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Chapter Three: The Salvation of Paradise
”The Sorcerer has been successful in the choices he has made thus far. The heroes that were gathered to assist in the destruction of the vampire Lord Logan conducted themselves perfectly. I have gleaned much from observing them. But new challenges will always lie beyond whatever victories have been attained. Reality will forever need someone to keep watch.”

Dr. Stephen Strange saw to it that his colleagues returned the Watch’s defenders to their rightful places in time and space just as soon as possible. It had been entirely too long since most of them had visited the places they called home. Each and every one of them had earned some time away from the world of heroics, even if for only a few days to reacquaint themselves with the people and places they held dear. However, Strange was nervous about allowing Norrin to return to his dimension of origin, for fear of the consequences that Galactus’ curse could hold for him, and the innocents around him. So, as a precaution, and without the Surfer’s knowledge, Stephen placed a spell upon the alien that would allow the Sorcerer to keep watch over him, even from realities away.

There was another curiosity that came into play as Dr. Strange was making preparations to return the heroes home. There was a subtle ripple in the time stream that could not go unnoticed. As it turned out, there had been items left behind in the null space headquarters that some of these heroes had previously occupied. Items out of alignment with the reality around them. It was a simple task to set these things right, as the items in question were returned to their rightful place in time and space. But upon returning one item, a certain Asgardian sword, its owner became quite adamant that it no longer belonged to him; extremely, verbosely and almost violently adamant in fact. The one known as Deadpool insisted that the sword wasn’t his, and made a few extremely overt threats that he swore to carry out if he was not allowed to return the sword to Victoria Essex; or Pale Rider as he gleefully and childishly referred to her, whom he had gifted it upon a month earlier. Seeing no harm in allowing this, Dr. Strange arranged for a meeting between the two, before finally transporting Victoria home, and shunting Deadpool back where he belonged as well. In hindsight however, the Sorcerer Supreme would later regret allowing this ill investigated exchange.

With the heroes returned home, Dr. Strange consulted with the Orb of Agamotto to discover where next in reality his defenders would be most needed. It did not take him long to find just the place. It was a world seemingly on the brink of perfection, but one whose utopian ways had not come without a price, and one whose idyllic existence would not last. The Watch would have to be successful in their charge if this paradise was to come to an end. After a week of careful preparation, Dr. Strange was ready to amass the heroes once more. He chose their numbers carefully, knowing that the task before them would be a precarious one. When the arrangements had been completed, the Sorcerer gathered his team upon the surface of the moon just as he had nine days previously. The veterans were the first to arrive. Victoria, with sword gleaming at her side, Husk, who looked rested and much more at ease than she had in months and Barry, who appeared to be as full of energy as ever, found themselves in the familiar surroundings of the Watcher’s chamber, as the blue and white shrouded alien silently observed them from his seat above. Within moments they were joined by the rest of their group: the disembodied being known as Cloak, Alexander “Logan” Fisk, Franki Grayson, the vampiric Alex Elder, Abbey Chase and the adventurer Danny Rand. They were alone with the Watcher in his vast chamber, given a few moments together before they were to be set out on the next chapter of their adventures.
Victoria walked quietly across the Watcher's Chamber. Giving him a wink and a "Howyoodoin?" as she walked past him. She knew he wouldn't respond, he never did.
After a week at home, Victoria had managed to get back in touch with Peter, visit her adoptive parents and conduct a silent raid on her father's house. The results of that raid lay on her living room table at home. She had absorbed Sinister's Diary as soon as she had a chance. There were things she needed to know, and things she was delighted to find out.
Like his fear of the Phoenix. Somewhere, deep inside, it made her walk a little taller. Knowing Sinister was afraid of her in some way.
But the chapters she had read on Maddie... She never knew. It had taken her a few days to actually come to grips with it all. According to Sinister, Madelyne had died because of N'astirh, whoever that was. She had a hard time with the fact that Madelyne and Scott Summers had been an item. That maybe her own feelings for the Scott she had known were nothing more than synaptic programming of Sinister's.
Looking across the chamber where the other members of the team stood, she couldn't help but frown a little when she noticed Hank wasn't there. But, they knew this would happen. They knew it wouldn't always be the same team on the same assignments.
Garbed in solid black from head to toe, it was only the hint of the crimson red stripe that ran down the length of her pants and lost itself in her boots. Her top was nothing more than a black corset that laced up the front with vibrant red lacings. And once again, a hooded cloak rested across her shoulders. Although, Victoria still marveled at the fact that Deadpool had crossed time and space to return her sword to her. One of the many items she had left behind. After a quick kiss and a grope of her bottom, he had disappeared yet again. Her fingers found the hilt of the sword and she couldn't help but smile.
Pulling herself from her thoughts, she let her dark eyed gaze go over the newcomers, taking stock of them only momentarily before she walked over to where Paige was standing.
"So, here we are again." was all she said as she looked back up at the Watcher again briefly, then back to Paige.
Abbey looked around at this group of strangers. A few of them seemed to know each other, while the others were just as quiet as she was.

Pulling her honey blonde hair into a short ponytail, she took a moment to take a peek at the occupants of the room. Subconciously she tugged her white t-shirt down eventhough it would never cover her belly button. Due to her line of work, tight and flexible clothing is a necessity. She almost wished she had something other than the spandex black and green pants she had on now.

Glancing down she checked her holsters. She had a pistol at her right hip as well as one strapped to her left thigh. She bent over to run her hands down her boots where she kept her collection of knives. Although she felt no hostility or danger in this group, she always had her guard up.

Being a double agent will do that to you, she thought to herself.

She took her black knap sack off of her shouders and set in on the floor. Leaning back some she streached out her back and shoulders. Unaware of why she was here, she almost welcomed the change in scenery.

"So, where are we and what are we doing here?", she asked anyone who would listen. She didn't know how long they would be her so she decided to have a seat on the floor.
Alex stood shaking, almost spitting with rage. The cup of Christ had almost been in his grasp. He had almost been cured of the cursed desire for blood with which he had been burdened. Two long years it had taken Ekimus and himself to locate the Templar's hiding place. Two years of false starts and dead ends. The Templar's had almost managed to spirit the Grail from this last refuge too when Ekimus and Alex had fallen upon them. The battle with the supposed servants of God had been vicious with no quarter given by either side, but it seemed to Alex that the tide had been turning to his advantage when a blinding almost incandescent light had appeared in the centre of the cavern that was their chosen battle field, sending both sides flying back away from each other.

The light had formed a rippling barrier across the cavern, preventing Alex and Ekimus from pursuing the fleeing knights and their prize. From beneath the ever changing surface of the barrier a figure had emerged, clad in a long flowing cloak. "It is not yet time for you to relinquish your desire. There are other worlds which require your strength and gifts before you can claim your prize. You are needed Alex Elder. I am Stephen Strange. I shall be you guide." The mellow but powerful voice flowed into the chamber as the stranger motioned towards the light. It was almost as if withing the shimmering veil behind the figure visions of shattered realities cascaded against each other, the fate of each more precarious than the last. Somehow knowing the truth contained in the words, Alex felt his rage subside.

"I shall continue to track the Templar Knights Alex. The Grail shall not elude us forever." said Ekimus quietly, his hand tight on Alex' shoulder. "When you return, all shall be ready for you." Alex nodded, and reached up to grip the hand of his ancient mentor. "Keep an eye on Joe and Zaury for me too. Scarlet can take care of herself. Mostly." he said, unsure of when he would see his old friend again. "I shall do what must be done." replied Ekimus, then paused for a moment. "Here. Take this." He unravelled the long vestment which hung around his neck and placed it around Alex' shoulders. Alex looked stunned, first at the red and black scarf and then back up at Ekimus. "Th..Thanks. I will bring it back to you."

Turning towards Strange, Alex followed the man into the light.


"I'm really on the moon!" thought Alex as he looked up at the blue white marble which hung above the Watcher's chamber. It had been several days now and he was still not quite used to that fact. Dragging his eyes back into the room, Alex pulled his scarf straight and took a step towards the rest of the group that had been gathered. "Uh. Hi there. I guess you are the other's the Strange dude here told me about. 'The one's like me. With.. abilities." He looked around a little uneasily then continued "'The Watch'? Sounds like we should be in a comic book or something." he smiled as he held out his hand to the white haired woman walking towards him. "I'm Alex. Alex Elder. " He looked her up and down. "Nice outfit. Looks like we might share the same taste in tailors."
Barry was jumping about a bit, psyched for the next mission. This wasn't just some little mission with his peers in the Titans, this was big league stuff. Big time JLA stuff, and he was part of it, making not just the world safe but the entire known multiverse! He was getting to like this hero stuff, sure, it had cost him one of his favorite magazines, but it was worth the rush he had experienced. But he wasn't going on these missions as the son of the Flash, but as Barry, Barry West, superspeedster extraordinaire.

He was decked out in some new clothes, courtesy of not just his father but the rest of the League. Of course, first, there was akwardness, Barry West, saving realities? Than there was envy, why weren't they chosen? Finally there came pride, proud of what the young teenager had accomplished. Now, Barry had clothed himself as both a hero, a carrier of a legacy, and a teen. He had kept his white sneakers, and his red shades, but he had made some alterations to his usual casual style. The Flash logo decorated a red shirt, with his trademark long-sleeved green shirt on top, a homage to his father and 'Uncle Kyle' together with the completely empty Green Lantern ring on his right hand. Even his sister Iris was kind enough to give him a new pair of red trousers with a lightning streak at both sides. His backpack held the same as usual, with a blue T-Shirt with the Superman logo, a pair of jeans, underwear and socks.

In the end it was of course left to Clark to give a big speech about pride and responsibility, yadda yadda, at least the big guy finally gave a speech to him that didn't involve some form of punishment. With the final goodbye kiss from Lian, Barry was ready to go out and kick some ass. He noticed that there were newcomers, and that Victoria had chosen a particularly fetching suit, "Yowza." Apperantly some were also packing heat, as he looked admiredly at Abby as she checked for her knives, "God, I love this job." He continued to look around at the group, slowly taking them in, seeing that only Paige and Victoria were there from the original group. His body coursed with energy, and he didn't really want to wait for chit-chat, although he did want to meet some of these people and get to know them better.

"I think the big man explains that better." Barry replied to Abby's query, as he sped forward to appear before Victoria "Hi, name's Barry. Barry West." he said as he took Alex's hand.
Victoria had been a split second away from introducing herself to Alex Elder when Barry had stepped in front of her. Quirking an eyebrow, she leaned forward and whispered into his ear.
"Thanks for the compliment." Straightening herself, she smiled and went on to explain.
"Barry, I don't go probing into people's minds. However, sometimes dear, you need to learn to control your zeal. It's impossible for me to block everything." with a chuckle she turned her attention back to Alex, even with Barry standing between them.
"Victoria Essex, and you'll have to forgive my over zealous little friend here, he's got a lot on his mind." she chuckled again, not being able to help herself.
Victoria's dark eyes landed on Abby for a moment before replying to her query.
"Surely Dr. Strange explained everything to you before you agreed to this arrangement? I really cannot see him doing otherwise. As for the creepy guy with the big head up there, just ignore him. He never speaks, never will." Placing her hands on Barry's shoulders she leaned around him again, eyeing Alex. "And thank you too, for the compliment, although I doubt you two would be so free with them if Hank were around." giving Barry's shoulders a squeeze, she stepped back.
"No worries kid, I'm just tormenting you. Besides, it's going to be pretty boring with big green and fuzzy not around."
Cocking an eyebrow, Abbey responded. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. I'm Abbey, Abbey Chase. And for your information I was asked to join this group, but I don't get a definite why other than some mission, nor was I told where this place is."

Figuring that she would probably be the odd one out she waited. She wanted to know as much about this place and this group as she could. She was waiting for everyone to introduce themselves.

Knowledge is her life blood. Her parents had instilled that in her. She wanted to know everything there was to know about everything. Her specialties lie in ancient artifacts and martial arts. She hoped that the mission that this Dr. Strange had mentioned would deal with at least one of those things. She was fairly interested in the still quiet strangers. She hoped maybe they would talk soon.
"You know me babe, no hitting on the girls with any big green fuzzy boyfriends in the neighbourhood. Although the way you've been holding that fancy little sword, it might be best if I just shut up." Barry said as he turned around to Victoria with a toothy grin. "Maybe he'll show up later though, so this conversation didn't happen, right?" The words left his mouth as he sped away again, leaving the newcomer Alex to get in a proper introduction.

Situating himself beside Abbey he looked her up and down before asking: "Abbey, huh? You have anything against dating younger men?"
Logan stood a several feet away from the group that was gathering, arms folded, silently watching as they made their trivial introductions as he waited impatiently for the mission to get underway. He had not been here for even a minute and regrets were already begining to form in his mind. He would admit, he was surprised when Doctor Strange appeared from seemingly nowhere, asking for his aid. Though reluctant to do so at first, he eventually agreed, but not for the mission. He didn't care about wasting his valuable time and effort to help those who were to weak to help themselves. No, what he wanted was power, and he saw this rare opportunity as a possible way of getting what he wanted. However, when the doctor said he would be working with a team, he did not think he meant this. The thought of having to spend hours, even days working with the people gathered before him disgusted him, and he did not bother to conceal such disapproval. However, such an opportunity would require a degree of...tolerance, one of which he was willing to deal with.
Paige watched the gathering group as they bustled around meeting and greeting each other, laughing inwardly at Barry’s overzealous greetings towards the new girl Abbey. Leave it to Barry to hit on the new girl. Paige thought mentally, a small smile gracing her features as her gaze trailed away from Barry and Abbey towards Victoria and another new member. “Yes indeed, here we are again.” Paige replied to Victoria’s earlier comment as she walked towards the pale skinned woman and the new guy. “Ah’m happy t’ see ah’m not the only veteran that got drug back.” She continued willing to admit to herself that she wasn’t entirely pleased to have only spent a short time back home, but she was definitely glad to see Victoria again. Having come to think of many of her teammates as family now.

After her trip home Paige felt a million times better then she had during their last mission, seeing Jono again and getting the affirmation from him that she was indeed good at what she did made her more confidant. Plus spending some much needed TLC time with her dearly beloved had helped her out in many other ways, now she only wished that Jono was able to come on these missions with her. “Jono says ‘hi’ and thanks for keepin’ me safe.” Giggling softly Paige gave Victoria a quick hug, a smile still plastered on her face. The young girl back to the chirpy behavior she’d had at the beginning of her very first mission. It had helped to lighten her load tons to see her brother alive and well, removing the pain that the images of an aged Sam dying in her arms had weighed her down with.

Bringing her gaze back to the new guy Paige did a once over of him, her large blue eyes held a look of curiosity to them. “Forgive me for mah rudeness, ah’m Paige Guthrie.” The petite blond reached out her hand towards the new guy, waiting for him to reply to her.
Victoria snickered just slightly at Paige's mental remark.
"He's young and has super speed. I bet his hormones run that way too!" Returning Paige's hug, she sighed softly.
"Yeah, I've had alot going on at home, but I did manage to get some things taken care of." she pulled back the cloak and showed Paige the sword at her side.
"And, I even got a visit from an old friend." she couldn't help but smile at the thought of Deadpool.
Her smile failed just a bit at the overtly quiet guy who stood watching them. It wasn't that he had said anything. It was what he *hadn't* said that bothered Victoria.
What she had told Barry earlier was true. She didn't invade people's minds to garner their thoughts. However, she couldn't block out what was thrown out there for everyone in the world who had telepathy to hear.
Giving Abbey a malovelent smile, she finally replied to her.
"We were all asked to join, some of us have been here from the beginning, while the rest of you are new. The "Why" is up to Dr. Strange to tell you, as for the "where", you're on the moon. And for *your* information, I didn't give you my name because you didn't ask for it." Crossing her arms over her chest, she turned back to Paige and did her best not to roll her eyes.
"So, hows Jono? You two didn't disappear for the entire week did you?" she paused for a moment, looking around again and let out a bit of a disappointed sigh.
"I guess Hank's sitting this one out." She realized she must have been speaking a mile a minute and stopped. Giving Alex an apologetic smile she addressed him.
"I'm terribly sorry. Things tend to get a bit strange around here when everyone gets back together for an assignment."
"Home is where the heart lies after all, and if you're wondering why I'm using sayings I never use, my dad pretty much had me read the entire San Francisco library in a few hours. For preparation he said... pfff, yeah right. Really just afraid I'd be missing out on 'important schoolwork'." Barry said, making all kinds of arm movements as he went along, while he thought back to his short trip home. His dad was positively outraged and couldn't believe any word Barry spoke, Iris was just gniffling in the background. He even had to get his mind read by J'Onn before they finally believed his story about going out and saving the world. Of course, his mom was worried about what it would do to his school situation, which dad fixed in such an elegant manner. Barry rolled his eyes as he thought back to those boring hours he spent in that library, it felt like years.

Barry noticed he was kind of zoning out and tried to gain his concentration again, when he walked over to Logan. Moving to his side, Barry slowly extended a finger and proceeded to prod him on the right side. "So what do you do?"
Already ready to begin whatever mission was instore for this group, Abbey began to study the contents of her bag. She pulled out her leather shoulder holster containing her glock. she removed the gun, checked the chamber, reloaded and strapped the holster on.

Looking at Barry, she smiled, "I've had thoughts older than you." She was glad when he turned his attention elsewhere. Flashing a glance at Victoria, Abbey smiled to herself, This is gonna be fun.

She was, for the moment, intrigued by the men in the group. She was about positive that they were all more interesting than Johnny. She did kinda miss him though. She wasn't however missing the choice she had to make. Quickly putting the thought out of her mind, she turned her attention towards Alex. There was definately something different about him.
The stern expression that Logan bore did not change as Paige came towards him, extending her hand in a polite gesture of intoduction. His folded arms did not budge as his eyes looked down at the extended hand and then returned to meet the welcoming pair of blue eyes that stood before him. He had not recieved such a genuine attempt of kindness in a while. Most people he met harbored a strong sense of dislike for him. He was sure that she, as well as the others, would soon feel the same.
"The name's Logan."
The respnse held a tone of superiority and disgust towards Paige. He had no interest in making friends and it was best she knew it now, saving both of them the time from her trying again. A hint of anger suddenly flashed in his eyes as he felt a small finger lightly jab him in his side. His head snapped around to the owner of the annoyance.
"Touch me again, and you'll find yourself missing that finger."
The glare accompanied with the threat would easily show the pest that he was serious and willing to back up what he said.
"It would appear that some of them are going to be more...intolerable than others."
Quietly the Cloak waited off to the side of the others, pulling and twisting itself so that it appeared to be a man draped within it, though there obviously was not. Hope and shadow were all it had to keep the others from seeing that indeed the living cloth was it's own master and not just another article of clothing worn on another's back. Not that it would really matter. After all, it wasn't like those others around him were without their own little....quirks.

One was dead. That much he felt immediately, a sublte chill whispering off the young body, while two more seemed dangerously close to combusting under the brillance of their own warmth. He'd definately need to steer clear of them. Then there was a man.....reasonably young, fit, and with an energy he could feast upon for weeks. The others seemed about average, perhaps a little brighter than most. Four out of seven wasn't terrible. Of course explaining his condition and situation to the others might take a minute or two....possibly longer depending on how well they grasped magics. But if worse came to worse perhaps Strange could be persuaded to.....

Strange!! God how he hated the man, what with his overly extravagant and thus slightly homosexual cape. No. He couldn't say he hated the man. He was merely upset with him for having taken Tandy away from him and Jen that one time.

Shadowed representations of those around him filtered across his sight, or rather his equivelent of it. There were times he truely missed human to human contanct, and now was becoming one of those times for whatever reason. He had no hands to shake, no lips with which to greet. Not even ears with which to hear. No. But he could feel the vibrations of voices and had over time learned how to make out the words, so he could still hear even though he couldn't. Something about....the moon?

What moon? Surely not The Moon. Why would they be on the moon? Strange said he wanted him to come along and help with some things on another plane, not the moon. This was terrible. Now he was stuck on the moon, away from Tandy and Jen, and......was that dead guy walking around earlier?
Danny had kept to the shadows so far. He didn't say a word because he intended to discern the nature of this gathering. He reached back behind his head to make sure his mask was securely over his face. The low hum of his mechanical left arm's servos could be heard as he tightened his mask. After finally deciding the group to be overall benign, he introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Iron Fist. I'm pleased to meet you all. Ma'am, that's quite an exquisite sword you have there." Danny directed the compliment towards Victoria while at the same time, he could feel the tug of mystical energies near him. The Cloak was billowing them from within it's many folds. He had become quite adept at recognizing such energies from his many years within the walls of the ancient city of K'un L'un. He made the rounds and introduced himself to everyone, but he couldn't help staring at the Cloak. It fascinated him. He got to Logan and put out his flesh hand for the introduction. Most people get creeped out when they get a hand full of metal, so he made sure to extend his right arm. This guy seems to have all the personality and charm of a flat tire.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
"Dude, I got superspeed." Barry said with a hint of annoyance as he made his hand vibrate with speed in front of the man, but didn't bother to back up his powers. This would be settled another time, he thought as he sped back to Abbey. Standing behind her, he pointed to her head as he spoke: "C'mon, are you trying to tell me you haven't had a thought in 16 years? I won't ever hold that against our relationship though." Quickly though his attention was called by the sudden movement of Cloak, and as in his nature sped forward, circling around this strange creature. "Totally kick-ass." Barry said as he gave a thumbs up to Cloak, and replied with a simplistic "Yo." when Iron Fist introduced himself.
Paige had to fight of the giggles that threatened to surface at Victoria’s mental comment about Barry’s hormones. Don’t even make me think about that kid’s hormones. Paige mentally replied, holding a hand to her temple as if she were trying to force the thought out of her mind. Shifting her gaze towards the sword that hung at Victoria’s side Paige let out a little gasp of surprise, she recognized the sword but how did ‘Toria get it back. “Deadpool?” a little shiver ran down Paige’s spine as the mental image of Deadpool floated into her mind, after all it hadn’t ever been a secret that the man glad in black and red hadn’t ever been her favorite person.

As Victoria assumed the roll of telling Abbey the Why, where they were Paige’s mind drifted back to home and she absent mindedly began to slide her wedding ring on and off, an old habit that she hadn’t yet been able to get rid of. “Jono’s fantastic, though a bit envious that he couldn’t join us.” Paige paused for dramatic effect before replying to ‘Toria’s second half of her question. “Ah’m not at liberty t’ relinquish that information.” She gave a little wink and a smirk But if yuh must know ‘Toria, yes we did disappear for most of the week. Giggles bubbled up inside of Paige as she thought back to her week spent at home, going home had done the young girl a world of good. As Victoria mentioned that Hank must be sitting this mission out Paige could easily pick up on the fact that that thought upset the older woman a bit, and knowing that situation far to well Paige flashed Victoria a sympathetic smile. Don’t worry hun, ah’m sure wherever he is he’s missin’ yuh like crazy.

Having an approached the silent figure that she now knew as Logan, Paige didn’t budge when all she got back was an icy reply and an even colder glare. Bringing her hand back down to her side, Paige took on a stance that clearly showed she wasn’t prepared to back down or shrink away from Logan’s icy behavior. “Ah’ve got four brothers, so if yuh think that icy personality of yuh’re is goin’ t’ keep me from talkin’ t’ yuh then yuh’ve clearly never met a Guthrie.” Paige informed Logan, her tone holding it’s on fierceness to it. Though right as Paige finished her statement Barry sped over and poked Logan, which resulted in the older man threatening to remove Barry’s finger. “Barry, ah think yuh should rethink yuh’re form of greetin’ people.” The petite blond gave Barry a pointed look that clearly said ‘back off’. After all Logan looked like he was the type to kill first and think later. Paige let out a thankful sigh a Barry sped off again to harass the poor unsuspecting Abbey.

“Don’t mind him, nobody else does.” Paige turned her attention back towards Logan, with whom she was determined to break down his walls and force him to accept the fact that she wasn’t going to just leave him alone to be mister ‘tall, dark and broody.’ “So Logan, seein’ as we’re about t’ spend a good few months together yuh might as well face up t’ the fact that not everyone is scared away by a fierce look and cold reply.” Continued in her efforts to force Logan into a conversation Paige prayed to god that he didn’t enjoy killing woman or something, because if he did she was toast.
Victoria smiled at Iron Fist as he complimented her sword.
"Thank you, and to answer the question I'm sure is hovering around in there somewhere, yes, I know how to use it. I was trained by one of the best." as he wandered off to make his introductions, Victoria watched them all silently for a moment. At Logan's remark to Barry however, she spoke up.
"Alright people, listen up. I don't know if any of you have any experience in what you are about to undertake but there are a few things you need to know. First off, I've been doing this for a long time, too long if you ask me. I've seen it all and done it too. Some of you might have "abilities" some of you might not. That's your business. However, it's a personal quest of my own to make sure you all make it back here alive...somewhat alive, or mostly living. Paige can attest to that. We've lost entirely too many team members. When we leave here, we leave as a TEAM. Which means your egos stay here, your attitudes as well. If you've got a beef with someone, leave it.
My name, since it's been Victoria Essex, my codename is Sinistra and I don't use it. Use whatever name you want, call yourself Mickey Mouse, I don't care. But I will give you one word of caution....and Barry and Paige are my proof. If I tell you to move out of my way, do it. My "abilities" are rather...unique. I've been called the team's "Last Resort" on too many occasions, and I've decimated an entire army of adamnatum robots with only a thought, and nearly killed a couple of team mates in the process. I will also warn you...I am a telepath. While I do not dig around into people's minds, the thoughts you toss out there on the forefront of your mind, bombard me. I don't care how disgusted you are with the prospect of working with this team..." she paused and looked directly at Logan. "Or how much fun you think this is going to be..." turning her gaze back to Abbey momentarily..."You're here to do a job. And I will warn you, you will come across people you might know from your reality. You have to learn to disconcern who's who. During my time doing this, I've come across my Godfather, my adopted father, my sister's ex boyfriend and a guy who's been trying to kill me for about 60 years... I'll leave that last one for you to figure out." she smiled slightly before turning back to the group.
"I'm only telling you all this for your own good. You can listen...."Or you can listen, the choice is yours."
Finding a seat, she sat down and looked up at Uatu for a moment.
"What? Like you didn't think someone was going to warn them all? Geeze..." knowing the entity wouldn't speak, or even acknowledge her existance she sat back and waited for the fallout of her words to take effect.
Yikes! We haven't even been given any instructions and this chick is already flipping out. Experienced or not, maybe what's instore for us is gonna be a simple snatch and run, or even just fiding someone. We'll just have to wait and see. Scaling back the attitude would be a bit difficult though.

Turning her attention to the moving cloak she was a bit confused, but she had seen some strane things in her life. She looked at the man known as Iron Fist. She was definitely curious and she wanted to know more about the metal arm.

Barry was on her back again. He was a minor annoyance, but maybe also maybe advantageous.
Barry sped right over to Victoria and took his seat beside her. "That was totally hardcore... although I think you may have some major issues you're going to have to deal with later..." he whispered to her with a smile. "So, did you ever a dashing young speedster, or any kind of speedster that went by the good old Flash name?" This question was asked with genuine curiosity, since he had always interested himself with alternate realities, and he was dying to know about alternate versions of him.
One of his 'team mates' had started preaching to the others. It was a lecture that he disregarded, paying it no heed. His focus at the moment was on the kid as he made a quirk that Logan was sure the kid found quite nonchalant.
"Your speed won't mean a thing if you can't move your legs."
Logan emitted a low growl as the kid ran off to talk to the others, only to be replaced by another incovience. He eyed the man's left arm for a brief moment before giving him the same response he had given Paige. His arms remained folded across his chest, leaving the arm that Iron Fist extended hanging alone in the air.
However, his cold stare did not stay on the man for long, for the blond female, who seemed intent on trying his patience, had resumed talking to him. It was quite obvious that she was not going to back down, nor was she going to leave him be until she had gotten some kind of response.
It never came, for the woman who was speaking had finally said something that had caught Logan's ear.
" Victoria Essex, my codename is Sinistra and I don't use it..."
His blue eyes now paid more attention to the pale skinned woman as she continued talking. The more he studied her outward appearance, the more he came to recognize it. Not her, but the person she shared a striking similarity to. And if her appearance wasn't enough to convince him that there was a connection between her and the man in his mind, her name was.
The cold look that his eyes held slowly melted away to one of hatred and contempt. Memories that he often pushed aside and burried resurfaced as the image of the man continued to appear before him. He quickly, however, regained his composure. If there was a connection, if she was who he thought she was, then he would have to keep a close eye on her. A very close eye.
"Barry, I don't deal with major issues. I let Dr. Strange do that. I'm just here to make sure there aren't any major issues. I mean, you and I both know that when half these people first see the Phoenix come out and play their going to wet themselves and curl into a fetal position." Victoria said to him softly, keeping their conversation just between the two of them. The smile on her face showed little of the emotions within her. She knew that for the most part, everyone had blown off what she had said, and the sad part was, they'd have to learn it all on their own.
"I can't keep them from making the mistakes, but I can keep them from repeating the past, know what I mean?" her eyes fell on the Cloak and she couldn't help but feel a little bit of intrigue.
"And actually, I don't think I've ever met anyone quiet as charming as you with your powers Barry. However, I did date this one guy in college named Pietro, track star and pretty much had the powers you do. Complete ass though. Self absorbed and more interest in my friend Felicia and getting me to do his Chemistry homework than he was actually dating me. You, however, are a refreshing change." she winked at him playfully, but she could easily sense the thoughts flowing from Logan.
"I'd steer clear of him if I were you...for now." she whispered to Barry again. "Until Dr. Strange says otherwise, I don't trust a single one of them. That Iron Fist guy seems pretty aimable, so does Elder...but the rest...just be careful."
Well, my first impressions of Logan were correct. No personality whatsoever. Iron Fist drew back his hand with a slight bit of irritation towards his brooding teammate for rejecting his greeting. He then walked around the room and introduced himself to some more of his new teammates. As he was walking past Victoria and Barry, he couldn't help but overhear their conversation. "I apologize, Victoria. I swear I'm not eavesdropping on your conversation, but did I hear you mention something about the Phoenix?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Franki Grayson straightened her tall frame, listening to Victoria’s speech and trying not to make any sort of judgement of the woman. She did have to appreciate the seriousness that the white-haired woman gave this mission of theirs, though she had heard way too many speeches just like that; it felt redundant to her, Franki wasn’t going to ignore it but she wasn’t going to go weak in the knees at the thought of serious danger. She lived in serious danger every day, her home was a war zone, and she was one of the few that was keeping it held together and preventing it from becoming worse.

Franki understood that she should introduce herself to this team, but she wasn’t prepared to join the onslaught of ‘Hi, my name is…’ introductions of their own little hero AA; no, she’d rather stick to the shadows, observe and wait for somebody to approach. Perhaps she had just gotten too many of her Grandfather’s trait when she agreed to take up the Batgirl mantle, maybe it was the time she’d spent with the police force, or most probably it was just her personality rearing it’s rebellious head. She wasn’t a joiner, she worked with the rest of Gotham City’s heroes, but she preferred to work alone as one of the many protectors. Franki Grayson knew how to work as a team, she was a CSI, Batgirl preferred the solitude; it was easier to work if you weren’t watching out for others, making sure they didn’t get hurt. It was also easier because she wouldn’t become suddenly inferior to the rest, she wouldn’t be relegated to menial jobs as the lure or the bait, or whatever else they’d like for her to do.

But here she was with another group; with a speedster, a telepath and who knows what, and what did she have to offer? Intelligence and brute force? Yeah, like that would be needed, knowing her luck one of them was a super genius, and she’d be relegated to bait again, ‘here Batgirl, stand and wave your arms while we wait for so-and-so to lunge at you’ she may have the title of Batgirl, but she still hadn’t gained any of the respect that her mother and Cassandra seemed to maintain during they’re stints as part of the Bat Family.

Crossing her arms over her chest, she continued to remain silent; attempting to not look sulky underneath the mask. Franki didn’t want these people’s pity either, she was here because Dr. Strange requested her presence, and inevitably she would have to prove herself as a new member. But she wasn’t going to bow down to the veterans and get walked on, it wasn’t how she worked; she was an adult after all and deserved the respect that came with adulthood.
“Might as well make myself comfortable.” Franki thought as she relaxed her stance.

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