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Just to let you know...
Ladies and Gentlemutants...

I just wanted to let everyone know that The Mighty One and I may very well disappear for a few days this week.
Have no worries... we will simply be welcoming our daughter into the world.

Big Grin

I'll keep you posted!

I was just logging on specifically for news on that very item. Keep us posted, guys!

Update-Her Most Royal Asgardian Princess will be making her arrival either before Monday November 29th or on that date. Dr. seems to think it will be Monday though.

So we are counting down the days now!

I'm sure SLVRSR4 or Nova will keep you guys posted if TMT isn't around! Me...I'll be a wee bit busy!
Good luck! Smile
Good Luck A&J&I Wink I'll be thinking of all three of you.
Just remember you're breathing
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I'm keeping the 3 of you in my thoughts. Good luck!
Thought I might as well use this thread cos I just wanted to let you all know I was still alive although a little greyer and a little more stressed (work just don't get any easier). Me and the other half are still doing well (the distance thing isn't getting any easier either heh) so that has been eating up some of my time in a most pleasant manner.

Anyways as Chanty has pointed out elsewhere I have also been having extreme PC problems at home which have been causing me to pull out what little was left of my hair and really taking all the fun out of pottering around on the Pooter. (When was the last time I made any art?? Don't ask cos I can't remember!!!) I now have a more or less working PC at home although I haven't had the chance to put everything back on it (not even the case!!!) but over the weekend was able to enjoy my upgraded 2MB DSL connection with only a couple of unexpected crashes (I use unexpected advisedly here). Now I just need to retrieve the files off of the old HD and I'll be back in business.

Don't think I have forgotten about any of you or the site, I manage to sneak a look from work as time permits and I have also had some ideas for improving things (stay tuned!!!).

Anyways it's glad to see so many of you still here and having fun. This is what we set the site up for, so you could have a place you would always find a welcome.

And I will make some game posts soon Wink (probably as soon as Chanty stops beating me with that twig!!! :bashlamer: )
I wouldn't be so worried about a twig... Thor's looking for his hammer!


Me, I'm more of a rock throwing girl myself.

So get yer arse in gear boyo!

Cause dem's da rules! (deep within the fine print, it says you have to be here! what? you didn't read it that close???)
Glad to have you back, Local! :-)

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