatsoever. Little did 'Vok know that Cameron heard everything he had said...and vice versa.

Inside the Tap however with the rest of the team, Mulder looked around as Cameron disappeared and smiled.
"You know, I have that affect on people." taking another drink, he turned towards Chandi, Kei and De.
"So, you guys ready to head back? Probably should check on your team mate, although I have a sneaking suspicion that's what the other two are doing right now. Let's have a listen." With an evil twinkle to his eye, he turned on his own comm link and held it up to his ear, overhearing Cameron's conversation, and 'Vok's. Snickering wildly, his eyes got wider with each second.
"You know...this is better than late night Cinemax!" Switching it off, he grabbed his coat up from where he had thrown it off just moments before and slipped it back on.
"Right, back to the Island for me. I've got some calls to make. You should get some rest, you've got a long flight ahead of you tomorrow."
Angelee had been sitting on the bed giggling when Cameron's voice came over the comm link.
"umm...hi Sparky." she called back rather shyly as she wondered in the back of her mind if he had heard her talking with John.
She listened to his confession and actually felt a little angry about it.
"So, you had ta take off, go get hammered and call me on a comm link an' tell me about it? Ya couldn't even face me? Maybe it's all the sea water Ah drank earlier but Ah think that apology is lackin' sorely sugah." she pushed herself off the bed and pulled her clothes on.
"Damn it boy...if ya wanna be a man about it, then be a man about it. Ah've tried everahthang short of chasin' after ya..." She paused for a moment, realizing John probably heard all of this.
"Hey Johnny boy, whenevah ya get done lissen in, Ah'm here an' waiting."
She sat down on the window ledge and sighed, addressing them both.
"Look boys, there's a lot of thangs ya'll don't know. An' Ah sure have a grand ole time with all of ya, but Ah'm gonna lay thangs out on the line right now. So get yer asses back here, Ah'm tired of hidin' it."
She sat there for a minute with a wry smile on her face before adding...
"And the first one who brings me a bottle of Captain Morgans gets to watch me shower later. Oh hell, who am Ah kiddin! Ya'll can be my sponge!" Snickering, she shook her head, laughing at her own flirtatious manner and sighed deeply again. Her voice took a serious turn and she said one last thing.
"Seriously, get back here....Ah think we all need ta talk."
A bit surprised by the familiar Scottish voice coming from his comm link, 'Vok easily brushed off the interruption. “Look Mr. Sensitive, I was trying to talk to me lady faire, so you will just have to wait yer turn. Besides, me was simply checkin’ in on her. It’s not like I was tryin’ to get all touchy feely over the comm link . . . oh, well that’s not exactly true. No, ye see, I was just talkin’ to AJ and tellin’ her what she really needed was for me to help her get back on her feet . . . wait, no, that’s not right either. Aww hell, forget it. I’ll be there in two shakes, darlin’.” And with that, ‘Vok rushed over to the bar and procured yet another bottle of rum, telling the barkeep to put it on the government’s tab. Free libations were a perk that the pirate knew he could get used to. The shape shifter didn’t stand much of a chance in beating Cam back to the island, but that wasn’t going to keep him from trying. For he knew that with his unique talents, he would make an excellent sponge. His purchase successfully made, he took to the night sky, heading back as fast as his wings would carry him to Twilight Cove.
"Sober Pet? Now where's the fun in that luv, the fun in that?"

De commented as he leaned a little further back in his chair and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly as his brain coughed and sputtered back into somehwat working order. They had crap to do tomorrow during which most of them would either be hung over or still drunk. AJ was still down and out for the moment, Johnny was a Skrull, the Scarecrow had killed the Lion.....wait that wasn't right. Something about a Scarecrow though. Or maybe he just meant 'The Crow'. Damn....that would be terrible. Those Crow blokes were hard as hell to knock down, and even harder to keep down. Well, maybe they could land the jet on 'em. That might knock the wind out of him at least.
Kei looked at the remaining group, “Think we should head back?” She asked the others, “Not that I don’t enjoy the company, but this wahine is really lovin’ the thought of her bed.” She stood up from her chair, and stretched.
“I’m not agreeing with the fed or anything, but he’s kinda right. I’m a crabby person if I don’t get a full eight.” Kei looked from De, to Chandi and back again.
It was only natural that Cameron beat John back to the Island, it seemed almost funny as they both stood in AJ's doorway at the same time.

The crew still at the bar headed back down to the boat ramp and back to the island. It was about half way through that trip, when their boat got buzzed by an aircraft. But seeing as it was dark, it was hard to make out exactly what it was. Only Chandi would be able to see that it looked like a World War II bomber.

As they docked and approached the beach, they saw a sight that was completely unexpected. In a perfect row sat 5 Navy bombers, in the same World War II style Chandi had seen earlier. Leaning against the hulls of the plane and milling about on the beach were 13 men....all dressed in 1940's style military attire.

"Oh $&^!" Mulder said under his breath as they approached the group of young men...all of them looked completely confused as to where they were. That is until one of them stepped foward. The markings on his flack jacket signified he was a Lieutenant.
"Excuse me Sir...we've...we've gotten lost. We left Ft. Lauderdale at 2:10 this afternoon...and.." the young man pulled off his hat and ran his hand through his hair in a frustrated manner.
"I have no idea where we are. There are 13 of us, just doing a training mission..." before he could finish, Mulder addressed him.
"Lieutenant Taylor...correct?" The members of the Guardians looked at Mulder like he had lost his mind. Who was this guy, and who were the other 13 with him?
The young man smiled and saluted "Lieutenant Charles Taylor, United States Navy."
Mulder nodded to the man and stepped away from him.
"A moment if you will, Lieutenant." grabbing Kei and De by the arm and motioning for Chandi to follow, Mulder for the first time ever, looked visably shaken, but in an awestruck way.
"Ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle kids? Here's a quick 1945, Lt. Taylor there led 13 men, 5 Avenger Aircraft on a routine training mission that was supposed to go from Lauderdale to a place called "Hen and Chicken Shoals" for a bombing exercise...they never made it there, and they never made it back. It looks like the Triangle just spit them out on our doorstep."
Speaking in a hushed tone, Mulder noticed a few of the looks that Kei was getting and motioned her towards the house.
"Keep a low profile, remember, they still think they are in 1945...and the Japanese were the enemy."
With Chandi and De at his side, Mulder turned back to the Lieutenant.
"Well, so much for the Scarecrow eh? Looks like we've got another problem on our hands." he said as he walked back down the beach to the aircraft.
Lovely. Just lovely. Fisrt there was a giant monster, which was ok.....but now he also had to deal with time displaced Yankee soldiers? This was not what he'd signed up for. Hell, Oz didn't have a temporal displacement problem as far as he could remember. That was more of a New Zealand thing.

"So what d'ya want us to do then mate? Personally I ain't the most familar with US history so don't be expectin' me to be much help when it comes to sheepin' these guys."

De was, after all, not exactly what one would call a scholar. He'd never been very good at school during the time he was there, and all the learning he'd done after getting released from Boggo Road had been more for the benefit of his new Peacekeeper profession. If you wanted to know the names of the 17 Feneni demons who sparked the century long war between the Kunai and Etypyro then he was your man. But dealing with WWII era American military pilots? De had the sinking feeling that given the homeland he and Chandi shared...that this wasn't going to end well.
Chandi’s eye became as big as saucers as she realized that her illusion wasn’t up anymore, a few curse words were said before she quickly pulled an illusion around herself. The last thing she needed was for these pilots to label her a freak and probably try and kill her, it wouldn’t be the first time someone had tried it either. “Kei, hun I’ve got a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream your welcome to.” Chandi gave the surfer a sympathetic smile, knowing that Kei wouldn’t enjoy having to keep a low profile while the WWII pilots were around.

“How are we supposed to handle these guys?” Chandi muttered while her gaze traveled over the 13 pilots standing before them. Though to be completely honest Chandi really would have liked to figure out a way to get into the cockpit of one of the Navy bombers, her love for aviation fueling that thought. “Can I hide out with Kei?” She asked not entirely thrilled about playing baby-sitter for a group of displaced American WWII pilots. “Either that or give me a crash course on what I shouldn’t say around these guys.” Chandi continued knowing her mouth might get her into trouble with these guys.
“Wonderful.” Kei muttered unhappily, ready to storm her way back up to the compound and her room, “I can make things explode, but I’m sent away to keep a low profile because WWII pilots are on our beach, and I’m Japanese.” She looked at Chandi pitifully, “Come check on me in about an hour, make sure I haven’t committed suicide with the ice cream spoon.” She shot a look at the pilots, “I’m Hawaiian too, ya know.” Kei gave a disgruntled little noise, turning to storm back up the hill.

“I hate my luck.” She muttered to herself as she began to make her way to the building, the thought of ice cream only marginally bringing her spirits up; she wasn’t happy to see the pilots, and she knew that they probably wouldn’t care that she was a native to Oahu and knew the history behind Pearl Harbor…nope, because to them her slanty eyes and heritage meant she was the enemy. At least she didn’t have to play baby-sitter though, she wasn’t sure she could handle that job right now.
With a few hushed whispers as Kei walked past, and more than one glare in De and Chandi's direction, the pilots all sat listening to the conversation between Mulder and Taylor.
"So, what you're telling me is, we've been gone for "How" long?" Taylor scratched his head in confusion as Mulder tried to explain what had happened to the flight.
"Look buddy, I don't know what you've been drinking, but we just took off a few hours ago. There's no way we've been gone....59 Years?!?!?!" Taylor looked back at his crew members and watched as they all shook their heads and laughter echoed around the beach.
"Ok, maybe it's hard to believe. Maybe it's one of those things that you can't explain. But the truth is out there..." Mulder let the sentence drift off as he turned his attention to the planes again. Something wasn't right. He couldn't figure it out...
Back in the house, Kei could hear voices coming from upstairs and realized that John, Cameron and AJ must all be hanging out in her room. Finding more than one pint of ice cream in her raid of the fridge, she noticed a note hanging from the fridge for her....
"Sorry for the raincheck sweetheart. I'll make good on it. Promise! P"
Pietro must have made a mad dash back to leave her a little love note.
De stood quietly by, watching the American pilots as they spoke amongst themselves and to Mulder. The glares they sent his way did not go unnoticed either, though he figured engaging in a fist fight with them would solve little and he'd left his gun at home. Maybe he could get his hands on one of theirs and use that to pistol whip some sense into them. As a small grin played across his features at the thought he leaned towards Chandi and spoke in a hushed tone.

"Say Pet.... What do you say we let Foxy 'ere make with the babysittin' while we make with the eats? Figure it'd be good to get somethin' in you what with you being such a lightweight and all. Wouldn't want to all hung over when it comes time to fly wherever the 'ell that castle place is supposed to be."
Kei grabbed the note off the fridge, attempted to balance the two pints of ice cream she had raided from the freezer and made her way quickly to the stairs. She momentarily thought of crashing the ‘party’ in AJ’s room, but ultimately decided she probably wouldn’t be welcomed right now, so to her room it was…where she would get to fight back the Isolophobia, which only made her hate her orders more.

Maybe she should call Marco, leave the long distance charge for Mulder to deal with. He was the one that told her to be scarce for awhile, obviously he didn’t know her mental insecurities…and if being alone with two pints of ice cream was the demise of her sanity she would go after him in a crazy rage first.
AJ sat quietly on the window seat as Cameron and John stood in the doorway.
It took her a moment to look up at both of them and they could easily tell her playful demeanor had fallen away.
"Hey guys..." was all she said as she reached up and ran a hand through her pink hair and sighed.
"Ah...Ah don't know where to start, so Ah'm going to start at tha beginnin'... Sparky, you know most of tha story...up until ya left Avalon..." and she began retelling the tale of how she and Cameron had met, of where things had went from there and of Avalon. She didn't look at either of them as she spoke. Her voice was sad and quiet. Her eyes were on the floor as she told them of what happened after Cameron left her on Avalon.
"It's not like Ah ment for any of it ta happen. But Ah was heartbroken and well...Rhys was there. What can Ah say? It's not like ah knew you were comin back." she looked up at Cameron and he could see that even though she had forgiven him, the heartbreak was visible in her eyes. Turning to John, she sighed.
"Ah don't want either of ya thinkin Ah'm leadin' ya on or anythang like that. Ah've got a century or so before Ah've gotta head back to my obligations. But ya have ta kind...our love is on so many different levels...It's not like we pick one species and stick to it! Ah just...god, Ah'm screwin this up, aren't I?"
She ran her hand through her hair again, pulling at it as she leaned her head against the glass of the window.
"Ah'm sorry...but ah had ta tell ya. Ah didn't want this comin' up later...and Ah wasn't lookin' ta hurt anyone like Ah've been hurt. Ah'm here for my tour of duty, ta enjoy myself and be with tha people...and aliens..." she grinned... "that Ah love and adore."
With one hand placed on her hip Chandi leveled a glare at the pilots, not caring much for their hushed whispering and suspicious looks. “Look Fox, these guys are about as clued in as ankle biters. You would most definitely be better off trying to convince a kangaroo to turn into a dingo.” Smirking slightly Chandi took a step forward and eyed the group of men, taking in every small detail about each one of them before she moved back towards De. “Just as I thought, not a one of them as a brain in that head of theirs.” With a sly grinning gracing her features Chandi peered up at De as he seemed to be contemplating doing something about the glares aimed in their direction.

“Lightweight? Who are you callin’ a lightweight?” With and indignant little noise Chandi turned her full attention to De as she tried her very best to look offended and intimidating (Though to be honest the whole intimidating thing would have been much easier had she not been a good foot or more shorter then him.). “Are you saying we bail out on Fox?” The idea had passed through her mind a few times already and to be honest it seemed like he had things covered pretty well. Plus it wasn’t like the pilots were warming up to De and herself very well.

“Brekkie it is then.” Taking hold of his hand Chandi began to drag him back in the direction they had come from, it had to have been near early morning by this point Chandi was sure of and as much as she hated to admit it De was right she would need some food in her body if she was expected to be able to fly a plane in the near future.
"I meant it in a good way Pet, in a good way. What with such a tiny little waist on ya, how could you be anything but?"

De half asked as he was half pulled along by his raven haired countymate. It was probably for the best too, for as much as he hated violence he wasn't above engaging in it when prompted. Especially if he'd already had a few drinks in him. Besides, thirteen on one didn't seem like such bad odds. He'd faired fairly well four on one before his little "enhancement", and ever since he'd had little problem handling as many as 7 one one. Of course at the time he had been using his powers on those other blokes had been might drunk themselves...but surely that still counted.

Of course now he had to sober himself up a bit along with Chandi, all the while resisting the urge to make another pass at her or go dipping into his narcotic stash. If she was no good drunk then he'd be no good on the stuff, and it was something he had decided he wanted to quit doing anyway. Though now he was left with an entirely new set of problems. Namely....

"So what're we in the mood for luv? Not much of a cook myself you know. Never really needed to learn. Found most bird's who're willing to spend a night with me don't require dinner and a show. Well....I always give 'em a show...."
It wasn’t much of a contest to be honest. Even with a decent head start, Cameron had still beaten ‘Vok back to Twilight Cove with minutes to spare. Although the finish line might have been a closer affair if a squad of antique aircraft hadn’t buzzed the shape shifter as he approached his island home, knocking him for a spin. It looked as though they were flying in the same direction as he was headed, but ‘Vok wasn’t about to concern himself with whatever weirdness Spooky was up to now. He had more important things to get to. AJ sounded out of sorts on the comm and he wanted more than anything to know why.

‘Vok had come to realize that it would take a lot to knock AJ off kilter, so whatever was going on in that room of hers must be something big. Hell, she had been beaten silly by God-damn-zilla and was cracking jokes moments later. So this had to be important. Knowing she would appreciate the real him, ‘Vok shifted his form back to the green skinned alien while still draped in the pirate attire that he had worn to the Tap. Standing in the doorway with a fresh bottle in his hand, ‘Vok stood beside the equally curious Cameron and listened to AJ’s story.

“So, whet ye’re sayin’, is that in a moment of emotional weakness and personal insecurity, ye fell into the arms of a beautiful faery only to find the strength to go on with life and face yer future with honesty and open eyes? Hmm, nope, me has no idea what that could possibly feel like,” ‘Vok snickered as he summed up AJ’s confession. Making sure it remained close at hand, ‘Vok sat the bottle of rum on the table at the foot of AJ’s bed and strolled over to the window seat, placing his hand consolingly on her shoulder. “Chin up me lass, ye have nothin’ to worry about when it comes to yer lovin’ Skrull boy here. Ye know me just be here for a spot o’ fun and adventure. And if ye want to share in some o’ that while the gettin’ be good, me be happy to have ye along. There be no question that we’re savvy. But I’ll understand if ye want some alone time with the pretty boy here. Sounds to me like ye got a might more to square with him than ye do with me.”
It was all AJ could do not to giggle. John or 'Vok as it were, certainly had a way of putting things in perspective.
"Thanks Troll Boy." she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and shooed him off.
"Ah thought Ah heard planes...then Ah know Ah heard someone come in downstairs earlier and leave again?" She looked up at Cameron and gave him a shy smile. She knew once again, they had things to talk about.
"Save the Rum Johnny, we'll finish it off later on. Right now, Ah've gotta square some thangs away."
Mulder gave Chandi a bit of a put off look as he reached into his jacket and whipped out his cell phone.
With a punch of a few buttons and a hushed conversation, he closed it back up and turned back to their strange guests.
"Well Gentlemen, within a matter of moments, I'll have you back to where you need to be." he motioned towards the sky, which seemed to suddenly be filled with lights and the sounds of approaching aircraft.
"You two, in the house, the last thing I need is one of you pissing off Nick Fury." Mulder barked the order at De and Chandi as the propellers of 3 large helicopters knocked sand up around them all.

Back inside the house as Kei was leaving the kitchen and heading upstairs, the phone rang...and continued to ring...and ring....and ring.... and ring.....

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