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Marvel: Avenger's Finale
Issue #503 is not the absolute end of the current Disassembled arc, that honour goes to this celebration of Avenger's art. As announced at this summer’s conventions, the 48 page special issue will feature art from a collection of Avengers artists through the ages, including Steve Epting, George Perez, and Neal Adams, as well as an array of guest stars, but writer Brian Bendis wanted to point out one thing – this issue is not by any means a reprint…or something you want to miss if you’ve been faithfully keeping up with “Avengers Disassembled".

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and more here:

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I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the Neal Adams cover of Avengers: Finale. I really have come to expect better of the man. If he hasn't lost his touch, perhaps he was expressing artistically his displeasure with "Disassembled"?

Just my two cents,

Glenn Walker

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