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CSI: Central City?
Wasn't really sure where to put this since it is a concept that isn't likely to happen any time in the near future but here you go..

CSI: CENTRAL CITY, by Dan Mishkin. "Although I have a couple of projects beginning in winter and spring, the publishers would prefer that I not announce them yet. But I don’t think anyone can prevent me from touting the cool project I’m not doing. The inspiration for this came while watching an episode of CSI I realized that these guys were doing the job that Barry Allen did way back when (though we never really saw much of it, and never in such lovingly gory detail), and that longtime fans would probably go wild over CSI: CENTRAL CITY, a one-shot or mini that teamed one of the TV casts with the Flash. Barry Allen has to work with the finest analytical minds around while protecting his secret identity from them? How cool is that? Not cool enough to convince DC and IDW, unfortunately; maybe they both knew that persuading CBS to go along would be too much hassle."

Maybe it's just me but I think this sounds like a nice bit of fun (with the right creative team of course).
This is an intriguing idea. I would buy it.

There is one thing however that should be noted now though, in the flurry of C.S.I. and forensics popularity. Yeah, barry Allen had always been a police scientist, technically doing that type of work, but back in the seventies whenever he actually did such work on panel, the fan reaction was boredom... they wanted to see the Flash pummel his Rogues Gallery not toil away with test tubes or check the ballistics of a gun. It's funny how things have turned around.

Glenn Walker
Speaking of CSI: Central City, is anyone following the current story arc in Gotham Central that takes place in Keystone City? Just wondering if it's any good...


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