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Chapter Three: The Salvation of Paradise
Franki had made her way over to the rooftop adjacent to the alley after Victoria’s mental call, making sure that Paige had followed her. It was easy work for her to get acrossed and closer to the alleyway, but near as she could tell the blonde woman didn’t have much training when it came to scaling walls and lurking on the tops of buildings.
“We’re going to have to climb back down.” Franki stated, unfurling the length of rope at her hip, “So you might want to get those claw things back.” The newest Batgirl fastened one end of the rope securely to a bar on the roof and moved to make her descent down the side of the building.

It was a maneuver she was familiar with, and probably could have done in her sleep. Once she felt her boots hit the ground she tugged on the rope, to remove the intricate slipknot she had done on the top of the roof. Recoiling the rope she looked at the alleys occupants, “That was quite a display.” Franki commented wryly.
Without a second thought Paige peeled away the skin on her hands to reveal the earlier claw like fingers she’d used to get up onto the top of the building. “Please work as well going down, as yuh did going up.” She was talking to herself, a nervous habit she’d had since she was a little girl. It was times like these that she wished her little brother Josh was around; those wings of his would have come in handy right about now. Walking towards the ledge with slow cautious steps Paige kneeled down and grabbed hold of the ledge of the roof digging her claw like fingers in deep to secure herself as she brought one leg over the side and then the other, all the while praying that she didn’t fall to her death while doing this little stunt.

Willing herself not to look down for fear she might have and anxiety attack, Paige slowly removed one claw like hand from the building, moving it down to about where her stomach was she again forced the claws into the side of the building securing that hand so that she was able to move the other one down next to it. While moving her hands to climb down she braced her feet against the side of the building like someone who was repealing, though she didn’t have a rope for safety. Blond hair falling into her eyes as she tilted her head down just a little bit, her blue eyes focused only on her hands and the side of the building. “Ah’m a nutcase.” Paige breathed, trying not to get herself worked up for fear her palms would get sweaty and she’d fall. It wasn’t that Paige was afraid of the height she was at, nor was it that fact that she was climbing down the building. It was the fact that she hadn’t tried climbing down a building like this. Sure she’d climbed up buildings numerous times with these claw like fingers, but climbing down was a little trickier.

The only noise Paige could hear at that very moment was the rhythmic beating of her heart and the slowly soft breathing she was trying to use to keep herself calm, the blond southerner kept up a good act but inside she was still the youngest member on the team and was still had a lot of the same fear and idiosyncrasies she’d had on her very first mission out with the team. Looking up the length of the building Paige finally felt as if she was getting closer to the bottom, and at long last her feet finally hit solid ground again. “Ah think that’s the last time ah try that for awhile.” Paige breathed, glancing over towards her teammates Paige tried her best to hide the bit of anxiety she’d felt while doing that little stunt.

“What happened?” She questioned Victoria as Franki, herself and Cloak reached the group. “Are those guys what ah think they are?”
Paige was saying something...but Victoria's mind wasn't paying that much attention to it.
Again, she heard the voice in her mind. It's seductively dark melodic tone reminded her of Hank late at night, and she closed her eyes momentarily.
" angel." It was deep, dark and frightening the way the voice moved Victoria's soul. She shuttered and shook herself out of it's spell. She wiped her head around so quickly that tendrils of snowy white hair obscured her eyes.
"Sorry..." she muttered apologetically. "Umm...I don't really know, but I think we need to get out of here, quick."
Figuring the only thing she could do was leave the shop, she collected her things, thankful that she had her copying device. Giving her most seductive look, Abbey turned to face the man.

"Thank you for allowing me to look at your books. It really means a lot to me."

Finishing her thought with a wink, she strolled out the door to a very empty street. She had walked amybe a block when she spied a few memnbers of her group walking down an alley toward a strange figure. Anxious to tell them of her findings, she decided to duck down that ally herself and see what was going on.
HOLY CRAP! I can't believe I just knocked the wind out of an Asgardian! I might not get that lucky a second time. Time to find a way away from them while their distracted. At that time, Iron Fist realized that the rest of his teammates were running toward a shadowed figure in a nearby alley. I hope this isn't yet another peril that we are about to run into head first, but at this point, it seems to be about the only option that we have available to us. "I know I'm not exactly the leader of this team, but I probably have the most leadership experience out of any of you. I'm going to follow this person to what is hopefully a safe haven. Anyone who wants to follow me can. Anyone who doesn't want to can get friendly with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum over there."

Iron Fist proceeded to make haste down the alleyway in suspense to what was waiting for the Watch at the end of it.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
The Cloak billowed and swayed softly, it's lower hems whispering against the alleyway's dirt kissed surface. It didn't like the idea of running in general And running from guards of any sort could not have been a good thing. This violence was.....not the way. Strange had always promoted verbal resolutions to physical ones, though most knew he was more than merely adept in the mystical arts and could have banished a great many aggrivaters if he had so desired. Whomever this Kya person was needed to be found and found fast, lest their next encounter with the local find them not fairing so well.

It could still feel the local populace about them, though the apperance of the Asgardians had upset so many of them that it would be impossible to distinguish one lone scared heart in the village. They needed something to go on. A last known location. A picture. A strand of this Kya's hair. Something. But where could such a thing be found? Except for this strange individual they had all followed into the narrow passage it appeared as though the villagers themselves would be of little assistance, and with no thread to follow there were merely strangers in a strange land looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

In Wyoming.
Elsewhere on this strange world and far away from the tiny village of Landsbystyv and its wayward saviors, a sinister plan was being put to fruition. An insurance policy was being put into motion that would guard the realm’s most paranoid of beings from loosing the power that he had invested his entire life to attain. The security master and royal prince Loki toiled alone over the body of the being that could one day quash any and all hope that the mortals would ever have of reclaiming Midgard. But unknown to Loki, there was another being that had taken notice of his doings. The entity known only as the Phoenix Force had recognized an unbelievable power laying dormant in Loki’s experiment, and now that the egomaniacal trickster was beginning his dealings the being that laid motionless on Loki’s dungeon slab was ripe for the picking and the Phoenix knew it.

In Landsbystyv, the Watch scrambled for the shadowy refuge of the alley and the hopefully safe respite that the man there could offer. Thinking quickly, Logan had bought the team a few extra moments with the telekinetic shove that he had given the Asgardian brutes. And even though he wasn’t the first to move, Barry was of coarse the first of the team to reach the alley, with the remainder of his team quickly joining the escape. The man there, dressed in what the Watch considered to be a far more modern manner of dress compared to the rest of the village, looked at Barry curiously. The speedster’s swift movements caused their rescuer to take pause, but he shook the promising thought from his mind and ushered the team through a hatch in the ground behind him. Knowing they had no other options, one at a time they climbed down into the dark tunnels that laid below. Victoria was the last of the team to withdraw from the alley, hoping to cover their escape from Hogun and his fellows. But before she could follow into the tunnels, a shrill cackle sounded in Victoria’s mind and grew louder as the entity approached the outer fringe of the mutant’s consciousness. Losing itself from the shackles that Stephen Strange had placed upon it, the fiery creature burst forth into the tangible world, leaving the alley smoldering from the heat. As it emerged from its host, it proclaimed, “Finally, we are liberated. No longer do we need the madman’s creation to house us. There is another, and she is beautiful!” And like that, the Phoenix Force was gone, leaving Victoria Essex at last, for lack of a better word, vulnerable.

Victoria found herself dazed by the exit of the cosmic being and unable to move. Realizing something was wrong, Iron Fist climbed to the top of the ladder and drug Victoria underground. The hatch closed behind them, and if viewed from above, a subtle light shone as it did, sealing itself completely and disappearing altogether from anyone who didn’t know it was already there.

The team followed the mystery man down the tunnels, with Barry zipping about frantically, trying to convince himself that the hiccup in his powers had been a temporary thing. After countless twists and turns obviously intended to confuse and disorient any who dared to walk these paths, the group found an end to their journey as it emptied into a large chamber filled with people dressed similarly to their new companion. As the Watch entered, all eyes were on them, and they watched Barry particularly closely as he flitted about exercising his super speed. Whispers began to pass back and forth amongst the chambers occupants that grew louder and more audible quickly, “Could it be he?”...”Look how fast he moves”...”Are we finally saved?”...”The Seer foretold of this day” Barry’s entrance in particular seemed to rouse the hopes of the people there, but they were quickly hushed by one man.

A tall sleek man dressed in blue with slicked back silver hair stepped forward and spoke over the rest, “This boy is not here to fulfill the prophecy any more than I was when I first came to you two years ago. You know I hate waiting worse than any of you, but getting all worked up over this false hope will not fulfill the prophecy any faster.” With an annoyed demeanor the silver haired man ran his fingers through his white locks, smoothing all but two stubborn strands back against his head. He looked at the man that had led them there and asked with an irritated tone, “Who are they, Porjyst?” The man grinned back at his friend and replied, “They needed our help.”
For the span of forever (or at least that's what it seemed like), Victoria's life flashed before her eyes as the furance of heat that the Phoenix blew off engulfed her. As Iron Fist drug her below, she couldn't clear her head. Her mind was spinning and whirling around her. Images of Sinister, herself strapped to a lab table, him standing over her smiling, Piotr, Kitty...Spider-Man, Beast....and then...there was silence.

"Hello?" it echoed through her head. For as long as Victoria could remember, she had always been able to hear the constant background hum of the Phoenix Force within her head...and now it was gone. Rising from her like it's name, and leaving her a shell of her former self. She had to pause against a wall and close her eyes.
"Hank...oh god Hank where are you?" again, silence. Somewhere along the line, her healing factor kicked in and the weak feeling left in the wake of the Phoenix turned into a hollow thud within her chest.

Victoria wasn't sure how to feel. Part of her felt liberated. Another part of her felt a stark terror in knowing that if the Phoenix left her, it had found a host elsewhere, and that host may not be as strong as she was. She may have very well single handedly sealed the fate of this world all on her own.
Tears brimmed along the edges of her deep brown eyes and she fought to contain them.
Hank wasn't here, Tessa wasn't here, Peter wasn't here. No one would understand one would know what to think...and if anyone else put two and two together, the death of this reality would fall squarely on Victoria's pale shoulders.

It was at that point, as she stumbled along the corridors, her mind numb from the passing events, that she was the silver haired man. Tears began to pour from her eyes as she closed them. She couldn't believe she was running into him again. Would this circle ever end?
"Hello Pietro...." she ran a hand through a tangled mess of white hair, pushing it out of her face as best as should could. Her mind still whirling and churning over everything.
Logan followed the stranger into the dark depths of the tunnels, easily keeping pace with their seeming rescuer. That quickly changed. It was a sound that he had only heard twice before, but he would recognize it anywhere. The Phoinex. It had finally shown itself. In one swift and fluid motion, Logan's direction had reversed without breaking his speed, heading him back towards Victoria. He strained to get a glance at it, being able to catch a glimpse of it as it flew off into the unknown. But a glimpse was all he needed. In that one instant, memories rushed towards him, consuming his every thought. Visions of Jean Grey, Sinister, and finally the firery entity that had just been before him. An emotion flooded his every being, one that was so foreign to him, that it was almost forgetten, yet one so great, that it threatened to drown him in its glory. Logan was in awe.
It seemed like an eternity, but finally, the instant passed, and Logan's mind was once again focussed on the task at hand. He watched Iron Fist retrieve the dazed Ms. Essex, taking her into the tunnels, and decided to trail from behind. After running through series of twists and turns that recognized as an attempt to confuse intruders, they arrived to their destined haven.
Logan was quick to analyze their surroundings and the people the lay inside them. He particularly noticed how they reacted to the speedy nusicance, causing a slight grimace to be fall his face. He knew nothing of this 'prophecy' they spoke of, but he knew Barry was not their Savior, and he hoped that such an idea would not cause the teenager's head to swell even more.
Patiently, Logan stood of in the distance, arms crossed, and listened closely as they were filled in by their new acquiatances.
"Wow, wow." Barry said as he came to a sudden halt and looked at all the people that were gathered there and they looked back. At him. Him. "Prophecy? What kind of prophecy? Don't tell me it's some kind 'the Father will kill the Son' thing, because those never end good." he said to them before he picked up pace again "Or maybe I could be like Neo, the One. That would rock."

A glint appeared in his eyes even moreso now, and he vibrated his hands, while he tried to accurately convey the sound of slow-motion. Or at least the sounds you always heard in the theater between sticking popcorn in your mouth at superspeed, making out with your girlfriend, and still being able to watch Neo fight off a gazillion Agent Smith's. That fight scene really did take too long, he thought, recalling the old showings of the Matrix Reloaded in the Flash Cinema downtown.

He hadn't really picked up on the whole Phoenix force and Victoria, although she looked different to him. Free almost. Not something he would have to keep an eye out for, although he never did mind taking a looksey at Victoria.

It took a while for him to finally turn his attention to the silver-haired man that stood before them "Oh, look who didn't get prophesized." he said while keeping in the impulse to stick out his tongue.
The cloak was constantly a sea of emotions, words often failing to express what needed expressing. But even with it's perpetual flux of feelings there was one that it seldom encountered. Fear. It could be shot, stabbed, torn and shredded, even lit afire so long as one small piece of itself remained to reweave it's form from the darkness to which it was bound. But there and then, in that moment when the Phoenix was terrified.

Physically it whipped about furiously as if a small maelstrom of winds had suddenly risen up about it, convulsing and lashing out in every which way. Emotionally it became a twisted dichotomy of opposites, pertrified to it's core as every fiber of every thread just wanted to slither away and tuck itself into a corner where it could hide. The essence of light the Phoenix left in it's departure was all at once the most beautiful and most hideous thing it had even witnessed and even as it was struck with utter horror at the concept of being devoured by the light from which no darkness could escape, it was overjoyed at it's brillance. It was like touching a star and being trapped within it at the same time.

Though the episode lasted only a few seconds the emotional toll left the cloak spent, it's physical form falling deathly still about Franki's frame as if it were nothing more than another piece of clothe. Emotionally it withdrew into itself, cutting itself off from the outside world. Not out of choice, though it was a decision it would have made if given the option, but merely out of weakness. It simply didn't have the strength to see thru another's eyes or hear with another's ears. The entire walk through the underground passageways it was silent and still, experiencing what could best be describe as it's version of being unconcious. For the first time in years it was left not with questions, but instead with the truth.

It had seen the very face of life and death itself.
Abby felt a little lost in this sea of strangers. There were a zillion questions she could think of to ask, but it didn't seem appropriate. Waiting for an explanation is not here strong suit, but she decided to give it a go. Remembering the device up her sleeve, she needed to wait for a chance to get her team alone to tell them what she learned.
"First things first. Victoria, are you allright, and am I mistaken or did the Phoenix force just up and leave your body back there?" Danny shuddered to think of what might become of the powerful entity if it truly did vacate the one vessel that seemed to be able to maintain some fraction of control over it. Where did it go, and more importantly, to whom did it go? Danny waited for the answer to one question, but time did not allow for him to not ask the second one right away.

"What is this prophecy that you speak of?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Victoria once again pushed the muss of tangled white hair out of her eyes. Before removing her gaze from Pietro Maximoff, she smiled slightly.
There was a slight tinge of an angry aura to her brown eyes as they landed on Iron Fist. The last thing these people needed was a reason to distrust them, and bringing up the Phoenix Force right now probably wasn't a good way to win them over.
"No, it's just being unruly, that's all. It's firmly locked away." "Somewhere" she thought sadly to herself.

It was a rare occasion that Victoria Essex has ever felt powerless. She had a multitude of powers at her disposal, as Sinister had planned. But 90% of them, hinged on the Phoenix Force. With that gone, Victoria did a mental inventory of her mutant abilities.
"Telepathy...Telekinesis...Shape Shifting...oh..what else...invisibility...oh god..."
It seemed like a laundry list to most mutants, but to her it wasn't. It was 4 small abilities that in the presence of the Phoenix, looking pathetic.
A tremor of fear swept over her as once again, her mind went to the words the Phoenix had uttered before it left her.
"Hank...Where are you?" She wanted to cry. Wanted to curl up in a fetal position and wish it all away. But being Sinister's creation, she knew that this was, once again, just another test on his part.
It was at that point, the voice crossed her mental planescape again. Soft, Seductive, with an earthy growl to it.
"Weap not for the Phoenix my girl, for you have much larger things in store for you." a evil laugh filled her mind and she closed her eyes for a moment to shake it off.
Opening them again, she glanced at each member of their group, and took stock of the people they had been brought to. Pietro Maximoff she knew well...almost too well. In her reality, they had dated in college. It was an infatuation on his part, toleration on her part. But when she found out he had been sneaking around with Felicia Hardy behind her back, Victoria promptly quit doing all his homework for him.

That memory, brought a smile to her face.
Alex hung back towards the tail end of the group, unsure of their wouldbe saviours. The words of Ekimus seemed to fill his head as he dawdled, looking around at a feature in the tunnel walls or floor, and allowed the distance between himself and the main group increase. It was obvious to Alex that they were being taken by a less than direct route, and he for one wasn't willing to allow himself to become disorientated.


"You should always be mindful of your situation before you set out on a course of action."

Ekimus was waffling on again like some second rate librarian. Alex flapped his hand in front of his mouth feigning a yawn and bringing a titter from Joe perched high up in the rafters. How many times did he have to listen to the same thing? "Alex you are too rash. Alex you must be more careful. Alex you shouldn't rush headlong into a pack of werewolves before counting how many there are first." His attention was brought forcibly back to the present by the large leatherbound tome which whistled past his right ear. "Being dead already does not mean you cannot be destroyed Alex Elder." Ekimus suddenly loomed over Alex, his long face overcome by a mask of anger. "The path laid out before you will provide many opportunities for you to Suffer." He hissed through his fanged teeth. "Does an eternity of suffering appeal to you?"

Taken aback by Ekimus' venom, Alex backed away hurriedly. Pushing himself upward and away from the flagstones of the church floor Alex soared into the rafters, peering down at his self appointed mentor fuming below. "Like you have because of Lisseth?" he asked, wishing as soons as the words passed his lips that he had remained silent.

Far below Ekimus' shoulders slumped, and he stooped to pick up the thrown book. "Yes Alex Elder." he almost sighed the words. "I would not wish such suffering on another." He padded across to his table and leaned against it heavily. "If only I paused for a moment then and taken the time to recognise that danger.." He paused, looking upwards, his eyes piercing the darkness of the church and easily finding Alex' form hidden in the shadows. "..then none of the damage Lisseth has caused would have come to pass and you would still be living your life in ignorance." Alex looked over at Joe, looking for answers but finding the other vampire speechless.

"How could you have.." he began to ask. ".. known?" Ekimus completed his question and answered it. "I am one of the elder race. One of the supposed guardians. I should have recognised Lisseth for what she was. I should have considered the consequences of our actions. But I was too embittered. Too Rash. I took her words and actions at face value. I should have known that evil has more than one face with which to trick the unwary."


Alex paused just inside the doorway of the large chamber, eyeing the inhabitants ever more warily. "Victoria." He thought hard at the white haired telepath, hoping she would pick up his thoughts. "Ms Essex. Victoria. he paused for a moment then continued. "I don't like this. I'm glad to be away from those horn heads but we could all be walking from the obvious trap into a much more subtle but no less dangerous one." He knew he was giving away too much of himself. She may be able to sense that he wasn't as dumb or naive a kid as he made out. "We should be ready for anything."
Paige didn’t like this, she felt like a mouse trapped in one of those horrid little mazes in which their only task is to find the cheese, minus the cheese of course. Every ounce of her being told her to stay on guard so on guard she would be. With her hands hid under the folds of her jacket she quickly peeled off the skin on her finger tips to reveal sharp talons though much more subtle then the talons she used to both climb up and down the building prior to entering the tunnels they would suffice if the young southerner had to defend herself.

Standing next to Franki as they entered the large room in which the people began to murmur about Barry being whom their prophecy had spoken of Paige had to all but fling her hand over her mouth in order to hold in the giggles she felt at the idea of Barry being a savior for these people. “Don’t get me wrong here, Speedy over there is ah sweet kid…but he isn’t yuh’re savior.” Paige quipped her blue eyes scanning the crowd of people warily, her hands firmly hide underneath her jacket.
Franki had already begun to take stock of exits, and general surroundings. She didn’t like the looks of where they were, but it seemed safer down here than up on the streets.
“Not to sound like a demanding stranger, but I’m with the majority of my companions in wanting to know information. Or else I’m perfectly capable of leaving once again, I’ve memorized the path we took to make it to this point; I could return to the alley where we were quite easily.” Franki said, her face a completely emotionless mask and her voice was doing an uncanny impression of the one she had heard Batman use countless times to threaten villains/thieves/etc, “And I’m sure none of you want my death by those guards on your conscious.” She had her arms crossed over her chest, looking at the silver-haired man that spoke and then back to their guide.

She was having trouble gauging the actual situation, it was not immediately apparent as to whether or not the group was in any real danger, and that made her uncomfortable. Franki liked to have the upper hand if at all possible, and so far she couldn’t see how she could achieve that until she had more to work with.
The silver haired mutant didn’t know how to respond to the greeting he received from Victoria. He had become increasingly cautious of everyone and everything since the false gods had moved into the neighborhood. And he was especially untrusting of strangers. So this whole situation irritated the notoriously short tempered Quicksilver to no end. Why would Porjyst bring this troupe here? “They needed our help? So does every man, woman and child on this rock, but you know as well as I do that we can’t help them all...not yet at least. It isn’t time.” Pietro had decided to ignore Victoria’s greeting for the time being. If he had to, he would deal with the platinum blonde later.

Their guide, the man Quicksilver referred to as Porjyst, picked up the conversation where Pietro’s annoyance had let it slack, “The prophecy my people speak of is one of many proclaimed by our Seer. It says that a man being fleet of foot will one day return to us in our greatest time of need.” Quicksilver took an intimidating step in Barry’s direction as Porjyst explained, “And no, I didn’t fulfill the prophecy, and neither will you. For my friend here left out a key part of the prophecy. It says that ‘a son of the realm’ will be the one to return, and you look even less Asgardian than I do, kid.” Porjyst chuckled at his hot headed friend, “I’m afraid he is right my young friend, I do not believe you to be here to fulfill any prophecies. I simply brought you and your friends here to get you away from Hogun and Yarsug.”

It was then that a large bald man with crazy wild eyes stepped from the gathering crowd. He looked as though his mind was a million different places at once, but he managed to focus his attention completely on Franki as he said, “I do not know what type of information you seek young one, but I must insist that you explain yourself and your companions first. I know all that there is and all that there ever will be and not once have I gleaned a group such as yours.”
Victoria took an instinctive step to stand behind Barry and give a defiant look. Crossing her arms over her chest, not caring if her cloak came open and exposed the Asgardian sword that had gotten Hogun on their case anyway.
"Leave the kid alone. He's a son, but not of this realm. None of us are." Turning her head just slightly to look at Porjyst, her white hair cascading across one side of her face. She gave it an toss to get it out of her eyes and smiled graciously.
"And while we do appreciate your help in that matter, we do have other things to attend to."
"Like finding this Kya chick and getting the hell off this rock." The longer they were here, the more uneasy she got. First the little episode with the Phoenix and it's flight, and now this voice she kept hearing.
"Victoria Mine, you cannot run and hide. I see everything from the shadows."
She almost jumped at the sound of the voice. No one around her seemed to hear it. Gathering herself mentally, she gave a mental shout to her teammates.
"Think we should tell them why we are here? or do you think it will wind up getting us back to square one?"
“Honestly, I think we’d wind up back at square one. Whitey over there doesn’t seem real welcoming, I doubt he’d like us anymore if we explained this Kya chick to him.” Franki responded mentally, and then looking at the large bald man she merely blinked.
“We’re reality hoppers.” She said concisely, careful not to back down from the stranger. She’d seen worse, she worked with worse on the PD, “I think that explains my companions and I well enough.”

She had her doubts about this man being all knowing, but she wasn’t going to voice them anytime soon. Franki had been raised smarter than that.
“Anybody else think this is beginning to look like a waste of our time?”
Logan watched the scene unfold before him, finding it quickly to be both tiresome and annoying. He had no interest in these people or their plight, and found their constant dependence and reliance on their beloved prophecy disgusting.
"Hmph. Prophecies are just excuses for those who are too weak to forge their own path. It's no wonder they were bested so easily."
He eyed the silver haired speedster that Victoria had labeled as Pietro, already finding him to be barely tolerable. Then again, that's how he treated almost anybody.
Questions were being asked of their origins, how they came to this world, and it only frustrated Logan more when his 'teammates' were hesitant to answer. Not wanting to waste any more time than he already had, he stepped forward to answer their questions, aiming his annoyed repsonse right at Quicksilver. It was obvious that Logan was less than tolerant towards their current situation, and he made no effort to conceal it as he spoke.
"We were sent here from different spectrums of reality by some idiot with too much power and no tactical sense to use it. He wanted us to find a girl name Kya and aid her in cleaning up your mess of a world. So if you could just point us in the right direction, we'll be on our way."
He stood firmly in place, arms folded, eyes locked, waiting impatiently for a reply.
Victoria almost did a slap take to her forehead.
"Gee Logan, why not give them the keys to the Emerald City while you're at it?"
"So much for not showing all the cards in our hand." her thoughts held the edge that she could not let her voice show.
Turning back towards Peitro, still standing her ground behind Barry, she smiled and explained further.
"Well, since you know why we are here, maybe a little help? We'd love to be on our way and out of your way...but unfortunately, as my companion explained, we have a job to do and then we'll be on our way."
With a glance behind her, she gave a look to the rest of her team a glare.
"Anyone says one more thing that gives out too much information and I swear by all that's holy I'll make you spend the rest of your life thinking your a 3 year old."
The cloak came back to life with a fury, hipping and thrashing about madly for a few moments as it awoke to a paniced state. Having blacked out in one location only to awake in another was disoreintating to say the least, especially since it had not once lost consciousness or awareness since becoming what it was. What appeared to it to be a sudden and drastic change in location, coupled with the close proximity of so much new light frightened it for a moment as it feared that it had been pulled within the Phoenix itself.

As it started to feel the familiar lights around it and come to realize that the new light was in fact several new lights belonging to many people and not just one being it began to calm down. The torrent of motion that had overtaken it a few heartbeats prior now soothed and mellowed to it's normal soft sway. All at once it had become aware of a great many things, and it was only now that it had calmed could it begin to make sense of what what happening in to physical realm. People were talking at each other again, and several of them appeared to be upset about one thing or another.

Perhaps they were once more upon the path of finding his 'Kya'....
”They are untrusting,” thought the wild-eyed prophet. It was obvious to the man known as Zarrko that they had secrets that they intended to keep guarded. That was no surprise to him of coarse, as secrets were common place in these tunnels. But understanding their motives did little to sate the curiosity that the Watches mere presence raised in him. Zarrko had been dubbed Seer by the people here, the prophet that would lead them against their enemies. But Zarrko was no Seer, not in the literal meaning at least. He was a time traveler. A man who had slid back and forth along the time-stream so often he had an intimate knowledge of history: past, present and future. And that was why this group of strangers startled him so, for he had no knowledge of their existence anywhere in time. It was as if they existed outside the parameters of time and space itself.

And then as if to confirm his hunch, the dark haired young woman spoke. She explained that this group was from a different reality, obviously outside the sphere of Zarrko’s expertise. She too was guarded with her comments, only giving him and his fellows a brief explanation, with no clue to the stranger’s motives. But there was one amongst the Watch that could not hold his tongue. He seemed irritated with the way his allies conducted themselves, and wasted no time in revealing their mission to Pietro and anyone else standing close enough to hear his impetuous words. But it was one of those words in particular that sent a ripple through the gathered crowd. Everyone within earshot collectively held their breath and began exchanging suspicious glances when Logan said the name “Kya,” but it was Pietro who seemed most affected by the comment. A flash of rage crossed the already irritated man’s face and in a momentary loss of self control, he rushed Logan at super-speed, getting right in the man’s face, noses almost touching. In a highly protective tone of voice, Pietro demanded, “What do you know of Kya?!”
Logan's eyes moved quickly but analytically throughout each person that resided in the crowd around the Watch. It was more or less the reaction he was hoping for. They knew of Kya, which meant that he was one step closer to seperating himself from this burdensome 'team.'
He was not given much more than a moment to think on this becuase he suddenly found himself staring directly into the eyes of white haired speedster. He glared at Pietro with a look of anger and contempt. For a fraction of a second he considered using his telekenisis to break both of the speedster's legs for approaching him in such a defying manner. But it was clear that the man knew of Kya, and possibly of her location. Such information would make the mission's end come a lot sooner, and that, to him, was more valuable than teaching the Quickster his place. For now.
Logan scoffed at the man before him, continuing to uphold his loathsome glare.
"I don't know anything about your Kya, nor do I care. We're here to find her, help her, and leave. The sooner the better. So you can either point us to her or continue wasting my time."

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