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Crossgen Sold?
According to Noel Boeke, counsel for CrossGen in its bankruptcy proceedings, the former publisher’s assets were sold yesterday to Cal Publishing Inc.

According to Boeke, Cal Publishing, Inc. offered the high and best bid of $1 million for the assets of CrossGen and CrossGen IP and CrossGen technologies. The company is an indirect subsidiary of Disney, according to Boeke.

The next step in CrossGen’s proceedings comes Friday with a hearing at 2:00pm when the judge will consider whether or not to approve the sale. If the sale is approved, the deal with Cal Publishing must be closed, and afterwards, the bankruptcy trustee would distribute the money CrossGen’s creditors.


Given that Cal is a publishing company (with the clout of the big D behind them somewhere) hopefully this is a good sign for all those fans of CG characters out there
Wow, it's a dim hope though! Really, I'd love to see Sojourn and Ruse reborn, but I'm not going to hold my breath or cross my fingers just yet.

Especially with the "D" behind them.
Indeed. Not that Disney is evil's hand on earth.... ah... ahhh..... chmicrosoftoooo! Excuse me.

But even with all of Disney's movey and clout, there no way to be certain that any of it will find it's way to an indirect subsidiary's new acquisition. And even if it did, we then run the risk of them changing the core concepts of the properties (as would be their legal right to) to a more youth friendly scheme. A lot of CG's titles had a rough edge to them with serious undertones and somehow I don't think Disney would want titles like that traced back to them at a later date.
I don't know...Mirimax is a Disney subsidiary and they were the movie studio that produced Pulp Fiction. So anything is possible.

Although if memory serves, there was a bit of a stink over that one as well, so who knows. Maybe we will have funny talking animals running through Mordath's forrests after all.

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