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Logan - A Glimpse into the Past: Rise of the Phoinex
Okay, due to the HUGE hit of my other fanfiction (well, one good reply isn't really huge but it was from Chanty so it works for me) I'm creating another fanfiction based on my other character, Alexander Fisk a.k.a. Logan. Now, I know he hasn't survived the current mission (crosses his fingers) so the fan fiction will not be on what happens after the Watch, but what happened before. Hopefully, I'm going to write several of these for Logan, all title 'A Glimpse into the Past' and then something after it, to tell which particular story in his past I'm writing about. So far, the only hints I've given to Logan's past in the game is his recognition of Victoria's resemblence to Sinister, his recognition of the Phoinex Force, and Jean Grey. All three will have a lot of light shed on them in this fic.
Now, I know Logan's unpopular because he's...well...he's a grade A jerk, but I like him, and hopefully this will give you some insight of why he's how he is. Okay, enough talk. Onto the show.

Title: Logan - A Glimpse into the Past: Rise of the Phoinex
Timeline: Takes places a few years before Logan's joining with the Watch.
Rating: This is PG-13 for language and violence, however, there may be some periods of extended violence.
Disclaimer: None of the characters used or mentioned in this story are owned by me, nor are they being used by me to make a profit. The characters used are alterations of characters from Marvel Comics, who I pray will humor a loyal fan and not sue.

First Chapter coming shortly
New York City
2 Years ago...

The battle had been raging on for at least an hour, but he had only arrived minutes ago. From what he had witnessed, the armor clad giant known as the Juggernaut had been giving the Avengers a severe trouncing throughout the battle and in the process destroying a good part of the city. He did not know the cause of this feud, nor did he care. He had other buisness to take care of, arrangements to be made before he could leave. But during his little errands he had wondered onto the warzone that lay before him, and he decided to take a few minutes out of his schedule to watch, and study the super powered beings. He usually used such opportunities as these to analyze them, heroes and villians, examining their strengths and weaknesses, and locking into memory what he observed. It had been what he was doing for the past several minutes.
The Juggernaut clearly held the advantage, as the Avengers seemed to powerless to stop him. He had been studying the Juggernaut. He knew his weakness, and was certain he could defeat the brute within a minute. But this was not his fight. He was not interested in 'protecting the innocent' or prancing around as self proclaimed 'heroes'. He had better things to do than waste his time and he knew that the Juggernaut would eventually fall to his opponents. Eventually.
He turned to leave from his spot on the roof, heading back to Fisk Inc. But apparently during his time observing the battle, he had been spotted by one of the Avengers, as a voice called out to him.
"Logan! Wait!"
He recognized it immediately and a look of disgust filled his face as the hero approached. He knew what was coming.
"Logan, we need your help!"
Logan continued to walk away, his back facing the costumed arachnid who's presence had already started to annoy him.
"Get lost, Parker. Don't you have a puppy to go save?"
The remark had obviously angered the spider, as his voice grew tense, as if he was doing his best to hold it all back.
"You can't walk away! There are innocent people down there! He could kill them!!"
"I have more important things to do than babysit you and your little friends, Parker."
Logan's pace had not slowed in the slightest, and he continued towards his destination, telekentically carrying himself from one rooftop to another, but Spider-Man had landed on it first, blocking his path.
"How can you be so cold hearted?! That monster is going to destroy half the city and take everyone with it if we don't do something!"
Logan stopped where he was, clearly becoming more annoyed with the masked hero's persistence.
"Get out of my way."
He spoke in a low onimous tone, warning Parker of what was to come. The spider, however, did not seem to heed this particular warning.
"You have the power to stop him! I know you do! I've seen you use it! So why won't you help!?"
"Get out of my way, Parker, or I'll move you myself."
His voice was rising as was his anger, but again, the arachnid ignored it.
"You have a responsibility, Logan!! You have great power, and with that comes great responsibility! Those people down there need your hel-"
He didn't get to finish his statement. Before he had time to react he was sent flying backwards. Logan noted how he must have been expecting it because part of the roof top was stuck to the bottom of his feet as he flew, landing several rooftops ahead of Logan. Logan cooly glided towards were the spider lay, landing on the roof and looming over him.
"I don't care about your responsibility, Parker. I don't care about your team, I don't care about you, and I don't care about your problems, so why don't you save your little girl scout speech for someone who actually cares?"
An explosion could be heard in the distance, coming from the direction from where the Juggernaut was last seen. Peter heard it too, for he was immediately up on his feet and heading over to the edge of the rooftop, pausing for a moment before he continued.
"A young man lost his son today because of that maniac. What if that son had been your brother?"
Peter's head turned to face Logan, and even though he was wearing a mask, Logan could feel the angered glare the arachnid was giving him. There was a moment of silence and then the spider was off, racing to go help his friends, leaving Logan by alone.

Thrity minutes had gone by since his little chat with Logan. He had hoped that maybe the telekenetic would put his stubbornness aside for once, but that did not seem to be the case. It frustrated Peter to now end. The man had so much power, so much potential, and yet he chose to use it all on his own selfish desires rather than lend them a hand.
He turned his attention to the fight at hand. Things had taken a turn for the worst. He currently was suffering from three cracked ribs and a dislocated shoulder, Iron Man's suit had been critically damaged, taking him out of the fight, The Human Torch had been knocked out cold, Cyclops had passed out from opening his eyes without his visor for too long, Sue Storms was currently helping Rogue evacuate a collapsing building, and She-Hulk...
A thunderous blow filled the air around them and Spider-Man watched as She-Hulk was sent flying into the distance.
"HAHAHA! You can't stop me! I'm the Juggernaut! Anything in my way either moves or gets trambl-."
Marko stopped as he felt something break upon his armored chest. He looked down, confused at what lay there. A small paperclip had seemingly been thrown at the behemoth, resulting in the small metal object to deflect of his armor and fall to the ground. The sight confused him, but the giant did not have time to ponder it as he was suddenly assualted by another one, followed by another. Each one hit him with twice as much force as the one before it. The rained upon his armor, one after the other, and though he was unharmed by the assualt, he was still very much puzzled. Until, finally, one gave at him with so great a force, that it actually pierced his armor and dug its way into it. The Juggernaut raised his gaze to see his assualter standing a good distance away from him. The man, who had now captured the attention of the other heroes, had a smirk across his face, and the wind caught his cloud white trench coat, blowing it to the right.
"Paper clips? You attacked me with paper clips!?!"
The giant stood perplexed at first, but then broke out in a hoarse laughter that seemed to shake the world around them. Logan did not seem to be phased by this.
"Yes, but not to attack you. I wanted to test my theory on how to beat you, and now I know it's right. You may ben unstoppable, but that's only as long as you can keep walking. Take away your legs, and your helpless."
Such a bold statement only broadened the smile on Marko's face.
"Oh reallly? And you think you can do that with paper clips?!"
Logan ignored the question, looking down at his belt and removing two metal rods that were attached to them.
"Tell me, Marko, do you know what a tornado is?"
The Juggernaut took offense to the statement, his expression going sullen.
"Are you calling me stupid?! Course I know what a tornado is! It's a bunch of wind!!"
Logan's eyes remained on the metal rods in his hands, seemingly entranced by them.
"I didn't ask what makes a tornado, I asked if you knew what it is."
Marko was clearly confused by this as his only response was a dull 'uh.' Logan let out a sigh before proceeding.
"A tornado is a force of nature, so strong infact, that nothing constructed by humanity can stop it. We can build structures that can resist its force and barely escape, mostly in one piece, but we have nothing that can go head to head with a tornado and come out as the victor. This force of nature is so strong, in fact, that it can build up enough momentum to send a single paper clip through wood, brick, and, if the tornado is powerful enough, even metal."
Logan's thumbs pushed a button that rested on each of the rods, extending them several feet long.
"Do you know what I'm holding Marko? I'm holding two bo staffs constructed of adamantium, the strongest metal in the world, and almost indestructible. Now consider what I told you and consider that paper clip lodged into your armor. If I can generate enough force to allow a paper clip to pierce your armor, imagine what would happen if I hit you with these staffs instead."
Logan's look of determination met that of Marko's, who's eyes slowly filled with horror at the realization of what Logan was saying.
"No. NO! I'll kill you first!"
The goliath charged at his victim, who remained were he was. Logan extended his arms forward, his palms facing the charging giant. He mentally raised the staffs infront of his palms, aiming them at the Juggernaut. His eyes turned a light shade of violet that seemed to pulse within them. The same aura formed around his hands, generating a mighty wind that grew stronger by the second.
The Juggernaut's rushed towards him, but Logan would not move. He remained put, building up enough force to launch his staffs. He was obviously under a lot of strain, using all his will to generate a force strong enough and at the same time keep it in check. Gusts of wind generated from his palms, growing more powerful by the second. Such exertions of force sent loose objects flying and obscured the view of the onlookers as they watched on. He was only going to get one shot, and everyone knew what would happen if he missed. The whole city seemed to be swept with anxiety as the heroes and civilians watched as the Juggernaut drew closer and closer.
And then they heard it. The staffs exploded from his palms. Marko's enraged glare seemed to melt away to one of shock and uncomprehension. For a brief moment, the world around them was silent, and then the silence was broken as the beast roared in pain, falling to the blood covered ground. Logan's staffs had torn through his knees, leaving gaping holes that could not stop the blood that rushed from them. Everyone looked on, too stunned to move. Logan summoned his weapons back to his hands as he watched the seemingly unstoppable giant scream in horrific agony. He gave one final smirk before turning to leave as the remaining Avengers rushed to keep their foe from bleeding to death. Peter turned to Logan, feeling both angered at his brutality yet dumbfounded that he took down the Juggernaut so easily.
Logan continued to walk on, not slowing his pace for a moment.
"You have an injured foe to tend to, Parker. I'd hurry before those wounds get too serious."
Peter hesitated for a second before rushing to join his teammates in trying to cease the bleeding and help the civilians. Logan did not stay to watch, walking off to complete his remaining tasks.
Wow SB! I finally got around to reading this today and I must say, you're doing a fine job!

And I understand Logan is supposed to be a royal first class pain in the butt...and I rather like that dynamic on the's a bit reminscent of a guy named Kyle.
“Is everything here to your satisfaction, Mr. Fisk?”
Logan slowly tore his eyes away from the extravagant meal that lay before him to face the owner of the question. He wore a fine and eloquent tux that was a black as the night sky, yet such an attire contradicted the nervous smile on the youth’s face. He was used to such uneasiness when he dined here, or anywhere for that matter. The four star restaurants that he had been to had a reputation for hosting some famous faces, but it was not every day that they served one of the most powerful men alive. His very presence seemed to cast an aura of uncertainty that consumed the facility. The owner and his employees did their best to please him, but at the same time they did not want to enkindle his rage, something that this novice was coming close to doing.
This was the second time he had interrupted his meal, each time asking the same question, each time bearing the same nervous smile. It wasn’t hard to see that he was new to the workforce, probably hired only a few weeks ago. Most likely he wished to work here to see the famous faces, to have the trivial knowledge that he got to meet Mr. or Mrs. Popular and provided them with the finest service and meal they had. It would also go to follow, that he had not expected to be serving Alexander Fisk, and the fact that he was caught him off guard, causing him to act like a childish fool.
Logan was almost insulted that they had given him their newest member to serve him and not one of their more experienced waiters, but it was a Friday night, and as such the place was packed, booming with customers and keeping the employees on their toes to try and keep up. The other waiters were probably tied up with other customers, leaving him with the novice.
“Everything is fine, Jarvis.”
The young man’s smile only broadened at this remark, mistakenly taking it as a compliment on his services.
“Glad to hear it, Mr. Fisk. If you need anything do not hesitate to call for me.”
With that the young man walked off, leaving Logan to his meal and his company, who was currently staring through the enormous windows they sat by at the clear night sky and the city that lay underneath it. It was Thomas’ favorite spot, for it allowed him to see the city when he thought it looked most glamorous and at the same time gave him a clear view at the band that was currently playing. Logan had let Thomas chose where they were to eat, and he chose here, which was not surprising. This was always one of his favorite places to eat. He loved to listen to the light jazz that many of the customers were dancing to while the others sat and conversed with their company as they ate. But most of all, this place stood as his favorite because it was the first place that he had Logan had ate together after Logan’s return. He had thought that he would never get to see his brother ever again, but Logan kept his promise that he made so long ago, and came back for him. He loved his big brother more than anything and had always looked up to him with unwavering pride and respect.
“Hey, Alex, I saw on the news how you took out that Juggernaut guy. That was awesome! You beat him in like five seconds.”
Logan continued to eat his meal, not taking his eyes off of it.
“Beating Marko is nothing to celebrate about, Thomas. I could have beaten him blindfolded.”
The remark seemed to discourage the young boy slightly. He glanced down at his food and then over at the people dancing. He watched as they danced, laughing and smiling to each other, having such fun. It had been quite a while since he saw his brother smile. He was always to busy working or training harder. Sure Alex was always there for him, but he missed seeing his brother smile. His eyes lit up as an idea suddenly struck him.
“Hey Alex, how come you never dance like the other people? It looks like fun.”
He had never seen his brother dance before, but he knew he must be good at it. He was good at whatever he tried, and maybe it would get him to have some fun. Logan looked over at his younger brother whose innocent eyes were waiting for a reply.
“It’s a waste of time, Thomas. I have more important things to do than to spend an hour waltzing around.”
The response seemed to silence the young boy for the moment, as he looked down at the steak that lay before him and started to eat it, lost in thought. They sat their quietly, eating away at their selected meals. Logan could tell that Thomas was somewhat disappointed. This would be the last night they would be together before he left. In would only be for a few days, a week at the most, but nonetheless, he would be gone, leaving Thomas by himself. This was supposed to be Thomas’ night, he was supposed to have fun, supposed to enjoy this, but he could tell that he wasn’t.
“Remember to continue your training while I’m gone. Work on keeping your defenses, especially on your left side. When I get back I’m going to test you to see how well you’ve done.”
Thomas merely nodded and Logan rebuked himself silently for not being able to say something more meaningful or comforting. He looked down at his meal, thinking to himself, and then pushed it aside.
“Alright, Thomas. If you could do one thing tonight before I leave, what would it be?”
His little brother’s eyes seemed to sparkle and his sullen expression gave way to a large smile.
“Anything at all?"
Logan merely nodded and the young boy started to ponder what to do with the power he had been granted. It took him a few seconds, but he finally seemed to make up his mind.
"Well...I've always wanted to..."
He was dragging out his statement, testing his older brother to see if he was really going to allow him his wish.
"I've always wanted to know what it's like"
Thomas looked at his brother anxiously, wondering if his brother would take him up on his request. Logan was pondering that very thought. He knew what his brother was asking. He was asking him to use his gifts and have Thomas soar through the air, something that the child had always wanted but he had thought to be too dangerous.
Logan sat there silently, his arms folded across his chest, thinking. Then, finally, he spoke.
Thomas literally jumped out of his seat in excitement, shouting his joys in the air. Logan allowed this, standing from his seat and putting on his white trench coat that had been draped around the back of his chair. He placed a fair amount of money that would more than cover the cost of their meal and headed out the door with his brother.

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