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After Japan-Assignment Drunken Pirate Party!
AJ's spirits had been seemingly lifted by the off the cuff remarks that 'Vok had thrown her way. Maybe she wasn't cured completely and he was sure that a thousand and one things still weighed on her mind, but the smile that he had elicited from her pouty lips was more than enough to leave him with a victorious feeling. Returning the peck to AJ's cheek, 'Vok grabbed the bottle from the footboard and walked toward the door. As he exited he called back to his fae friend, "Just give the ol' boy a shout when ye're ready to get a lil' Cap'n in ya, me love." He then shot Cameron a stony glare and proclaimed, "This is yer last chance pretty boy, don't waste it."

With bottle in hand but no one in the immediate vicinity to share it with, 'Vok decided to let his curiosity take over. The Skrull pirate, recently relieved of his inhibitions and insecurities, made his way outside to see what all the ruckus was about, still looking every bit the green scallywag. Quietly he walked up beside Mulder just as the helicopters appeared overhead and whispered in the G man’s ear, “So, what’s all this then?”
Kei stopped, looked at the phone and debated whether to answer it or continue to move towards her room. It could just be an annoying telemarketer, but it could also be somebody important. Weighing the pros and cons of answering it, she finally decided it was her duty to make the ringing stop.

Setting the ice cream and spoon on the table she picked up the receiver, “Hello.” She said into the phone, waiting for either dead silence or an actual voice on the other end. The phone was probably for Mulder anyways, and if it was she had every intention of hanging the receiver back up.
For a moment, all Kei heard was heavy breathing on the other end of the phone.
"Hi Princess..." a male voice said with a snicker..."Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" he asked her not waiting for her reply.
"Really? You have? Well damn me! Here I thought I'd be your first. But then again, you're a big girl, you've probably had plenty of firsts, or thirds, or whatever falls in that catagory." he rambled on for a few moments about a rubber chicken and some guy named Weasel before he got to the purpose of his phone call.
"So cute stuff, tell Mulder I know where his sister is. Uncle Deadpool knows all, sees all, and likes it with french fries and napalm. And oh yeah, tell him to keep the Skrull in line..or else." a bit more heavy breathing followed and a deep sigh "Well Love you muffin but I've got bills to pay and internet porn to watch. Pet the puppy for me, Deuce thinks she's one hot b..bye!" and with that, the line went silent.
Leaving Kei more than bewildered holding the receiver in her hand.
Kei just stared at the receiver, quirking an eyebrow she finally hung the receiver up, hoping that she wasn’t going insane…she didn’t need that on top of everything else.
“What the hell was that?!?” Kei muttered to herself, trying to get the imaginative imagery out of her head, so Mulder had very crazy people calling the compound, she just hoped that the man on the phone wasn’t in the ‘friends’ category.
“Probably should tell Spooky he got a phone call from a wacko.” She commented, reluctantly putting her ice cream, and heading back outside, if any of the time displaced pilots gave her trouble she’d just blow off key parts of their anatomy.

Spotting ‘Vok next to Mulder she ambled up next to the Skrull, “Hey, got a phone call for you, Mulder.” Kei said in an undertone, “A relative of yours, maybe, he called himself your Uncle…” She trailed off, screwing up her facial features for a brief moment, “Yeah, something about your sister, really he sounded kinda…off.” Kei then noticed the aircraft above them, “What is that?”
Mulder completely ignored ‘Vok and continued to watch the S.H.I.E.L.D planes land. The look on his face was one of grimness as he was approached by two officers. As Kei and ‘Vok stood behind Fox Mulder, they saw a look of sheer amusement on the face of one Nick Fury.
“So, what’s this all about then?” He asked as he watched Mulder rub the back of his neck.
“You know, why ask?” Mulder countered sounding like a scolded schoolboy. Leaving Kei and ‘Vok to figure there must be a bad history between the two men.
Fury gave a scathing look to the Skrull
“Aren’t you a bit far from home, son?” he ask not waiting for an answer as he turned and walked away.
“Pack it up and move them out.” He said as he walked back along the stretch of beach. Looking back at Mulder momentarily he almost smiled.
“We’ve got this under control, you’ve got your orders.” was all he said.
Moments later the beach was silent. It was as if nothing had ever happened. Only the tell tale markings of landing gears on the beach showed where the antique planes had been and where S.H.I.E.L.D had invaded the island.
Turning to walk back into the house, Mulder stopped as Kei spoke of his weird phone call.
“Thanks, I’ll handle it.” he said as he walked back inside leaving ‘Vok and Kei standing on the beach to wonder what that was all about?

De and Chandi found ample enough food in the kitchen. However as the phone began to ring again, Chandi answered it while De raided the fridge.
“Yeah, I’m looking for Cameron...tell him it’s Gus...there’s...been a ....” and the line went dead.
Calling out down the hall, Chandi relayed the message to Cameron, who was standing in AJ’s doorway.
Chandi could feel the hairs on her arms stand on end as she hung up the phone and called down the hall to Cameron. “Line went dead.” She stated as she took a seat at the counter and began to munch on a toasted bagel she’d made for herself before the strange phone call from Gus. “Now back to the light weight comment, you know flattery will get you everywhere and if you truly were talking about my little figure then Nathaniel you’ve just become my new best friend.” Chandi flashed her kitchen companion a grin before taking another bite out of her bagel.

“Can I hold you to your word about always givin’ a girl a show?” A flirtaioius grin played across her features and she broke into a fit of giggles. “That’s if I actually ever fall for your smooth talking ways.”
"You can hold me to anything you want Pet, anything you want...."

De half talked back from his position nearly shoulder deep into the fridge. They had ham. They had cheese. But where in the hell was the mustard!? It had to be in there somewhere. What was it he said she could hold him to again? He must not have been keeping himself as sober as he thought if he was forgetting things so quickly. But then again, he talked so much no one could really expect him to remember half the things that came out of his mouth.

"Of course, don't be surpised if I start holdin' you right back luv."

He finished as he emerged, pushing the fridge door closed lightly as he palmed a head of lettuce in one hand, a jar of mayo under his arm, and the top of a jar of pickles in the other hand. The items were sat upon the tabletop rather uncerimoniously for a moment before he started constructing a sandwich to help absorb some of the liquor he'd consumed.

He glanced over at Chandi and asked with his eyes and a quick wave of his finger over the food if she wanted one, letting his gaze linger a bit as he realized something. He couldn't recall having ever heard her laugh before tonight, let alone giggle. It was......what was the word those Dr. Phil watching blokes used? Cute? Yeah. It was cute.

"Course I wouldn't feel right being your 'private dancer' till we got things settled first. You know.... Make sure the pink haired bird is right and all, plus that whole castle thing with the Tin Man." He said taking a bite of his food. "Mmph. Am cow dish wing wiff cabacus..." he continued on before swallowing, really wishing he'd found some mustard intsead of the mayo. He sat the sandwhich down and began making a second, figuring Chan might need more than that donut she was eating. Besides, he could always tuck it away in the fridge for later if she didn't. Ans he began work on his second, taking the time to do this one properly intsead of hastily throwing it together as he did his own, he began to ramble on again, stopping every so often to point the spreading knife at the person, thing, or direction of said person slash thing he was referring to.

"But first things first and second things secondsss. Let's find out is AJ good an' proper first. Give us the chance to check in on'er and make sure Cam gets his message. Then I say he hit the sack. Might up and need our strength if we're to take down this cowardly lion...."
Morning dawned on the tiny island of Twilight Cove and the Guardians found themselves off on yet another oddball assignment.

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