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slight spoilers ahead....nothing earth shattering though...

I thought the season premier was pretty darned good. Mr. Ashmore is a great choice for Jimmy Olsen, even if him being the twin brother of the X-men's Iceman is a tad distracting. That aside I think he has the "gee-whiz" quality to suit Jimmy perfectly. I thought the black and white Phantom Zone scenes were pretty cool. Lex as Zod was creepy, especially when trying to talk Lana into providing him with an heir.

I thought the coolest part was when Clark came back and seperated Zod from Lex's body, the departing essence of Zod had a striking resemblance to Terrence Stamp. A very nice nod to the movies.

And I can't wait for the young Mr. Queen to show up. I just hope they do one of my favorite DC characters justice. I'd hate to have this show ruined for me because they botched Green Arrow. And would a chili referance be too much to ask?

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