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Nightwing: Year One (Nightwing #101-106)
Anyone else excited about this? After I left Nightwing at #94, I can't wait for this Year One story, which is luckily not written by Devin Grayson. I'm really looking forward to it, and the preview over at DC looked really good.
Ok. As of this week I am three issues into this 6 issue arc, and here at the halfway point I must say.....SCOTT MC-FREAKIN'-DANIEL!!

I'm sorry....but he is my all time favorite Nightwing artist and to have him on board for this project is making it just that much better. Now then, I'm not going to use spoiler tags so I'll try not to give to much away, but so far we've been given a retcon that's changed the reason why Dick and Bruce split, as well as one that changes how Jason Todd came into the picture. Both of these I can deal with, to a point. Granted, I liked the original way things happened, but this new way works as well and is being executed well enough to leave me happy. But not only that, but here in Issue 3 we also discover the inspiration behind Dick's Nightwing costume, and I gotta say.....I like it.

I can't wait to see where the story goes next as Beatty and Dixon are doing a great job weaving a tale that feels...well...real. If you've ever followed the characters all of their actions make sense. They way they do things, what they say, how they react. It all just works. And unlike the Nightwing of late, every issue isn't filled with self doubt and inner conflict to it's very brim. You get relaxed moments. Funny moments. And moments that just make you go..."Ooooohhhhhhh......" But at the same time you still get a running narrative that lets you see it from Dick's eyes. Gives you some insight into the who's and why's.

Great stuff all around.

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