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The HIV Positive Superhero Sidekick
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I was reading over CNN's website at lunch and happened upon this article.
Hurrah for Green Arrow getting CNN press time!
Folks might remember writer Judd Winick from "The Real World."  His book, "Pedro and Me" about his late roommate on the show, Pedro Zamora, won several literary awards. 

Winick also penned one of the best portrayals of a young man coming out and facing a hate crime early last year in "Green Lantern." 

Comics are distributed everywhere in the world, including backward-thinking areas of this country.  I think it's wonderful that one writer is using the medium to both entertain and educate. 

Judd Winick has quickly become one of my favorite writers in comics. He blends fast paced action with intelligent stories and small character moments with the greatest of ease. If you have never read anything by Mr. Winick, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of his titles. The guy's stuff will impress you, even if you aren't a DC fan.

It comes as no surprise to me that he is getting mainstream attention for one of his stories. He consistantly puts out some of the best stuff on the racks.
Actually Glenn, I watched the Real World Season Judd was on religiously. Of course, I was also a teenager then and it made more sense to me then than it does now!
I just think it's great that someone is bringing out an issue that has been skirted around, and is getting mainstream press for it.
Good for him!
An update-This issue of Green Arrow SOLD OUT two days after this article was released. NEVER underestimate the power of the press!

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