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Vagabond Knights: Spanish Lands.
They had crossed the French borders three days before, and began making their way East and down the coast of Spain. The troupe was still days away from their final destination, but they were making good time, stopping in some of the smaller cities to rest, and take in the Spanish culture; Yalene in particular seemed to brighten as they steadily got closer to the Sea, the familiar waters that she loved.

Currently they were enjoying a week long Festival in the seashore city of Blanes, a welcome escape from the Spanish roads, and the hastily built evening camps. The sun was still hours from setting, but the evening’s festivities had begun, with what looked to be a celebration of the fisherman’s catch. In the town's main square a feast had been set up, and the meal of seafood was communal, take what you wanted and enjoy yourself.

After Tatyana had gotten her fill of food, she left Gareth tied to a hitch and gave him a pat on the head.
"My curiousity shall get the better of me, I know." she spoke softly to the horse.
Which was true. Her natural curiousity had gotten the better of her more times than not and had left her in precarious situations.
"I think I shall have a look around this fair village." she said more to herself than to anyone else as she walked away, giving Gareth a look over her shoulder as she did.
Tatyana could not help but wander through the streets of each city they had stopped in. Her gypsy blood urged her to. It was an urge she easily fell prey to everytime.
Sometimes, she'd dance...othertimes, she'd sing. But for now, she was content to be a traveller admiring a small town.
Sitting in the center of the city with her legs tucked up underneath her on the grassy patch of land she’d found, Mila watched the waves roll in and out captivated by the rhythmic sameness of it. The ocean being the one thing that hasn’t ever changed in all her long years, it was comforting almost like a security blanket. The scene in front of her reminded her so much of the days she’d spent in her youth watching and waiting as her father’s army would go off to war and her older brother would go with them, her fear that he would not return grew each time he left. “Do not bring up the past.” Mila forcefully reminded herself, as she smoothed out the folds of her skirt. Roval made a small noise a few feet away from her and Mila was pulled out of her memories and to the present, and for the first time the ancient woman realized she’d not a clue where her companions had gone.

“I should look for them.” She spoke to Roval, rising from her spot on the grass. Patting Roval’s neck as she led the black mare over towards Tatyana’s mount Gareth. “Roval, I am going to leave you here while I search.” Mila informed her own mount as she quickly tied her up, soon making her way towards the festivities in hopes of finding one of her companions.
Liath sat on a small hill which overlooked the little village and the small bay which stretched away to either side. Here and there along the coast he could just make out other smaller secluded coves. The late afternoon sun which bathed the hilltop warmed his back pleasantly and Stràcair lay heavily against his leg chewing intently on a large bone that Liath had procured from a meat seller in one of the stalls which lined the village's central square. The occasional crack and splinter were the only sounds which broke the otherwise calming wash of wind and wave which carried the salt air to Liath. Reaching over, he pulled his rolled up cloak closer to him and unravelled it slightly. From the dark interior he removed the jar containing his clay paint.

With practiced hands, he began to apply the paint to the areas of his body which would probably be exposed while in the village, his arms and hands first, then his face and head using the reflective surface of his blade as a mirror to ensure consistency. Liath replaced the jar into his pack and withdrew his leather jerkin laying it on his lap. The warmth from the sun soon dried his skin to a deep tan color, similar to that of the local inhabitants. With a small sigh, Liath picked slipped his arms into his jerkin, lacing it closed at the front with the stout leather ties.

He took another look around at the bay and village. The others would probably be gathering for the festivities. "Come Stràcair." he said softly, in his own lilting tongue. He ran his hand down the length of the wolfs back then pushed himself to his feet. Stooping low, he hooked his cape over his shoulder by it's carrying strap. "We should go enjoy the welcome while it lasts" he said as he began to stride down the hill path and into the winding streets of the small fishing village.
Matthias slowly awoke from his slumber but when pushing open the door of his carriage a bit, he noted the presence of the sun. He really didn't like the sun, not even when he was a human, although there was that one day... He rested his head back, trying to catch his sleep again, but found out he couldn't. Cover would be needed though if he wished to join the festivities outside he grudgingly surmised as he grabbed his cloak, but instead of going outside he sat up against the back of the carriage. After sitting against the back of his carriage for a while he slowly made his way over to the entrance of his quarters. His hand reached out to the sun, and he felt it burn and start to smoke, but quickly retracted it. It would need a bandage later, he thought to himself as he moved to the back again. "Can't even end this sorry piece of excistence."

He felt especially depressed today, and he missed his zest for life. This Spanish sun was getting to him, especially when he could see the troupe outside frolicking. When he saw Tatyana shining, complimenting the beauty of the day even more. He was actually starting to like the daytime, with the way it glanced upon her, upon them. If it weren't for this blasted soul he would've killed them all ages ago and simply enjoy the night time again. A vampire of all people, starting to like the day!? "Just a few more hours, and they'll know what it's like again, to accept a vampire in the group." he thought as he cackled mildly as he did his hand through his hair. "They'll know, they'll all know." he said as the laughter continued.
Her amber gaze trailed over the patrons of the festival, each one holding their own air of mystery and wealth of emotions and each one flooding Mila’s own consciousness with their own miseries, worries, love. Gatherings like this she’d always avoided for they put a great amount of stress on her mind and her own emotions, though through the years Mila has learned how to keep herself locked off it was often hard to do so in such a large group with so many emotions trailing through the air. Her gaze fell on a happy couple, newlyweds if appeared. The young bride smiling and giggling as her groom played the role of dotting husband quite well, mere feet away from the couple sat two small children who appeared to playing a game with stones and both were blissfully unaware of the pains that adulthood would soon bring them. Mila missed that innocence’s so much, being unaware of anything but the moment and the joy that a child could get out of the little things.

Becoming lost in her thoughts as she watched person after person, being swept away with each happy face and joyous emotion, she had not forgotten about her earlier task of finding her own companions. No she’d merely taking a side road on her way to finding them, enjoying how her mind and body felt so free as she observed those around her. Though soon her gaze fell on a familiar face and she picked up her pace to reach the petite figure quickly. “Yalene, are you enjoying being close to the sea again?” Mila questioned the younger girl, a small smile gracing her ageless features.
As Liath and Stràcair walked quietly through the village, the strange pair drew a few glances and the odd stare from the locals. A few small boys nipped at his heel although none strayed too close, wary of the wolf which eyed them suspiciously. A group of young woman huddled giggling in a doorway as he passed, stealing occasional looks over each other's shoulders at the hulking figure in their midst. Liath smiled and nodded towards them in a slight bow which brought on another fit of giggles.

The atmosphere in the village was warm and welcoming, even to those as strange as he. As he walked through the twisting streets towards the main square, the tang of salt in the air grew stronger, mixing with the smells of cooking and other festivities. A laughing couple passed him heading, almost bumping into him they were so tied up in each others arms. "Lovers mayhaps" he thought as he stepped aside a little. As he turned his body he spotted the Lady Mila and the Lady Yalene talking a little way off on one of the side streets from the square.

He strode towards them with a broad smile. "M'Lady. M'Lady" he said with a small bow, getting into the spirit of the festival day. "May ah join ye?"
“I’ve not been so ‘appy t’see that expanse of blue!” Yalene responded to Mila, pulling her eyes away from the festivities, she had noticed that Tatyana seemed to have gotten swept away in the city, she hadn’t seen her face among the crowd as of yet.
“Aren’t ye ‘appy I suggested this? We deserve t’rest after our journey.” Yalene had forsaken her usual burnt umber chemise for her navy blue gown, though the rest of her attire remained the same, “I would expect ye to be amongst the crowd, Lady Mila.” She commented, then turned when she realized they’re behemoth companion had joined them.

“Good evenin’ Sir Liath, ‘course ye can join us!” She responded exuberantly, “’ave either of ye eaten yet?” Yalene questioned Mila and Liath, “The food is wonderful! Ye’d be missing something delicious if ye do not.” Yalene had noticed a few faces amongst the crowd that were familiar to her, sailors that had dealt with her father years ago. Though she was certain they would not recognize her now, she had grown up quite a bit since then.
“Come now!” She ordered as she moved out of the street and towards the group gathered around the feast.
Tatyana wandered aimlessly through the streets of the town. Taking in the sights and sounds of the festival and the general beauty of the day.
She would stop occasionally and peer into shop windows, but knew not to hover too long. There was no doubt in her mind that some shopowner with a broom would be out there in a heartbeat to run off the "gypsy vermin" that was littering it's window display.
With a slight sigh she turned away from the window of baubles and delights and headed back towards the main celebrations. Singing softly to herself as she walked through the crowds of people, she spied her comrades and waved as she approached them.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?" she looked over her shoulder for a moment at the crowd then removed her cloak and took a seat.
"I've been adventuring...tis quite a lot to see in this place."
Liath nodded. "Aye M'Lady" he said slowly as he pointed up at the hill which rose over the village "The view from yon hillock was indeed pleasant." he smiled and as he turned spotted a couple of locals, worse the wear for the festivities, tumbling from the door of what was apparently a tavern of sorts. "Would ye ladies care for an ale?" he asked an eyebrow raised in askance.
Yalene let a smirk settle itself on her face, “Only if ye intend t’pay for it.” She responded to the question of wanting a drink, the young woman had started to become tight-fisted with what money she had left, “The wine that’s bein’ served just isn’t t’my taste.” Yalene commented, motioning towards the tables of food and drink, “Need somethin’ stronger.” The dark haired Greek laughed as she saw a few more stumble from the doorway of the tavern, remembering all too well her own little seaside tavern and the occupants that would grace it each evening.

She would have to send a letter to Emiliano soon, tell him of her adventures and enquire to how her business was doing; Yalene did intend to return to it after all, once the wander lust had subsided again.
“I would have expected the same from myself, but it seems the crowds draw has not caught my yet.” Mila replied to Yalene’s earlier comment, the festival reminding her of many banquets and gatherings her father had held during his reign. “It is a beautiful day indeed.” She smiled softly as Tatyana joined their group, knowing it was hard for the Gypsy woman to feel comfortable while so many looked down upon her kind.

Mila surveyed the crowds again before her gaze feel on the taverns door, watching as person after person stumbled out much more intoxicated then when they went in. “I am fine with drinking the wine, I have always favored it over ale.” Mila smiled graciously at Liath, finding she had become quit attached to her companions during their travels. Even Matthias did not offended her much as he had in their earlier travels, though she did still move around him with an air of distrust.
Liath laughed melodiously. "Aye. Ye shall nae have tae dip intae yer purse this eve M'Lady." he said chuckling as he turned. With his brisk long stride he crossed the short distance to the tavern in seconds.

Arriving at the doorway, he paused to let yet more revellers excuse themselves and then hunching his shoulders, he ducked low through the doorway and into the smoke filled darkness beyond. There was a moment's silence followed a loud creaking of wood accompanied by varied oohs and aahs and the odd spanish curse.

Several minutes passed before Liath's hulking frame filled the doorway once more, this time however his hands were filled with several large tankards brimming with the fruitty local brew. He nodded to the ladies, indicating that they join him. "The innkeeper has agreed tae supply us with ales for the evening. All ah had tae dae was lift a couple o' his ale barrels and offer tae help rid him o' the empties later." Liath grinned. "Ah think some o' the locals may even be up fer a spot o' rasslin later." he said with a wink. "Now follow me. The innkeeper said there should be an empty table around the side. We can catch the late afternoon sun."
Tatyana shook her head in a negative response to Liath's offer of ale.
"My thanks, but no thank you." she smiled as she looked around at the sights again with a whistful smile.
As he spoke, she returned her attention to him. Reaching up, she tucked a stray curl of firey red behind her ear.
"I ah, that is...I'd rather not get too close to the villagers if it's all the same to you. We gyspsies have a nasty reputation for thieving and the lot. I'd rather not stir trouble if none is brewing. But you go right ahead, I'll stay here. I've got a fine view of everything where I am."
Tatyana was in fact very wrong; trouble was brewing in the beautiful Spanish port city, under the noses of the strangers and the villagers. A large ship had set into the harbor not more than an hour prior, and if anybody had stopped to pay this ship a bit of attention they would know that these sailors should not be welcomed into Blanes.

“Men, find whatever you can, take it, do not show mercy.” The Captain growled out, a large man, with dark, lifeless eyes, “and quickly ye lot.” He made a motion and twenty sailors of varying unclean made their way up the side streets of the Spanish city.
A harsh laugh was carried up on the wind, but drowned out by the festivals music.

“Eadric, our travelers are in danger.” A small girl, hidden from the view of the Captain, but watching from a nearby ship whispered to her companion, “We must warn them.” The taller boy shook his head, “No, Eadwyn it is against our laws to interfere.” The girl made a motion like she was going to continue the argument but stopped abruptly when the Captain passed beside their hiding spot like a shadow.

- Theore
A soft breeze swept through the seaside city brushing Mila’s long hair away from her face and the immortal woman felt as if she had heard the sounds of a faint laugh carried along on the wind. “Did any of you hear that laugh?” Mila questioned her companions, worry creeping into her thoughts.

Though as the minutes passed Mila shook her head softly and tried to convince herself that she was merely over reacting.
Tatyana's mind had been a million miles and a few years away when Mila's question stirred her from her deep thought.
"Hear what? Forgive me, my mind was elsewhere." She scanned the crowds of villagers, trying to perhaps see what event her companion had heard.
Matthias sat up, his ears quickly attuned to the sounds he heard. A laugh, one that would've been drowned out by the festival if he hadn't had vampire hearing, as the smell of pirates and alcohol filled his nose. The devilish grin already spread across his face as a maniacal twinkle sparked in his eyes, and he grabbed his large cloak. "The stupid gits won't even know what hit them." a chuckle escaped from his lips as he left his caravan, staying near the shadows and making his way towards the festivities.
Liath sat to the side of the inn, looking somewhat dejected. Next to him were stacked several empty ale barrels which he had already retrieved from inside. These people seemed to enjoy their festivities in advanced states of drunkeness. Not that he minded that himself, but he found the spanish ale had absolutely no effect on him, unlike the heady mead brewed by his own people. He looked into the cup at the pale liquid, sloshing it against the side of the flagon.

With little effort he pushed himself off the ground and tipped the remains of his flagon down his throat and tossed the empty cup into the darkness of the inn. A dull clunk followed by a rowdy bellow brought a little smile to his lips as the sounds of a brawl began to echo from within the tiny establishment. Without a backward glance he strode out into the crowds, heading towards the harbour and some respite from the noisy locals.
“’s not nothin’ but the celebration, Mila.” Yalene responded, downing half the pint of ale she had in her hands, “Ye need to relax, and enjoy.” The small Greek had stopped watching the harbor hours ago, having had her fill of the water; watching it wasn’t the same as being in it. It didn’t hold the same appeal, her urge to be on the sea again was strong, but she knew that wasn’t where she should be right now.
“Come, dance with me.” Yalene urged her companions as she set down her mug and started to melt into the throngs of villagers already dancing raucously to the musicians that were playing Spanish songs.

Yalene remember the last time she had been able to enjoy a celebration such as this, it was in Greece, after the Artemis had finished one of it’s merchant runs. The Greeks held the best festivals in her opinion, but it was nice to feel that same atmosphere once again. Laughing outright, she twirled to the rhythm; the man beads hanging in her hair making a soft jangle noise as she moved.
Tatyana's far away gaze melted away as Yalene mentioned dancing.
"There is nothing I love more in the world. Come, let us show them how to do it correctly." she smiled and jumped to her feet.
Many a night she had made her bed around a campfire after a long evening of dancing for coins. Her gypsy blood always surged at the trilling of the guitars and the songs that aways followed.
As much as she hated crowds, hated the looks she always got from other people, she lost herself in the moment and just became a dancer again. Not a gypsy, not a lost soul on the edge of damnation, not a troubled heart on the run from darkness...she simply let her thoughts melt away and allowed her body to move to the beat of the music.
Mila accepted the fact that the noise must have been from the celebration like Yalene had suggested. Smiling softly Mila tried to think back to the last time she had actually relaxed and forgotten all of her memories and simply lost herself in the now. Yalene’s offer of dancing was hard to pass up, and so without much thought Mila rose from her seat and joined her two female companions in the crowd of dancing villagers.

Losing herself in the beautiful rhythmic music and joyous laughter around her Mila allowed herself to smile, and truly relax. Her body twirling and swaying to the music as if she were no longer controlled by her own mind but by the music that was filtering throughout the small seaside town. The celebration reminding her very much of the ones her father used to hold in his court, back when she had no cares in the world and she did not have the haunting memories of living many lifetimes longer then she should have.
Liath smiled as he saw his travelling companions throwing themselves into the spirit of the festival. The joy of not having to perform for their supper was apparent. With an absent minded wave he continued away from the noisiest throngs towards the relative calm of the harbour.
Yalene grinned at her older companions as they joined the dancing bodies of the revelers, thinking that this was the most relaxed she had seen either of them in their journey. Both Mila and Tatyana seemed to possess a beautiful grace while they danced, while Yalene herself lacked none. She was exuberant in her movements, occasionally knocking into another dancer by accident, but none seemed to notice.

Yalene’s grace resided in her handiwork, not in whether she could coerce her form to join with the rhythms the musicians were creating.
“Terribly sorry.” She murmured as she accidentally set her foot down on one of the villagers, “Will not ‘appen again.” She gave a smile and a laugh, continuing to dance.
Liath whistled long and low, calling out to Stràcair. The wolf had wandered off into the crowd a short time earlier and the last thing they needed was for some drunken local to turn up dead because they had refused to give up their dinner for his companion.

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