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Assignment Great Britian
Feeling the portal doing everything in its power to collapse inward, 'Vok resisted the immense pressure as best he could. His muscles, which now had been shifted to form the mortar holding his stony structure together, burned under the strain now being put upon them. He wanted to yell at his team to hurry the hell up, but seeing as how medieval stone archways have no ability to communicate their pain, the alien simply focused his concentration on keeping his shape long enough for De and the others to pull off whatever last minute save they were attempting.
Not so far away

Mulder wandered aimlessly through the silent halls of the Guardian's house. A small whimpering noise caught his attention as he turned down the hallway towards the bedrooms.
Vicki lay softly whimpering in front of Cameron's door.
"Poor Dog, you miss him too?" Mulder reached out and pet the Shepard, who raised her head and licked his hand.
"I'll let you in..." he stood back up and opened the was just the opening Vicki had been waiting for. Running into Cameron's room, she jumped up on his bed. Mulder stood watching her in amazement as she pulled the plaid sheets off and proceeded to squat and pee all over Cam's bed.
"Nice to see you miss him as much as Firefly does." he snickered and turned towards the door next to Cam's. He had been itching to get into this room since he first got here.
Opening the door, he smiled at the Fred Segal bags laying haphazardly across the floor.
"My my Chandi, you are a dirty little girl." he grinned happily as he opened the top door of Chandi's dresser and began rifiling through her undergarments...pocketing a few as he went.
"Wow, she wears the same kind of thongs De does...interesting."

Back in gloomy ole England

De's and AJ's hands reached deep within the portal after Dr. Jonathan Crane as 'Vok held it open. De grabbed on to the Scarecrow, AJ felt cold steel in her hand and knew it was either Crane's Scythe or Grim's.
As they hauled Crane out of the portal, Mandy's voice called out over the space...
"You might get him now, but trust me, there'll be another time. Soon."
The mystical portal collapsed leaving 'Vok in a heap on the floor, AJ looking down at a bloody cut hand from the Scythe, and De holding the Scarecrow like he had just picked his pocket during Mardi Gras.
Everyone looked tired and exhausted as the sun began to come up on the cold English landscape, peeking through the windows of Chillingham Castle. Another night had past, and the spirits were moving into their daily slumber.

It was time to head home with their prize.
Laying on his back holding Dr. Crane upon his chest in a vice like grip, De wasted no time wrapping his legs around the other man's hips and slipping both of his arms around the other man's to restrain their captive as best he could. A simple mass manipulation would have given him more than enough strength to hold Crane with one hand, but after the hell he'd just put De and the others through the Aussie wanted to make the man squirm a little.

And if he could get a quick dry hump out of it.......
Now back in his natural green skinned form, 'Vok pushed himself up onto his elbows, huffing wildly for as much oxygen as he could muster, all the while restraining his laughter as best he could. It was only moments ago that the pirate saw what had to be the funniest escape maneuver he had ever been witness to, and having served under Christopher Summers for quite a many years, that was saying something.

It was only moments ago that ‘Vok had been holding the portal open as best he could, wondering how De planned to pull off the heist. His stone form did not come with eyes or ears of coarse, but he couldn’t contain his curiosity for long and quickly shifted his appearance just enough to get a look at the goings on just inside the shimmering gateway. At first, upon seeing AJ reaching for the scythe, ‘Vok thought that his teammates were going to remove the Reaper’s mode of inter-dimensional travel, thus ensuring that they would not be followed back into the castle. But the nasty cut that AJ received for her efforts showed him that plan was not in the cards. And then De, with few options remaining, employed a stellar tactic that would hopefully buy them a few minutes.

With the portal now sealed and the last remnants of mystical energy dissipating into the eery British night, ‘Vok got to his knees, still chuckling. Looking around at his fellow Guardians, ‘Vok said, “Me thinks its high time for us to make a hasty retreat.” Leaning down, the intimidating green alien grabbed a hold of Dr. Crane and helped De to his feet. With a grin he continued, “That was a pretty cheeky move back there, mate. But me don’t thinks it’ll keep ‘em off our backs for long.” With a friendly slap on the shoulder, ‘Vok let out one last chuckle as he complimented his friend, “I can’t believe you melvined Death.”

ok'd by the GM
“Idiot.” Chandi declared as she all but rushed over to AJ, quickly taking her best friend’s bloody hand into her own. Her large cat-like eyes shown with great concern as she surveyed AJ’s hand, making all the appropriate disappointed mother noises as she fought the urge to scold AJ for being so damn careless. They’d already dealt with AJ almost dying once, and Chandi didn’t think she could handle losing any of her teammates but especially not AJ. “Great, you just can’t go through a mission without scaring the hell out of me can you.” Trying to hold the angry scowl on her face while she said that was a task Chandi wasn’t sure she’d be able to handle for much longer. Damn, her emotions were just on a Roller coaster ride tonight it seemed.

“That goes for you to buster.” Chandi added, glaring over at De whom ‘Vok had just pulled off of the floor along with Dr. Crane. “If I lose you I’ll be the lone Aussie, plus who’ll I look to for lingerie advice?” With a playful wink Chandi all but gave up on trying to act angry, for the most part she had been angry initially but now she was just relieved that none of her teammates had gotten themselves killed with that little stunt. After all that little girl was creepy as hell and Chandi was pretty damn sure she wasn’t above killing super heroes.
“Oh God.” Kei could feel her knees going weak and her vision blurring as she caught sight of AJ’s bloodied hand, and she could feel the familiar itch of fear at the back of her neck. An intense need to be far away from her injured teammate was quickly setting in as her dark eyes began to search the room like a caged animal.

The surfer could quickly feel the breathlessness of a panic attack, and she was powerless to stop it. Kei tried breathing deeper, and it wasn’t working, which only made the fear intensify; she knew that seconds from now she would lose the ability to communicate properly.

She was mentally kicking herself for not properly preparing her teammates to deal with the side effects of her phobias. She had never been any good at calming herself down; she had always needed Marco or Carly to help her through it, and now neither of them were here to bring her back down to a sane level of thought. Kei could feel her mouth drying up, as the edges of her vision started to darken rapidly.

“Need…Air.” She managed to wheeze out between short breaths, as she sat down heavily on the floor. Kei only hoped somebody would catch the symptoms and help her out; this was definitely making her feel like an invalid; 27 years old and she couldn’t even keep a panic attack under control. An issue she’d been dealing with her entire life, and it was getting the better of her. Right at the most inappropriate time, she felt like screaming, she felt like kicking herself for her lack of foresight into her own mental health situation.

Honestly, she felt like crying also, crying at the fact that she was supposed to be stronger than this. Wasn’t that what Carly had always told her, that she was stronger than the phobias; stronger than the panic attacks caused by said phobias. If only it hadn’t been blood, blood always triggered the worst attacks. Hell, she would have rather been face to face with a giant kewpie doll than have to see her teammates bloody injury.

Burying her face in her now quivering hands, she wished the floor would swallow her up and save her the embarrassment of being utterly incapable of controlling her own reactions to things. What would the others think? Would they think she was crazy? Would they even care? These were the thoughts that ran rampant between the thoughts and mental images of blood conjured up by her fearful mind. Yeah, she definitely needed to be back on a beach, hitting some perfect waves.

Maybe if she wished hard enough that would happen.
With Chandi's hand covering her own, AJ hadn't even really gotten much of a chance to look at the wound.
"Eh, it's only ah flesh wound." she muttered and smiled, but it was 'Vok's statement that had her turning her attention from Chandi to De and 'Vok.
"Ya did WHUT ta Death? Please tell me ya didn't go and give that bunch anotha reason ta come after us?" Shaking her head just a bit as pulled away from Chandi and started towards the door.
"Ah' just wanna go home. Ah'm tired and mah wings are achin'." she stretched her shoulders and looked over them to see if her wings were healing from her last mission. Still torn and tattered, she scowled at them and paused at the doorway.
"Let's get tha hell outta here..."
"What can I say luv? I was always taught to work with what was at hand. And since his cuttin' stick seemed to be a bit out of reach, I grabbed the next best thing." De responded with a slight shrug and a smirk. "Besides, it's a time honored tactic you know. I have it on good authority Alexander the Great used a similar manuever in several of his......let's just call 'em conquests."

He finished as he was helped to his feet. Crane was still held in an impressive grip lest he try to make some sort of mad dash to freedom, but De's hand was starting to cramp from squeezing down so tightily on the fabric of the Scarecrow's costume. He yanked the man along as he moved towards where AJ and Chandi were, intending to make some sort of lewd comment about loving to take Aj home (or was it taking Aj home for some loving?) when he noticed Kei seemingly sobbing into her hands.

"Oh relax luv. It's going to take more than a run in with the Grim Reaper and a cut on the hand to do us in. Probably not a whole 'ell of a lot more.....but definately more that that." The words were expressed in as reassuring a tone he could muster, as an unfamiliar mix of adrenaline and fear toxin remnants still lingered in him. "Come on now luv, you didn't really think the same people who helped Godzookie get his rocks off were going to be taken out by that boney bloke did ya? Luv?"

Niles' head cocked to the side slightly as he looked at Kei. Normally something he'd said up to this point would have garnered some sort of responce, but she just didn't seem all that....responsive. He angled and glance at John and nodded his head in the Hawaiian's direction before shoving his captive towards the other man and shooting him a look coupled with a pointed finger that screamed 'Stay!' even if no words accompained it.

Kneeling next to Kei he tentatively reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder, unsure as to exactly what her deal was, but not wanting to startle her lest the Scarecrow's toxin be taking a late effect on her.

"So what do you say to us getting out of her luv? Huh? Maybe go have a few drinks, a few laughs, and a good tease on Foxy about his nancy-boy name? 'Ell, play your cards right and I might even let you get naked for me again..."
Kei peaked through her fingers once she felt the hand on her shoulder, trying hard to focus on De and not the mental image of AJ’s hand. Focusing all her energy on taking one very deep breath, she dropped her hands to her lap.
“Sounds. Great.” She managed to squeeze out, “Ya’ll,” She paused, struggling through another set of shallow breaths, “Be the one gettin’ naked though.” Managing a shadow of her usual vibrant smile as she hoisted herself to her feet. The attack not fully gone, but she could feel her breathing getting easier.

“Need t’get outta here though.” Glancing over her shoulder briefly at Chandi, careful not to focus on AJ she gave the smaller girl a word of advice; “Bandage her up quick, please. This wahine can’t handle blood. At all.” Kei grabbed De by the arm and attempted to pull him up to his feet, but the panic attack had worn her out more than she expected, and she wasn’t even able to make him budge.
“Let’s go.” She said to him, heading for the door as quickly as possible. Kei needed the fresh air, and the thought of drinks was getting increasingly more inviting.

Her breathing was still ragged like she’d just run 10 miles uphill, but at least she had it under control enough to talk and move. That was an improvement; it meant that the attack wasn’t initially as bad as she had thought it was. It was made worse by the fact that none of her team knew to look for certain indicators, and nobody really knew how to handle it. Kei would have to remember to thank De for inadvertently helping her rejoin the world of the non-phobic. Turning at the door she gave the larger Australian an exasperated look, “Ya comin’? Or do ya expect me t’find my own company?”
Making their way back to the jet with thier prize in tow, the team looked no worse for the stay at Chillingham castle.
Stray bandaged up Firefly's hand before taking her seat behind the controls and whisking them up off the ground and away from the Isle of Britian.
De' had managed to find a nice set of restraints for the good Doctor and he and 'Vok had tied him up quite nicely.

With Twilight Cove within sight, the team could breath a sigh of relief, they managed to get this one done without a hitch...sort of.

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