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Chapter Three: The Salvation of Paradise
Abbey watched what was going on around her, all the while scanning the room for possible places to hide if need be, escape, or use to her advantage.

Sliding the device out of her sleeve, she managed to slide it back into her bag. Where that gadget came from others weren't far away.

Waiting and listening quietly, she wanted to wait to speak until she had something worthwhile to contribute. For now she was just taking everything in. She reached into her bag and pulled out a recording device, so she could catch everything being said. As she pulled it out of her bag it got caught on a string and slipped onto the floor. She sucked in her breath hoping no one would notice. She was sure that she might not have been seen yet, but this clang could change that.
His voice was in her head again and it was getting unnerving. It was like a warm blanket on a winter night when he spoke to her. The problem was, Who was he?
"Do you grow weary of their ways?" the voice washed over her and it sent chills through her. Gathering her cloak around her, she stood her ground by Barry and gave Logan a smug look as Pietro got up in his face. He was not unlike the Pietro Maximoff she knew.
"Would you two knock it off? This isn't getting anyone anywhere." Victoria reached up and rubbed her temples and closed her eyes for a moment. She could vaguely sense fear running through some of the people around them, but she couldn't pin point who it was. Definately not Quicksilver, he wasn't afraid of anything. And that brought another funny smile to her face, animating her dark eyes with just a sparkle of light.
"You want to know what we know of Kya, step this way Pietro. I hold the answers you seek. But careful, one false move and I reign hellfire down upon us all."
She arched her eyebrow as a challenge at him and let her grip on her cloak fall. Sure, the latter part was an outright lie now that the Phoenix had feld, but she had two choices... Lie to him to get his attention or lie to him to get his attention.
"Logan isn't the one you need to speak to. He speaks in broad generalizations and has half of the story. While Barry here might not be your savior, I think out of anyone in this group of misfits from reality lost that can answer your would be me." She addressed him out loud this time so everyone could hear the conversation.
"Let's hope this work kids...otherwise, I've been on the wrong side of the Maximoff bad temper...and the Phoenix is NOTHING compared to that!" Glancing back over her shoulder, past a flowing white strand of hair, Victoria smiled at Paige and the rest of the group.
Something was....different. The cloak hadn't noticed it before as it was still confused and unsure, but now that it's falculties had returned to it somethingwas definately amiss. The deadly bright one was no longer as bright, her radiance having fled leaving her the same soft glow as the others. And the other one, the young one with a shine all his own seemed to be different as well. Now the brightest among them his light seemed to wane and flicker ever so slightly like so many neon bulbs who's filiments were just beginning to burn out.

Also the emotion in the air had changed. Hints of anger wafted about mixed in with fear, distrust, anxeity, and a dusting of hope. Perhaps things were finally about to change in their favor. Stumbling around half blind half deaf and half dumb was getting no one anywhere, and it was doubtful Strange had intended for them to just divine the answers they needed from thin air.
God, This isn't the first time I've ever been to an alternate reality, and it's also not the first time running into Quicksilver in an alternate reality. That guy is exactly the same in every reality I'ver ever been in! Hopefully Victoria will be able to get some information out of him without causing too much of a ruckus. That's all we need is another fight on our hands.

Danny heard a small object hit the ground only to discover Abbey fiddling wtih her cache of devices. Not sure of what it was she dropped, he walked over to her to help her pick it up. "I certainly hope that device you dropped isn't some weird Ultimate Nullifier doohickey, because I would hate for reality to fall to pieces. Even if it's a reality I'm not familiar with."
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Franki was getting fed up with Logan and his impatience, he seemed to think that he could get information more quickly by mouthing off and strong-arming. Those methods would get information eventually, but it wasn’t very diplomatic and it would hinder their mission from running smoothly if they were to make more enemies in this universe.
‘She better know what she’s doing.’ The dark-haired woman thought to herself as she watched Victoria closely, in truth she didn’t know enough about these people’s personalities to feel entirely comfortable with them, “Because he sure didn’t.” Franki was left wishing for familiarity in this team.

Her mind was briefly torn away from the present as she thought of her Forensic team back in Gotham; she was thick as thieves with those men, and it had taken a good year for that to develop. She only hoped it wouldn’t take nearly as long in this situation, she had her doubts; not even a handful of them had proven they were trustworthy yet.

A noise caught her attention and she looked in that direction, Abbey had dropped something onto the floor. By the looks of it, it might be a recorder of some form. Definitely a useful item, if it worked in this reality.
Normally while attached to a host the cloak would have been content, sharing the energies of the one who wore it. But now, in this place, being surrounded by so much life for the first time in a long time it felt....hungry. Normally Strange or Kale would have been about to keep it from engaging in such pursuits, but neither was anywhere to be seen or felt at the moment and if something were to happen to this girl....

A little here, a little there. The cloak could amass quite the little nest egg if it siphoned off just a bit from everyone in the room. Yes. It could expand itself and engulf everyone within it's folds for a heartbeat or two, draining the energy it wanted without hurting a soul. But to do so now would undoubtedly bring forth hostility and mistrust, as serving as one's very own energy leech rarely came across as a passive action. It would have to wait until later, when they were among enemies and hostility was no longer an issue. But the hunger still persisted....

It would need something to distract it for a while. Something to occupy it's awareness, andbeing trapped underground listening to people bark back and forth at one another through someone else's ears simply wasn't going to cut it. Oh how it hated the mere thought of abondoning the senses it had only so recently found, but it knew that the longer it waited, the harder the hunger would be to forget.

Leaving. Return.

The sensations were simple and kept brief, for no sooner had they been expressed did the cloak detach itself from Franki and drop to the floor. It landed in a shapless mass, laying there akin to some sort of living puddle for a moment before finally taking form and beginning to move away. Folds and expanses were pulled back into itself, causing it to resemble a long jet black snake as it slithered and slid across the floor, unaware of the layout of the room and subsequent tunnels, but not at all concerned with getting lost. So long as it, or they, didn't wander to far it would still be able to feel it's companions, and in a pinch could teleport back to them. But at the moment it wanted to be back on the surface. Back under the sun.

It slipped up against a wall and began to slither up it, taking care to move somehwat slowly as to not draw to much attention to itself. Everyone else seemed to be preoccupied with some sound that had been made and the pale woman walking off with some male who shared her particular haircolor. This was good, as it had hope no one would notice it's departure. As it neared the ceiling of thier little enclave it became intangible, trying to pass through the roof on the tunnel room and hopefully make it's way back to the surface.
Abbey took the device from her teammate and thanked him quietly.

"I don't know what an ultimate nullifier doohickey is, but this isn't it. I'll explain later," Abbey whispered.

As a super spy she didn't think she was doing that great of a job.

It's gotta be the reality chick. You are losing your touch. Stop thinking about home until you get back there. Abbey thought internally berrating herself. Get it together.
Paige returned Victoria’s smile and hoped to god that the pale woman wasn’t getting herself into something that could very well put her out of commission and leave Paige as the veteran on this rag tag team of misfits. With her hands still talon like Paige moved to stand on Victoria’s right side, making it apparent to those in the cave that the petite blond woman was most likely the white haired woman’s second in command of sorts. Don’t get killed. Paige mentally warned ‘Toria. Ah don’t think ah’m ready t’ handle this group alone. The blond haired teen added with a small smirk gracing her features, breaking through the stony mask she’d been wearing for most of their time in the cave.
Surprisingly, the racket that Abbey’s fallen recorder caused seemed to go unnoticed by the refugees in the cave. That or they were entirely too preoccupied with the face off between Pietro and Logan to care. It was most likely the latter, seeing as how they took no notice of the Cloak’s departure either. Through it all Pietro’s glare did not leave the blowhard Logan, who was standing less than a foot from him. Quicksilver had never backed down from a challenge in his life, and he was not about to start now. In fact, life on the run was beginning to wear on him and a good old-fashioned throw-down might be just what he needed, but he was smarter than that. The silver haired mutant knew nothing of the man in front of him, nor what he was capable of. But that didn’t make Pietro want to punch him any less. Eyes locked with Logan’s, Quicksilver stated without wavering, “You will never find Kya.”

It was Victoria’s telepathy that finally shook his resolve and stayed his hand. Pietro Maximoff had not heard another’s voice in his head in years. Heather’s distress call during the Asgardian’s offensive against Avenger’s Mansion was the last time he had been in contact with a telepath. Which wasn’t surprising, considering the Security Master had seen to their elimination soon after. So for Victoria to be speaking directly into Pietro’s mind now was unnerving to say the least. But it did prove one thing to him, that this group was likely telling the truth of their origins. They did not come from this reality.

But just because one half of their story had seemingly been corroborated did not make him trust them any more. The man before him was a loud mouthed ass and the white-haired telepath threatened to rain down hellfire. And as far as he knew, they could back up their posturing. He was of coarse curious: the mention of Kya’s name had seen to that. But he was not about to drop his guard. He wanted to speak with the seemingly level headed Victoria, but he didn’t feel safe turning his back on the irritating Logan. So, acting as impulsively as ever, he did the first thing that came to mind. He punched Logan at near the speed of sound, knocking the man to the floor unconscious. With a glance from Quicksilver, Porjyst removed Logan from the central room, carrying him off to a nearby chamber. “That’s better. I couldn’t think straight,” Pietro remarked as he moved over to Victoria and Paige. “Now, if we can dispense with the posturing...please, tell me what you know of my niece, and what possible bearing a six-month old could have on your team of travelers?”
Victoria's eyebrow arched questioningly as Pietro punched Logan out cold. She couldn't help but snicker just a bit as she watched the pompous one fall to the floor.
"I've been waiting for someone to do that!" Victoria couldn't hide the bit of a smile that creeped up on her face as the though was projected out to the entire group, including Pietro.
"Paige, perhaps you and Iron Fist should look in on Logan, that is, if you don't mind?" she smiled at Husk and directed the question not only at her, but at Quicksilver as well. No use treading on his toes.

At his query of what they could possibly want with a six month old baby, Victoria's eye's widened. Never had she even considered Strange would send them on a mission after a baby. And after her recent pregnancy scare, it was more than enough to rattle her a bit more than she already was. With the Phoenix gone, the sultry male voice in her head, and now she was tracking down a baby...she shook her head.

"I'm not posturing...I'm just...she's only 6 months old?" Victoria paused and brought her hand up to her mouth, forefinger against her lip as she pondered the situation before them.
"Dr. Strange has sent us to ensure Kya's safety. It is our job to protect her in the coming days, there is danger afoot for her." Victoria's brown eyes met Pietro's as she spoke.
"Pietro, please...let us help you." Victoria said softly as she watched Quicksilver carefully.
"Please?" she asked again, almost inaudible. "We cannot return home until this mission is accomplished. Let us help you..."
“Finally, someone had the guts t’ knock him out cold.” Paige muttered under her breath, it wasn’t a secret that Paige hadn’t been a big fan of Logan. Try as she might to befriend the off Standish man it just hadn’t seem to take to Paige’s particular brand of southern charm. Though as he was carried away Paige wondered what sort of mood he’d be waking up in and if he might want to exact revenge for being disgraced in front of a crowded room of people.

Upon Victoria’s request Paige hesitantly looked around at the group, her gaze landing on Iron Fist. “Yuh up for playin’ babysitter?” She asked the older man while she discreetly peeled away the skin on her hands to revert them back to their normal appearance, after all Quicksilver didn’t seem like he’d be harming anyone other then Logan. Turning her gaze back towards Victoria she gave the older woman a small smirk. “Me mind? Not a bit, ah think yuh’ve got everything covered out here so ah might as well make mahself useful.” Paige replied, quickly making her way towards the doorway in which Logan had been drug off into.

She waited up until Sydney and Natalia had gone to bed. Slipping out of her robe, she rechecked her holsters. The one at her hip held the glock, the one at her shoulder kept the taser. She had a mix of knives firmly strapped to her thigh and another two 5 inch blades hidden in a pocket of her boots. She unrolled the bottoms of her pants and carefully slippd her boots on. Once more checking her satchel she made sure all of the equipment was there. Slowly opening the door and peering her head out she looked all ways and carefully made her way down the hall. She listened at each door eventhough she knew the sleeping pill she slipped them all would keep until morning.

Steady Abigail. Keep your head in the game. Just a few more things and you'll be clear.

She slipped into the lab and did what she does best, she stole the computer hard drive, the backup disks, the security access codes and the file on the Hammer. Sliding them in her bag, she slipped right out the back door and into the street.

This doesn't feel right girl. You know it doesn't. These people cared about you. They took you in and took care of you. And how do you repay them? Rob them blind and run back to the people who in theory left you for dead.

She was doing this top find her parents notes. Yes they were dead and had been for a long time now, but their research is being held ransom and she wanted it back. She thought she would do almost anything for it and now she wasn't so sure.


These are the thoughts that plagued her during this mission. She couldn't worry about it now, it was the mission that mattered. Her attention was snapped back by the word "niece". She turned her attention back in time to hear that Kya was only 6 months old. She didn't realize however that the one named Logan had been laid out. SHe cheered silently and continued to listen. She picked up the recording device and turned up the range hoping to get his all.
The cloak spilled up onto the stone path of some unknown alley like oil bubbling up from a resevior just beneath the surface. Pooling outward, ripples danced across it's surface as it finished pulling the last of itself up from beneath the ground. Yes. To be back in the sunlight again. That was why it had left. The hunger it felt would surely grow until it did something unthinkable unless it could distract itself properly, and basking in the warm glow of the sun's rays often distracted it more than it cared to admit.

But of course it couldn't just drag itself along the ground like some viper, lest villager and guard alike take notice and try to extinguish it's existance. No, it would have to once more form it's hollow effigy, hood and cloak once more forming from the mass of material that lay upon that alley floor. It pulled itself upwards to stand upright, the place where a head should be tilted forwards again as it gracefully floated to the mouth of the alley and back out onto village streets. Yes! Out from between huddled building it could feel the light embrace it. The tiniest spark of warmth trying to permeate the enternal chill to which it was bound. True, it had lost eyes and ears and skin, but it had been far to long since Kale or Strange had simply allowed it to move freely of it's own accord out amongst people. Allowed it to be part of the world instead of merely an observer.

The life energies of the townsfolk danced around it like a hundred playful fairies, moving to and fro, shining and dimming as their moods changed. Beneath and meters away it could still feel the lights of it's companions and those with whom they presently spoke, but it would not let it's attention linger on them to long as it's hunger started to fade and it's joy began to grow. Oh, the only thing that could have made things better would have been flesh and bone. A nose with which to smell the air. A tongue with which to taste. But it's companions had all been left behind in order for it to engage in it's current indungence. And Strange made it abundantly clear that bonding itself to another without permission would not under any circumstance be tolerated.

But.....Strange was not here was he?

Temptation swept over the cloak like a tsunami over a castle of sand, washing away inhibitions as if they were silly superstitions. It could bond itself to another rather easily if it tried, and so long as it remembered to, it could keep it's consiousness hidden from it's host. But who would play host in this town. Here and there children could be felt, but that just seemed inappropriate. Another young lady perhaps? Perhaps not as it would much rather spend the day outside than cooped up doing whatever chores this world possibly inflicted on it's women. A man then. But it would have to be one full of life, of energy. One who stood a fair chance of being outside for a good length of time. One who.....

It felt it.

The cloak felt the energy it was looking for. Male. Strong. And currently outside. Yes, it fit the description perfectly. And it felt so welcoming. So.....familiar. It wished it could turn invisible as it began to float more and more quickly down streets and around corners searching for it's quarry. The closer and closer it got, the smaller and smaller it became, until it was no larger than a child's cape and hood barreling towards it's target. It cut into an alley in an attempt to escape prying eyes and about halfway down said alley collapsed it's form even more, falling to the ground like some misshapen cloud only to contort into the snake like form it had assumed earlier.

Small and tight it made itself, about the size of a garden snake, as it went intangile again and cut through a series of buildings, a small dark shadow sliding across the floor as it bee-lined towards this light. So strong. So.....familiar. A part of it tried to recall when and where it had felt this light before, but temptation and desire overtook most of it's reason and drove it ever onward. It emerged from the last of the buildings and close to it's target, and without a moment's hesitation wrapped itself aroud the intended's ankle, hoping to bond with him and see the world as he saw it. Hear it as he heard it. Feel it as he felt it.

Of course, desire and temptation had blinded it to the obvious. The light was so familiar because it had seen and felt it not long after arriving on this earth. It had watched this light approach it's teammates through the eyes of another. It had feared this light for a moment as the thought of other's like it filled it's thoughts and thus the thoughts of it's host at the time.

The cloak had just made a mad dash to, and was now attempting to bond with......Hogun.
"Bad. Ass." Barry exclaimed in awe. Sure it wasn't a lightspeed punch, which would've been hella cooler, but speed of sound punches that knocked out arrogant bastards was still pretty good to him.

"And the fleet of foot does it again!" he yelled before quieting and letting Victoria and Pietro converse.
"Sure, Paige. Let's go keep an eye on Mr. Furious. If he wakes up and tries anything stupid, I can always hit a pressure point or two and put him under again." Danny didn't care for the way that Logan tried to handle the situation. He, like everyone else, let forth a little chuckle when Quicksilver laid him out. Served you right, you big arrogant oaf!

Iron Fist was intrigued by the fact that they were sent by Strange to safeguard an infant. I wonder if Pietro is married to Crystal in this reality as well? This child might be an Inhuman. That could be why she is so important. If she's anything like Blackbolt, then I could see why it would be imperative to keep her well.

Danny walked with Paige over to the infirmary where Porjyst had taken Logan. "So, Paige, how are you enjoying yourself so far?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
With a wave of his hand, Pietro signaled for Iron Fist and Husk to follow his men who were dragging Logan’s unconscious body toward the opposite end of the cave. “I understand your concern. Please, tend to your teammate, just keep him away from me from now on.” To be honest, and he would have never admitted it, the things that irritated Pietro the most about Logan was all the traits that he realized that others found irritating in himself. Hot headed, arrogant and impulsive were all things that Wanda had called her brother a lifetime ago, and they were the exact traits that had caused Pietro to punch Logan now. Of coarse the man once known as Quicksilver did not truly want to hurt Logan, just to be rid of him for now. So in an extension of goodwill, the speedster had pulled his punch. In fact even as the others were talking, Logan was coming to atop the cot on which he had been placed. Standing over him was Paige and Danny, and they recognized instantly that their teammate did not look happy.

Above the caves, in the streets of Landsbystyv, the Cloak was heading for the most brilliant life force in the city. It shone more vividly than any other around it. Like a moth to a flame, the Cloak sought it out, wanting nothing more than to see the world through the eyes of a man. But, as the being would soon find out, this was no mere man. Hogun was a god: a member of the Asgardian race that had ruled the heavens from mighty Asgard for a millennium. But in recent times the Asgardians had decided that watching from the heavens was no longer good enough. Lord Thor, one time prince to the throne, had moved Asgard to Earth, or as they called it, Midgard. The humans had forgotten how to govern their own actions in an amiable manner, Thor had said. They needed to be ruled by a power greater than themselves, and to be shown the way. And as one of Asgard’s most loyal warriors, Hogun had taken up his Lord’s cause without question. In fact it was that duty that had brought him to Landsbystyv. And it was that blind eyed concentration on his search for the fugitives that had kept him from noticing the Cloak snaking around his ankle and bonding to his life force.

As Logan was waking in the caves below, Pietro was discussing the situation at hand with Victoria and the others. Kya’s age seemed to startle each of them, leading the protective Uncle to believe they indeed knew only the most minimal of details about the Separatists. But if the child’s age ruffled the feathers of The Watch, the mention of Stephen Strange had the same effect on Pietro, as well as Zarrko who was still standing nearby. This time it was Zarrko who spoke up first, “The Sorcerer was one of the Realm’s most feared enemies. If you were sent here by him, then you are allies to be sure. And we now know that you speak the truth, for all but we here know Stephen Strange to be dead. Loki thought he had vanquished the Sorcerer after stealing the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak from him. But Strange has always been the most cunning of foes, and I should know, for he bested me every time we faced each other. But of coarse he is not dead. In truth, as you obviously know, he is actually helping to coordinate the final battle against Asgard, a battle which you have obviously been sent to join.”
Words and language were not the cloak's strong point. Living without a tongue or ears tended to teach one how to rely on other forms of communications. Regardless, if it could speak then only one word would have been apropriate to describe the sensation of bonding with one such as Hogun.


The feel of Hogun's lifeforce from a distance did absolutely no justice to the feel of it coursing through the cloak's being. It was like....being born. The world itself exploded and was remade in an instant and things that were once cloudly and muddled shone through with an undeniable clarity. There was always that moment of contact when the cloak would glean a bit of it's host's mind and memory, but the memory of a god proved to be something else.

Images and memories and feelings surround Thor and Asgard and Midgard flooded into the cloak. But where as it would have normally be caught off guard and unable to process most of it, Hogun's lifeforce (if it could even be called such) streamlined everything so beautifully. It understood. It understood everything. In that briefest of moments it understood why the world was the way it was. It understood the true meaning of loyalty. And it understood just how feircely this champion of Asgard would hunt it and it's companions down.

Quickly and quietly it guarded itself, it's thoughts, and it's emotions from it's host. Not wanting to alert such a warrior to it's presence and then by proxy the location of its cohorts. It's physical form was pulled just as tightly just as quickly, it's sprawling mass condensed into a belt-like strap that ran across the back of his right boot. Oh it was glorious to be bonded to one such as he, and if not for the sheer terror of it's situation the cloak could have rejoiced in this turn of events. But as it was it would settle to share Hogun's senses, and maybe through some divine act overhear through his ears, or in his head, something that would point it towards Kya and safeguarding this world.
-----------------------------Flash Back---------------------------------------

He ran, a sense of desperation and fear overwhelmed his young body, consuming him like and ominous storm, and pushing him to go faster. As soon as one of his sneaker clad feet hit the floor it was off again, propelling him forward, hastening his pace with each step. But it still wasn't fast enough. They were gaining.
He didn't look behind to see what little distance remained between them, for he knew it would only slow his motion and make his inevitable capture that much sooner. But he couldn't be caught yet. Not yet. Not without...
His grip around his brother's arm tightened as the thought of loosing him swelled. He had lost too many people for one life time. And now he was going to loose the one person who mattered most, the one person he truely loved.
The burning feeling within him returned, and he noticed from the corner of his eye that the violet arua around his free hand had returned, the same on that had caused his adoptive father's untimely demise, and now, seemingly his own.
He clenched his hand shut, ignoring the burning that still resided inside him and tugged at his brother's arm, urging him to keep the pace, and hurry with him, despite the fact that Alex was asking much more than what his brother's premature body could deliver. But he had no choice. If he was going to make it in time, if he was going to get to do one last thing, he would need all the time he could get.
He could hear the pounding of their feet drawing closer. They would be on them in a matter of seconds. But it was enough. He had made it. Feverishly Alex pounded in the six digit code. The security console obeyed his request, opening the door. The two brothers darted into the room just as the door sealed shut, seperating them from their persuers. With his clenched fist Logan smashed the doors control pannel, causing the barrier between them to lock shut. It would buy him only a few seconds.
"Alex, what's going on? What's happening? What happened to Mr. Wilson? Why are they chasing us? How did you...?"
His brother's questions streamed out of him uncontrollablely and tears began to swell in his eyes. Alex could see the panic in his eyes and he knew that his brother was slowly coming to grasp the situation at had, slowly coming to realize the fate that awaited his brother. And that terrified him.
"Thomas, listen to me. Thomas!" The demand grabbed the young one's attention, subdueing his emotional anxiety enough for him to focus on what his big brother was saying. Yet at the same time, it frightened him, for though Alex still spoke with the same love and care to him as he always had, such affections were consumed now by a serious tone that bordered on the same level of harshness his adoptive father had. But that's now what worried him the most, for he recognized what lay behind it, and it was something he had never heard from Alex before. He heard fear.
"Thomas! Listen! We don't have much time!"
As if to anunciate his point, the guards could be heard ramming into the door that protected them for the moment. They would be through in seconds.
"What's happening big brother? Why are they after you? Why are-?"
He was silenced agian, though the tears that now freely flowed down his face expressed what his words could not.
"Thomas. They're going to take me away. They're going to take me from you."
The boy shrieked as what he feared to be true was now verbally confirmed. His mind demanded that he do something, something to stop this horrible fate, but he couldn't. He was only a child, his body young and not fully grown. He was powerless to save his big brother. And the overwhelming sense of helplessness pushed him to hysteria.
"They can't do this! They can't take you away from me! You promised we'd stay togehter! You promised!"
The tears were now cascading down the young boy's face, and Alex's own eyes threatened to do the same. But he couldn't cry. He had to be strong, strong for his brother.
"Tommy. Listen to me. You have to be strong alright? You're going to be on your own, with them, and I'm not going to be here to protect you. You have to be strong."
He retrieved the necklace from his pocket and placed it around his brother's neck. The little boy looked at the item, perplexed by it, yet at the same time, he knew that it only consummated his brother's fate.
"This is a photo, of me, when we were at the orphanage. I want you to carry it around with you always. Whenever you're sad or something bad happens, I want you to look at that picture and think of me. I want you to think of me and be strong."
With this Alex threw his arms around the brother he loved so dearly, grasping him in a tight embrace. It was now that he could no longer hold back the tears, no longer conceal his sorrow.
"I'll come back for you Thomas. I swear I'll come back for you."
For a pure moment, they were alone, locked in an embrace and displaying their love for each other, a love that was unmatched and unrivaled by any other. The love between brothers.
But the moment came to a crashing end. The door burst open, revealing the prize the men so eagerly sought. Like a swarm the suits rushed towards them, prying them away from each other. They held on desperately, in one last futile attempt to defy destiny. But it was to know avail, and the image of his younger brother Thomas slowly shrunk away, as he was carried off, screaming the name of whom he'd lost.

------------------------------End of Flash Back------------------------------

Logan's still body lay on top the cot he had been placed. It was one of the rare moments when his defenses were down, when he was unable to will forth his cold and arogant barrier that he had used for so many years to distance himself from others. Now, as his body lay there unconscience, his shields were down, and a sense of calm replaced them. Yet if one was to look closer, to take a moment and study the man, they would notice a change, subtle, but there. As if all the sorrow, pain, and lost he had experienced over the years came forth in that moment, revealing themselves to the world, and showing the heart of the man that he had been locked away for so long. Truely a rare site indeed, witnessed by only a few.
But time goes on, and the moment passed. Logan's body began to stir, as he slowly became awake to the world once again. His eyes gradually opened, adjusting to the light and surroundings from which he found himself in. His mind began to race, recalling the last events that took place and led to the situation he found himself in. And he noticed them, his teammates, standing over him, and it all clicked into place.
Like a flash of lighting the barriers were up once again, and the cold deamenor that his teammates had come to know and loathe once again claimed dominance. He swiftly rose from where he lay, eyeing them both with contempt and disgust, but his thughts were else where.
The speedster had struck him, and though he hated to admit it, such an action had taken him by surprise. He began to see the error he had made, the complacent flaw he had allowed to build within him. He had been accostumed to the fear he bestowed in people, been accostumed to their spineless cowardice when confronted with his anger. His name was known throughout his world, and those who opposed him, those who defied him soon realized it was their greatest mistake. It was this behavior, this manner of treatment that he had been used to and known since he was 18.
But he was not on his world. His name was not known, and the reputation that had taken him years to build did not carry over with. He was among strangers, unknowns, and they saw him in the same light, a stranger, an unknown. This world and its people had not been broken, and not bent to his will. His name carried no weight in this world, and like a fool he carried on like normal. It was a mistake, and he was lucky this truth was brought to his realization by a much weaker foe. Had it been someone stronger instead of the silver haired fool, he could have suffered more than a brief headache and a temporary lapse of conscienceness. Now, he would have to do what he had learned to do all the years, when they took him away, took him from Thomas. He would have to learn to adapt.
He thought briefly of his injury. The pain was quickly residing, thanks to his healing factor. Not that it was that big of a blow to begin with. He had certainly been dealt and survived a lot worse. But he didn't have time to ponder his past or old scars. He needed to find his 'teammates', put a quick end to this quest to find Kya, and get off this hell hole of a planet. But first, he needed to find and pay back a certain speedster by breaking both of his legs.
A delicate eyebrow arched in question of Zarko's statement about them joining in the war against Asgard.
"First off, our mission is not to join in any war. Our mission is to safeguard Kya. Strange has said she will be the end of this conflict."
"Well, not exactly what Strange said, but close enough." the thought ran across the forefront of her mind.

Victoria tugged at her cloak a little impatiently before turning back to Pietro.
"I'll do my job, but I've had my fill of fighting other people's causes. The rest of my team would agree. "
"Besides, what help would I be now? I've relied entirely too much on the Phoenix and it has left me." she thought to herself.

She gave a pause for a moment, not sure if she should continue, but did anyway.
"Besides, I'm not sure the Asgardians are your biggest worry at this point." she left it hanging out there rather cryptically and didn't bother answering.
“Enjoyin’? Ah don’t think enjoyin’ is the right word.” Paige drawled, a small smirk gracing her youthful features. “Ah’ve been doin’ this gig for awhile now, the missions never get easier and the separation from family only gets harder.” She sighed, hatred and anger still running through her veins due to having been fooled into believing her reality was gone. Her conversation about the mission was quickly cut short when Logan came too.

“Where do yuh think yuh’re going?” Paige demanded as Logan rose from the bed, her hands placed on her hips and her young face set in a determined look. There wasn’t a way in hell she was going to allow Logan to leave this room while he was angry about being knocked out. “Ah don’t think it’s time yet for yuh t’ be rejoinin’ the others yet.” She continued, not a bit intimidated by Logan. “Ah believe Danny would agree with me.” Paige waved a hand in Iron Fist’s direction.
Hogun was strong. Very strong. Seemingly in both mind and body. The Asgardian's physical prowess was never really in question, however it was his mind that the cloak found itself interested in. Yes the tempation to drink in the world through Hogun's divine senses was ever present, but Strange had selected it for this task for a reason, and perhaps this was it. For the first few moments it had been bonded to it's new host, it had taken care to completely shut down the passage of any thoughts and emotions between the two, but now it had a chance to gleam into the mind of a god. How could it pass that up.

Slowly. Gently. Carefully. With a subtlety practiced many times over on Jennifer and on the Sorceror's apprentice did the cloak slowly let the gate between thier two consciousness' creep open. It was....challenging to say the least, even wehn dealing with a human host. But to attempt to do so with a god..... The notion filled it with a dread it tried vehemently to keep concealed least it alert it's host to it's presence. But if it could open the passageway between the two of them in just the right way, perhaps it could extract exactly what the great warrior knew about this "Kya", and use the info to help it's companions along the way on their quest.

If he could find out what "Kya" was and where Hogun and the other Asgardians had looked for it, perhaps it could get and idea of where to find it. After all, the cloak did see the world in a way few others did. Where some might search for a key on a floor or under a couch, the cloak knew how to look beneath the floor and through the couch. Yes. If it could simply learn of what this "Kya" was and where it had been previously sought, it was certain it could set about finding it, or at the very least begin down the path towards finding it.
Logan simply glared at his two 'comrades', the hatred blazing in his eyes like a raging fire. He was near his breaking point having to deal with so many imbeciles and their constant acts of self rightousness. It disgusted him. The constant show of glory seeking, all of them the same. Every one of them claimed to be fighting for 'the greater good'. Each one of them claiming to be living by a higher set of morals, and hoping their actions would lead others to do the same. But he knew the truth, that they fought not only a war they could never win, but one that was not their's to fight. They fought for an ideal that was all but dead, for a feeling which acted as a drug. They became addicted to a feeling of self worth, of 'making a difference,' but in truth, such a feeling, such an ideal only blinded them from the reality around them, and would only repay them with pain, sorrow, and death.
They would learn this in time, just as he had. But for now, he was bent on exacting his revenge on the silver haired speedster that had struck him. Yet he had learned earlier that the people around him did not respond to fear like those on his world. They knew nothing of him, and therefore, knew no reason to be intimidated by him. Such ignorance gave them a backbone, gave them them the courage to stand up to him. And while usually he would have found such a rare trait admirable, it was currently keeping him from what he desired.
He had learned from his previous encounter, and would not make the same mistake twice. He would not stand and argue with them. He would not give them the opportunity to catch him off guard. Not again. So when encountered with Paige's verbal refusal to allow him leave, he responded quickly and decisively. Like a flash of lightning his eyes narrowed and a telekenetic force exploded from his body, one who's purpose was not only to pin all other bodies in the room to the walls, but to do so with a force great enough to render them into a deep state of unconscousness. Yet knowning not to underestimate his 'teammates', he also readied his shield should his first attack fail and Paige and Danny decide to counter. He was done playing games, and was not going to let the likes of them stop him from getting what he wanted.
Abbey looked around and noticed that few of her teammates had disappeared.

Fantastic, I am still here and I don't have a clue what's going on or what to do next.

As she watched Victoria speak to the leader, Abbey suddenly remembered that she had the photo device that had hopefully recorded what was in the book back before all the commotion. She slowly wound her way around the cave to get closer to Victoria. Abbey figured that she would be the best person to bring the information to. She just had to wait until the right moment.
With his attention focused solely on the task at hand, Hogun failed to notice the entity that now clung quietly at the back of his boot. For as radiant as Hogun felt to Cloak, it was a fact the Asgardian owed entirely to his celestial heritage. In truth he was but a soldier and not as observant as some of his kinsmen. Taking advantage of this, the Cloak searched the Asgardian’s mind as carefully as it could for the smallest inkling of whom or what this Kya was. But the Cloak found that the godling’s mind was not so easy to maneuver as it might have hoped. Hogun held the answers, this much Cloak could tell, but it would not be so easy to uncover them. If there was more time the truth may be revealed, but time was something Hogun wasn’t known for wasting. Before the Cloak could dig any deeper for the answers it sought, Hogun and Yarsug took mount and made ready to take flight. It was now up to the Cloak to decide if it was willing to risk putting even more distance between itself and its team to find out exactly how much this god knew.

To say that Logan awoke in an unpleasant mood would be an obvious understatement. Paige’s simple suggestion to lay low for a while longer was all it took for the easily angered man to lash out at his own teammates in an attempt to intimidate and control them and his surroundings. He was a man out of his element who was doing anything within the limits of his power to recapture that which he felt he had lost. That included trying to knock them into next week. But Logan was ignorant of his teammate’s defenses, which were more than enough to deal with a simple force blast. Iron Fist rolled with the attack, executing a much practiced series of flips and rolls that placed him gracefully back onto his feet, facing his brash teammate. Paige did not have Danny’s acrobatic skills to fall back on, but she did have a mutant ability which made up for it in spades. She could do nothing to dodge the force blast, but she could keep it from doing her any damage. As it impacted against her young frame, she put all of her concentration into her power. Husk slammed into a full length glass medicine cabinet against the far wall, shredding her skin to ribbons. But it did not matter, for she had already transformed her sub-dermal form which could now easily be seen beneath her tattered flesh. Sharp, angular orange colored stone now covered her body from head to toe, more than enough to withstand the attack. Husk now stood glaring at her teammate, wondering how he had ever been recruited for this team. But before any of the three could react further, a deep voice, laced heavily with an unmistakable New York accent boomed from the arched doorway, “Whotta you think yer doin’ in here? This ain’t Romper Room, kiddies. If’n yas wants to rough house, take it outside. But I won’t letcha tear our hospital to bits just cause yer steamed at Pietro.” With a heavily chomped cigar clenched between his teeth, Ben Grimm winked at Paige, obviously approving of her choice of appearance. Unimpressed and anything but intimidated, the Thing walked over to Logan and crossed his arms over his chest with a heavy thud and a stone on stone grinding sound. “Howsabout we take a walk?”

Making his point clear, Pietro answered Victoria’s misgivings concerning their purpose, “The Asgardians are our only worry. It’s been that way for a long time now. And frankly, if you aren’t here to help with that, then you and yours might as well get out of our way: we have a war to wage. But just for your information, Kya is at the center of those plans. So before you run from the fight, you may want to think about how much you care about your cause, and to what lengths you will go to see it done.” But before any more could be said on the subject, a loud crash echoed through the chamber, emanating from the direction of the infirmary. Quicksilver realized that he must not have punched Logan hard enough, so without another word to Victoria, the silver speedster turned and made his way toward the commotion, taking most of the curious cave dwellers with him. This allowed Abbey the opportunity she needed to share her findings with Victoria. She told her pale skinned teammate, along with Alex, Franki and Barry who were also gathered around, of what she had discovered. She showed them the first few pages of the history book that she had found, illustrating the beginnings of the Norse Gods. And even though Abbey hadn’t managed to scan more than a few pages, she had glimpsed more of the book, and she did her best to relay the information that she had committed to memory. The most vivid passage was of coarse that which dealt with the most recent of history: the unsettling tale of how Asgard had come to Earth and imposed its rule upon that which the gods called Midgard. Of coarse the humans fought back against the unwanted authority of the would be Gods, and many lives were lost. The event that stood out and carried the most weight in the tale was the destruction of New York City. Of coarse the Asgardian tome had it written that the humans were to blame entirely. They had supposedly infiltrated mighty Asgard and brought it to ruin over their own fair city, utterly destroying both in the process. And then, as a testament to their eventual triumph, New Asgard was built upon the ruins of New York. It was anyone’s guess as to how much of the tales were true. For as they say, history is written by the victorious. And it was more than obvious to Victoria and the others, huddled beneath the tiny oppressed village of Landsbystyv, that the Asgardians had won the day.
As Danny recoiled form the atack, both of his fists instinctually began to glow. He was harnessing his Chi to counter-attack with his Iron Fist technique. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, YOU DAMNED FOOL?! We're you're teammates! I know you don't like that fact, but we're in this thing every bit as deep as you are!" Danny bared down and prepared for another assault from Logan's inexcusably short fuse when he saw the large mass of man come into the infirmary.
B...Ben? I haven't seen him in nearly...5 years. Ever since the incident with Thanos and those horrible gems he had...Oh, don't be a fool and get all choked up Danny! You know this isn't your Ben Grimm. It's still good to see you again, though.

The large man mountain secured the hot tempered Logan. "This is probably a stupid question, but do you need any help there, Ben?"
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH

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