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One who is need of help. Please.
Okay, first of all, I am not a die hard Superman fan. I like the character, watch the cartoons, think he's cool and all, but I don't collect his comics and know very little of his history. So I'm browsing my local comic shop a few days ago and I just happen to pick up a recent Superman issue (cover was cool though forget what issue and which Supes title) and skim through it. To my surprise, I learn that Lois is dead, Superman has involved himself personally in some kind of war, and the JLA members are saying they can't trust him or what he's doing, basically turning their backs on him (which I find OOC, but anyways). So my question is, What the heck happened??? Care to fill me in?
Well, as far as Superman's history goes, I think Glenn or Thor could fill you in on the majority of that. Lord knows I have enough comic long boxes full of Superman books in my closet!
Recently however...the only book we get with Supes in it is Batman/Superman. (Which I LOVE and can't reccomend enough!!! It's comic candy!)

But now you've got me wondering what's going on in regular continunity as well....hmm...maybe someone will give us some answers.
It's called bad writing, Spiderbob.

Ya see, they got Jim Lee doing art, Jim Lee who just came off of the award-winning "Hush" storyline in Batman, which of course was very well written.

Now that Lee is a marketable quality again, on a major mainstream book, the editors did what could be considered a wise move. They put him on a book that has a crap writer, just to make him look good and make the book sell. Now that's Brian Azza-what'shisname, as for Chuck Austen's 'writing,' I don't think even DaVinci could save that dreck.

Lawyers, put your briefcases away, it's just my opinion, okay?

And as far as my opinion goes, the real Superman - epitomized by the Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age versions - died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985. The next best thing, the version recreated by John Byrne, died when Mr. Byrne left the books.

I don't know who the latest clown is, but in my book, he ain't Superman.

Glenn Walker

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